It was a quiet night around dinner time. Two boys were sitting on their beds. One of them was reading while the other was looking at something in his hand. The two boys were James Sirius Potter and Albus Severus Potter. "James, um," Albus said putting his book down to look at his older brother who nodded.

"Yeah, Al, what is it?" James asked putting the gold thing down on his bed and looked to see a worried look on his brother's face. "Ah, that date with Scorpius tonight. Don't worry everything will be fine Al. you guys were made for each other," Albus smiled but it dropped when he saw the necklace of sorts back in his bothers hands.

"Are you sure and what do you have in your hand, Jamie?" Albus asked getting off his bed and walked over to James's bed and sat down next to his brother. "Wait this is a Time-Turner. Where the hell did you get this from James?" Albus asked pulling it away from his hand. James smiled but he did not say anything. Albus rolled his eyes. "I don't have time for this. I'm going to get ready for my date now,"

"Wait, don't tell dad please," James said standing holding out his hand. Albus looked at him and smiled.

"Oh, why would I say that dear brother. Dad never gets mad at you," Albus said sarcastically and rolling his eyes. James stuck his tongue out at his brother who returned it. James laughed and started to spin the time turner on his finger. Albus rolled his eyes and make his way to the door to go downstairs to wait for his boyfriend to get him. However, he stopped on the first step when the time tuner fell on the ground and broke. "Now, you've done it. I'm going to get dad and tell him," Albus said walking over to his brother.

"No, wait. Al don't, I'll tell him about what you told Scorpius about what you wanted to do," James smirked but Albus ran over to him and covered his mouth his own.

"Shut up right now," Albus warmed with his hand still over James's mouth. James rolled his eyes and pulled his brother's hand away. James laughed however this was short-lived because Albus pushed him to the ground. "Don't you dare tell dad or mum that!" Albus yelled with his fist in the air ready to punch him but he never got a chance to because the room started to spin.

When the world stopped spinning Albus looked at James who laughed and cheered. "Let's do that again," James said laughing. Albus rolled his eyes and looked around him. They were not home but in the woods. Why were they in the woods?

"James, where is that Time Turner?" Albus asked standing up and bushing himself off. James stood up and looked down at the ground. Albus flowed his eyes and cursed under his breath. "It's broken. Oh well done James," Albus said turning around and running his hand through his black hair.

"No, we can fix it," James said picking up the broken time tuner but Albus shook his head.

"No, we can't! James, I'm going to miss my date and it's all your fault!" Albus yelled before he laughed harshly. James raised an eyebrow.

"Your date? Al we might be stuck in the past and all you care about is your bloody date. Al, we may never see mum, dad, Lily, or anyone in our family again and all you are is your bloody date," James said with tears in his eyes in a rare moment that Albus has not seen from his brother in a long time. James then watched Albus as he rolled his eyes but did not say anything.

"Of course, I care about them James, but I had a date. I've not seen Scorpius in five months, and we saw our family last week. Why are you so…" Albus never finished because James pushed him to the ground. Albus laded on the ground and rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, sure Al, but we are stuck here. We may never see them again. So, stop yelling at me and help me fix this mess that you caused,"

"I cased? James you stole it from dad's office, and you say I cased it," Albus argued and got up. "James you cased this, not me. You can shut up and get your head out of your ass. 'Look at me, I'm James I send my brother back in time and ruin his date and damned him forever'. "Albus mocked dancing around the wood and sticks around them. James's eyes twitched before he pushed Albus to the ground again.

"Shut up!" James yelled pulling out his wand. "Or I will make you," James aimed his wand at his brother's face. Albus looked at him with fear in his eyes.

"Hello?" Someone called though the trees. Albus looked at James who lowered his wand. "Hello?" the voice called again. Albus wiped the tears from his eyes. James held out his hand for Albus but Albus did not take it. Albus stood up and looked to the voice not looking at James who sighed. "Is someone there?" the voice sounded old fashioned and this made Albus sigh. The voice walked out of the trees to see the brothers. The person was not that old, but he had that look in his eyes. The look you have when you saw something haunting. James and Albus saw this look every dad in their mother and father's eyes. He had black hair, but it was not the same shade as their own. "Hello, there young ones. What are you doing the woods?" he asked looking at Albus who gave James a look. James rolled his eyes.

"Ask this idiot," Albus said pointing at James. James looked at the man and then back to Albus.

"It was not my fault and you know that" James said throwing his hands in the air with his wand still in his hand. "So, sir, I think you need to ask him," James added but this made Albus push James to the ground.

"Shut up!" Albus yelled raising his hand to hit him, but before he could hit his brother the man pulled Albus away. James got to his feet and let out a breath.

"Why don't we get out of these woods and we can talk about whose fault it is. Now, before we leave who are you?" the man asked looking at Albus and James. James smiled widely and stepped over to the man.

"Oh no," Albus muttered slapping his face with his hand. James put his wand away and said:

"I'm James Sirius Potter at your service," James bowed making Albus roll his eyes again.

"I'm Albus Severus. I'm his younger brother unfortunately," Albus said looking at James who looked away to hide the tears. Albus felt a little bad but this is James's fault not his. The man sensed the anger and nodded slowly before he sighed.

"All right, let's go then," he said walking the way that he came with Albus and James close behind.

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