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The Torment Begins

It was an ordinary day at Mission Creek High, it was 3:00 PM and school was over for the day, Chase was waiting for Adam, Bree, and Leo by the front entrance doors, Danielle wasn't able to attend school today because she had a doctor's appointment and was lucky enough to stay home, Adam and Bree showed up to meet Chase at the front entrance

Chase:"Hey guys, have either of you two seen Leo yet?" he asked

Bree:"No, not since this morning." she said

Adam:"I haven't seen him either." he added

Chase:"Well, let's wait a couple minutes for him before we leave." he suggests, Adam and Bree nod

8 minutes later Chase's Phone goes off with "MISSION ALERT!" flashing on his phone screen

Chase:"It's a Mission Alert guys!" he said frantically "We have to get home quickly!"

Adam:"What about Leo?" he asked

Chase:"One of us will have to send him a text saying-"

Bree:"Done!" she said cutting Chase mid sentence

Chase:"Wow, good work Bree. Now we need to get home."

Adam:"Wait! what about Danielle?" he asked

Chase:"Adam, she had a doctor's appointment remember?" he asked rolling his eyes

Adam:"Oh yeah." he grins

Bree:"Adam, Chase quick grab a hand, I'm gonna speed us home."

"Ugh." Adam and Chase groan simultaneously

Bree:"Just grab on." she scoffed, they both grab a hand and Bree speeded them home, next thing you know they were in the lab with Danielle sitting at one of the cyberdesks and Davenport stopping a timer

Donald:"Wow, 17 seconds that's a new record." he smiled

Danielle:"Congrats guys."

Chase:"Mr. Davenport, what's the urgent mission?" he asked

Donald:"Oh there was no mission at all." he chuckles

Bree:"But we just got an alert saying that there was a mission."

Chase:"Yeah, look." he said showing Davenport his phone screen

Donald:"Yes but, that was only just a test to see how fast you guys could make it and I gotta say you guys didn't waste much time at all." he grins

Adam:"Wait, there's no mission?" he asked

Donald:"Unfortunately no."

Adam:"Aw, I wanted to go on a mission, I guess I'll have to find something else to do." he looks over at Chase and grins

Chase:"Adam, why are you looking at me like that?"

Adam:"It's time to make you my punching bag." he punches Chase on the arm

Chase:"Ow!" he runs to the elevator with Adam chasing after him

Bree:"Ugh, boys." she groans

Danielle:"Tell me about it. Good thing there wasn't a mission because Chase would once again brag about being: 'The team's fearless leader.' when clearly he's just a boy with a tiny doll-like body as Adam would say." she said "I'm gonna go work on an art project." she left and Bree's cell phone rang and she had a call from Caitlin and walked out of the lab talking on the phone

Donald:"I wonder what Tasha is up to." he says to himself walking to the elevator

Back at school...

Leo had a pretty tough day at school to say the least, he was stressed out, tired and his body was sore from rough housing by the schools biggest bully Ricky who just came to Mission Creek High since the beginning of the school year Leo was his recent new target to pick on for about a month now and Leo hasn't told anyone about it since the bullying started he was kicked out of his other school after being suspended time after time he was walking the halls of Mission Creek High and spotted Leo by his locker and walked up to him

Ricky:"Hey doofus, did you do my homework like I asked you to?! He asked agressively shutting Leo's locker door

Leo:"Y-yes." he stammer quickly handing him his homework from out his bookbag

Ricky:"Good. I better get an A plus on this or else I'm gonna break every single one of your damn fingers!" he harshly threatened then pushed Leo on the floor and left, Leo just layed there in pain and Janelle was walking the halls and just happened to see Leo laying on the floor in pain and walked over to him

Janelle:"Leo, are you ok?" she asked concerned Leo looks up and sees Janelle and quickly gets to his feet

Leo:"Janelle!" he said dusting himself off quickly "Yeah I'm perfectly fine." he said but it didn't convince Janelle otherwise

Janelle:"You sure? You don't look fine to me." she observed

Leo:"Yes everything is ok."

Janelle:"Maybe I should walk you home." she offered

Leo:"No that's ok I can manage." he rejected

Janelle:"Leo, I can sense something is wrong. Please tell me what's going on." she was very concerned about Leo's well being knowing she had a crush on him

Leo:"There'nothing to tell I'm fine." he lied


Leo:"I'm sorry but, I have to go." he said walking off out of the front school entrance leaving Janelle standing there wondering what's going on with Leo and what he's hiding

At home...

In the Davenport household the 4 bionic teens, Tasha and Donald were having dinner and Leo quietly walked in through the front door and Donald noticed him immediately

Donald:"Leo, where have you been?" he asked

Leo:"Oh, I was at the park." he answers

Danielle:"For two hours?" she asked noticing that's unlike Leo to arrive home late

Leo:"Yeah pretty much, well I'm going to my room." he said trying to avoid more questions

Tasha:"Wait honey, don't you wanna sit with us and have dinner?" she asked

Leo:"I would but I need to get started on some homework like right now I have a lot of work to do."

Tasha:"Alright honey, I'll make a plate for you for later on if you're hungry."

Leo:"Ok, thank you." he said rushing upstairs Donald's phone rang and left the room to talk, Tasha went to go check on Leo leaving the 4 bionic siblings alone

Danielle:"Ok, I know you guys noticed it too." she said turning her attention to her siblings

Adam:"What that Leo is short?" he asked

Danielle:"No, that Leo looked stiff walking up the stairs and he came home late something is up."

Bree:"I agree this isn't like him and he's been coming home late for about two weeks now, what do you think is going on with him?"

Chase:"I don't know but we're gonna find out." he said determined to know what was wrong with his brother

Adam:"How?" he asked

Chase:"I have no idea, but we must find out soon."

Danielle:"Yeah, I'm worried."

Bree:"Me too." she followed suit

Adam:"Me three." he adds

Chase:"We need to think on this later, right now we need to train." he said getting up from the table along with his siblings as they head down to the lab, Tasha knocks on Leo's bedroom door

Tasha:"Leo, can I talk to you for a second?" she asks and Leo opened the door

Leo:"Sure mom." he replied

Tasha:"Sweetie, why do you look so stiff today? Did someone hurt you? You know as your mother you can tell me anything." she said

Leo:"Oh, I'm just sore from gym class today yeah, today I had to play dodgeball and my body is wrecked." he lied, inside he felt guilty lying to Tasha

Tasha:"Oh ok sweetie, is there anyhing I can get you to feel better?" she asked

Leo:"Well, can you bring me an ice pack and maybe some peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches with the crust cut off?" he asked sweetly

Tasha:"Of course Leo. I'll be right back." she said and Leo pulled out his homework outof his bookbag and got started on it as he waited for his mother to come back will Leo overcome his torment soon?

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