Yamcha was busy relaxing on the beach shore of some unknown island when all a sudden he felt a breeze blow by and a shadow cover him from basking in the glow of the sun. Peeking an eye open the human saw the god of destruction Lord Beerus and his attendant.

He quickly jumped up at the sight of the two divine beings. "L-lord Beerus, what brings you here? Are you looking for Goku and Vegeta?" He asked somewhat fearfully, the first thing that came to his mind as to why the two was by him was because they were looking for Goku or Vegeta.

'No, that can't be right…they would have been easily capable of finding those two on their own. So why…?' He thought.

Beerus smirked at the human. "Just popping by and enjoying the sights besides Goku and Vegeta are training on my planet…why? Am I not allowed too?" Beerus asked.

Yamcha paled slightly. "Of course not Lord Beerus you are always welcome!" Yamcha said quickly.

"Lord Beerus please do not scare him, after all, we came here to talk to him." Whis spoke.

Beerus gave Whis an annoyed look. "I was playing with him! Why do you always spoil my fun!" Beerus complained.

Whis laughed. "It's my duty" Whis answered.

Beerus frowned. "Fine whatever"

Yamcha stood quietly watching the two. "You came looking for me?" He finally opened his mouth.

Beerus looked to him and nodded. "Indeed, human, how would you feel about becoming a god of destruction?"

Yamcha's eyes widened slightly. "I'm sorry what?" He asked out of confusion.

"It is as Lord Beerus said" Answered Whis. "Do you want to become a god of destruction?" Asked Whis seriously.

"As amazing as that sounds, why me? Don't you have Goku and Vegeta?" Asked Yamcha, his heart was beating loudly in his chest. "Heck anyone of the fighters here on earth are better choices" Said Yamcha.

Beerus spoke. "That is true, however we didn't ask them because they have commitments on earth, you on the other hand, you do not, Goku and Vegeta already indirectly gave us their answer, but either way I would never allow another universe to steal those two, even if they did want to become destroyers." Said Beerus.

Yamcha nodded. "So, you only came to me because you think I have no one I hold close on earth?" Asked Yamcha. 'Puar may have passed away due to old age but I am not lonely' He thought

"Indeed" Both Whis and Beerus nodded at the same time.

"But I do, I have…" Yamcha stopped, he couldn't name anyone else, he lost Bulma to Vegeta and all the others that are close to him, they were just friends, although they all died together many times, he didn't have anyone like everyone else.

"Now that your delusion of grandeur is gone, what is your answer?" Asked Beerus.

Yamcha was stunned momentarily. 'Why…haven't I realized this?' He thought to himself, he was alone on the beach at the moment, and even if he left and went back to his apartment in West City, he would be returning to an empty apartment.

"I am not even sure if anyone would care if you just vanished" Beerus rubbed it in.

Whis glanced down to Lord Beerus, however he didn't say anything.

"That, that can't be right!" Yamcha countered. "We have all been through thick and thin together!" Said Yamcha.

"I don't even fight anymore…" Said Yamcha, he gave up fighting because he acknowledged he would never catch up to the rest, heck even Krillin could one shot him now.

"Well, whatever, we will give you exactly twenty four hours to decide on whether or not you want to become a destroyer. Just call for Whis here when you make up your mind." Beerus spoke casually, he turned to Whis and nodded, he put his hand on Whis's back and they vanished.

Yamcha sat down and took in all the information they gave him. The part that shook him the most was when Beerus said that no one would care. He quickly took off and flew towards West City.

Arriving at Capsule Corp he pushed the buzzer and a woman spoke. "This is Capsule Corporation residents, is their anything I can help you with?"

"Hey Emma, Yamcha here, is Bulma in?" Asked Yamcha.

"Mr Valac, yes she is hold on" The receptionist spoke.

She put him on hold and called Bulma. "Mrs Briefs, Mr Valac is here, should I let him in?" Asked Emma.

"Yamcha? What does he want?" Bulma asked.

"Mrs Briefs would like to know the meaning of your visit?" Emma told Yamcha.

"Can't a friend visit a friend?" He asked.

Emma went back to Bulma. "Mrs, he said can't a friend visit a friend?" She recited the words.

Bulma rolled her eyes. "Tell Yamcha I am busy right now with Bulla, tell him whatever he has to say can wait for some other day." As she cut the line.

"Mr Valac, Mrs Briefs says that whatever it is you have to say can wait, she is busy at the moment with baby Bulla." The receptionist finished.

"...Alright…next time" Said Yamcha as he stood still before turning and flying off towards mount Poazu,

"It's only Bulma, she's always like that…" He thought, the words came off like he was trying to convince himself rather than state a fact.

When he arrived he knocked on the door and Goten opened the door.

"Hey mister Yamcha" Goten spoke. Chichi made her way over.

"Don't talk to him Goten he will corrupt you!" Chichi made her way over.

"What do you want? Goku isn't here!" She said.

"Just dropped by to say hello, was in the area so I thought why not" Yamcha said with a smile.

"You thought wrong" She said as she closed the door.

His smile slowly went away as he took off and made his way over to Kami island.

He landed and walked over, he was about to ring the door bell when he heard Krillin playing with Maron, he glanced through the open window and saw him playing with Maron, 18 was smiling at the two.

He lowered his hand and turned to leave when he saw Master Roshi staring at him. "Why do you look so full of doom and gloom?" He asked. "I have some magazines that will cheer you right up!" Master Roshi grinned. "We can look at them together!" As he pulled out a magazine from nowhere.

