(8/28/2020) Edit: I cleaned up some spelling errors, and added in a bit more to flesh out the Gringotts section.

Honestly I wrote this up in about a day. I got the idea of doing this from a fellow author in Stargatesg1fan1's facebook group. I spent a night, drawing up rough plans before spending the next night writing this up. Right now it is 7:16 in the morning and I need to go to bed. I'll check this over when I wake up around 6pm or so PST.

The general idea of this is that the shady ROB I got the essences from wasnt on the up n' up. As a result my main powers are heavily damaged.

This is ultimately what my powerset is:

Essence of the Heroic Spirit (Damaged)

You have a multiversal throne of heroes and may call forth the power of heroic spirits. By default you can only call upon those present in the Nasuverse. Traveling to new universes will add those legends to your multiversal throne of heroes. None of the heroic spirits in your throne can be touched by powers other than yourself. However, this Essence has been damaged and can only handle one Heroic Spirit to begin with. You gain another slot every time you jump to another world. After ten jumps, you gain two slots, after twenty the Essence is fully repaired.

Your body is altered and becomes a perfect vessel for any heroic spirit weak or strong. This Essence was damaged and now perfectly fuses your chosen Heroic Spirits powers with your body. Optionally you can take physical attributes from your chosen Heroic Spirit. Regardless there will still be occasional bleed through, generally of emotions.

You can opt to summon a Heroic Spirit in the flesh as a proper servant or fuse them with another into a demi-servant. Heroic spirits you summon are bound by your command seals of which you have three that regenerate after a day. You cannot lose these command seals.

Heroic spirits are not restricted to class containers such as the classic seven of the Holy Grail War. They are able to make use of the abilities and items they had while living. You may choose to apply any effects that legends might have had on a Heroic Spirit like Vlad III gaining vampire-like qualities.

Essence of the Shattered Limiter (Personalized)

By drinking this concoction, shining with power that can't be contained, you shatter all limits on your powers.

All limitations on your powers have been completely destroyed.

You can push your abilities to grow beyond any limits they might have possessed before. A telekinetic ability that might have only let you throw around cars could one day let you throw around planets or galaxies, given enough time and growth.

This growth affects all aspects of your powers. Range, power, energy reserves (where applicable), etc.

Even if you are not exercising your powers, they will still grow passively, enough that a single year will cause them to double in potency. Actively pushing yourself will see this grow magnify significantly.

Required secondary powers will also grow. The ESP and task-oriented processing power necessary to operate arbitrarily powerful and intricate telekinesis, for example, will improve.

All powers, skills, traits and stats that you possess are now limitless in potential.

By continuing to push yourself to the edge of your capabilities in any area, you will find that there is no longer an upper limit to your progress. Continue to lift objects of ever increasing weight and your strength will increase without limitation. Continue to hone a skill past the point of mastery and you will continue to see improvement.

The size of your muscles no longer dictates how much you can lift nor does it restrict how flexible you can become or how quickly you can move. The size of your lungs no longer dictates the amount of air that you can store in them. The size of your brain no longer dictates how much information it can store, nor how fast it can process information. So long as you continue to push your limits, you will be always be able to improve yourself further.

Learning skills, developing certain types of muscles or acquiring certain kinds of abilities will typically make learning others difficult or even impossible. A physique designed for strength will not lend itself to speed/agility and some types of abilities are simply incompatible on a metaphysical level. You no longer have this issue. You can learn any number of abilities and develop any number of traits without harming your potential in any other field.

The details of how skills manifest when honed beyond mastery, be it impossible competence or supernatural displays and effects, is up to you.

Your potential becomes limitless. You can learn any discipline or skill set, even if you shouldn't be capable of it, without forgetting it and practice them into mastery, no matter how many you learn. Any abilities you have from other Essences will increase where possible and develop in ways beyond their initial purposes.

Essence of Conditional Travel

By drinking this essence, you may travel the multiverse in a strange and conditional manner.

