was sitting in her own room in silence when, all of a sudden, her mother came in,

"Mom!",shouted .

"Don't,"Mom", me ! I know what your hiding from me!",yelled Sun Queen.

's pupils went small knowing what her mother was talking about. That was when she started crying,

"Alright, you got me mom ! Please, don't be mad at me.",cried .

"Baby, I'm not mad at you! Just shocked, that's all. So its true?",asked Sun Queen.

started to nod

"Yes,it is true, I'm pregnant.",admitted .

"Alright, since its true, please tell me of what you're about to do next.",said Sun Queen.

was silent. There was no way for her to terminate the pregnancy. thought about adoption. She had no idea how she will handle giving her baby away. So she looked over at her mother who was patiently waiting for an answer,

"I think I wanna keep it.",said .

Sun Queen started to look upset

"Whats wrong, mom?",asked .

"Wow, I don't know what to say,sweetie. I thought you were way smarter than this.",said Sun Queen. She left the room.