Welcome to the world of Yugioh Zexal. This is my first Yugioh fanfiction so please don't get upset if my OC cards have crappy names I'm trying. So without further ado Let's Hi-five the sky.

Rank 1: Number 21

Heartland city is a place where not much happens. Other than the occasional crime. However little did they know all that was going to change.

A war was coming. Not a war with guns and bombs. No this is going to be a war for control of the 99 number cards that were accidently released upon them. And one 13 year old boy is going to smack dab in the middle of it. That boy is Yuma Tsukumo.

He has tan skin, red eyes, and black and red hair. Yuma has tan skin, red eyes, and black and red spiked hair that points out and upward. Yuma was wearing a red vest with a white hood and a purple sleeveless shirt with a green "D" symbol, standing for "Duel". Yuma was also wearing white pants with designs of three orange moon crescents attached to one another with yellow outlines at the bottom, a white brown-stripe belt, and black with blue streaks shoes with white straps.

Other accessories include a brown fingerless glove on his left hand, a black protective pad on his right elbow and a thick, dark blue bracelet with light blue gems and red outlines on his right wrist.

And around Yuma's neck was a golden colored key necklace with a green gem. "Can't you just fly away and leave me alone," Yuma said in particular. Actually he was talking to his new partner Astral who helped him win his first duel ever against Reginald 'Shark' Kastle. He also summoned his first ever XYZ monster Number 39 Utopia.

He drafted Shark and claimed the number that was possessing him Number 17 Leviathan Dragon.

The number cards are Astrals memories, and he needs to collect all 99 to remember his mission on Earth.

"I would if I could, but it seems that I'm tied to you somehow," Astral said.

"Hmph at least you could do is find something else to do, but hover around me," Yuma said in irritation. Astral made no comment at this, but continued to float next to Yuma.


A number card floated through the air in search of its new owner. It soon found her lying in a hospital bed. She had bandages all across her face, arms,and legs from a severe burn. The card entered through the open window and landed on her chest.

The card began to glow and heal the girl's injuries. When it was done the girl slowly opened her eyes which were pink in color.

"Where am I?" She asked herself. "How am I healed?" she thought. She then noticed the card sitting on top of her. An XYZ monster card," she said. The card read Number 21 Frozen Lady Justice. This card will go perfect with my blizzard deck," she said.

At that moment a nurse with a clipboard walked in. "Alright time for your check up," she said looking down at the clipboard in her hands.

She then looked in the girl's direction and nearly screamed. "How are you awake? Are you hurt?" the nurse asked frantically.

"I seem to be perfectly fine," the girl said, swinging her legs to the edge of the bed and getting up. She didn't even stumble.

"This is a miracle, but we need to run a couple of tests to see if you are ready to go home," the nurse said. The girl just nodded her head.


Yuma and Astral were passing a hospital when Astral stopped. "Yuma wait a moment," he called out. Yuma turned to face Astral, and saw what he was looking at.

"Look I'm not going in there just because you're curious," he said.

"Yuma I sense the presence of a number at this location," Astral said.

"Really a number card already then what are we waiting for let's go," Yuma said as he ran into the hospital excited for another chance to duel.

on the roof

An hour and a half have passed since the girl whose name is Rio has woken up. She is now taking her final test and she has her dual disk ready to go. In front of her were two doctors who each had their disk ready.

"So I'm going to be facing both of you at once?" she asked. Before either doctor could say anything the door behind them opened up and Yuma came running out.

"So you think it's here?" Yuma thought to Astral.

"Yes one of these three duelists possesses the number," Astral said.

"What are you doing up here we"are in the middle of this girl's final test," one of the doctors said.

"Two against one really isn't far," Yuma said. "How about I team up with her?" Yuma asked.

"Well it is up to Ms. Rio,'' the other doctor said, looking in Rio's direction. Rio just nodded her head.

"Alright," Yuma said as he ran to stand near Rio. "Go Duel disk," Yuma shouted as he threw his duel disk into the air. He then grabbed his Duel Gazed from his pocket. "Duel Gazed let's roll. The AR vision link was established.

"Let's Duel,'' the four duelists shouted.

Yuma LP 4000 cards in hand 5

Rio LP 4000 cards in hand 5

Doctor 1 4000 LP cards in hand 5

Doctor 2 4000 LP cards in hand 5

"Since there are four of us none of us can attack on the first turn," one of the doctors said.

"That's just fine with me, Rio said.

"Same here," Yuma said.

"Alrighty then then let's Duel," everyone shouted.

