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Note: This takes place after Total Drama Hollywood and before Total Drama All Around Again (both seasons belong to Sephiria Arks). This is technically not canon to both of her stories, because I'm taking the dynamic onto a different side.

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"What would you do if the whole responsibility was placed on your shoulders?"


Sephiria was seen on her laptop in a plane seat with Candela next to her on her laptop. On a couch a few feet back, Arturo was reclined back with a sleeping mask on.

"Can't believe you're personally flying me back to set." Candela said.

"Hey, it's not a problem for me." Sephiria said, "The plane needs to make a stop near the area for fuel and this also saves you some money for whatever might happen in the season."

"That's true, knowing who knows what will happen like last season," Candela said.

"Going to let me in on a few secrets of the season?" Sephiria asked with an excited smile on her face.

"Only in your dreams!" Candela laughed and Sephiria joined in with her.

-End Flashback-

"Sephiria?" A male voice was heard. Everyone knew that that voice belonged to a certain raven haired host in a gray sweater. Chris McLean.

The brunette shot up. "What?"

She was currently typing on her laptop. There were several ideas typed on the document. What kind of ideas, though? Challenge ideas? Location plans? Themes? She was brainstorming. Brainstorming for another season.

The recently concluded season, Hollywood, was pretty decent. It earned an ample amount of views and ratings, skyrocketing to the top throughout the halfway mark of the season. Though it received a lot of fame for being good, it also received an ample amount of hate as well.

Sephiria was the kind of producer who set her standards pretty high. She hates production delays. If there's a due date, there's a due date. If you go past that, you're late. And once you're late, you're gone.

"It's 7:00PM." Chris says as he checks his watch. "You need to check up on your… husband."

As soon as Chris mentions the last word, he shudders. He was hated by Sephiria's husband, purely because of some disagreements, and… well… his attitude. Sometimes, he even believes that Sephiria is just a female version of her husband. They were both somewhat strict, but they both have this rather, chill side.

"You go home." Sephiria ordered. "Chef Hatchet has already taken the day off."

Chris formed a sly smirk on his lips.

"What's with that smirk?" The brunette eyed him.

The host's smirk instantly faded.

"You were planning something? What? To steal my ideas and make a separate season on your own?"

There was Chris. Red handed. Was Chris the type to steal ideas? Maybe not. Yet the ideas displayed on Sephiria's laptop seemed so easy to mess around...

Sephiria gave off a satisfying smile. "I knew you were gonna do something sneaky. But mind you, I am not going home. Not yet."

"You don't care about Arturo, huh?" Chris laughed.

"Of course I care about him! But sometimes, work is work. Besides, his co-workers in the military visit him often and don't go home until I come back."

Chris rolled his eyes, approaching the door. His hand rested on the doorknob for about five seconds before turning it.

"Whatever you say." He added, before exiting out of the office, slowly closing the door behind him.

Sephiria sighed to herself. She hates it when people say that she needs to sacrifice some time of her work for her husband or vice-versa. But basically, she was doing both. Family will always come first to her. Besides, she took the day off yesterday.

She continued typing on her laptop, not noticing the door opening. Sephiria seemed calm and unbothered, but you see the frustration in her eyes.

She closed her laptop and almost jumped in surprise when she saw another person looking right at her.

The person was a girl, in her teen age. Sephiria knew her because they were seen together in the second half of Total Drama Hollywood. In fact, they became very good friends actually.

"So… how are your ideas coming along?"

"50-50. I thought Chris was planning to steal some of my ideas and turn them into a season of his own. I don't know, Candela. Guess I was wrong." Sephiria shrugged. Her hands clasped around a water bottle that was sitting on the other side of her desk. She opened the cap and began drinking from it.

Candela gave a chuckle as her fingers lightly combed her black hair. "The nerve of Chris. He's just being somewhat delusional. I even had him fired back on Total Drama Act I."

"Yeah. Whatever." Sephiria breathed after she drank her water. She settled it back where it was placed before, and tapped her fingers on her desk. "So… what brings you here?"

Candela shrugged. The teen hostess never thought of a reason to come into the production office in the first place. "Nothing, really. Just came for a visit. You seemed extremely frustrated after all."

"It's normal." Sephiria sighed, her fingers stopped moving as she looked at Candela. "There are many ideas. It's just that there are some ideas that don't even fit together."


"Oh, you know what I'm talking about. You're a producer yourself." Sephiria rolled her eyes.

Candela nodded. "Well, yeah. But listen here, my seasons only stick to one theme: music. And mind you, I'm not even a singer." She said with a laugh. "So it's pretty natural of you have ideas that don't look good together. Sometimes, even the craziest of combinations can look like a masterpiece."

