Fate Dark Night

The Holy Grail War. A terrible event that killed hundreds of people when the Holy Grail was unleashed 10 years ago. And now a new Holy Grail War is beginning and this time, Rin Tohsaka will be participating. However, the Servant she managed to summon is quite unusual. Just who is this Dark Swordsman and what effect will he have on the war?

A crossover between Fate: Stay/Night and my Dark Swordsman series. Not canon with the latter.

Chapter 1- The Servant in Black

What an unusual dream. Or maybe it would be better for Rin to call it a nightmare. What could have caused such a dream was unusual to her. Maybe it was because she had attempted to study a particular ritual in great detail before going to sleep. Or it could have come from her deep desire to summon the Saber Servant.

Rin was standing in a large, ruined city, one that was much bigger than Fuyuki City. The buildings were all of modern architecture and the damage between them was varied, with some of them either being slightly damaged with chunks missing to completely demolished. The sounds of people screaming in terror as they ran past the raven-haired girl filled her ears, along with the sounds of blades clashing and spells being fired in the distance.

In the far distance, by squinting her eyes, she could faintly see the Tokyo Tower as well as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Those two landmarks were all she needed to confirm the city she was in. This was Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. But that just made Rin even more confused. She couldn't recall a time where Tokyo was in such a state during the modern era. The only time she could recall something was the aftermath of the last Holy Grail War, but that occurred in Fuyuki, not Tokyo. Just what was going on here?


Rin was immediately on guard as she heard the screech and examined her surroundings for potential attack. She reached into her pocket to pull out some of her gems only to grab empty air instead.

"Damn it," the girl thought in frustration. With no gems in her possession, Rin opted to ready a Gandr shot. Originally it was a magic intended to be a curse, Rin's version takes on an unusual corporeal form. Not only was it capable of punching through concrete with a single shot, but she doesn't even need to make any verbal components to initiate the spell thanks to the Magic Crest she inherited from her late father.

The screeching grew louder before a large object crashed in front of the young mage, creating a small explosion that rippled her hair. When the dust cleared, Rin found herself staring into the glowing red eyes of a colossal strange skeletal creature. Its skull was elongated, and its lower jaw was split in the middle and had humanoid teeth. It had tall spine with moving blade-shaped bones and a centipede-like body and curved tail. Finally, it had two long arms shaped like scythes.

Rin found herself in complete shock at the sight of the monster. She had never seen anything like it in the books she read. Was it a Demonic Beast that was never recorded in the history of mages?

The skeletal creature screeched at her again before charging at high-speed, its right scythe posed to strike. Acting on quick instinct, Rin channeled reinforcement magic into her legs before backflipping away, barely evading the monster's attack that would have cleaved her in two. Unfortunately, her red shirt did get a minor cut.

She wasn't given the opportunity to recover, much less counterattack, as the monster followed it up with a horizontal slash from its left scythe. The attack was moving too fast for her to evade, so Rin opted to reinforce her arms with magic to block the attack. It…sort of worked.

As if by some miracle, Rin's arms weren't chopped off upon the scythe's impact, instead they got decent-sized cuts that drew blood. It was very painful, but it was a much better alternative than losing her forearms entirely. However, the impact of the monster's attack also sent Rin crashing into the outer wall of a building before collapsing on the street, the blood from her arms wetting the pavement. It was difficult for her to breathe and she probably had internal injuries.

Despite this being a dream, everything in it all felt way to real to the young mage. She was starting to fear that she might actually die for real if this continued. Somehow Rin managed to get on her knees, but that was all she could except for staring at the skeletal monster that stood before her, ready to end her life as it did for many in this city.

Feeling desperate to survive, Rin pleaded, "Please. Someone, help me."

The Skull Reaper let out one final screech before bringing down its right scythe in an overhead swing. Rin could close her eyes and brace for the end. Suddenly a loud clash could be heard, but she felt nothing save for the stinging pain in her forearms.

