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Welcome to the fourth part in my Classic Literature fanfiction series, part of my Prelude Series and my Long Series. :)

I know, I made one series out of order. Well, anyway, in this particular fanfic series, we have one stand alone and two duologies in this fanfic series. So, really, it's like telling separate stories.

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The book sat on the wooden writing desk. It's ornate symbols gave the book its atmosphere and grace. It wasn't known by some how this book came into being. And yet, it was here, ready to present the next new characters into our world.

This book had a name. It was The Lord of the Rings, and it was one of many books that were stored in this office. This office had red tapestry plastered to the walls, as well as one window that was long and rectangular, looking out at the London streets. Bookcases filled with all sorts of books lined the bookshelves, while lamps that had stained glass tops garnished this room.

There was even a tall standing lamp that, when turned on, would bring the room to life.

Raulin Clarke appeared in this room, knowing what was about to happen next. This office belonged to him and him alone, for he had traveled through time and didn't age. His appearance now, since meeting with Teresa Nytch, Jessica Nytch, and Erita Rashkin, from their last adventure with the items and animals dropping into The Lord of the Rings books had been all for fun, but it wasn't easy bringing them all to Middle-earth, not without them being detected.

Raulin sighed, sitting at his desk and looking at a standing wooden mirror on the desk. Yes, he was aging down, no longer the elderly man he appeared to be, but a youthful man with short brown hair and green eyes, donned in a grey English jacket, waistcoat, white dress shirt, and dark grey pants. Yes, it was time to bring order back to The Lord of the Rings, even if that meant he would need to go back in time to find out if these events were something he couldn't control.

Just as Raulin was ready to see what sort of mischief had befall the characters. He was just about to make the trip inside the book, when a cane blocked his path. It was the Men in Black Suits. This confused Raulin. What were they doing here?

"If you're wondering about the books, I will fix them. I will fix all of them," Raulin stated, his voice still sounding elderly and hoarse for a brief time. As soon as his voice caught up with his youthful spirit, he asked in a mellow, deep voice, "How may I help you?"

"God sent us. We are the Men in Black, yes, but we need your help," the Man who stopped Raulin said.

"I don't know what you mean," Raulin said. "Here I thought God wanted it to stop. That the item dropping would stop and everything would resume."

The Man in Black answered, "Yes, we managed to stop the item dropping in Middle-earth."

"Then what do you want now?" Raulin asked, quite confused. "I was happy in Camelot."

"Well, now God has a new mission for you," the Man in Black stated. "It's one thing to drop items into Middle-earth, but this gave God some thought. He only wants you to keep track of the characters as they enter this world. Your job with stopping the item-dropping is done. But now, it's the characters we'll need to safeguard. And God doesn't want to stop it now. It's already happened for centuries, long before your time came."

"Who are you? You and your company?" Raulin asked, curious.

The Man in Black took off his sunglasses, revealing a man with pale skin and short bronze hair. He passed to Raulin his card. "We are the MIB, the Men in Black. We protect Earth from extraterrestrials that threaten our world. Since Middle-earth is no longer threatened, we want to ensure that the characters are safe and protected, should anything go wrong.

"We have another base set up, specifically for protecting characters. Granted, there were some extraterrestrials that escaped into Middle-earth, shortly after the item-insertions stopped. So, we've come to settle the matter. And we need your help to see to it that no character is harmed as they make their way into this world." The Man in Black said, pleased. "And you can tell Erita Rashkin to be prepared for an uprising. Mortar may have his revenge yet."

"But Mortar has a mistress now!" Raulin said, beside himself and confused.

"Well then, you had better make sure nothing happens to him then," the Man in Black chuckled, putting on his sunglasses, before departing from the room.

Raulin smiled in angst, shaking his head. "Oh, what have we done?"


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The Men in Black come from the film series, "Men in Black".