"I'll go first," Yuma shouted. "I draw," he said as a virtual card appeared in his hand. "Okay now I play a monster in face down defence mode then I place two cards face down and end my turn. He continued as three cards appeared in front of him.

"Alright it's my turn now," one of the doctor's said.

Doctor 1 LP 4000 cards in hand 5

"I draw," the doctor said. "First off I summon Droid Fighter Missile Launcher

Droid Fighter ML ATK 1600 lv.4

The monster looks like a robot with missile launchers for arms and legs.

When this card is normally summoned I can special summon one level four or lower Droid Fighter from my hand so I'm bringing out Droid Fighter Flamethrower," the doctor called out.

Droid Fighter Flamethrower ATK 1400 LV 4

This one looked like the other, but it had a flamethrower rifle in each hand instead.

"He's got two level four monsters now," Yuma said.

"Now I overlay my level four Droid Fighter Missile Launcher and my Flamethrower to build the overlay network as his two monsters became a pillar of orange and red for their respective attributes. Suddenly a number 27 appeared on the doctors right hand.

"So the doctor possesses the number card," Astral said.

"I XYZ summon Number 27 Dreadnought Dreadnoid," the doctor called out as a battle ship appeared out of the XYZ portal.

Number 27 Dreadnought Dreadnoid ATK 2200 RNK 4 OU 2

So there's more than my number 21," Rio thought to herself as she thought back to her new monster.

"I place one card face down. and end my turn," the doctor said as a single card appeared in front of him.

"Alright it's my turn now," Rio called as she drew the top card from her deck. "I draw," she said. She looked at the card she drew and smirked.

"First off I summon my Blizzard Falcon from my hand.

Blizzard Falcon ATK 1500 LV. 4

"Next I equip Blizzard Falcon with Ice Shard and increase it's attack by 300 multiple by it's level," Rio said. "Since Blizzard Falcon is level for it gains 1200 attack," she continued (1500 plus 1200 = 2700) "And when Blizzard Falcon attack points change you take the difference as damage," she said with a smirk. "Do your thing Blizzard Falcon," Rio commanded. Blizzard Falcon sent a wave of cold wind on the two doctors.

Doctor 1 4000 - 1200 = 2800

Doctor 2 4000 - 1200 = 2800

I end my turn with three face downs," Rio said as three cards appeared in front of her.

"It's my turn now I draw,"the other doctor said.

Doctor 2 LP 2800 cards in hand 6

"First I play the field spell Seaport," the doctor called out as the area around them became a dock with battleships surrounding them.

"With this spell in place all machine type monsters gain 500 extra attack," the doctor said

Number 27 2200 plus 500 = 2700

"Next I summon Droid Death Cannon in Attack mode," the doctor said.

Droid Death Cannon ATK 1800 LV 4

"The effect of my field spell now activates increasing my monster's attack by 500," the doctor called.

Droid Death Cannon 1800 plus 2500 = 2300

"This doesn't look good," Yuma muttered.

"You got that right," Rio said looking in his direction. Yuma looked at her in shock. He was even sure if she had even noticed him standing there.

"I'll now end my turn," the doctor said.

"It's my turn now," Yuma said as he drew his new card.

Yuma 4000 LP cards in hand 4

"Yuma you must summon Utopia," Astral said.

"I know that Astral. First I switch my monster from defence mode into attack mode," Yuma said as his face down monster flipped over to Gogogo Golem

Gogogo Golem ATK 1800 LV 4

"Next I summon Gagaga Magician in Attack mode," Yuma said as a Magician with chains appeared on the field.

Gagaga Magician ATK 1500 LV 4

"Now I overlay my two level four monsters to build the overlay network and XYZ summon Number 39 Utopia," Yuma shouted as his ace monster appeared on the field.

Number 39 Utopia ATK 2500 RNK 4 OU 2

"Now Utopia attack Droid Death Cannon with Rising Sun Slash," Yuma commanded and Utopia charged the monster destroying it easily. (2500 - 2300 = 200)

Doctor 2: 2800 - 200 =2600

"Alright I end my turn," Yuma said.

"It's my turn now I draw," the first doctor said as he drew his new card.

Doctor 1: LP 2800 cards in hand 4

Dreadnought Dreadnoid attack Utopia with Dreadnoid Cannon," the doctor shouted and the monster aimed its cannons at Utopia and fired.

"Not so fast I activate Utopia's special ability by removing one overlay unit. I can negate your attack, go Light Wing Shield," Yuma said as Utopia absorbed one of it's overlay units.

"That won't work once I activate my memory loss trap card," the doctor said, revealing his face down. This card activates when my opponent activates a monster effect it is negated and it switched into defence mode," the doctor said.