Rin slowly opened her eyes and saw a young man dressed in black in front of her. He had hair as black as night, wore red fingerless gloves, a black leather twin-tailed overcoat with red trimming and red lines down the sleeves, black pants and boots. He was wielding two swords that looked nearly identical, with both of them being longswords with a wing-shaped hilt facing the handle. The sword in his right hand was jet black and seemed to exude shadows while the left one was gold and radiated a pure white light.

"Who…" was all she could say before the swordsman turned to her, revealing his bloodred eyes.

Rin awoke with a groan to the sound of her very persistent and "cheerful" alarm clock. She slowly curled out of her blanket and glared at the annoying device on her bedside.

"Shut up!" she shouted, but her tiredness made it sound more mellow than she intended. Instead she simply grabbed the clock and hurled it at a nearby chair, knocking the chair down. The alarm clock kept ringing as it rolled onto the floor.

"Oh, come on," Rin said in annoyance. "I was up late last night. Just a few more minutes." Unfortunately, the alarm clock continued its annoying ringing, prompting her to reluctantly roll out of bed and turn off the alarm. "Heartless jerk."

She then found herself thinking about that strange dream she had and quickly examined her arms. Luckily there wasn't even a scratch anywhere she could see, but she could still feel some phantom pain from what happened in her dream. Her thoughts then turned to the swordsman in black.

"Just who was he?" Rin spoke aloud.

A flash of purple light then appeared in the corner of her eye. Rin turned around and saw a strange black pendant just lying on the red carpeted floor. The chain itself was made of sterling silver but attached to it was a black wolf's head with two purple gems embedded as eyes.

"What the heck? Where did this come from?" the mage questioned as she picked up the pendant to examine it.

She could instantly tell that this item is special. There seemed to be a latent power hidden within it, especially in those gems. Rin has seen hundreds of gems that she acquired thanks to her family's fortune, but she's never seen gemstones like these two before. There was a certain…darkness dwelling within it. Also for some reason, this pendant reminded her of that swordsman from her dream.

"Could this be a catalyst to summon him?" Rin questioned to herself. She was already planning to summon her Servant tonight without a catalyst, largely because she lacked one, but now she felt more confidant that she can summon the Saber. Although, that raised the question on how this potential catalyst even got in her bedroom to begin with.

Realizing that she'd be late for school if she just stood there, Rin hurried through her usual morning routine inside her Western-style house, like cleaning herself up, eating breakfast, as well as dressing in her school uniform and signature red longcoat. Eventually she went up to a hall mirror to check if she had put her tie for her uniform on correctly, as well as the sides of her hair tied into twin tails. With a simple nod, Rin prepared to head for school when then…

"Crap. I forgot the pendant."

Rin hurried to the basement, which was where her magic workshop was located and retrieved a pendant with a red heart-shaped gem and silver chain, one of the few things her father had left for her. Even though that hasn't started yet, Rin decided to bring it just in case as a precaution.

It didn't take long for Rin to feel uneasy as she walked to school.

"That's weird. Why's it so quiet?" she thought to herself. "There's not even a single student on the street."

She soon arrived at the school courtyard, which was just as deserted as the streets outside. "Must be one of those days then."

"Hey, Tohsaka!" a girl cried out. "You're awfully early today."

Rin let out a sigh as she realized what had happened. "Oh, great," she muttered in annoyance as the girl from the vending machine approached her.

The student had short, chestnut hair, yellow-brown eyes, and instead of wearing a school uniform, she was wearing the white and black robes of the archery club uniform.

"Morning," the girl greeted. "It sure is cold today, huh?"

"Good morning, Mitzuzeri," Rin replied. "Do you know what time it is by any chance?"

Ayako Mitzuzeri tilted her head in confusion before saying, "Yeah, it's a little before 7 o'clock. Did you come early by mistake?" She then took a sip from her can of coffee.

"Seems that way," Rin answered. "It looks like all the clocks at my father's house were an hour faster, including my alarm clock, all by the same amount." She then muttered, "This all happened after I found that pendant in the basement. Could Father be behind this?"

She then noticed that Mitzuzeri was examining her pretty closely and leaning forward.

"Wake up, girl," the archery captain said.

Rin gave her a look and a simple poke on the forehead before saying, "Are you practicing this early again?"

