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A New Era Of Titans Chapter 11: The Bionic Beast

Dawn arrived on Infant Island and Kong sat on top of a mountain, looking out to the rising sun.

The ape Titan sighed as he continued to watch the sun. He heard footsteps behind him but kept his gaze on the bright circle.

"Hey, Kong."

"Hello, Angurius." He greeted as the armored kaiju girl sat down beside him. "So, you watch the sunrise?"

"Yeah. Used to do that all the time back on Skull Island."

"Is that your home?"

Kong nodded. "What is it like?"

The ape Titan hesitated and gripped the side of the cliff. "Can I trust you with this information?"

Anguirus beamed, "Of course you can."

"Until a few years ago, it was lonely. "

Gojira laid at the ocean floor, ranting in his head.

"I can't believe they would trust them so easily! I'm genuinely surprised they didn't have the same reaction as me! Okay, Mothra's a little more accepting but Rodan, Zilla, Rajin!? Starting to think they're hypnotized. No that's stupid." Gojira slammed his fist and let out a small, but pissed off roar. After that, he rubbed his forehead and swam to the surface.

The Titan king began to swim away from the island, that is until a certain kaiju girl approached him.

"Hello, Gojira."

Gojira turned around to face Mothra, "What could you possibly want, bug?" He snarled.

"Nothing, just to chat." She replied calmly.

"Then leave me be, not in the mood to speak to...what the hell are you anyway?"

"A Kaiju Girl."

"Like I was saying, I'm not in the mood to speak to a Kaiju Girl."

"Gojira, I think it's best if you apologize to Godzilla about the other day."

Gojira scoffed, "Why should I? All I want is for me and my allies to leave this hellhole."

"I'm not sure that's possible without some help." Said the Kaiju Girl.

"Oh please, I bet you Monarch is on their way trying to get us back."

Mothra titled her head, "Monarch? Are those your human friends?"

"Allies would be the appropriate term," Gojira said while trying to swim off, but Mothra followed.

"Quit following me."

"Gojira. I know you're shaken by everything that's happened in the past couple of days, but you can't let that blind you."

"Blind me from what?" The Titan King asked.

Before Mothra could answer, the sound of helicopter blades whirring caught their attention as they turned back to the island.

"Hold that thought, bug."

Dr Serizawa, Mark, and Dr Illene Chen exited the Argo and stepped onto the beach of Infant Island, all wearing some type of device on one of their ears.

"This is the place?" Asked Mark.

"Indeed." Said Jet Jaguar, as he landed beside the three humans. "They should be arriving soon."

Soon the sound of flapping caught their attention as they looked up to see Mousura landing in front of them.

"Mothra, it's so good to see you again." Said Serizawa.

"Indeed it is, Serizawa. And greetings to you, Mark and Chen." Said Mosura as the two humans waved at her.

"Who else is with you?" Asked Mark.

"Zilla, Komodithrax, Kong, Rodan, Rajin, and Gojira."

"Good to hear."

Soon after she had said that, Radon, Rajin, Zilla, Komodithrax, and Kong arrived at the beach.

"Serizawa? Chen? Is that Mark?" Asked a surprised Radon.

"It's us, Rodan." Said Serizawa.

"Guys? What are you doing here?" Asked Rajin.

Chen smiled, "What else could we be here for? For Earth's protectors of course."

Komodithrax sighed, "Oh thank god, I honestly thought we were going to be stuck here."

"Well, no need to worry about that anymore, we're here to take you home." said Jet.

"Yeah. We can't just yet." Said Mosura.

"Why? We have a way to go back to our dimension, our home." Said Mark.

"Well, we kinda made a promise to the local kaiju here." Radon replied.

Mark groaned, "Seriously? You actually-I can't believe it."

"" I can."" Came the timely response of Jet, Serizawa, and Chen.

"Good to hear someone shares my opinion, Mark." Came the voice of Gojira as he made his way to land.