Sephiria wasn't saying anything. She just kept looking at Candela. The teen hostess however, had her eyes glued to the computer screen, obviously skimming every single word that was displayed on it.


"You know what, your season has an advantage too." Candela piped up, breaking the silence that lasted for almost a minute. "All Around Again is kind of like World Tour, but your idea for the challenges are pretty neat."

"Well I don't." Sephiria pouted as she crossed her arms. "It's gonna come off as bland. I can feel it. Remember those hates comments on that tv series website? Yeah, it's definitely gonna happen. Remember that comment hating on how Seath came back right when the finale was supposed to happen? Bad idea."

"I wouldn't be so negative if I were you." Candela chuckled. "I can tell you're focusing too much on the negative comments rather than the positive ones. I took a gander on the site not too long ago and you received way more positive comments than negative ones."

"Well I don't want All Around Again to be hated that much like Hollywood. So I'm spending almost all my time here in this office. I'm not regretting about the day off I took yesterday, but I think that was the reason why my to-do list for this season is piling up." Sephiria shot back at Candela's comment with a frown on her face.

Candela folded her arms. She could tell that Sephiria was getting mad, but the teen kept a straight face. "I know what you need."


"You need a break."

"A break? No, I'm fine without one."

"You're stressing yourself out."

"But I'm fine! Really!"

Candela slammed her hand against the table. Her smile disappeared from her face as her eyes grew slightly darker.

Sephiria didn't flinch at Candela's sudden action, but in full honesty, she has never seen her so serious before. Sure, Candela was a hothead and normally swears a lot, but this time, she seemed a little bit intimidating.

"It's probably because your inspiration is running low." Candela finally responded after the short bickering. "Your thoughts are just scattered."

"So what does a break have to do with that? I take days off sometimes. That's my break, Candela." Sephiria responded, her tone seemingly upset as both girls shared the same intense stare now. "I mean, what would you do if the whole responsibility was placed on your shoulders?"

The two girls kept their looks up on each other. Candela seemingly calmed down but she still looks at Sephiria.

"I take breaks when I want to." Candela answered. "Yes, there are other things in life that make me frustrated to the bone, but sometimes, just going out on a tranquil place to relax really helps. It actually helps me qualm my thoughts. And… this doesn't seem tranquil."

Sephiria instantly knew what she was saying. Sure, the office was quiet, but when you're surrounded by a bunch of folders, paperworks, computers, and other production stuff, you tense up.

"I give up." Sephiria gave off a laugh. "Alright, you win this time, Candela."

Candela sighed in relief, knowing that she succeeded in turning things around. "I told you so."

The two girls laughed for a bit as Sephiria stood up.

"Hey, thanks a lot for talking this out with me." Sephiria smiled. "You know, I actually don't feel frustrated anymore."

"My words are like magic, bitch." Candela smirked, snapping her fingers together. "Anyway, wanna go out for dinner?"

Sephiria raised an eyebrow.

Candela broke out into sudden laughter. "You fucking idiot, not like a date-date. You know, just like what girls do when they hang out, duh. When they get hungry, they eat." Candela stood up as well.

"Well, I honestly don't know what the hell are you talking about, but let's go." Sephiria nodded as she led the way to the exit.

"Yup. As long as you pay for the dessert." Candela added with a laugh as Sephiria switched the lights off in the office and the two left the building.


*the flashback scene came from the last episode of Total Drama Hollywood

I wrote this in a span of two hours, tbh, I'm not really proud of how this turned out, but I handled it with care anyway. XD Usually, one-shots don't take me that long to write. I'm adding this to my list of completed stories. Um… yay? XD

So… if y'all wondering what the hell does tid mean, I looked it up on google translate (lol, bear with me because the translation may be inaccurate lmao) and it says it means 'time' in Swedish, so I took it as a… idk, theme to the fic? Just correct me if I'm wrong though. XD

Anyway, Sephiria! I really hope you like it! I was highkey trying so hard not to spoil you while we're chatting lol. Thank you so much for being my friend and for sometimes chatting me like an older sister that I wished I had lol. I wanted to make a shark references since you like sharks and all but I couldn't fit it in for some reason... huhuhu. Also, I'm gonna be lowkey giving a shoutout to Tempokeep because without them publishing Submerged (the season where Seph and I first "met" as different OC creators lol), Sephiria and I wouldn't even be reaching this kind of online friendship. Thanks for supporting me in my stories as well, and I hope you do great in yours! I love you Seph! :D

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