"Yep. I lost one of our best members. I have to try to put up a good performance so new students will join our club."

"When you're team captain, it's always something, huh?"

"Hey, since you're here, why not watch our practice?"

Mitzuzeri led Rin to the archery dojo, however the mage found her thoughts focusing on the strange events that happened today. First, she had that strange dream, almost a nightmare, of that swordsman in black, then she found a mysterious black pendant by her bed that she knew for sure wasn't hers. Next there was the matter of all the clocks in her house adjusting themselves to an hour ahead and her father's will.

Rin then returned to reality as the archery captain retrieved her bow. The young mage politely declined the offer, much to Mitzuzeri's disappointment.

"Are you sure you don't want to watch?"

"I don't know a thing about archery," Rin admitted. "Thanks for the offer though."

As the raven-haired girl spoke, a slightly younger girl with purple hair entered the dojo. She was also wearing the school uniform as well as a magenta on the right side of her hair.

"Good morning, captain," the newcomer said as she bowed in respect.

"Good morning, Matou. I'm guessing you didn't have any luck with him?"

"No, ma'am. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to help."

"It's fine, don't worry about it," Mitzuzeri said with a warm smile. "If he doesn't want to do it then that's fine. We shouldn't try to force him to come back."

Since this seemed to be a private matter between the two club members, Rin decided to leave, saying goodbye to the two girls. However, when the purple-haired girl said her farewell, Rin looked a little pained.

"Work hard, Sakura," was all she said before leaving the dojo and began making her way towards the main school building.

However, as she began walking to the building a strange student with black hair and uniform walked past her. One striking feature was his bloodred eyes. Rin let out a gasp as she immediately turned around for a closer look, but she saw no one there. It was as if he was never there.

"Just great," she said in annoyance as she rubbed her eyes. "Thanks to that stupid alarm clock, I lost an hour of sleep and its causing me to hallucinate."

She was about to continue heading to the main building when suddenly a familiar voice said, "Good morning, Tohsaka! It must be my lucky day to run into you this early in the morning."

Rin let out a quiet groan in disgust, which her expression matched. Just her luck that she'd run into him this early. Wanting to get this over with as quickly as possible, Rin put on a fake smile and looked over her shoulder. "Good morning, Shinji Matou. You're here early this morning."

"Of course I am," Shinji replied as he was leaning against one of the pillars outside the doors to the main school. "I'm the team captain, remember?" He was wearing his school uniform and his dark purple hair was curled to just above his ears.

"Vice-captain, you moron," Rin muttered while turning her head so Shinji wouldn't catch it. However, with how stuck-up Shinji was, he probably wouldn't have even noticed otherwise. Wanting to get away, Rin raised her hand and blithely said, "See you."

Clearly Shinji didn't expect that kind of answer as he reeled back in surprise before saying, "Wait. You should come watch our morning practice."

"I'll pass," Rin replied. "I don't want to get in the way of their practicing." She put more emphasis in the last word to see if Shinji would catch on that he had to be in the dojo to do any practicing, however it flew right over his head.

"No one will mind," Shinji argued.

"You aren't listening. I said I'll pass." Rin was getting irritated and dropped the false friendliness since it wasn't working on getting Shinji to stand down. "Besides, I'm not even interested in archery."

"Really?" Shinji said with interest as he held his chin. "I thought you were. Guess I had the wrong idea. I thought you kept coming to watch the after-school practices because you were interested."

Shinji then moved into Rin's field of view, blocking her way into the school. He took a few steps closer, invading her personal space, however Rin jerked her arm away from him when his hand got too close and turned her gaze away from him.

"Oh. Does that mean you were for something else," Shinji continued smugly, making Rin more and more agitated. "Like maybe watching me?"

Rin took a breath and regained her composure before facing the archery vice-captain again. "Stay away from me, will you?" she said coldly. "Let me be clear, Matou. Not only am I not interested in archery, I'm not interested in you. The fact is that I only just now realized that you were on the archery range, and I'm certain I won't notice you in the future."

"What did you say?!" Shinji shouted, his voice echoing into the locker room behind them. "How dare you, Tohsaka?!"

