((A/N: Well this is my first X-Men fan fiction. I'm sorry if it sucks... I'm I just really old or do other people out there remember the good old X- men episodes, when Rouge and all of them were older, Jean and Scott were married (If memory serves me) and Gambit was a hottie. Wait all that was only what 5 years ago...maybe 7. Huh. It seems like forever ago. Anyway, Welcome to my fan fiction. I will be your host for today...lades please, hands off Gambit and Wolverine...the rest you may touch. Alright so don't touch Sabertoth either...but that's because I don't want sued for him biting you...wait I wouldn't be sued because I don't own them...and I don't say I do either just dream in my own world I do. Lol. All well I hope you enjoy this fan fiction. (If you're wondering my age it's 15 1/2) A/N End:))


Chapter 1:Logan and the Danger room


"Storm?" Kitty calls going half way through a wall to see if she's in here. "Hello. Class started 10 minutes ago. Are you here?"

"Hey half pint. What are you doing?" Logan asks coming up behind her.

"Oh. Logan have you seen Storm?"

"Come to think of it I haven't or Spike all day. They're probably

together." "Yeah. So is class cancelled for today?" She holds her breath and a smile

in. "Nope. You all are just going to have to go to the Danger room. Im sure we

can use it for traning. I'll go inform everyone..." "Ah! Maybe I'll keep on looking for Storm." She waves running off in search

of Storm. She runs into Lance. "Lance, What are you doing here?" "I came to join...again. Only I plan to stay this time. Of course if I'm

not wanted."

"You'll have to talk to Professor X." Kitty smiles looking up at him. "Already have, and I'm already unpacked. "He hooks his thumbs in his belt

hooks. "So um...what is everyone doing?"

"Looking for Storm...So we don't have a class in the danger room with


"I'll help. Anything other then that."

"That's what everyone who knows now is saying." have a new Mutant on

the prowl." Kitty takes Lance her hand going through walls to find were the professor


(((OK so this is my first fan fiction of X-men as I said once before.)