Utopia DEF 2000

Dreadnought Dreadnoid attack hit Utopia and Utopia exploded luckily it was in defence mode so Yuma wouldn't take any damage.

"He took Utopia out like it was nothing," Yuma muttered.

"Your guys aren't out of the woods yet," the other doctor said.

"What do you mean?" Rio and Yuma asked.

"Well when Dreadnought Dreadnoid destroys a monster in battle I can special summon a rank ten or higher machine type monster from my extra deck and it counts as an XYZ summon," the doctor said.

"Say what," Yuma exclaimed.

"I use Dreadnought Dreadnoid to rebuild the overlay network and XYZ summon Number 81 Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora," the other doctor said and a number 81 appeared on his left cheek.

Number 81 Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora ATK 3200 RNK 10 OU 3

"Due to the effect of my field spell my monster gains 500 attack points," the second doctor said. (3200 plus 500 = 3700)

"I end my turn with a face down," the first doctor said as a card appeared in front of him.

"Okay it's my turn now I draw," Rio said.

Rio 4000 LP cards in hand 2

First off I'm going to summon my Aurora Wing in Attack mode," she said as a blue bird with long dippy like wings appeared

Aurora Wing ATK 1200 next I activate the effect of my Blizzard Chick by sending it to the graveyard all water attributes monster's levels go up by two," she said as the state's on her monster's levels changed from four to six.

Blizzard Falcon 4 plus 2 = 6

Aurora Wing 4 plus 2 = 6

"She now has two level six monsters on her field," Yuma said as he was looking at Rio's two monsters,"

"She can now XYZ summon," Astral said.

"Let's see what my new monster can do," Rio thought.

"I now overlay my two level six monsters to build the overlay network and XYZ summon Number 21 Frozen Lady Justice," Rio said as her two monsters became two pillars of blue energy and entered a black XYZ portal.

Frozen Lady Justice was wearing a white outfit and wielded a sword in her left hand.

Number 21 Frozen Lady Justice ATK 500 RNK 6 OU 2

"Ha that thing only has 500 attack points it's no match for my monster," the doctor said.

"Not for long my monster gains 1000 extra attack points for each overlay unit on her,"Rio said. "She has two overlay units so she gains 2000 extra attack points," Rio said. (500 plus 2000 = 2500)

"It still won't be enough," the second doctor said.

"I know that so I am going to activate my Frozen Spiral Force trap card. This card doubles my monsters attack points," Rio said. (2500 x 2 = 5000)

"5000 attack points," both doctors said in shock,"

"Now Frozen Lady Justice attacks the doctor directly with Frozen Sword Slash," Rio commanded and the monster charged the first doctor.

"Not so fast I activate my trap Negate Attack this card stops your attack and ends the battle phase," the first doctor said.

"Darn it I end my turn," Rio said in defeat.

"It's my turn now I draw, the second doctor said as he added a card to his hand.

Doctor 2 LP 2800 cards in hand 5

Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora attacks Yuma directly with Ultimate Cannon Blast," the second doctor said.

"Oh no," Yuma said as he saw the blast coming.

"Yuma uses your face down card," Astral said.

"Oh, yeah I activate my Impenetrable Attack trap card and take no battle damage," Yuma said as his card flipped up.

"Not so fast I activate the effect of my Droid Death Cannon by removing it from play I can negate your trap card," the second doctor said as a ghost version of Droid Death Cannon appeared and fired on Yuma's trap card and it destroyed it.

"So my attack goes through," the second doctor said as the blast struck Yuma and sent him flying.

Yuma LP 4000 - 3700 = 300

"Gaaaah," Yuma cried as he landed on the ground and slowly but surely he got back up.

"Yuma you must win this duel," Astral said as he was starting to fade.

"Yeah I know that," Yuma. said.

"Give it up kid you got one card on your field and two cards in your hand and barely any life points left," the first doctor said.

"He's got a point," Rio thought. She was about to say something when Yuma shouted.

"As long as I have life points left I will never give up," Yuma said as he drew his new card.

"I draw," Yuma said.

Yuma 300 LP cards in hand 4

Yuma looked at the card in his hand, it was Monster Reborn. "Yuma our victory is assured," Astral said. Yuma just looked at him in confusion and Astral just sighed. "First summon out Gagaga Girl," Astral said.

"Okay first off I summon Gagaga Girl," Yuma said as a girl-like version of Gagaga Magician appeared on the field.

Gagaga Girl ATK 1000 LV 3

"Next use Monster Reborn to bring back Gagaga Magician then lower his level to three," Astral commanded.