Choose something to initiate your travel. It can be anything, but has to be fairly specific. This will be your method of travelling between universes and settings.

Examples include: shutting yourself between two flat surfaces (such as closing a door on yourself or dropping a mattress on yourself), jumping out a window or off a ledge, drowning yourself or being in an explosion.

Travelling between universes in this manner is always safe. If you travel via explosion, then you won't be harmed beyond superficial damage even if you should have been turned into a thin paste. If you travel via jumping off of tall things, then you will land safely upon arrival.

You will arrive in your target universe, or a random one if you choose no destination, in a spot that you cannot control but which will suit you and tend to be narratively important or appropriate.

The arrival is also suited to your method of travel. If you travel between worlds by drowning yourself, you will arrive in your new world by washing up on a beach or struggling to the surface in a body of water. If you travel between worlds via explosion, you will arrive in your new world with an explosion, either a naturally occurring one or one that your travel created.

This method of travelling cannot be restricted or interdicted by any means.

My character will jump around every five to ten years randomly. After ten jumps the effect becomes controllable and no longer random. Of course my SI doesn't know this, which is why he is settling in for the long haul in the potterverse.

With a snort I wake up, for some reason I was sleeping on something hard and felt uncomfortably like a park bench. Opening my eyes and looking around I am in a fairly barren park, indeed sleeping upon a park bench. In the distance I can see a wide river and a large bridge spanning it. For some reason my instincts are screaming at me that the park is unnatural.

"So it wasn't a dream… good to know." I mutter to myself before looking myself over. I had been offered to go on an adventure through the multiverse by a shady flea market salesman. There were some benefits, a new body sculpted to my preferences, and a few cheats. I chose a personalized version of the Essence of Shattered Limiter and the Essence of Conditional Travel which allows me to jump through the multiverse by fulfilling certain conditions like walking through a door or jumping into water. Finally for my power I chose the Essence of the Heroic Spirit, which would let me use any of the Nasuverse's Heroic Spirits as well as add heroes to my throne from the universes I visit. As for my body resculpt I gave myself a fit toned athletic body, with long black hair I keep pulled into a ponytail and brown eyes.

Looking myself over I see I am wearing a pair of comfortable cargo pants and a t-shirt, and am wearing a pair of comfortable combat boots. Checking my pockets I am unsurprised to see that my phone did not make the jump with me. For a moment I ponder exploring the town but decide to check on my Essence instead. Ignoring Shattered Limiter and Conditional Travel as they are entirely passive, I poke a little orb I can see floating inside my mind which unfolds to become a throne. Instinctively creating a mental representation of myself who moves over to sit in the golden throne I find my mind briefly bombarded with information and knowledge as an internal database of Heroic Spirits is ingrained in my mind and soul. Suddenly I find myself tossed to the ground as the bench underneath me vanishes. Opening my eyes and looking around I am startled to see that the town has vanished and around me is a marvelous primordial garden.

"Begone! Foul Abomination who dirties my domain! Be cast unto the void between worlds and know thee are no longer welcome upon this world!" a heavenly woman's voice booms from all around me. Startled I can barely react as the ground falls out from beneath me and as I fall into a Kaleidoscope of light I see a tall woman, inhumanly beautiful glaring at me, her body tensed as though readying for a fight.

Falling through the void between worlds gets boring after a while, before long I find myself wondering when I will escape. Finally I see a fracture in space that I am drifting towards, unfortunately it will still take me a while to reach it. In my mind I hear a soft cracking sound, as I look within I can see the golden throne that represents my Essence of Heroic Spirit developing cracks.

