Ernie was just about to prepare some coffee for Bert and himself when something dramatic happened. He turned his head around, and heard the alarm clock ringing, and a smash, which made him witness the horror.

"Uh-oh...I better check into the living room see what's going on." Ernie thought to himself.

Ernie went into the living room and saw not only just a smashed alarm clock, but a destroyed hallway that was leading right up to the kitchen. Ernie thought Bert was breaking things on purpose, or maybe he was not a morning person.

"Bert, was that you making all that noise?" Ernie said. But Bert was not in the living room. So Ernie decided to check into the kitchen.

He then noticed that the cloth on the table was shredded into little-bitty pieces after Bert walked in the kitchen.

"...why would I even need to risk staying for coffee after looking at what happened?" said Ernie, who was completely alert. Ernie had to run out of the apartment, and away from Bert.

Just then, Bert came and shuffled up to the brewing coffee pot with Ernie nowhere to be seen. Bert was in a very bad mood, after he destroyed the hallway.

"Where is my coffee, Ernie?" said Bert angrily. "I have to start my day with coffee or else I have no choice but to destroy the house!"

Ernie was at the outside of the apartment, trembling with fear, and shaking.

"Why on Earth does Bert have to start his morning like this? Why?" cried Ernie. "I haven't done anything bad to him...except wake him up."