Hello to my story and account followers, favourite-ers and reviewers!

I did not want to do this, since I know the annoyance of seeing an update and figuring out that it's not an update but just the author rambling about life. So, I am so sorry for doing this, but I have to let you guys know that this story is definitely on hiatus till May 2021. Unless I get some help... but not likely. I do not know what I'll be doing then, so I can't even say I'll continue after that.

I am just not good at doing stuff without deadlines, so I shouldn't be writing a multichapter ever. I'm good at one-shots! Right now, I am working on my final year thesis. So, I do have moments of busy-ness, but I have time too, so if anyone wants to adopt this, or co-write it, PM me. I tried looking for a beta-reader so much but didn't find anyone. Any of these would help move this along.

Again, so sorry for this chapter-not-a-chapter and thank you all for your support. I sincerely hope that I finish this.