"No no no, thats not good. Hurry up hurry up!" I mutter, the sound lost as I watch the edges of the throne blur a little and see dust slowly crumbling from it. A little over half way there the throne is now full of cracks and is quickly eroding. Trying to access the heroes I can feel them slowly slipping away and almost instinctively feel that if I don't hold onto them I wont be able to keep them until the essence repairs itself. Frantically I scan the database gathering a handful of heroes, Gilgamesh of Uruk, Solomon, Shiki Ryougi, Leonardo Da Vinchi, King Hassan, Paracelsus von Hohenheim, Scathatch, Merlin, King Arthur, Arcueid, among others. Glancing around and frantically trying everything to get there quicker I can only watch as with ten seconds left I slowly lose access one by one before I finally pass the event horizon of the fracture leaving me with only Gilgamesh. I scream in pain as power invades my body and as my memories blend with Gilgamesh's and a third person.

Aries Black was left on an orphanage doorstep as an infant. The caretaker looked for the person that left him but only heard the sound of a gunshot or car backfiring and figured the person was long gone. Aries was a strange child, with silver grey eyes and sharp noble features, he was also startlingly intelligent easily learning to speak and read by the time he was four. Unknown to the caretakers, Aries was a wizard and could use magic. He was the unintentional illegitimate son of Sirius Black, the black sheep of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black. He was a loner though and while not prone to mischief, strange things seemed to happen around him. When he was six he finally managed to control his magic, first learning to mimic telekinesis and telepathy. For some reason he was gifted in anything purely mental. He managed to avoid being adopted through the use of compulsions and mind manipulation. Soon he learned how to throw lightning and temporarily increase his strength or speed. By the time he was ten he learned to teleport. Unknown to the caretakers and even Aries himself he was as powerful as Dumbledore when he first managed to use his magic and only grew more powerful as he aged. The morning after his tenth birthday he awoke as a new man, or more accurately his true personality awoke…

"Owww… my head…" I murmur before flinching away and covering my eyes as I open them. Carefully, slowly, opening my eyes getting them adjusted I look around in wonder. I didn't have particularly bad vision, but for some reason my eyesight has been enhanced dramatically. I can see the individual dust motes, and track them as they float around in the air. Entranced as I was, I am blindsided by the sudden urge to vomit, immediately and loudly expelling the contents of last nights dinner, a surprisingly bland stew, all over the floor. As I'm heaving I can hear someone rushing over to the door way, their feet pounding as they run making me feel as though they are pounding nails into my forehead. I stifle the urge to vomit again.

"Aries! Are you ok? What happened?" one of the caretakers, Miss Stone, asks, carefully edging around the pool of vomit. Despite not recognizing the name, seeing as I am only person in the room at the moment, and certainly the only one doing something that would elicit such a response I play along. I can tell that something is different with me, my magic, I have magic? I didn't have magic before? Did it happen when I fused with Gilgamesh?, I immediately clutch my stomach groaning as I stifle the urge to vomit again as three thoughts rip through my mind in an instant causing the headache I was experiencing to flare up a degree or two.

"I'm fine Miss Stone. I guess I must have come down with something." I murmur, much to the Miss Stone's displeasure. Naturally I am confined to bed rest and isolated from the rest of the children to ensure the rest of them don't come down with whatever I have, I was also forbidden from going to school. I suppose its a good thing as it gives me time to figure out what the hell is going on. Easily falling into a meditative trance, I fall into my mindscape, a painstakingly built image of my dream home. I am of course startled to find hundreds if not thousands of unsorted memories, entire pools of emotions left haphazardly for an unsuspecting visitor to fall into, and most upsetting, the house has seemingly been haphazardly merged with a magnificent golden palace, and a run down, if homey, house. So startled was I that I fell out of my meditation and had to recenter myself. I contemplate taking a nap and hoping when I wake up that this would all be a bad dream but decide to fix things before my headache worsens.

Slipping back into my mindscape, I first spend a few hours in real time reliving and then sorting nearly a century of memories and knowledge. They seem to be split between a fictional version of the historical Gilgamesh of Uruk, and a twenty six year old layabout who was suckered into a scam by a shady flea market dealer. Finally having sorted them, my headache has dulled to a faint throb so I take a nap, dreaming of the twenty six year old waking on a park bench before being tossed into the a void of kaleidoscopic light before passing through a fissure in space. A few hours later I wake up when one of the caretakers bring in a bowl of soup for me to eat. I carefully eat, pausing every couple of bites to ensure my stomach doesn't try to rebel again. Finally finishing the meal I thank the caretaker who leaves me in peace for the night.

