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PLL - Leather jackets and love

( chapter 1 - Em's return )

25 year old Emily Fields, aka Em, the Badass Babe, drive into Rosewood town on her custom-made Darcus Corps. motorcycle.

Emily was born in Rosewood, but left after her parents died when she was 12.

Now she's back.

She's lived with her aunt in LA.

After all this time, Emily has decided to move back into her childhood home in Rosewood.

The Fields house is hers, having been left to her according to documents written by her parents, where they state that the house and everything in it is Emily's once she became a legal adult.

Emily is a biker-chick, having no car, using her motorcycle instead.

She may be a biker-chick, but unlike many such women, Emily follows the law and is a very sweet person.

Never in her life has she hurt a person for no reason.

Today she wear, just as she usually does, a white tank top, old jeans, a black leather jacket and black motorcycle-boots.

On the middle of the back of Emily's jacket is a big 'Lesbo Metal Rules' patch, since Emily is a gay-girl.

Emily has two bags on the back of her motorcycle, a violet suitcase in which she keep nearly everything she own ( not much ) and a white guitar case that she store her black Fender Jaguar electric guitar in.

"Awww!" says Emily when she park her motorcycle outside the Fields house.

She hasn't been here since she was 12.

It feels weird, but cute to be back here now.

Emily grab her suitcase and guitar case and walk up to the front door.

Using her old key she unlock the door and enter.

That familiar smell of her former home wash over her as she step into the house.

She smile, happy to once more set foot in the house she grew up in.

"Home sweet home." says Emily.

On the living room table is still the book 'Saints of the Sea' by Eva Star.

This was Emily's mom's favorite book of all times.

"Mom..." says Emily as she suddenly discover how much she truly miss her awesome mother.

Pam Fields was a very sweet lady, a really good mom.

"I'm kinda tired..." says Emily as she takes off her jacket, kick off her boots and plop down on the couch.

She take a nap.

45 minutes later, Emily wake up to the beep of her black iPhone.

She grab her phone and answer.

"Emily here..."

"Hi, Em. This is Katie Jenkins."

"Oh, hi, Katie."

Katie is a biker-chick, just like Emily. And she's also sweet too.

She's Emily's only real buddy.

"Did you make it to Rosewood...?"

"Yeah. I sit here in my family's old livng room right now."

"Awesome. I was so worried when you left, girl."

"Thanks for caring about me, girl. You're so cool."

"You're cool as well."



"Have a cute day."

"Thanks. You too."

"Awww! Thanks. Bye."

Emily ends the phone call.

Emily suddenly remember that she need food and such.

She put on her boots and her jacket, walk out to her motorcycle and drive to the grocery store.

"Holy crap!" gasp Emily when she sees a very beautiful sexy blonde bicker-chick who seem to be the same age as herself.

Emily walk over to the other woman.

"Uh...hi, me is Emily...Emily Fields.." says Emily, being sort of nervous.

"Hi, there. I'm Alison DiLaurentis." says the blonde.

"Awesome name." says Emily.

"Thanks, girl. You're clearly not from here. I'd remember someone like you." says Alison.

"You're half right. I was born here, but moved when I was 12, returned here today." says Emily.

"Cool. Let me be the first one to say, welcome back to good ol' Rosewood town." says Alison.

"Sweet. Thanks." says Emily.

"No problem. I can see you're clearly a biker-chick and so am I as well, obviosuly. Very nice to meet a person who share some of my interests. There aren't many people like us in Rosewood." says Alison.

"Okay: Where's your motorcycle?" says Emily.

"Unfortunately in the shop for some lil' repairs as we speak, but I'll get it back by Sunday." says Alison.

"I understand." says Emily.

"Sexy." says Alison.

Emily now notice more clearly what Alison looks like.

Alison has long blonde semi-curly hair that reach all the way down to her round firm ass, big natural D-cup boobs, crystal-blue seductive eyes, thick awesome red lips and perfect spotless skin.

"Sorry to be much more forward than I usually am, but do you wanna go out with me on Friday?" says Emily.

"Uh..." says Alison.

"Opsss, you're probably very very straight, unlike me who's so gay." says Emily.

"Relax, I'm gay too. Ya just surprised me. I've never been asked out so quickly before, not even by a man." says Alison.

"I see. Wanna go out with me? Be honest, please." says Emily.

"You're clearly very nice so I do wanna go on a date with ya." says Alison.

"Wonderful." says a happy Emily.

"Indeed, girl." says Alison with a sexy smile.

