An hour later and Albus was sitting in one of the many classrooms of the old yet new Hogwarts school. James was talking with Gryffindor. He seems to have a good relationship with him which Albus was happy for him but Albus wished that he were back home with Scorpius. Albus sighed and looked at the door where he saw Slytherin standing there with his arms crossed. He looked unimpressed but his eyes say that he was worried. Albus did not know if he was worried about him or James. "Your brother seems like the person who gets in trouble all the time and does not focus on schoolwork," Slytherin said making Albus laugh a little. He nodded but he did not say anything. Slytherin hummed and walked into the classroom. "You don't talk much do you? or are you still mad at your brother?" Slytherin asked Albus who sighed.

"I don't know what to feel. I'm not mad at James anymore but I just want to….." Albus cut off. Slytherin hummed again and sat down next in a chair next to him.

"Young Albus. It is ok to not know what you are feeling. That is normal," Slytherin said making Albus look at him.

"Thanks. I guess. I wish that they were with me," Albus said running his hand through his black hair and over his green eyes. Slytherin raised an eyebrow however he did not say anything as he saw Albus's eyes fill will eyes. "I want to see them again and I think James was right. I've been selfish with my boyfriend and not seeing that I will miss my family," Albus sighed after he said this with tears running down his face now. Slytherin nodded but he looked at Albus in his eyes.

"Did you say 'boyfriend'?" Slytherin asked Albus who smiled proudly and nodded before he looked down sadly. The older wizard hummed but he did not say anything before he looked to the doorway to see James standing there.

"Yes, Al is gay and if you judge him or tell him off I will…" Albus looked at James who laughed a little. "What I'm joking. He knows I'm joking right?" James asked looking down making Albus laugh a little. James walked in with a smile and sat down behind Albus. Soon Slytherin left as the brother's talked about something that he did not understand.

Godric was worried about these two brothers who just appeared out of nowhere and how they will get home. The younger seemed rather mad at his brother at the fact that they were stuck at this time. The wizard sighed when Slytherin walked up to him. "How are they?" He asked his friend who crossed his arms over his chest.

"They are ok now but young Albus seemed lost and sad still. How was your talk with James?" Slytherin asked walking over to his desk and sitting down in the dark room that was filled with cantles and books everywhere. They were the only ones in Hogwarts for the girls who were out getting supplies and they won't be back for a while.

"James Sirius is different. He speaks very fondly of his brother and other family and 'pranking'" Godric used air quotes here making Slytherin raise an eyebrow.

"Pranking?" Slytherin repeated the word. "What is pranking?" he asked Godric who shook his head slowly, but he did not say anything.

"He also told me that his mother and father are war heroes," Godric added making Slytherin hum but he did not say anything as the two fell quiet.

Godric found the boy's in the Great Hall running around and laughing. He smiled at the sight and watched them for a while however when they stopped they sat down at different tables. Confused Godric walked over to the brothers who were talking to each other about some prank that James had pulled in this place. "Man, that was legendary!" James was saying laughing louder then he should. Albus shook his head but Godric saw a small smile on his face.

"Hello, boy's," Godric said to the two Potter's who looked up and smiled at him.

"Hello sir," Albus said looking around for Slytherin but he did not see him. "Are you looking for something to send us back?" Albus asked looking at James who nodded. However, Godric sighed and shook his head.

"Not yet young Albus. We are waiting for everyone Helga and Rowena to get back. they usually help us with these things," Godric told them as he sat down next to James. "Now why are you not sitting next to each other when you talk?" Godric asked them both. Albus sighed and said:

"I'm a Slytherin sir and James is a Gryffindor. I'm the only Slytherin in my family but they all accept me, and I love that," Albus looking at James who smiled at him. After Albus said as James started telling them about another prank he had pulled.

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