Slipping back into my mindscape, I find that the palace and house have disappeared, while my original dream house has been upgraded. Peering within I can see that everything has been upgraded material wise, where once was common wood is now polished redwood and mahogany, where there was a living room has been turned into a harem girls fantasy room, wall to wall with silks, incredibly vibrant and comfortable cushions. Along one wall is a long sofa, testing it proves it to be the most comfortable sofa I've ever experienced in any of my memories. Resting on the wall is a large flat screen TV as seen from the layabouts memories and hooked in the walls and TV and set into a shelf are a series of game consoles. I recognize the NES and the SNES, having them at the orphanage as well as the Mega Drive. Hell I've bought one or two games for them myself. Apparently Sony and Microsoft will be big in the video game market over the next few decades considering the house now possesses a PS1 through PS4 and an Xbox all the way up to a Xbox1 X. Nintendo consoles from the NES through to the Nintendo Switch and every portable released. Along another wall is a bookcase filled to the brim with games. One of these days I'll have to see if they work.

Sitting in a place of prominence, in the center of the room, is a damaged golden throne which just looking at makes my headache flare up. Ignoring the throne, I look along another wall seeing a portrait of Gilgamesh, touching it lightly, I can feel an echo of his personality and feel that it is brimming with power.

Checking out the rest of the house and seeing that it went through similar qualitative changes I leave the house and begin rounding up the pools of emotion. I've found that it is easier to work my magic if I use specific emotions to channel it. As a result, I have massive pools of different sizes where my emotions are stored. Above it floats my utterly massive magical core, it is there I find another change. Where before my core sat in my torso and fed into a number of now wide channels that flow throughout my body there is now a series of unconnected channels hooked into it. Mentally touching one of the channels I can tell that they are inert but they have immense potential for efficient spell work. If I can get them working they might just solve my problem with wandless magic. For some reason directly using my core to cast magic wastes something like half the magic used.

It could be worse, when I first started, it wasted nearly ninety percent of the magic, but for some reason I have never been able to get any more efficient. I vaguely recall something about magical circuits in the layabouts memories, I'll have to check them again when I'm finished consolidating the emotions. Slowly over a few hours real time, I deposit all of the loose emotion into their correct pools; for some reason I had to expand the pools for confidence, apathy, and anger to almost triple what they were but I managed it. Leaving my mindscape and checking the time I find that its nearly midnight. Knowing that I will probably be kept on bed rest for at least another day I go to sleep, reliving Gilgamesh's memories of Enkidu.

"Aries, you feeling better honey?" Miss Stone asks, having come in shortly after I woke up. Carefully checking I find that my headache has gone away, and that I don't feel the need to puke up my guts anymore.

"Looks like it. No more headache and no nausea." I report dutifully.

"Well we'll keep you home for the day again just in case. You're lucky its the end of the week." she says, before handing me another bowl of soup with some toast. While I didn't inhale it, I did eat a bit faster than perhaps necessary, perfectly confident in my health at this point. Finishing the bowl, Miss Stone takes it and leaves, but not before telling me to take it easy for the day. When I am confident I am alone I settle into a comfortable position.

"Right lets see whats going on…" I mutter under my breath, slipping into my mindscape once again. This time I head directly to my archives. As a precaution my archives are hidden from intrusion by anyone but me and is located in a room that doesn't exist in a place that doesn't exist and holds within itself the original memories. Everything that can be found in my normal mindscape is a copy, and much of it is subtly edited or straight up missing. I am unsurprised to find that my archives are a mess, the original sets of memories from Gilgamesh and the layabout having been automatically been stored within after I sorted them. I should probably think about copying a few of them to add up top. Regardless I spend an hour or so real time simply resorting the archives, after doing so I scour the layabout's memories looking for information on magical circuits. Thankfully once archived, the memories become indexed and cross referenced so it doesn't take long, maybe ten minutes or so to find something usable?