"Do you live here in Rosewood...?" says Emily.

"Yes. I was born here and has never lived anywhere else." says Alison.

"Okay. Nice." says Emily with a sweet smile.

"Thanks. I don't have friends. People don't wanna hang with me 'cause I'm a biker so they think I'm not sweet, but I am sweet most of the time." says Alison.

"Some people think bikers are bad people. I've experienced this as well. Many times have I've been looked down upon for being what I am." says Emily.

"Not all bikers are bad. Of course some are, but unfortunately some people tend to brush us over one single hill, ya know." says Alison.

"Yeah." says Emily.

2 days later it's Friday.

As the sun goes down, Emily meet Alison outside the Grille.

"Nice ride ya have." says Alison when she sees Emily's motorcycle.

"Thanks. It's a custom-made model." says Emily.

"Cool. I got my bike after dad. It's an Italian motorcycle from the 70s." says Alison.

"I'm looking forward to seeing it." says Emily.

"Ya will get to see it once I get it back from the shop." says Alison.

"Sweet." says Emily.

Emily and Alison enter the Grille.

"Hello. Welcome to Rosewood Bar and Grille." says a sweet waitress.

"Thanks." says Alison.

"Same as normal nights, Miss D...?" says the waitress.

"Not this time. I'm here on a date with this hot babe so I'll go for something much better than the cheap stuff I usually do. Give us...uh...the Red Dragon sushi and a bottle of French red wine, a 1783 if ya have that." says Alison.

"Okay, as you wish." says the waitress.

Alison and Emily take their seats by a table in a corner.

"I assume you go here often." says Emily.

"That's correct, Emily. I'm here several times a week." says Alison.

"Do you have a partuícular table you tend to want?" says Emily.

"Yeah, this one we sit at right now." says Alison.

"Sweet, Alison." says Emily.

"Yup." says Alison.

"Oh, you've done some time in the military?" says Emily when she notice a Purple Heart medal on Alison's jacket.

"Not at all. This is my dad's medal. It's all I've left of the man. He's dead." says Alison.

"Cute and you may call me Em." says Emily.

"Sexy. You can call me Ali." says Alison.

"Uh...a question, if you're born here and the same age as me, why didn't I see you at school when I was a kid, before I moved away?" says Emily.

"Simple as shit 'cause ya're lookin' at a home-schooled babe who never went to a public school. My parents didn't trust anyone else, but themselves to teach me stuff so they decided to home-school me." says Alison.

"Okay." says Emily.

"Are you a guitar-babe?" says Alison as she sees that Emily wear a red guitar-pick around her neck in a simple black leather string.

"Kind of, yes. I play guitar for fun." says Emily.

"Erotic. What guitar do you have?" says Alison.

"Just an old black Fender Jaguar." says Emily.

"Those are nice." says Alison.

"Yeah." says Emily.

"I can play a lil' of piano. Mom taught me classic French music when I was a kid." says Alison.

"I'd love to hear you play sometimes." says Emily.

"Thank ya, but I'm not very good at it." says Alison.

"You're probably awesome." says Emily.

"No, not at all. I only know a few simple songs" says Alison.

"What are you good at then? I wanna know." says Emily.

"Ridin' my awesome metal-horse and I've been told that I flirt like a master. I also know how to strip in a very sexy way." says Alison.

"Nice." says Emily.

"I guess so. I love to flirt. I've been flirtin' around for fun a lot since back when I was 14." says Alison.

"You're beautiful so it's probably very easy for people to be attracted to you." says Emily.

"Thanks. I wanna look hot." says Alison.

"Cute." says Emily.

"Alright." says Alison.

"Awwww!" says Emily.

"I like you." says Alison.

"Thanks." says Emily.

"What music do you play on your guitar?" says Alison.

"90s girl-pop, mostly. I can do some blues-ish stuff too though." says Emily.

"That's nice." says Alison.

"Awww, thanks." says a happy Emily.

"You're welcome, sweetie." says Alison, being happy too.

"Here, ladies." says the waitress as she show up with the food and wine.

"Thanks." says Alison as she pay for it.

"Enjoy." says the waitress.

Emily and Alison starts to eat.

"Do you have a job?" says Emily.

"I work at the hospital and I strip some weekends in Brookhaven." says Alison.

"Nice. I used to be working in a guitar store in LA." says Emily.

"Cool." says Alison.

"Yeah. It was pretty sweet." says Emily.

"What job are you interested here in Rosewood, Em?" says Alison.

"Not sure, Ali. I've not thought about that yet." says Emily.

