Lorelai enters the kitchen of the Dragonfly Inn to grab her usual third cup of coffee in the morning. She looks at the fruit basket sitting over the counter and helps herself of an apple without thinking. She's given the first bite when Sookie's voice appears behind her.

- Lorelai, are you okay?

- Oh my God, Sookie! – Lorelai exclaims, her mouth still full of the bite. She forces herself to swallow before continuing to talk to her best friend. – You scared me to death.

- I'm sorry – Sookie replies quietly. – It's just I don't usually see you eating much fruit. Or anything healthy, for that matter.

- Yeah, I know. But it looked good – Lorelai answers, but her mind is already far from there, remembering her of the last time she was craving for an apple – almost three years ago, back to when Martha was born. Back then, she'd freaked out about what implications that apple would've had to her and her relationship with Luke. But things were different now and she couldn't help but smile about what that craving might mean.

The next Friday meant another Friday night dinner at the Gilmore house. Lorelai kept going to the dinners even long after Rory had left to work in the campaign trail, a few months back. Sometimes Luke would accompany her. Eventually – way too sparse for Lorelai's taste – Rory would show up if she could catch a break.

Even her own wedding date had to be accommodated to a weekend Rory could go back to Stars Hollow – but she didn't mind because there was no way she could get married without her daughter present.

The Friday night dinner gave her the opportunity she needed to buy a pregnancy test far away from her home town. She didn't want to mention the pregnancy scare to Luke if it was all it was. They both wanted a kid – maybe even more than one. They had flirted with the idea over the years, and once they were happily married and everything else was fine – the diner was doing great, the Dragonfly Inn had a solid 80 to 90% occupancy rate for the next months, things with April and Anna had been set and Rory was pursuing her dream – they decided it was time to increase the family.

Lorelai was already delayed when she had left Stars Hollow, and the trip to the pharmacy made her arrive even later to her parents' house. She's barely ringed the bell and Emily is already opening the door, looking exasperated at her only daughter.

- I'm sorry I'm late, Mom, I got stuck in traffic – Lorelai had already an apology on the tip of her tongue.

- Frankly, Lorelai, it wouldn't kill you to leave your home a little early on Fridays, you know – Emily says at the same time the maid gets there running. – And you, how come I beat you to the door every time. You should move faster than me.

- Hi – Lorelai salutes the terrified woman, giving her her coat and purse. She turns back to her Mom who's already going to the living room and runs after the woman. – I couldn't leave early Mom, because we had an incident with two guests and Michel – that part at least was true.

- Good evening, Lorelai – Richard's reverberating voice greets her at the same time Emily mumbles something about Lorelai's incapability to arrive on time even once since Rory had gone to work with the trail. Lorelai decides to ignore her mother and focus on her dad.

- Hello, Dad.

- Can I offer you a drink?

- Yes, please – she answers quickly sitting on her spot on the sofa. Then she realizes she probably shouldn't drink, but she doesn't wanna Richard and Emily to get suspicious. Can she asks for a martini and don't drink any of it? Or is that worse?

- And what will that be? – Richard turns to her. – Your usual gin martini? Or perhaps a glass of white wine?

- Ahn… – she strikes for a moment, cursing herself for not thinking ahead of this moment. – Just club soda, please.

Both Richard and Emily turn to her as she's said the most improbable thing ever – and in fact, she did and she knows it. Almost eight years of Friday night dinners and that's the first one she didn't ask for anything alcoholic. She's said more than once that alcohol is her weapon to deal with the family dinner. Emily gives her a wondering look and smirks a bit.

- Any particular reason you're not drinking tonight, Lorelai?

- Yes, there is – Richard reaches her the glass and she thanks her father. There's a moment of silence while Richard gives Emily her glass with a martini and takes his own to his spot on the couch.

Her mother raises an eyebrow, - Well?

- Well, what? – Lorelai knows she won't be off the hook until she answers satisfactorily the question, but that'll give her an extra minute to think.

- What's the particular reason you're not drinking tonight?

- Oh, that – she puts the glass over the table as slowly as she can.

- Dinner is served, Mrs. Gilmore – the maid appears quietly, and Lorelai thanks mentally the woman.

- Thank you, Anna – Emily answers and Lorelai makes a movement to get up, but she realizes none of her parents have moved. It's her turn to raise an eyebrow.

- Aren't we gonna have dinner?

- You were answering your mother's question – Richard says. He's also smirking and Lorelai knows she's defeated and needs a plausible reason.

- Oh, yeah, sorry – she shakes her head and says the first thing that comes to mind. – I'm taking a medication that shall not be mixed with alcohol.

- Medication? – Richard asks gravely. – What sort of medication?

- For pain – Lorelai answers smiling and stands up. – I'm starving; can we go have dinner now? – she's already halfway through the dining room when Richard and Emily reach her.

Richard keeps talking a bit about how is not prudent to mix alcohol with any kind of medication for that matter and Lorelai changes the subject at the first opportunity talking about Rory's latest news. But the whole time, whenever Lorelai looks at her mother Emily is smiling at her – the 'I know something' smile, and Lorelai knows she didn't fool Emily.

Note: I want to say thanks to my girls, Jess, Mandy, Lo, Maria and Debbie, for all the support you've given me, all the help and all the inspiration. This story certainly wouldn't exist without you.

Jess, thanks for creating this family with me and the all the manips that inspire me; Mandy, thanks for always being my beta reader and for inspiring me to include some scenes; Maria and Debbie, thanks for sharing with me your stories that inspire me; and to all of you, thanks for believing in me.