"You're welcome to be self-conscious, but you should tone it down," Rin continued as he walked past the enraged Matou."

As she changed into her inside shoes, Rin felt a breeze brush past her. The mage turned in the direction the wind was blowing towards and nearly gasped at what she saw. Just at the main entrance of the school was a young man with black hair wearing a black school uniform. He seemed to be glaring at Shinji, who was heading back to the archery range in frustration. However, the students who were coming in didn't seem to notice him at all.

Rin then felt something heat up in her coat pocket, prompting her to reach in and pull the item out. It was the wolf pendant that she had found earlier today. For the briefest of seconds, the gems in the pendant flashed with purple light.

"What the?" Rin muttered to herself. She looked back at the main entrance, only to see that the young man was gone.

"That's the second time I've seen that boy today. Just what is going on with me?"

Seeing how she wasn't going to get any answers at the moment, Rin returned the pendant to her pocket before climbing up the stairs, where she exchanged a greeting with the energetic English teacher, Miss Fujimora. However, when she reached the second floor, she ended up seeing another familiar face.

Standing outside a room was a boy with swept back, black hair and wore glasses. He seemed to sense her presence as he turned around to face her and jolted back slightly in surprise.


"Well, well," Rin said calmly. "Does one of the duties of the Student Council president include patrolling the campus this early in the morning?" She then rested one hand on her waist as she reached him. "Or are you making maintenance rounds of the club rooms? Not that I care either way. Still, you're the diligent student as always."

Issei Ryuudou regained the composure he had before and folded his arms as he eyed the mage in suspicion.

"And what do you have up your sleeve?" Issei questioned. "Why are you here so early when you aren't in any clubs?"

"I just felt like it," Rin said in a cavalier tone, causing Issei to grimace.

This was pretty much the standard when it came to Rin's interactions with Issei. For some reason, he was always suspicious of her and kept his guard up whenever she was around him. Since he clearly wasn't going to change his opinion of her, Rin had decided to mess around with him as much as possible. She would never be disrespectful, but she found his reactions to be quite entertaining.

Issei was about to respond when the door to the room he was standing in front of opened and another student stepped out, carrying one of the space heaters the school used during the winter months.

"I fixed it, Issei," the boy said.

"Oh, sorry," Issei said as he turned and abandoned his irritation. He lifted his hand in a polite gesture and bent forward to speak to the student. "I asked you for help, but you did it all, Emiya. My bad."

Rin raised an eyebrow in some interest. Everyone who attended Homurahara High School knew who Shirou Emiya was. It was very well known that he was very helpful. If anyone needed something fixed or an extra pair of hands for something on the school grounds, he was the first person they would ask.

Shirou was of average height and had messy red-orange hair and golden-brown eyes. Just by his physical appearance, he didn't look a person to have that sort of reputation.

"It's fine," Shirou replied. "Where's the next one? We don't have a lot of time."

Rin let out a sigh as the two boys began discussing the other broken heaters and equipment. She then began making her way past them and towards her classroom, but not before sparing a quick glance at Shirou as she walked by.

"You're here early, Tohsaka," Shirou said as she walked down the hall.

She glanced back to see the boys go back into the room with the heater.

"Was that his way of saying hello?"

She quickly dismissed the thought and went about her day, mentally preparing for tonight. It was time for her to summon her Servant. There were only two spots left so she had to act quickly.

That Evening

When Rin arrived at her home, she noticed that the voicemail button on her phone was blinking. Her eyes narrowed, having an idea on who it could be, but pressed the button anyway. The phone said that she had one new message that was recorded on January 31st at 3:21 pm.

"Rin, it's me," Kirei Kotomine had said. "As I'm sure you are aware, tomorrow is the deadline. I insist that you start taking this seriously. Only two slots remain, the Archer and Saber classes. The ranks of the Masters must be filled without delay. Summon your Servant and establish your Command Seals immediately. Of course, if you are not participating in the Holy Grail War, that is a different matter. If you value your life, seek shelter with the Church—" Rin then stopped the recording.