"Perhaps we could ask my mother if she is aware of something for ya. She know a lot of people in the town." says Alison.

"Sounds sweet. Thanks so much." says Emily.

"You're welcome." says Alison.

"Okay." says Emily.

"Back in a bit." says Alison as she get up to go to the bathroom.

Now Emily can see the back of Alison's leather jacket.

There's a big 'Gay Lady Rocks' patch in the middle of the back of the jacket.

"Cute." thinks Emily with an adorable smile.

Emily is happy.

"Awww!" says Emily.

"Did ya miss me, sweetie?" says Alison when she return from the bathroom.

"Yes." says Emily as she blush a bit.

"Okay. Awesome." says a happy Alison.

"I think this is cozy." says Emily.

"Me too." says Alison.

Both of them enjoy the date.

77 minutes later, the date is over and it was a huge success.

On Sunday, Alison pull up to Emily's house.

Alison has just gotten her motorcycle back and it is black with a white flame-pattern that Alison has painted on there herself.

"Oh, sweet." says Emily when she sees Alison.

Emily put down her lunch and walk out to Alison.

"Hi, Ali." says a happy Emily.

"Hi, Em." says Alison.

Alison's blonde hair shine in the sunlight.

She look so beautiful and sexy.

"Yay." says Emily with a cute smile.

"It seems you're happy to see me." says Alison, being seductive.

"Uh...yes, that's true." says Emily.

"Cute." says Alison.

They go inside.

Emily swing together an extra lunch-plate so Alison can have lunch too.

"Awww. Thanks, girl." says Alison.

"You're welcome. This is the house I grew up in and now I'm back in it once more. Since mom and dad died it's been empty as far as people goes, but now I claim it as mine 'cause it is mine. My sweet parents left all they ever owned to me, more or less." says Emily.

"Cute. Sounds like you had much better parents than me." says Alison.

"Didn't you have a positive childhood...?" says Emily.

"Both yes and no. As a lil' kid I had all the toys I could ever ask for, since my dad and my mom made a filthy large bunch of money, but it wasn't a very calm relaxed home. Mom and dad would argue and scream dirty evil stuff at each other a lot." says Alison.

"Oh, I'm sorry." says Emily.

"It is fine and mom's a much more nice woman these days, being a happy older single lady." says Alison.

"Where's your father?" says Emily.

"Dead. He was a Major in the Army. The same year I turned 15, dad was killed when he got shot to the balls by an evil guy in Egypt. For his bravery and service he was awarded the Purple Heart posthumously. I still remember the day when a Colonel came to the house and handed over the medal to my mom. Later when I turned 18, mom gave the medal to me and since then I always wear it on my jacket every single day in memory of dad. Sure, he wasn't much of a parent and husband, but he was a very good noble soldier. When died he took those bullets, saving a fellow soldier, who'd been the one to die if dad hadn't been there." says Alison.

"I understand. Your father died as a hero, since he saved another soldier by taking the bullets himself. That's a very noble thing to do, to sacrifice oneself for a comrade in a situation where it matters the most. This means that your dad was a great man." says Emily.

"True, yes." says Alison.

"Is your mom still living here in town?" says Emily.

"She does and I help her sometimes when she need it." says Alison.

"You don't live with her?" says Emily.

"No, I have my own apartment." says Alison.

"Okay." says Emily.

"Me and mom are very fine, even if we lost dad. It sounds wrong to say, but somehow mom and I are much more happy now than when dad was still alive." says Alison.

"I don't blame you. Sometimes life's weird." says Emily.

"That's true." says Alison.

"Yeah." says Emily.

After the lunch.

"Oh, this is your guitar?" says Alison when she sees Emily's black Fender Jaguar electric guitar that hang on the living room wall.

"It is, yes." says Emily.

"Please play a song." says Alison.

"Alright, girl." says Emily as she grab her guitar.

She hook it up to her old 80s amp and starts to play the song 'Blue Love' by Amanda Serocho.

"Very nice." says Alison.

"Thanks." says Emily.

"Cool. You're really good at playin' guitar, Emily." says Alison.

"Awww! Thanks, Alison." says a happy Emily.

"No problem, sweetie." says Alison.

Alison often refer to female people she's friendly with as 'sweetie' and this is something that all women in the DiLaurentis do a lot.

"Yay." says Emily, all cute.

"Indeed." says Alison with a very sweet smile.

She enjoy listening to Emily playing guitar.

Author's note: That was chapter 1 of my new big PLL story. I hope you enjoy it.