"So to activate the circuits I first need to come up with a trigger." Immediately coming to mind is a drop of golden ichor hitting a pool causing ripples and the phrase Avatar On. At that moment I can feel a spark of magic jump from my core to the circuits. Rushing out of the archives I crumple to the ground and am ejected from my mindscape as I am flooded with pain and heat. Curling myself into a ball and clutching myself tightly enough to leave marks, I barely have the presence of mind to observe as first one, then ten, twenty, forty, eighty, then one hundred and twenty circuits glow along my arms and back as my core feeds magical energy into them. I stifle a scream as I feel the channels widen before passing out. An hour later I wake up before having an epiphany.

"Shit, I'm the layabout." I say, my voice completely emotionless as so many things click together forming a mildly unpleasant picture. So Aries Black was me pre-awakening. I suppose I should probably take stock of what I can do. I think to myself after a few minutes of blankly staring at the wall in existential dread. Suddenly I recall a technique, part of the basics any magus learns when starting out, probably from my previous memories.

"Avatar On" I intone quietly, moderating my circuits activation, only activating twenty. Laying a hand on my chest I carefully weave prana into my body mentally ordering it to analyze. A few minutes later I let the technique fade, according to my Structural Analysis, I possess B-rank Strength, Endurance, and Agility, A-rank Mana and Luck, and EX-rank Noble Phantasm. That puts me at forty times peak human strength, endurance, and agility and fifty times peak human mana and luck. No wonder my core is so ridiculously big. I'm obviously not in the Nasuverse, so where am I. At that point a nebulous instinct I had been following flashes a series of images in my mind: an image of a black haired man with brown eyes and a woman with red hair and green eyes leaning over a crib inside which is a baby with black hair and green eyes. An image of a stag, shaggy black dog, a rat, and a beastly wolf like creature running around a dark forest as the full moon hangs high in the night sky. An image of a pale man with red eyes pointing a stick at the baby, the red haired woman laying on her back next to the crib, her eyes glassy. An image of an old man with a long white beard and a stick with weird knots along it placing the now toddler on a doorstep before leaving with a pop.

That settles it, I'm in Harry Potter. Given my name I'm either an illegitimate son of one of the Blacks, or a muggleborn. Given my features and my highly developed core I'm gonna say illegitimate son until proven otherwise. This also explains why I couldn't get my efficiency any lower, this era's modern wizards are too weak to truly use wandless magic to any real extent. I'm probably one of the rare few due to my A-rank mana. I think to myself, I figure I can probably head to the Leaky Cauldron and get an inheritance test from the Goblins. It will have to wait for the weekend though. I can go to the nearby park and "disappear" for a while, the staff know I prefer to be left alone to meditate surrounded by nature. In the meantime I need something to pass the time. A little prodding reveals I have access to all of Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasms, which makes sense considering the activation of what was likely Sha Naqba Imuru.

Dedicating my time to looking through my treasury and by prodding around my mindscape I find the mental controls for the Gate of Babylon. Activating them sends the sky of my mindscape into disarray as a field of hundreds of thousands of golden lights spread across the night sky, completely blotting out the moon and stars. Lets see… first the ones I know about: Vimana, Ship of Light, Enkidu, Caliburn, Merodach, Durandal, Notice me not Ring, and the Caduceus. Rather rapidly the lights vanish leaving eight lights hanging in the sky, I imagine a sort of hotbar and slot them in, hopefully allowing me to quickly use them without having to search the vault every time. It didn't take much time to do, so I retreat out of my mindscape finding the Gate wouldn't close again, forever leaving me with a field of glowing golden lights in my mind. Knowing this world, and just in case I search for immortality. Immediately nearly all the lights vanish, leaving only a few dozen. Carefully I look them over, the first is the Philosopher's Stone (True) made by Nicolas Flamel in the Nasuverse, that would come in handy. Then there was the Philosopher's Stone (False) made by Paracelsus, then the Philosopher's Stone (Potterverse) made by the Nicolas Flamel of the Potterverse.