"I know what I have to do," Rin said in annoyance. "You don't have to tell me."

She changed into a red blouse, black skirt and black stockings before spending the next several hours preparing for the summoning the summoning ritual. Once it was nighttime and the hour was near, Rin shoved books and materials out of the way and pushed the stone worktable that was in the center of the workshop aside to reveal a ritual circle underneath.

"Preparations, ready," she said firmly before checking the clock. "Time, good. Wavelength, ideal." She then pulled out the black pendant and set it on the floor. "Catalyst, set. By performing the summoning ritual at 2 am, when my mana is at its peak, I should be able to summon Saber."

There are two ways for a Master to summon a Servant for the Holy Grail War. The more traditional way was for a Master to perform the summoning ritual while incorporating an object, known as a catalyst, that was central or important to the Heroic Spirit the Master wished to summon. The object could be a piece of armor or a part of their weapon, anything could work as long as it had a significant connection to the spirit in question.

The second option was riskier. A catalyst wasn't required for a Master to summon a Servant. If the master didn't have a catalyst, then the ritual would use the mage themselves as the focus. The ritual would analyze the mage and search for a Servant that could resonate with them and potentially fill in missing slots. While in theory, this could allow a Master to summon a Servant they can get along with, they were essentially going in blind, not knowing who they going to get. Luckily for Rin, now that she had a catalyst of her own, she didn't have to worry about that.

Rin pulled out a handful of gems. They were filled a large potential magical energy and could be used to pull off impressive feats, but only if the mage knew what they were doing.

"For the elements: silver and iron. The foundation: stone and the archduke of pacts. And, for my great master Shvinorg." The gems in her right hand melted and began splashing into the circle. The liquid glowed with a blue-green light and began to move on its own, filling in the red lines the ritual spell. "Close the gates of the cardinal directions. Come forth from the Crown, and follow the forked road leading to the Kingdom." The circle was now completely illuminated from the light created from Rin's gems. More liquid leaked out of the mage's closed hand, the drips causing the light to ripple and increase in intensity as she continued the incantation. The black pendant also began glowing, but it was releasing purple light instead. "Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill. Repeat five times. But when each is filled, destroy it." Now the entire ritual circle was glowing purple. "Set."

"Heed my words. My will creates your body, and your sword creates my destiny. If you heed the Grail's call and obey my will and reason, then answer me. I hereby swear that I shall be all the good in the world. That I shall defeat all the evil in the world." The circle's light was growing more intense by the second, with ripples of power from the spell flowing around her, creating sparks that resembled the stars of the night sky. "You seven heavens, clad in the three great words of power, come forth from the circle of binding, Guardian of the Scales!" The spell coalesced into a circle of crackling purple before letting out a gust of wind that scattered any loose paper into the corners of the room.

The smoke soon cleared, and Rin found herself on her knees. She felt tired but was also filled with ecstatic energy at the same time. She looked at her right hand and laughed in victory. On the back of her right hand were now the crimson symbols of Command Seals, marking her as one of the seven Masters for the 5th Holy Grail War.

"That was flawless! I know I drew the most powerful card!"

Rin looked around in excitement to see who she summoned, only to see that she was alone. Before she even had a chance to process this, a loud crash could be heard from above.

"Why?!" Rin shouted as she bolted up the stairs.

It didn't take her long to reach the living room, which was where the sound came from. Unfortunately because of the crash, the door was stuck.

"Stupid door! Damn it!" she cried out before kicking the door out of its frame and nearly stumbled into the room.

The living room was a mess as the furniture was scattered everywhere, either having been blasted away or were partially crushed by the figure sitting on it almost like a throne, with his head leaning on his right hand.

The figure was a young man, about eighteen years old however he had a presence of someone much older. He had hair as black as night, wore red fingerless gloves, a black leather twin-tailed overcoat with red trimming and red lines down the sleeves, black pants and boots. He opened his eyes, revealing them to be bloodred, and gazed at the mage. His face was passive, as if he was trying to analyze her.

There was no doubt about it. This was the person Rin saw in her dream. She actually managed to summon him! But why did he appear in the living room instead of her workshop? Rin glanced at the grandfather clock, which was partially leaning behind the young man, and realized what had happened.