"Gojira, how have you been?" Serizawa asked.

"Terrible, thanks for asking." The Titan King answered.

"That's unfortunate to hear, Gojira."

"It sure is, Serizawa. Especially when the local residents look like that." Gojira jabbed his thumb behind him.

Mothra landed beside the Titan King, "Gojira, is that any way to treat your allies?"

The rest of the Kaiju Girls, KG Gigan included, arrived on the beach shortly after.

"So, these are the Monarch people you've been talking about?" Asked Queen Ceasar.

"Indeed we are." Replied Chen, shocking the Kaiju Girls.

"Wait, you can speak to us!?" Rodan exclaimed.

"That's what they're doing, aren't they?" Gojira scoffed.

"How are you doing that?" Junior asked as she bent down.

Serizawa tapped the side of his ear, "Special translation devices, let's us communicate to pretty much any Titan."

"That's so cool!"

"Ah, shit. Serizawa, Mark, Chen, Jet, these are the Kaiju Girls. Godzilla, Junior, Rodan, Angurius, Queen Caesar, Mothra, and...Gigan." Said Rajin. "Kaiju Girls, this is Jet Jaguar, Dr Serizawa, Mark Russell, and Dr Chen."

"Pleasure to meet you all."

"Huh, is it just me or do they look...less horrifying in person?" Mark thought to himself. "Or am I...nah...can't be."

"So, Mothra, about that "promise" you were talking about?" Mark asked.

"Oh right, first it's Mosura to avoid confusion. And, we saw that the Kaiju Girls were in a pickle with aliens."

"What does that have to do with any of you?"

"Grand Ghidorah, Gigan, and three others arrived here as well and joined sides with these other aliens," Mosura answered.

Chen scoffed, "Those assholes. Well, if they're here, then staying and defeating them sounds like a plan."

"I agree, and I've been meaning to tell you about this. We made contact with the GDF a while back and tried to reason with their leader, Gyozen." Said Serizawa.

"And like Gyozen, she didn't listen," Godzilla answered.

"Yeah pretty much," Mark replied.

"No offense to you three, but goddamn, humans are so damn stubborn." Gojira let out a small snarl.

Godzilla rolled her eyes, "Look who's talking."

"The hell's that supposed to mean?"

"I take it those two didn't have the best meeting?" Asked Jet.

"Not in the slightest," Rodan replied.

"Hey, let's not get distracted by your little rivalry or whatever. We need to stay on task." Said Mark.

"Agreed. We still need to find out what they did with Rajin and Radon's DNA, but our captive won't talk." Said Queen Caesar, jabbing a thumb to Gigan.

"And I still won't." Came the voice of KG Gigan.

"Well, since the bitch won't talk, I guess we'll just have to be on our guard more than usual." Said Gojira. "Splitting up and covering more ground seems to be the best option unless someone wants to suggest something else?"

"No?" Gojira waited a second for an answer before continuing, "Zilla, Komodithrax, check underground."

The two reptiles nodded and burrowed underground.

"Wait, when did we decide to make you in charge?" Godzilla asked, giving him the stinkeye.

"Just now." The Gojiran replied while flaring his nostrils. "Kong and Jet, keep an eye on the humans and Gigan. Radon and Mosura, check the skies. Rajin, you and me will check the waters surrounding the island."

"Aye Aye, Gojira." Rajin said as he gave a mock salute.

"You gonna boss us around too, lizard?" Asked Rodan.

"No. That's what she's for." Gojira jabbed a would be thumb at Godzilla before he and Rajin waded into the ocean.

"You know," Jet leaned over to Godzilla, "He just flipped you off with that nostril flare."

Godzilla's eyes widened, "Well, fuck you too, you overgrown lizard!"

"Now look who's talking!"

Godzilla groaned, "I walked right into that one."

"You sure did." Added Mark.

Godzilla turned to Mark, "Not helping. Anguirus, follow Zilla and Komodithrax. Caesar, make a few rounds around the beach."

