A/N: This story is inspired by SHP's Kaiju Girl story and the original webcomic by Alexander Hall, WitchKing00, SDK_Ninja, and Zombie_Ernie

A New Era of Titans Chapter One: A Simple Greeting Gone Wrong

Rage. It was what Rajin Kaijunnus Goji was known best for. A stranger or villain would see his cold and nasty side, but with a little bonding and trust, something could spark.

The fresh, warm water was the first thing he felt as he opened his eyes and groaned. He rose to his full 125-meter height but felt like he shrunk 50 or so meters. He looked at his body and swished his tail around.

Being the same species as the king Godzilla himself, he was definitely a Gojiran, but with enough differences to tell them apart. The Gojiran's dorsal plates were large and very sharp, the color was naturally red with small hints of orange. The claws on his hands were white and sharp.

On the top of his head were four red spines and four similar ones under his jaw that formed a beard of some sort. His eyes were amber yellow while the pupil was black in color. Behind him was a long tail tipped with small, red spines that went from the base to the tip. On his chest was a red swirl that he was very proud of.

Rajin looked around and saw mostly water, it was definitely Earth, but not his Earth. The Earth he knew was much busier, humans fishing or creeping up on kaiju battling for dominance. In this world, it was quiet, only the sounds of the waves crashing onto him and seabirds chirping. The sun was at its peak, forcing the Gojiran to shield his eyes.

Looking back down, he saw what looked to be an island, other than getting back home to his friends and family, was finding out where the hell he was. He dove underwater and headed for the landmass.

He had so many questions running through his head, but those would have to wait. Except for one. Where am I?

The Gojiran rose from the water, large masses of it falling back into the ocean below. He swiftly smelled the air, there were a few new smells, including some he definitely did not like. His eyes turned to slits, something was wrong like he shouldn't be here. "I shouldn't be walking into people's turf like that, that's plain disrespectful."

Feeling uneasy, he began to turn around and head back into the ocean. Before he could completely submerge himself, the sound of wings flapping caught his attention as he looked up to see a flying figure. The figure looked very familiar, Rajin cocked his head to the side. The figure quickly darted back to the island, maybe that kaiju knows where he is.

He turned around and made landfall on the island's soft sand. Rajin momentarily wiggled his toes in the sand before quickly beginning to go after the creature, but he didn't need to. The sound of heavy thuds caught his attention and he looked to the ground to see small pebbles shaking. The sound of crashing trees made Rajin flare up as his dorsal plates glowed and he got in a defensive stance.

From the trees came four kaiju, except they weren't exactly kaiju that he thought of. The first resembled Godzilla, but with the body of a human female, long black hair, dorsal plates, black clothes, and orange eyes with a nasty glare.

The second was suspiciously similar to Angurius, possessing brown hair, a spikh carapace, and a spiked tail. The third was the flying figure, looking like Rodan. Behind her were long, reddish-orange wings and red hair in the shape of spikes with one sticking out like an attenna. Her legs looked more like her male counterpart's. The fourth had patches of tanish fur and dog like ears on the top of her head along with a tail tipped in fur.

All four of them had two things in common, they have massive kiesters and melons just as large. "Who the hell are you and what are you doing on our turf!?" The Godzilla roared. "I'm Rajin, who the hell are you cosplayers!?"

"I am Godzilla, Queen of the Monsters!"

"Godzilla!?" Rajin jumped back in shock, "What weird drugs are you on!? You look nothing like him! Lemme guess, you three are Rodan, Angurius, and King Ceasar?"

"How does it know our names?" Angurius last looked to her friend, "No idea," Rodan replied, "But I already don't like this."

"Hey! It's Queen Ceasar to you!"

"Shut up already and let me put you, impostors, in your place!" The male Gojiran snarled, "Our thoughts exactly!" Godzilla shot back as the four kaiju girls readied themselves to battle. "Four against one, sounds like a Wednesday," Rajin smirked. It actually wasn't.

Angurius was first to charge, curling up into a ball of spikes. Having dealt with this type of attack, the Gojiran whipped his tail around and slammed it into the incoming kaiju, though it wasn't as hard as he'd like it. Rodan swooped behind him and kicked him in the back of his head, making him stumble forward.

Godzilla charged in and cocked her fist back, Rajin noticed this and cocked his back as well. The two Gojirans simultaneously punched each other in the face with Rajin skidding back while Godzilla was sent flying. Queen Ceasar came up behind the male Gojiran, he had barely noticed and turned around only to be kicked in the face. "Huh, these cosplayers have potential."

Angurius slammed into Rajin's leg, toppling him over. She quickly pounced in him and began to pound away at his face. It didn't last long as Rajin's tail whipped around and grabbed the Kaiju Girl's leg before throwing her away. He stood to his full height before a foot kicked him, nearly sending him back down.

Queen Ceasar and Angurius tackled the male Gojiran, forcefully closing his jaws, "Godzilla, now!" The spiky Kaiju Girl shouted. Godzilla nodded and began to charge at full speed. Electricity quickly flowed through the male's dorsal plates and a low humming sound was heard.