I carefully examine it and find that it can create the Elixir of Life, a perfect panacea capable of instantly healing any malady short of death itself, through a sacrifice of the users blood. The sacrifice will create a single drop of incredibly concentrated Elixir, referred to as Brute Elixir it is so concentrated it is able to kill anything even someone who has taken the Elixir of Immortality created by the Stone. To finish creating the Elixir of Life the user must then drip the Brute Elixir into a container filled with alchemically purified water, this will dilute the Brute Elixir and create the Elixir of Life. It can be used to create the Elixir of Immortality by dripping the Brute Elixir into a vial filled with the users blood. By doing so the Brute Elixir will be attuned to the users blood and once imbibed will stop the users aging permanently as well as curing them of any maladies they may be suffering under. Users of the Elixir of Immortality are immune to aging, poison, and disease, and possess a strong healing factor allowing them to heal major wounds in an hour. On top of all of that by sacrificing small amounts of the Stone, one can ignore the Law of Equal Exchange, allowing the user to transmute anything into almost anything else.

I am unsurprised that it is inferior to even Paracelsus's Philosopher's Stone, but still a little disappointed. Aside from the Philosopher's Stones, there is the Herb of Immortality from Gilgamesh's legend, The Elixir of Aging which increases age and the Elixir of Youth which decreases it, then there are a series of books. Looking at them there is one on the creation of soul jars, one on horcruxes, one on vampirism, one that details how to steal life from other people, one that tells how to create Homunculi and possess their bodies, and more. Considering I am only ten at the moment there wont be much use for immortality just yet. On a lark I search for the Rings of Solomon, as I expected there is only one, the one that allowed him to safely summon and bind the seventy two demon gods, twenty four angels, and thirty one spirits among countless other beings. I wont be bothering with that until I can get Solomon for myself so I ignore it while trying to think of what other artifacts I could look for. After a moment of thought I decide to just look for items originating from the Potterverse. Slowly the lights dwindle down to only many tens of thousand, glancing down the list I see that something like ninety five percent of them are books. After excluding books I am left with several thousand items including several hundred foci, notably Merlin and Morgana le Fay's wands and staves, the Hogwarts Founders wands, and the Elder Wand which stuns me for a moment.

I look at its history, finding it was made by an ancient artificer who was part of a trio, so ancient that their name doesn't really translate to modern language and then blessed by a Personification of the Concept of Death. It draws power from many sources, the user, ambient mana, any living being within a certain radius, and from the act of killing, specifically the energy released in the act of dying. As cells are always dying the wand is capable of outputting near infinite energy if used correctly. It is also the perfect focus for death magic and combat magic. The trio of artificers that created the Deathly Hallows all did something similar, the cloak was imbued with Death's ability to be invisible until it isn't. It doesn't hide you from Death's sight, but that of anything living. The Stone on the other hand is exactly as described in the books, capable of calling forth a shade of a person who has died, but it is also capable of acting as a focus for necromancy.

Finally I start feeling tired after meticulously going through the Potterverse section of my treasury. Tomorrow I will go look for the Leaky Caulron to see if my thoughts are wrong. If I'm right then I can visit with the goblins for a heritage test, I should also start planning. If this is the Potterverse then considering it is 1990 and next year I am eleven then Harry Potter should be coming to Hogwarts the same year I start.

The next day I am completely fine and ask permission to go to the park. As I am a fairly independent and intelligent child they only ask that I be back by noon, something I can easily promise. Heading to the park I head deeper into the wooded area before immediately twisting and disappearing with a muted pop. A moment later I reappear in an alley off of Charing Cross Road behind a pair of dumpsters that I had seen while my caretakers drove to get groceries. Luckily by looking through my memories I vaguely remember seeing the Cauldron nearby, I suspect I was obliviated though considering my memories are blurry and indistinct during that time period. Perhaps they thought I was a muggle? Sliding the notice me not ring onto my finger I confidently stride out into foot traffic along the street.

