Elena and Esteban have successfully teleported themselves to the Spirit World where they intended to seal Cahu, the last of the Four Shades of Awesome there. They looked at the deceased, and the one spirit that Esteban caught his attention on is Shuriki. Upon seeing him, she just grinned making him look uneasy in front of her. If he is not mistaken, she watched him from beyond the grave suffering when his betrayal had been finally exposed hence the reason she grinned at him for.

"Don't worry about her, Esteban," Elena reassured her cousin. "She can't harm us anymore."

"Yeah, you're right, Elena," Esteban agreed with her. Just then, he saw Ash Delgado being kept as a slave for Grand Macaw, and she is juggling to keep him entertained.

"Esteban, good thing you're here," Ash noticed him, and so she begged for his help. "Help me get out of this mess!"

"After everything that had happened, I will not," replied the former chancellor in defiance.

"What?!" Ash said, being offended. "I taught you how to use your magic well, and this is how you will repay me?!"

"You may have taught me on how to use my magic well, but from here on out, I decided to use my magic for good!" he argued back before turning to Cahu. "Cahu, I lied. I did not release you and the other three Shades. She did."

At that moment, Esteban pointed his right index finger towards Ash, the real perpetrator who released the Shades in the first place. The revelation has surprised the four.

"What?!" Cahu is indeed baffled. Enraged by the events that led her and the other three sent back to the Spirit World, she used the remaining powder of her hourglass to fly herself to the platform where Ash is, and the three followed her there.

"Uh oh..." Ash realized she is screwed. The Four Shades of Awesome are going to hurt her for being misled by a liar like Esteban.

"This should be entertaining," Grand Macaw said with glee. "I would like to see you defend yourself from them."

"Good job, Esteban. I'm proud of you for standing against her," Elena puts a hand on Esteban's shoulder, being proud of him for this achievement and he smiled at her. It feels good to be acknowledged.


The royal cousins looked to see two familiar spirits approaching them.

It's King Raul and Queen Lucia.

Elena has decided to let Esteban talk things with them. She knows fully well how their conversation is going to go.

"Tio... Tia... I..." the former chancellor isn't sure how his aunt and uncle are going to react on the revelation of his part in Shuriki's original takeover of Avalor. Much to his surprise, they hugged him. "I don't understand. Aren't you two angry with me for letting Shuriki invade Avalor and losing your lives?"

"Mijo, it wasn't your fault you did those things," Queen Lucia reassured him.

"It was my fault," King Raul spoke next. "I should have listened to you about Shuriki invading Avalor, but I didn't. I lost the kingdom for my own actions."

With his guilt for his part in their deaths eased, Esteban hugged them in return. Elena smiled at this moment, hoping he would have some form of closure to her parents. As they let go of the hug, they saw two more familiar figures approaching them. Esteban knows who they are.

His father and mother. How he longed to see them again after losing them in that sea storm at a very young age.

"Go on, Esteban. Talk to them," Raul encouraged him to talk to his parents, and Esteban walked to their side next. He turned to Elena next. "I'm proud of you, Elena. You saved our kingdom once again."

"Well, I couldn't have done it without him," Elena points out to Esteban. After all, he helped her save Avalor by redeeming himself. The king and queen hugged her, being proud of her and their nephew.

Esteban is happy to be reunited with his parents in the Spirit World, if only briefly and he knows it. It feels good to hug them for the last time before saying goodbye.

"Esteban, it's time to go," Elena called out for her cousin.

"I guess this is it. Goodbye, Papa. Goodbye, Mama," Esteban said his goodbye to his parents, giving him his closure to them.

As he approached her, they hold on to his staff. With enough concentration, they use their combined magic to teleport themselves back to Avalor. Back to the land of the living.

It feels good to be home, and a brief visit in the Spirit World is one of their best moments.

Author's Note: Have you wondered what Elena and Esteban were doing in the Spirit World after they teleported Cahu there together? Well, here's the fanfic to provide you the answer.