The two Kaiju Girls nodded and went off in separate directions. "Rodan, keep an eye on the prisoner."

Zilla climbed out of a hole with Angurius behind him. In front of them was a cliff that had a nice view of the ocean.

"Angurius, how's that side?"

"All clear for the moment."

Zilla turned to face her, "Good, now waiting for Komodithrax to arrive and tell us about the west side."

"Sounds like a plan."

Zilla turned back to face the cliff, only to find Godzilla? Or at least he thought he did. "Hey, Angurius? Did you see Godzilla walk in here?"

"No, why?" She asked while turning around, "Oh. That's why."

Angurius walked up to Godzilla while Zilla narrowed his eyes, getting a weird vibe from all of this. "I don't know about this, Angurius."

"Come on, Godzilla's my friend."

"Yeah but...I don't think this is her."

The spiked kaiju girl ignored him and walked up to was assumed to be Godzilla. "Hey Godzilla! Kinda popped outta nowhere huh?"

Godzilla gave no response and only turned her head to face Anguirus. Angurius had to take only a second to analyze Godzilla's face, "You're not Godzilla!" She shouted before she was smacked away by the imposter.

The Godzilla-like disguise began to shed, revealing metal underneath, eliciting a snarl from Zilla.

"Another Mecha, how fucking wonderful!"

"You are an enemy of Queen Ghidorah, you must be exterminated." The MechaGodzilla said in a monotone voice.

"Like hell I'll die by a mech!" Zilla roared and charged at Mecha, who swung her fist at the mutant iguana. Zilla ducked under her and rammed into Mecha, nearly knocking her off balance.

Mecha quickly regained her balance and delivered two chops to Zilla's head before ending with a punch that sent the reptile flying.

Angurius charged at Mecha before curling into her ball form. Mecha extended her hand as her fingers fired at Angurius like missiles.

Angurius wasn't fazed and slammed into Mecha, knocking her over. Mecha stood up and fired her eye beams at Angurius, who narrowly evaded the beam.

Zilla lunged onto Mecha's back, causing her beam to go wild. Zilla pulled Mecha by the head and managed to once again knock her over.

A hatch on Mecha's stomach opened up and a beam of lightning blasted Zilla, eliciting a screech of pain. Mecha kicked off the kaiju and rose to her feet again.

Angurius came in and punched Mecha's face, only to reel her hand back in pain. Mech cocked her fist back and slugged the kaiju girl in the face, sending her into a mountain.

Kong, Rodan, and Jet Jaguar perked up at a crashing sound.

"What was that?" Wondered Jaguar.

"I bet Gojira and Godzilla got into another fight. Hopefully the bastard doesn't go all bloodlust on her. Same with Godzilla." Said Rodan.

"I'll go check it out. " Kong stood up and began to head in the direction of the sound.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Said a voice.

The three kaiju turned around to see Gigan and Gryphon landing behind them.

"Fucking finally! What took you so long!?" KG Gigan shouted.

"Not giving a crawler's ass about you." Gryphon deadpanned. "Anyways, we'd like our female Gigan back."

"Yeah, that's not going to happen." Kong said as he clenched his fists.

"We shall see."

Zilla panted as he looked up at Mecha, who stood over him. "Pathetic little iguana, I shall put you out of your misery."

A speck of flame whizzed past Zilla's face and a smirk grew onto his face. "Are you sure about that, Mechabitchzilla?"

Mecha raised what would be an eyebrow, "What?"

Mecha turned around only to be knocked over by a force.

"Took you long enough!" Shouted Angurius.

Radon landed in front of the downed mech with a smirk growing on his face. "I got here, didn't I? Now, who's the bitch?"

"A Mecha from the aliens." Said Zilla as he and Anguirus stood by the Fire Demon. "Oh wow, perfect." Radon rolled his eyes.

"Another? No matter, you will all submit to the true Queen." Said Mecha.

