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The Seven Deadly Sins contains several types with:

Pride: it is the worst viper that can be in the heart, the greatest disturber of the peace of the soul and of the sweet communion with Christ. It was the first sin and it is in the foundations of the house of Satan. It is the most difficult sin to uproot since it is the sin that is best hidden. Very often and unconsciously he enters religion under the guise of false humility.

Wraith: it can be described as a feeling that is neither ordered nor controlled, of hatred and anger. These feelings can manifest as a vehement denial of the truth, both towards others and towards oneself, impatience with the procedures of the law and the desire for revenge outside the work of the judicial system leading to do justice by their own hands.

Greed: It is a term that describes many other examples of sins. These include deliberate disloyalty, especially for personal gain, as in the case of leaving. Search and hoarding of objects, and, especially with, deception or manipulation of authority are all actions that can be inspired by greed. Such acts may include it.

Envy: characterized by an insatiable desire, however, they differ for two great reasons: First, greed is more associated with material goods, while envy can be more general; second, those who commit the sin of envy want something that someone else has, and who perceive that they are lacking, and consequently wish their neighbor evil, and feel good about the evil of another.

Lust: in contrast to sexual behaviors considered normal or socially accepted, it is the exacerbation, disorder or lack of control of sexual desires that manifests itself in what could be classified as sexual behavior. Lust can be distinguished from hypersexuality, which is the sudden increase or extreme frequency of libido or sexual activity.

Gluttony: it is identified with gluttony, the excessive consumption of food and drink. On the other hand, in the past, any form of excess could fall under the definition of this sin. Marked by excessive consumption in an irrational or unnecessary way, gluttony also includes certain forms of destructive behavior.

Sloth: it is negligence, fatigue, boredom or carelessness in carrying out activities. The Christian religion classifies laziness as a capital vice since it generates other sins, although it was formerly called heartburn or acidia, a broader concept that had to do with sadness or depression.

And there is also another group called. The Seven Capital Virtues.

Humility: The term is not only translated as humility but also as low or of the earth and humus, since in the past it was thought that emotions, desires and depressions were caused by irregularities in the bodies of water. Because the concept harbors an intrinsic meaning, it is emphasized in the case of some ethical and religious practices where the notion is made more precise.

Generosity: It is widely accepted in society as a desirable habit. At times, relief efforts are often provided, or with the intention of voluntarily helping, by individuals or groups acting unilaterally in their delivery of time, resources, merchandise, shelter, etc.

Chastity: moderates the appetite and sexual acts. It is a form of the virtue of temperance, which controls according to right reason the desire and use of those things that bring the greatest sensual pleasures. Chastity, however, is allied with abstinence and sobriety; for, just as by the latter the pleasures of the nutritional function are properly regulated, by chastity the procreative appetite is suitably restricted.

Patience: those who know how to suffer and tolerate setbacks and adversities with strength and without regret. This makes people who have patience know how to wait for things to happen, since they think that things that do not depend strictly on one, should be given time.

Temperance: it is the moral virtue that moderates the attraction of pleasures and seeks balance in the use of created goods. It ensures the control of the will over the instincts and keeps desires within the limits of honesty.

Charity: its fruits are joy, peace and mercy. It demands the practice of good and fraternal correction; it is benevolence; encourages reciprocity; she is always selfless and generous; it is friendship and communion,

Diligence:, in the highest sense, is the dedication and care in executing something. A readiness to do something with great agility both inside and outside. As all virtue is worked, truly putting it into practice.


The Story of Fourteen Knigths

Once upon a time in the Remnant, fourteen children who lived in the forests outside the kingdoms where a grandfather who died of old age lived, those 14 children began the journey in search of a purpose until they reached a kingdom where they were adopted by the king. and the queen who would be the best known of all remnants.

Half of them were dirty with dirt and mud, the others half were completely clean, They didn't have their own names, until the Queen had six names for those who were clean and the King had six names for those who were dirty.