"Wait, all the clocks were running an hour early when I got up this morning. Which means it's actually 1 am, not 2 am."

"Damn it. I did it again!" she proclaimed in frustration, pulling on her hair. "What's done is done." She then dropped to her knees. "Why did you task me with this, Father?" Rin grunted in annoyance before turning to face the stranger. "Oh, all right. What are you?"

"So that's going to be your first words to me?" the figure said passively. "Looks like I've been given an interesting Master."

Rin stood back up and approached the Servant with caution. "Just to be perfectly clear, whoever you are, you are my Servant, correct?"

The Servant simply shrugged. "Possibly," he said slowly as he eyed her in suspicion. "You weren't present when I was summoned."

"Good grief. You aren't a baby bird," Rin chastised. "Don't joke and make it sound like you imprint on your Master when you first open your eyes." She let out a sigh in exhaustion. "Just answer my question. You are my Servant, and no one else's, correct? Master/Servant relations should be clearly laid out right off the bat."

The Servant let out an amused chuckle as he formed a faint smile. "Interesting mindset. One that I agree with. However, do you have proof that you aren't an imposter?"

"Of course," Rin replied, presenting her Command Seals and the black pendant to the young man. "I used this pendant to summon you and these Command Seals are proof that I am your Master."

The male teen's eyes widened in surprise as he saw the pendant. "Where did you get that?" he questioned in disbelief.

Rin was surprised by the question and struggled to find an answer as she still didn't know how she came into possession of it. However, even if the Servant thought she stole it from someone else, her Command Seals would keep him from harming her.

"I found it by my bedside this morning," Rin answered honestly, wanting to test his reaction. "I don't know how it got there."

The Servant was silent for a few moments as he processed what she said. After determining that there was no malice or deceit in her words, he finally said, "Very well. I will acknowledge you as my Master."

"Really?" Rin said eagerly. "You'll fight beside me?"

He stood up and adjusted his coat collar. "Yes. I guess now is the time for introductions. My name is Marth Umbris and it seems that I am the Archer."

Now Rin was shocked. She could have sworn that her Servant would be summoned as the Saber based on what she saw of him in her dream.

"Wait, you're not the Saber?!" the mage questioned loudly.

Marth let out a disappointed sigh as he rested his right hand on his waist. "Unfortunately, not," he said in defeat, his eyes filled with sympathy. "Believe me, I'm just as surprised as you. I'm a swordsman, and yet I was summoned into the Archer class to fight in some war. I'm sorry to disappoint you."

The young mage let out a deep breath to calm herself. "No, the fault is mine. I messed up the time for your summoning and now we're both paying for it. Nothing to do about it now. Anyway, I'm Rin Tohsaka. It's a pleasure to meet you." She extended her hand to her Servant in a gesture of companionship.

The Archer simply smiled back. "The pleasure's all mine, Rin," Marth answered back as he accepted her hand. "I look forward to seeing where this partnership will lead us."

To be continued

I wanted to continue this chapter a little bit more, but I felt like this was a good stopping point. Anyway, welcome to my new story, Fate Dark Night! I've always wanted to do a Fate fanfic but I was always focused on other projects. For those who haven't read my SAO stories or Accel World The Black Wolf, Marth is an OC that I created and is one of the main characters of them. For those who have read them, I bet you were surprised to see him being summoned into the Archer class, rather than Saber or Caster. I could have made him the Saber and have Shirou summon him, but I wanted to put Artoria in and I can't do that if Marth is his Servant. As for Caster, then I'd have to pick a new Archer Servant and potential Master since there's no way anyone other than Rin can summon EMIYA and I wasn't sure if I could pull it off. This does mean that the Shirou vs EMIYA fight will not happen here. This story will mostly be a mix of the Fate route, UBW route, and some original plot points. Also at the time of posting this chapter, I've only seen the first two Heaven's Feel movies and don't know how I can incorporate that route into this story and it keep it in the way I want it to go. This may change as I continue writing this as I am a fan of Medusa.

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