Just a small Supernatural story, taking place around the 5 first episodes from season 12.

To be honest, this story dont have a real gripping plot, but from what i remember, of this season, this story is for centaly an A/U.

Whatever the case, hope you like it.

Please, enjoy.


'' I am impressed, of how beautiful is the divine creation'' Mary said suddenly, as she and Castiel made their way back to the bunker, arm-in-arm.

''It´s truly a wonder'' agreed the older angel ''Even if we have some danger… but for this, we have Sam and Dean to protect us'' he said and in response, Mary laugh.

It has been nearly a month, since Mary Winchester had been brought back to life anmd since then, she decided that her and her now adult boys, should live in a normal house instead of the Bunker. This way, with Castiel's help, she startd to go look for a normal house.

''It was been such a long time since I was away, that sometimes, I don't know if I'm going to adap in such new world.'' she whisperd.

''Well…in my personal opinion, it´s hard.'' he said ''But give it time Mary, you will adapt, you will see''

''You adapted?''

''As I said, it was hard when I became a human, but now as an Angel again, I say I miss somethings I enjoyed when I was human, things like taste of food and the joy of sleep''

''I see…'' Mary raised an eyebrow ''Castiel, i want to thank you so much for protecting my boys all this time, you are their guardian angel'' she said, but her smile turn into a frown ''You have protect them aren´t you?''

''I always did my best Mary, Sam and Dean are stubborn, they are awesome boys and awesome hunters, you should be proud of them''

''I think such stubbornness, they inherited as much from me as from John, we are very stubborn, when we aim for something'' she said ''But thanks for always been there to my boys''

''They are always there for me as well, that's important'' the angel said as they make the way toward the bunker.


Inside the Bunker, Dean and Sam was starting to get worry. It has been an hour since Mary had left without telling her sons where she was going and now, the two men were about to grab their weapons and go look for her, when suddenly, they heard the door open and Mary entered, following by Castiel.

''Mom!'' Sam exclaimed ''Where have you been?''

''I was searching something and Castiel helped me'' she said.

''You could at least use the phone'' Dean was angry.

''You two can stop worry'' Castiel said suddenly ''Your mother is safe. She is a smart woman, i doubt she would put herself in danger'' he said and in response Mary turned to him.

''Thank you for helping me today Castiel'' she give him a kiss on the cheek ''Now I will go to my bedroom, I'm tired, see you later'' with that the older woman walks out.

''What she was doing Cas?'' asked Dean

''You better ask her later, I promise not telling anything'' he said disappearing

''Dean…'' Sam looked at him with a confused but funny look '' I may be wrong, but I think Mom and Castiel are dating in secret.'' He said and in response, the older brother looked at him angry

''You better pray for yourself to be wrong'' Dean said and left the room, shaking his head in disapproval, not knowing what his mother was planning in reality.