The queen named the seven clean children called; Pride, Wraith, Greed, Envy, Gluttony, Lust and Sloth.

The King named them to the children full of mud and earth called: Humility, Chastity, Charity, Generosity, Temperance, Diligence and Patience.

The years passed where the fourteen children became royal knights and pledging the allegiance to serve their king and queen where they obtained four daughters. until one day. The King and Queen had a conspiracy with each other.

The Queen offered the 14 knights the great maximum power of their souls in exchange for loyalty to the great queen who absorbed the darkness and the desire to conquer and control everything. Most of them did not want power but until the three individuals accepted the agreement of the queen who would be The Pride, The Greed and The Wraith.

By accepting the agreement their souls were corrupted by paying a heavy price.

Pride wanted knowledge of all the souls of mortals and to be the smartest of all remnants.

Greed wanted the exaggerated wealth and great lands of the Remnant conquering everything.

Wrath wanted justice and loyalty towards his queen, being the strongest of all and the best Hero doing justice on behalf of her queen.

The 11 Knights armed the resistance to fight the queen's forces but all that caused the deaths of their allies, the 11 knights fought the 3 corrupted where among them they hesitated to kill each other but one exceeded the limit that would be Wrath.

The head of the Diligence was rolled towards the feet of their brothers who left stunned, Pride and Greed stopped fighting and looked where their brother Wraith was frozen like a statue while staring at the lifeless body of the Diligence.

Wrath never took the life of a loved one, before it killed the name of its king and queen. he currently served his queen and killed whoever opposed her. Wrath developed a certain taste that would be the sense of justice.

The Wrath went on assassination missions killing the royal knights incessantly until he began hunting down his traitorous brothers. Humility, Temperance and Chastity decided to stop the mad Wrath but in the end it was a terrible result that they were killed creating fear for the mortals of the Remnant.

The Envy, Charity and Gluttony had an idea to attack him in an ambush while Wraith slept but underestimated the professional skill and massacre of the attackers killing Charity, Envy suffered a loss of arm he fled from this massacre but the only one who Gluttony remained wounded, Wraith forced to Gluttony to eat the fallen mortals in exchange for forgiveness.

Gluttony ate incessantly until he developed the taste and vice where his stomach demanded more. Wrath left Gruttony alive, leaving him to return to the allied kingdom. But the Gluttony had the insatiable hunger that began to devour the living inhabitants.

Envy, Patience and Lust had to stop him by confronting the Mad Gluttony, but the Sloth took the poison and sacrificed himself to the Gluttony to eat his brother but by devouring his brother his flesh was poisoned, taking his life.

After that terrible Massacre, Envy did not want to fight any more and left the kingdom but until he fell in love with a faun woman. Both fell in love and created a kingdom with mixed blood but, Wrath and Greed attacked the kingdom of Envy killing the children and wife because they were the error of the remnant. Envy confronted his two corrupted brothers but killed Greed with cutting in half.

Envy was wounded but he approached the body of his dead wife hugging her for the last time and he had the right that Wraith killed him by removing the suffering.

Pride saw that Wrath was unstoppable and was afraid that he would be her next target. Pride had a cladestine meeting with the last ones left with the Patience, Lust and Generosity. Planning to assassinate Wrath.

Pride gave him a wine with a drug that made him sleep soundly. Lust wanted to take away his powers to make him vulnerable, but like Wrath, he woke up suddenly wounded and ripped out his tongue with his hand and ended up destroying him with a blow.

Pride knew that his plan had failed and he had no choice but to flee and join the alliance with Patience and Generosity, but his escape was not no avail.

Wraith left a clear message to the last two brothers leaving the head stuck in the other kingdom creating more fear towards the queen. The Head belonged to Pride.

Patience had an idea that is to make Wrath believe that there is a place of revolutionaries hidden in the cave. Generosity convinced one of the spies to lie to Wrath.

