Robby pov

Bellamy and I walk around camp in silence for a minute. Then we walk outside the gate and stand with our backs to the wall surrounding camp.

"So, tell me about this grounder," he says breaking the awkward silence.

I tell him everything about Lincoln from when we helped him escape, to training, and when Finn found us in his cave and talked about peace.

He nods thinking about what I'm saying.

"They are killing our people and the truth is we're all scared," he says.

"Yeah, I am to," I admit.

"I know you have something on your mind. I've never seen you react like that before," he says.

"Well you tend to act irrationally all the time as well," I say defensively.

"We're not talking about me right now," he says.

"Robby, I know it doesn't seem like it, but you can trust me," Bellamy says sincerely.

I sigh and pour my heart out. I tell him about my past on the ark with my dad and me being a bully. I tell him about Harper McIntyre, I tell him about how Octavia has been the light in my life ever since we came down. I talk about our time in skybox. I tell him about why I was so pissed at Finn. I can't believe I'm opening up to my biggest frenemy ever, but I've done a lot of crazy things since coming to earth. I tell Bellamy about Jasper and why he's pissed at me and why I'm pissed at him. I even tell him about my conversation with my dad which causes me to tear up. By the time I'm done, I'm crying, I'm actually crying in front of Bellamy Blake and I feel humiliated.

"I understand," he simply says.

"You do huh," I say with a broken voice as I wipe my eyes with my sleeve.

"Yeah. I do," he sighs.

He then tells me everything about him. He talks about his life on the ark, his time as a guard cadet, Octavia getting exposed, his mom getting floated, his expulsion from the guard, his job as a janitor, his hatred for Jaha and my father, and how that translated to Wells and I. He even tells me about his jobi nuts hallucination. Apparently a bloody Jaha and the would've been victims of the culling were calling him a murderer. Apparently Jaha said that if it wasn't for me Bellamy would be nothing and the culling would've destroyed him. Thats why he's been more standoffish than usual toward me recently.

"If you hated my father, why'd you ask me to help you run things?" I ask confused.

"Mainly because I just wanted to get your wristband, but slightly because I saw some of myself in you," he says.

"Hmm how so?" I say curious.

"By the way you reacted to Murphy when he denied you food, the way you reacted to me that time and that other time when I strung you up to that tree, the way you tried to help Charlotte, the way you stopped a culling of 320 workers that I could've caused, the way you were willing to do anything to help keep us alive, including taking daily beatings from that grounder," Bellamy says truthfully.

"How exactly did you get on the dropship? I never got the answer to that question," I ask.

"I shot Chancellor Jaha," he admits looking guilty and sad.

"What? But he was alive during the unity day speech," I reply.

"Thankfully, I'm a lousy shot," he says smiling.

He then tells me that the guard that set him up to kill Jaha was the same guard that caught Octavia.

He concludes his talk by saying "well Robby we do have another thing in common,"

"How much we both love your sister," I guess knowing it's the answer.

He nods and smiles.

"You took an arrow for her. Robby, you saved her life and you saved my conscience when you stopped that culling. I said your family has screwed mine, but I was wrong because you have done so much for me and O. I've treated you unfairly and I apologize. So how about we come up with a solution to defeating the grounders, together. This time with absolute sincerity, will you help me run things?" he proposes.

I think for a second then half smile and hold out my hand. He takes it and we shake on it.

"Let's show the grounders that they should worry about us like you said on that first day," I say.

"Damn right," he says with confidence.

"We'll make a leader out of you yet," Bellamy says proudly.

For some reason I'm feeling sick. I don't know why. During the middle of the our conversation, I started to feel nauseous and ill. I sigh and wipe my nose, but I see crimson blood all over my black jacket sleeve. I look over at Bellamy who's eyes widen.

"Robby, your eyes and nose," Bellamy says backing away.

My eyes and nose are bleeding profusely. I suddenly have the urge to vomit and spew blood all over the ground.

"Robby!" Bellamy says walking up to me.

"No get away!" I say and hurl blood again.