"Next I play Monster Reborn to bring back Gagaga Magician," Yuma said as his monster reappeared on the field. "Now I lower Gagaga Magican's level from four to three," Yuma said

Gagaga Magician LV 4 - 1 = 3

"Now I overlay my two level three monsters to XYZ summon Number 17 Leviathan Dragon," Yuma cried out as his second number card appeared in front of him.

Number 17 Leviathan Dragon ATK 2000 RNK 3 OU 2

"That monster doesn't have enough attack points to take on my number," the second doctor said.

"That's until I activate Gagaga Girls special ability," Yuma said. "When is used as an XYZ material with another Gagaga monster your monster loses all of its attack points go Cell Phone Subtraction, Yuma said as a ghost of Gagaga girl appeared typed something in her phone and pointed it at Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora. (3700 - 3700 = 0)

"Oh no," both Doctors said in unison.

"Next I activate Leviathan's special ability by detaching one overlay unit it gains 500 extra attack points," Yuma said. (2000 plus 500 = 2500)

"Now Leviathan attack Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora with Vice Stream," Yuma said as his monster fired a burst of energy at the other monster. "I now activate a quick play spell Ego boost to power up my monster's attack by 1000 until the end of the battle phase," Yuma said as another card materialized onto the field. (2500 plus 1000 = 3500)

The attack destroyed the number sending the doctor flying back. (3500 - 0 = 3500)

Doctor 2. LP 2600 - 3500 = 0

"I end my turn with one face down and Ego Boost's effect wears off," Yuma said, pumping his fist happily as he defeated one of the doctors. (3500 - 1000 = 2500)

"It's my turn now I draw," the first doctor said.

I play my trap XYZ reborn to bring back Number 81 Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora and due to the field spell Seaport it gains 500 attack points," the doctor said as the monster reappeared. (3200 plus 500 = 3700) "Now Superdreadnought attack Leviathan Dragon with Ultimate Cannon Blast," the doctor sneered as the monster fired its cannons at Yuma's only monster.

"Not so fast I activate my trap card Blizzard Wave if my opponent's monster attacks a water attribute monster that attack is negated at and its attack points are cut in half," Rio said as her card flipped up.

"Say what," the doctor screamed as his monster was covered in ice. (3700/2 = 1850) "Darn I end my turn the doctor said as a card materialized on his field.

"Right I'm ending it this turn Ii draw," Rio said as she drew her new card.

Rio 4000 LP cards in hand 1

"I play the spell card Aqua Jet this increases a water monster by 1000," Rio said as a set of propellers attached to Frozen Lady Justice. (2500 plus 1000 = 3500) "Now Frozen Lady Justice attacks Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora with Frozen Sword Slash," Rio commanded as her monster slashed her sword at the large battleship monster.

"You're not beating me that easily. I activate the effect of Droid Fighter Shield in my hand when I have less life points then your monster. I can send this card to the graveyard and stop your attack," the doctor said. a ghost of a robot holding a very large shield appeared stopping Rio's monster's attack.

"Darn it," Rio said. Rio was about to end her turn when the boy fighting next to her spoke up.

"It's not over yet," Yuma said.

Rio turned to look at him.

"What do you mean? He blocked my attack and none of my cards can do anything to counter it," Rio said.

"No matter what may happen, I'm a duel if you're feeling the flow and you can Hi-five the sky," Yuma said. Rio just continued to look at him in confusion.

"Your right this duel does end this turn, because I activate my face down card, the quick play spell Double or Nothing," Yuma said as his card flipped up.

"When a monster's attack is negated this card doubles its attack points and let's it attack again so Frozen Lady Justice's attack points are now doubled," Yuma said. (3500 x 2 = 7000)

"An attack of 7000," the doctor said. Rio looked at the boy with a smile on her face.

"Feeling the flow I kinda like that," Rio said and Yuma blushed in response to it.

Astral was watching this and said. "Observation 2 somethings a girl says can make a boy blush,"

Rio turned to face the number for the last time. " Go. Frozen Lady Justice attacks once more with Frozen Sword Slash. This time the attack went through. (7000 - 1850 = 5250)

Doctor 1 LP 2800 - 5250 = 0

Winners Yuma Rio

Both Frozen Lady Justice and Leviathan Dragon disappeared as the AR link ended. "We did it," Yuma said. as was jumping in the air. Rio looked at him in amusement. While all of this was happening Astral went to retrieve the two numbers from the doctors.

However he was only able to retrieve Number 81. Number 28 flew out of the first doctor and flew to Rio. "How did this card come to me?" Rio asked herself. Astral saw this and was curious.