The Wrath went to the supposed place where he was attacked by Patience that his intention is to lock him up from the cave forever so that the Wrath dies of thirst and hunger.

Generosity believes that the madness of Wrath is over but Patience had to stay for two weeks to verify if Wrath died.

After two weeks. Patience assumed that he won but where the ground sprouts out, a hand with torn skins grabs Patience by the neck and was drowned on the ground by Wrath with hungry and sentient.

One month after. The Generosity knew that Patience died but he had the hope that one day the Queen would fall, The Generosity had to help several mortals by training new warriors until The Wrath decided to destroy a small School of Warriors.

Both fight to Death for one night but as the Generosity tired and anguished put down the weapon and said a phrase to Wrath.

"Are you satisfied now Wrath?" Tired Generosity asks to Wrath.

"Come on, grab your weapon!" Wrath yells eager to fight. The Genorosity let out a sad sigh.

"Our father didn't want that ..." said the Generosity and extends both arms "If that helps your anxiety ... I'll let you kill me ..." Generosity was willing to die. Wrath certainly stabs Generosity. Wrath screams to the sky screaming.

"I am Hero of the Remnant, I last kill the traitors!" Wrath yells in victory but when he looks around in ruin there are all corpses and Grimms wandering. Wrath frustrates and kept looking for rivals. During those long years, The Wrath grew bored and could not find a worthy rival until the Queen advised that he kill the entire kingdom and give him a rival.

Wrath certainly went to the kingdom but when he attacks he saw something strange in this kingdom there were no knights and guards there were only women and children. Wrath began to regain consciousness and realized that his hands were full of blood of the innocents and began to wonder.

"Am I a hero?" Wrath muttered sadly and regretfully. Wrath returned to the kingdom to claim the queen that she responds with a reward that left him shocked.

"Your Rival is me ..." replied the Queen. Wrath began to laugh out loud and then began to demand answers from the Queen about the true intention. The Queen's intention was to create a perfect world by eradicating humans and Fauns. As Wrath became mental if he killed the Queen, he received forgiveness from the other kingdoms what he attacked. Wrath never thought about her queen's attack. It was more powerful and irresistible until she said something.

"You would have gathered your brothers to defeat me but I see that you are the only one ..." The Queen replied seriously.

"I fought for you ... you lied to me ..." The dying Wrath staring at the Queen.

"I hope your brothers welcome you ... into oblivion ..." The Queen moves away from the body of was suffering from pain that lost consciousness that entered the world of the dead. Wrath made a mistake in killing his brothers. But there was hope, the fourteen souls of the fallen knights had to wait for the new guests that would not be from the Remnant but from the other world.

What would happen if those two groups of capitals joined forces to avenge the Queen only for a task of the two gods called Light and Darkness, leaving a single mortal named The Father of the Church. like James Benjamin Meckany

They will forge the destiny of the Remnant called the Family of Sins and Virtues ...

Diligence: John Konrad. (The Colonel of the Damned 33rd) The First Son.

Chastity: Doctor Miller. (The Agent of the C.I.A) The Third Son

Generosity: John Forbes (Sergeant of the Damned 33rd) The Fifth Son.

Patience: John Macpherson (The Lieutenant-Colonel of the damned 33rd) The seventh son.

Temperance: Lieutenant of the Damned 33 rd The Ninth Son.

Humility: Jonh Robert (The Radioman) The Eleventh Son.

Charity: Rick Gould (The C.I.A Agent) The Thirteenth

Pride: Jeff Riggs (The C.I.A Agent) The Second Son.

Lust: Thomas Daniels (The C.I.A Agent) The Fourth Son.

Envy: C.I.A Agent, The Sixth son.

Gluttony: Adams Alphanso (Agent of the Delta Force) The Eighth Son.

Sloth: Jonh Lugo (Delta Force Agent) The Tenth Son.

Greed: Brian Castavin (The C.I.A Agent) The Twelfth Son.

Wrath: Martin Walker (The Delta Force Leader) The Fourteenth Son.

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