Max had always been the runt of the Russo family. The smallest. This always left a sour taste in his mouth and he always wanted to do something about. He'd tried stretching, working out, everything. However, it never hit him to look for a spell. It was funny because he'd found a spell for pretty much everything else, but it never hit him to find a growth spell. He entered the lair and skimmed the spell book. There were all kinds of spells. How to get super speed, how to turn into a lizard, and finally… a growth potion. Max read the recipe about a million times. He wanted to get it right so nothing would go wrong. He gathered up all of the ingredients and began mixing them together in a cup he'd found in the kitchen. Everything seemed ready.. When the door opened.

Max's older brother, Justin headed into the lair. He was holding a drink in his hand and had a suspicious look on his face. He asked, "What are you doing here?" Max stuttered nervously, he didn't want to get caught. "Uhhh, I am just hanging out. No biggie." He set the potion on the nearby table. Justin asked, "What is that?" He looked at the orange liquid. "It's just orange juice, is that a crime? You're drinking some too." Justin looked at his own orange juice and chuckled, "I guess you're right." Justin then set his drink down and said, "Can you leave me alone though? I need to study for the wizard competition." Max sighed, "Fine." He headed out of the lair.

Justin had been studying for a few hours and it was starting to get late. He yawned and looked back at the drinks on the table and hit himself on the forehead, "Ugh, it's probably warm by now. I completely forgot." He picked up one of the drinks and took a sip. "Hm, it's still cold." Justin then chugged the rest of the drink and yawned. "I guess I'll get to bed." His stomach growled and stung, "Ugh, maybe drinking that when it'd been sitting there for so long wasn't such a good idea." Justin headed to his room and laid down.

Justin tossed and turned in his sleep, he moaned out of pain. While sleeping, he began to grow. His long body already took up most of his twin bed, but his feet pushed further and further against the footboard. They grew larger and longer, slowly matching the height of the footboard. His clothes tightened and his midriff slowly exposed itself. The footboard creaked and struggled to hold the weight of his now size 15 feet being shoved into the board by his now pushing 6'4'' body. His sleeves had now been pulled back to about his elbow and were getting tighter and tighter by the second. He moaned in his sleep out of pain. His head enlarged and the facial hair on his face grew ever so slightly. All of a sudden, his feet smash through the footboard and slide right past it. Justin is awakened by this and quickly sits up only to smash his head on his headframe. He looks at his body and how tight his clothes were. He was too shocked to scream and before he could even say anything, moaned out of pain and fell to the floor. His shirt tore into pieces, as did his white socks. He went past the 7 feet barrier and on cue his pants tore in half, leaving him naked aside from his boxers which looked more like a speedo at this point.

For this moment, the growing stopped and Justin got onto his feet. He was just short enough to fit in the room, he could feel his head touching the ceiling. "What the fuck.. How did this happen? What's happening to me…" Just then, he crouches down in agony and the growing starts up again. His boxers got progressively tighter and tighter, Justin looked in fear as his hand grew larger and larger in front of his eyes. Then he looked at his feet as they grew to a size 23. He wondered how tall he'd become when he looked up and saw his head getting close to the ceiling, while crouched. "Fuck.. I can't fit much longer." He laid down on the flower and curdled up in an attempt to stay inside without breaking the building. Justin kept growing and expanding to the point where his head was the height of the room and he was looking directly at the cieling. It then stopped. Justin couldn't move as he knew if he did anything, he'd break through the place. "Fuck… what now?"