In the woods there was young Itachi, Uchiha. He was by himself practicing ninja moves so he could become a better ninja at his school. After all, he was the first born son of the Uchiha clan.

He stopped himself in the middle of his lesson, he heard the sound of horses approaching. He slide himself down against the tree to see where the sound of horses was coming from. When he pushed off from sliding onto the tree, he ran towards the bushes. There, he could peek out to see the horses that made the noises. While inside the bushes, he used his sharingan to see.

As he was looking through his sharingan, he could see two adults that looked like they could be royalty. There was a small girl with brown hair laying on her mother's lap and another girl with white hair. She was on the horse with her father shooting ice magic out of her hands as she was making a trail with t

"Who is that", asked Itachi when he saw the girl but then heard nearby from behind was his father calling "Itachi!" As he turned away from what he was seeing and ran towards his father who had called him.