Chapter 8: Rivals


"i can't belive they like let them back into school...they are so like going to tear the place apart."kitty pouted while geting into Jeans SUV.

"Come vn Kitty, they haven't caused to trouble so var."((Im trying the accents.)) Nightcrawler said with a smile while hiting the button on his image producer.

"Maybe your right..."Kitty sighed and they left as Rouge shut the door.

~~~~~~~~ School ~~~~~~~~~

A group of girls laugh at Rouge as she trys opening her locker."Like, she has, like, no fashion since."They laugh at the girls comment.

"Yeah, for real, the girl is so outthere."agion they laugh.

Mercy walks oveer to them."Hey, leave her alone or deal with me you stupid preepy-"Remy stoped her placing a hand on her shoulder.

"At,at,at name calling."Remy moves her off and winks at the group of laugh and walk off waving to him.

"Flirt much Gambit?"She scowlded him crossing her arms over her eyes narrow and lips in a slight pout.

"Oh, Chere, you know your the only one I see..."He leans down to kiss her but she laughs and stulks off a few steps before she felt him grab her arm.

"Since when have I been the only 'Chere' in your eyes?"She strugled for him to let her go but it dosen't work."Gam-" "Chere, what happened to my nickname?"he asked with a slightly sadened face.

"Go ask one of those girls to call you it."She turned her face from his and spoted was talking to ToadHe turned and seen them so he ran over.

"HEY!let her go, Gambit, I dont think she likes it.I thought you were a gentalmen."

"Well hello there Quicksilver, I belive I am being I not chere?"He pulled her back to face him.

"Let me go."Mercy said softly.

"Oh, Chere, you hurt me."Remy let go of her and placed his right hand over his heart."On my heart I swear chere, you are the only one."

"Oh please that is so lae."Pietro rolls his eyes "Come on Mercy, class starts soon.I'll walk you to first..."He held out a arm to her and she took it looking back at Remy as Pietro walked off with winked and gave a slight nod of the head as if to say it was alright for her to walk with Pietro