"She is able to call numbers from her opponent and she can't be under there control,"

He was also reviewing the memory he got from Number 81. "I remember I had a wife , but I can't remember her name. It must be in another memory," Astral thought.

"Congratulations Ms. Rio with this test completed you are all ready to go home," a nurse who happen to be watching the duel.

"Thank you," Rio said.

"We tried to contact your brother, but he didn't answer his phone," the nurse said in a sad tone.

"That's okay I'll probably see him when I get home," Rio said.

"And you," the nurse said, finally turning to Yuma. Yuma looked like he was about to get into trouble.

"You were willing to help out someone you didn't know with a test. I thank you for that," the nurse said with a smile.

Yuma sighed with relief. "It was my pleasure that she is an awesome duelist," Yuma said, causing Rio to blush.

"Well all we need to know is get your discharge papers filled out and you will be good to go," the nurse said as they walked back down the stairs to the main part of the hospital.


After Rio signed the papers that were to finally discharge her from the hospital she walked towards her home. Yuma walked with her seeing that they lived in the same direction.

After a few minutes of silence Rio finally spoke up. "So are you going to tell me your name? she asked Yuma.

"My name is Yuma Tsukumo," Yuma said with a smile on his face.

"And what might your name be?" She asked looking at Astral.

Yuma and Astral both looked at her in shock. "Wait you can actually see him?" Yuma asked, waving his hand in front of Astral.

"Well yeah he's kinda hard to miss," Rio said.

"That's a relief, because other than you I'm the only one that can see him," Yuma said.

"Wait only the two of us?" Rio asked Yuma. Yuma just nodded his head.

"Why is he with you anyway?"

"Well, I need Yuma's help in collecting the 99 number cards like the ones you possess," Astral said.

"Wait there's 99 of those things that's more than cards in a deck," Rio exclaimed.

"Yeah it turns out that they're his memories and he needs to collect all of them to remember his mission on Earth," Yuma said

"Which is why I need the two number cards in your possession," Astral said stretching his hand towards Rio.

"Why don't I just help you collect them instead?" Rio asked.

"What do you mean?" Astral inquiried.

"Well you said that there were 99 number cards and we only have 95 of them so if I help you it would go a lot faster," Rio explained.

"Now that I think about it that sounds like a good idea," Astral said.

"Also I kinda owe you for helping me take on those two doctors so I'll help you collect the remaining numbers and help Yuma become a better duelist if you teach me more about feeling the flow and hi-fiving the sky," Rio said.

"That would work well for you Yuma, because your dueling skills are atrocious," Astral said.

"Hey at least I was able to beat Shark," Yuma fired back at him.

"Wait, you duel Reginald and won?" Rio asked, looking at Yuma in shock.

"Yeah that's actually how I got my other number,'' Tuma said, holding up his Number 17 Leviathan Dragon.

"How did Reginald get a number and how did you beat him. Yuma began to tell her the events leading up to his duel with Shark and how he won the duel. When he was finished he saw a dark look in her eyes.

"Oh he's so going to get it when I see him breaking your key and taking other people's decks is unforgivable," she said.

"It's okay I got the deck back and my key isn't broken any more, besides Shark is my friend now," Yuma said.

"You befriend that jerk?" Rio asked.

"Well my father always said that when you duel someone you create a bond through it and become friends so I kinda think the same way," Yu.a said scratching the back of his head.

Rio's dark aura faded away and she smiled again. "That's a good philosophy, but that still won't save Reginald," Rio said.

Yuma was actually scared to find out what Rio planned for Shark. They reached Rio's home.

"Well I guess this is where we part for now," Rio said.

"Yeah I'll see you around Rio," Tuma said as he walked down the street towards his home with Astral in tow. Little did either of them know that this unexpected encounter would change the future for both of them forever.

And done that took forever because it deleted the last half twice so I had to start all the way over. So what do you all think of my story please give me reviews.

OC cards

Droid Fighter Missile Launcher LV 4. Of you are attacked you can banish this card from your graveyard to negate the attack.

Droid Fighter Flamethrower LV 4. If you have a Droid Fighter on your field special summon this card from your hand.

Ice Spear (equip spell card) Increase the attack points of a water attribute monster by 300 times it's level.

Seaport (field spell) Increase all machine type monster's attack by 500.

Droid Death Cannon By removing this card from the graveyard to destroy one spell or trap card on the field.

Blizzard Chick LV 2. You can send this card from your hand to the graveyard to increase the levels of all Blizzard monsters by two.

Frozen Spiral Force (trap card) Select on monster on your field and double its attack points.

Blizzard Wave (trap card) When a water attribute monster is attack negate the attack and halve the attacking monster's attack points.