"Haha, don't make me laugh as I did just now." Said Radon, getting looks from both Zilla and Angurius. "What?"

Mecha fired her eye beams at three, who all ducked/weaved/flew out of the way. Zilla rammed Mecha in the stomach as Radon came behind her and clawed at her head.

Mecha turned her head completely around and fired her eye beams at Radon, forcing him off of her. Angurius came in and kicked Mecha straight in the stomach before Zilla bit at her tail. The large sharp point of Mecha's tail shot out and stabbed Zilla in the chest, causing him to cry out in pain.

Mecha turned around and kicked him aside before turning her attention to the avian Titan. She fired her eye beams at him but he managed to evade them.

Angurius hurled herself in her ball form and slammed into Mecha, knocking her off balance. Zilla spat out blood before pulling out the tailpiece from his chest wound, which immediately began to regenerate.

Zilla stood up and snarled before quickly burrowing underground. Radon came behind Angurius and latched onto her shoulders before lifting her high into the air.

"I suppose you gotta plan, turkey?"

"Why else would I be carrying you hundreds of feet into the air?"

With the ankylosaur kaiju girl in his claws, Radon dived. Mecha readied her eye beams, but the mutated iguana lunged onto her back and prevented her from firing.

Radon smirked before heading straight for Mecha at full speed. Mecha fired her eye beams but it was too late. Radon slammed Angurius in her ball form into Mecha's chest, combined with her beams caused an explosion that sent everyone hurling.

Even underwater, that explosion caught Gojira's eye, or ear in this case. He breaches the water's surface and stomped onto the beach, wondering what the fuck could be going on. Another fight was obvious but he wanted to know who and why?

Before he could continue, his eyes caught a glimpse of something in the air, he turned to look but it was already gone. He flares his nostrils and continued down the beach.

A few minutes later and he came upon Kong, Jet, Rodan, and the trio of humans, but no prisoner. He then noticed they looked a little worn, "Let me guess, she got away?"

"Gigan and the purple dragon came and took her, we tried but they got away." Said Kong as he walked up to Gojira.

"Wow Kong. I may need to strip you of King Kong and return to just Kong," Gojira said as he rolled his eyes.

Kong deadpanned. "Seriously?"

"Of course not." The Alpha Titan replied, "Welp, seems we lost our only chance at finding out what they're planning."

"Yeah no shit, Sherlock." Came the voice of Rodan.

"Just now, that explosion? What was it?" Gojira asked.

Jaguar shrugged, "Probably another fight."

"Figured." Came the voice of Mosura as she landed on Gojira's shoulder. "I see our prisoner has escaped."

"Yeah, wish I had my axe with me, probably could have kept her from escaping."

"That lil axe of yours wouldn't have made that much of a difference." Gojira snorted.

"I disagree."

"Of course you do."

"Took you guys long enough to come get me!" Said KG Gigan.

"Why didn't you use your fucking buzzsaw? Could've busted out yourself you fucking idiot." Scoffed Gigan.

"Yeah here's the thing, I. Fucking. Tried. Damn moth's silk was strong!"

"That or you're weaker than you look." Gryphon mumbled.

KG Gigan turned to look at him, "The fuck you just say?"

"Enough!" Came the voice of Grand Ghidorah. "Quit bickering before I turn the lot of you rotting flesh." The three-headed Titan turned to Orga, "So, where's your mech now?"

"Damaged, but managed to escape. She's on her way back."

"And the location of my brothers?"

"Seems to be Infant Island."

Grand growled to himself, "Great. Now they'll ally themselves with those Earth Defenders and cause more of a problem. I'm going to have a triple headache."

"Monitor his movement." He said as Destroyah walked up to him. "Grand, about the Ultra and the "Universe's Guardian", what do we do about them?"

"Oh they won't be much of a problem. That I can guarantee."

"Oh? How so?"

"You'll see very soon. Very very soon."

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