Yamcha gave him a weak smile. "It's nothing…" He bowed. "Thank you for the years of training Master Roshi! I am proud to be a student of the turtle school!" Said Yamcha as Roshi's perverted grin went away.

"You going somewhere?" Asked Roshi, Yamcha stood upright.

"I am." Yamcha admitted. "I just wanted to pay my respect to my master!

"I won't ask where, but good luck, I am sure you will find what you are looking for where ever your going" Master Roshi spoke.

Yamcha nodded. He took off as Roshi watched him fly away.

He returned to the island. "Mr Whis, I have my answ-" He was cut off by a flash of light.

"That was fast." Yamcha muttered to himself.

"Well we never left, we went to a sushi restaurant in a city called South City" Said Beerus. "I had a feeling you would make your decision under an hour." Beerus casually commented.

He grimaced at the words, he didn't think he would be that see through, do I really not mean anything? The words echoed throughout his head.

"Place your hand on my back and we will be on our way!" Said Whis, Yamcha followed suit and before he knew it everything around him was white.

And so the weakest member of the Z-Fighters left earth.

'I had nothing waiting for me on earth…I am 41 with nothing going for me…' Yamcha thought as all the moments he went through on earth flashed through his head.

"So, anyway, will I be training with Goku and Vegeta?" Asked Yamcha.

"No." Beerus answered.

"The Lord of all, King Zeno has decided to create a new 13th universe, where we are taking you now is to a tournament in the world of the void, it will decide who is worthy" Said Whis.

Yamcha looked to him in surprise. "Wait, I haven't fought in years!" He said.

"Don't worry, everyone in the tournament is around the same level of strength." Said Whis. "All the universes have a chance to have one of their mortals to become a destroyer god" Said Whis.

Yamcha immediately deflated, he had a feeling he would not be there for very long.

"Do not look so troubled Yamcha." Whis spoke, he glanced back to the deflated human. "You have fought for nearly all of your human life, it has been printed onto your very soul, you cannot lose something that cannot be lost." Said Whis with a laugh. "Now, relax, you won't be able to fight so stiff." Said Whis.

They flew for a while, Yamcha didn't really know how long but he was pretty bored half the time, but he didn't comment on his boredom, he didn't want to become the 'Are we there yet' type.

For what felt like forever the white around them finally slowly dissipated. Darkness, the word slipped out of Yamcha's mouth as he saw the void.

"This is the World of the Void." Whis spoke. "Stay close or you could get lost here, I don't have to tell you what would get happen if you disappeared in a infinite void." Said Whis, Yamcha gulped lightly.

His hands shaking slightly at the sight, a sound that seemingly appeared out of nowhere caught his attention. A blue woman that looked exactly like Whis appeared with two others, one was dressed in destroyer garb and the other massive mountain of a alien.

Must be one of the guys I have to fight, the thought went through his head. His chest was pounding, the creature looked extremely intimidating.

More and more people started to appear. I feel so out of place, Yamcha didn't say it but he felt it.

"Human, this is the only opportunity you will ever get in your short miserable life to become something great…" Beerus said, he glanced back to Yamcha. "I used to be just as weak as you are, maybe a little stronger but the gap wasn't too big."

"The point that I am trying to make is, you can become powerful, but if you let your mortal mind cloud your judgement now you will remain a mortal until you die a mortal." Beerus explained, he looked forward again.

Yamcha nodded, the words weighing on his mind, he clenched his shaking hands.

"Seems we made it just on time." Whis spoke.

Yamcha watched a short blue being raise his hand and a massive arena appeared. "Who is that?" Asked Yamcha.

"That is the Grand Priest, he has one of the five highest fighting power levels in creation" Said Beerus as Yamcha nodded, he was a little in awe.

"To give you an idea Yamcha, if all the destroyer gods were to gang up on him in a fight they would all lose a fairly quickly." Whis said with a smile. Incredible, Yamcha felt like saying.

A voice spoke, it was soft and gentle, Yamcha quickly realized it was the Grand Priest. "Mortals from varying universes, you all have been granted the chance to ascend your mortal struggles and becomes gods." The Grand Priest announced.

"There will be random draw, you will stick your hand into a container and grab a ball with a number, you will fight the person who has the number above yours, so 1 will fight 2 and 3 will fight 4 and so on." The Grand Priest explained.

Yamcha nodded, It seemed more like a proper tournament. "Killing is permitted!" The Grand Priest's words shook Yamcha.

"It will not be permanent, we can bring you back so you do not have to concern yourself." Yamcha sighed in relief.

"Now all contestants a box will appear in front of you, just stick your hand in and grab a ball, I am personally supervising it so there will be no cheating." He pointed out. "When you all have drawn a ball your number will appear at random."

Yamcha stuck his hand into the box and grabbed a ball, he pulled it out and saw the ball had no number yet.

"Alright, you will all receive your number now." The Grand Priest said and number 5 appeared on Yamcha's ball, he glanced around trying to see who was number 6; his opponent.

He kept looking until he the moment of a man was his opponent. He gulped lightly and clenched his fist.

"I can do this!" He thought, I hope, itching away at his subconscious.

The first fight came and Yamcha watched intently, hoping he could pick up on any flaws.

The fight started and the two fighters disappeared and clashed, the arena vibrated lightly under their blows.

He stared at the fight dumbfounded. They are so weak! The words nearly spilled out of his mouth in disbelief. He hadn't fought in years but even he could easily follow both of the fighters.

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