was terrified about telling her family and didn't know what they will say if she straight away told them her parents-The Sun Queen and The Moon King had a reputation of being responsible to control the moon and sun that were in the sky,

"How will an unplanned pregnancy effect their reputation?", thought to herself and no one else.

She couldn't necessarily terminate the pregnancy. No one noticed, so far. Suddenly, a plan came to mind. When she would start to show, her plan was to wear long dresses to cover her growing stomach. That way no one would notice that she was pregnant. Unfortunately, with the symptoms were hard on her. She was always throwing up and hungry. This was so evident, that her parents became concerned. just kept telling herself that maybe they would think that she had some sort of sickness or something...

was laying in bed wide awake with one hand on her stomach while her other hand was on her pillow. She was staring up into the starry sky through her window in silence. It was until her younger sister, came into the room.

" , Mom and Dad have been calling you forever! They sent me upstairs to check on you, what's going on?",asked .

"It's nothing just tired...",answered .

"Are you sure ? It's like your going through something , for example, you've been throwing up,eating a lot are you sure your feeling okay?",asked .

signed stood up from bed and a made a "come here." motion with her hand. came up to her to draw her to the bed,

"I have to tell you something but you need to promise me that you won't tell mom and dad." whispered .

"What is it?" asked

"HI-I'm p-pregnant.",said .

eyes widened in shock to what said,

"Your pregnant!?",shouted ,as nodded in response, "H-how did this happened?"

" , don't ask me you know how babies are made.",said , sarcastically.

lowered her head and stayed silent.

"Anyways you can't tell mom and dad promise me?", asked .

looked at her then nod in response,

"I promise.",she said.