The Kaiju Girls noticed, but it was too late. From the radioactivity inside him came a nuclear pulse that blew everyone back. The Kaiju Girls crashed into the sandy ground as the male recovered from the pulse. Godzilla couldn't believe it, this thing had some type of nuke pulse, that completely threw away any type of grabbing.

Another low humming sound caused the other Kaiju Girls to turn around and saw a red glow flowing up his dorsal plates. Godzilla quickly charged her atomic energy, the two Gojirans inhaled deeply before firing their signature atomic breaths with Rajin's being firey-red.

The two beams clashed in a famous beam struggle, neither getting the upper hand. The male Gojiran began to move forward, pushing Godzilla's breath back. She quickly realized this and pushed more energy into her beam, forcing his back. For some reason, Rajin felt that his breath was weaker than normal, still powerful, but weaker.

The male Gojiran couldn't keep up this extended fire for much longer without having a big cooldown, he ceased his fire and dodged Godzilla's incoming blast. He was surprised that she could hold a continuous blast for so long, he was almost impressed. Almost.

He quickly fired another blast that sent Godzilla off her feet. She slid on the ground before coming to an abrupt stop. The dust cleared and her eyes widened as Rajin charged at her and grabbed her tail. Godzilla felt herself being hauled off the ground and slammed on each side of Rajin's body. The male Gojiran ended the assault by throwing her down onto the ground.

Rajin felt himself nearly fall to the ground by Rodan's flying kick attack. He was honestly getting pretty annoyed with these cosplayers. He looked up to see Rodan circling him, and then divebombed. Having heard about this attack from the Godzilla he knew, Rajin readied his tail.

Before the flying Kaiju Girl could get any closer, a red blur slammed into Rodan, knocking her off balance. "Who the hell are y-" Rodan's eyes widened at what she saw.

The figure was another male kaiju, that of the shape of a pterosaur with a large, black beak, two horns protruding from the back of his head, and huge wings with molten rock trailing off the edges. His tail is large, flat, and fan-shaped while his body was a burgundy red color. This was the Volcanic Rodan. "Back off my friend, bitch!" He roared angrily. "Then how about you back the fuck off!?" She squawked back.

The two Rodans clashed mid-air, with the male getting the upper hand, or claw in this situation. Rajin quickly turned back to Godzilla who blasted him in the chest, right were his swirl was. While it didn't hurt as much as he was expecting, it did force him off of the supposed queen.

The area where the blast hit was singed. Rajin looked down at his chest, seeing his singed swirl. He would kill her right then and there, but he had to find out where he and Rodan are.

He got down low and tackled Godzilla and threw her to the incoming Queen Ceasar, sending them both crashing into the ground. Angurius jumped onto Rajin's side and punched at his only external weakness, his gills. Rajin grunted in pain and grabbed Angurius before prying open her mouth. His dorsal plates fired up with atomic energy and Angurius began to squirm in his grasp. He smiled before quickly whipping his head around and firing his atomic breath at the other two ground kaiju girls.

Angurius' tail whipped around and coiled around Rajin's leg, yanking it from under him. The male Gojiran fell to the ground while the spiked Kaiju Girl landed on her feet. "Guys, I found its weakness!"

"Great, now kick 'em!"

Rajin rose to his feet and sank his fangs into Angurius' tail, she yelped in pain before behind hauled into the ocean. The male turned his attention back to Godzilla and Queen Ceasar, who came charging at him. Blood red wings formed out of nowhere and he flapped his massive wings, "Great, this thing can fly now! Absolutely perfect!"

The Gojiran landed behind the Kaiju Girls and fired a round of atomic energy balls them, each being a shade of red or orange. The two dodged most of them, only to be hit by one for each of them.

Meanwhile, in the air, the two Rodans bit scratched, and pecked at one another. Flames leaked from the volcanic Rodan's mouth as he fired off a round of fireballs. She managed to barrel roll out of all of them and delivered a kick to his face. The Volcanic Rodan was a little shocked, he's hardly fought anyone who primarily used their legs, that's what happens when you don't have a beak.

The Volcanic Rodan clapped his wings together, causing a firey shockwave to scream towards the Kaiju Girl. Knowing she couldn't dodge it, she braced herself with her wings. The shockwave blew her back but fortunately didn't burn her due to her being a fire-bird as well.

Said shockwave blew her back, dazing her. The Volcanic beast used this to grab her with his talons and pushed her head, facing the ground. With a powerful flap of his wings, sent him and his counterpart screaming towards Earth. The two crashed into the ground, kicking up a wave of dust. As the dust cleared, Rodan was dazed while her volcanic counterpart stood above her, "Next time, I won't hesitate to kill you." He snarled before flying off to his ally's aid.

Before the male Rodan could lay a talon on Queen Ceasar, a strange sound stopped them all as they looked up to see a strange flying object. "" ALIENS!" Rajin and Rodan roared in unison, "Care to explain, impostors!?"

"Maybe after these fuckers!"

"And actually try this time!" Rajin added as the first alien Kaiju Girl stepped forward.