Ten minutes later I finally find the Cauldron, now I have to get through to Diagon Alley. Stepping through and removing the ring which dissolves into golden dust unnoticed I approach the bar.

"Excuse me?" I say, trying to draw attention. The bartender finally turns my way and addresses me.

"What can I do for ya, lad?" the man asks, trying to give a friendly grin and failing miserably. As I move to speak I slip into his mind unnoticed.

"I need to get to the Alley but forgot how to get in. Can you help me?" I say, acting depressed and ratcheting up the mans sympathy.

"Sure lad, come on." he says, taking me by the shoulder as we navigate the crowded room. Making it out the back, he steps up to the wall. Brandishing his wand he makes sure I'm watching before speaking.

"Right from the can, three up and two across. You need to tap it three times… like so." he says demonstrating. As the walls open I have to stifle a dismissive snort, seeing the outdated dress of the many magicals.

"Thank you sir. I was supposed to meet my mother after I was done browsing the bookstore but it slipped my mind." I say before rushing off with a wave. Casually I insert a command to forget my appearance after he goes inside the bar. Keeping my appearance stoic I duck into an alley and exchange my common muggle clothing for Gilgamesh's silk before walking back out. Looking around as I go I take note of various shops, before finally making it to Gringotts. I ignore the sign to the gate goblins ire but step into line waiting my turn. Finally after nearly a half hour consisting of a number of what I suspect were purebloods shouting at the tellers, I am at the front of the queue.

"What do you want wizard?" the goblin, his nameplate says Goretooth, snarls not looking up from his papers.

"I am under the impression you can administer some kind of heritage test?" I ask, mostly to clarify my knowledge. The goblin snorts before looking up. The moment his eyes make contact with mine he snaps to attention, snarling out a command in their language. Hastening over, a guard quickly approaches and engages in a conversation with the teller. Glances are made towards me before the guard turns to me.

"Please come with me sir." the guard says, remarkably politely for a goblin towards a wizard. As the goblin sets off I glance around before shrugging and moving to follow, I'm far superior to almost anything in this world to begin with so I don't exactly have much to fear. As we make our way through the bank we encounter a number of goblins, some are obviously runners, while some are obviously higher ranked, all of them eye me curiously. Finally after nearly ten minutes, the guard stops at a large door, above the door is a written language I don't recognize as human. The goblin knocks on the door and pokes his head in, speaks for a few seconds before basically pushing me through the doors and running off. Standing up and looking around I'm greeted by nearly a hundred heavily armed and armored goblins their weapons held at the ready, behind them sits a dozen goblins, one of them on a throne. As I ready myself for battle I immediately catalog many of the factors a battle would hold. As we are underground, I shouldn't be using any explosive techniques, my opponents are barely three feet high, can move half again as fast as a human in short bursts, and all are trained fighters so physically they aren't a threat. However all are capable of magic and despite my power I am as open to the killing curse as any other even if it would probably require a few casts. Also as I am in their territory it is probably fair to say that unless I start blasting my way out its unlikely I can escape without mass casualties. Already a number of paths open themselves to me, Sha Naqba Imuru showing me the most likely result. First I could call Carnwennan, become invisible and either escape or use my superior physical attributes to slaughter them. Alternatively I could call Mac an Luin and use its ability to slaughter them wholesale. Needless to say I wasnt threatened in the slightest, but I still queued up both just in case.

"Peace human. We didn't call you here to kill us." the one in the throne says, raising his hands in a show of peace. A few of the goblins beside him shuffle quietly as though they believe they could take me but are silenced by what I can only assume is the king's glare.

"Then what is this?" I ask, gesturing with one hand towards the numerous armed and ready goblins ready to attack even now. I can see the goblins twitch, their weapons raising an inch or two before hastily correcting themselves. I don't bother holding back my smirk, much to the goblins displeasure.

"A guard detail, nothing more. Its not often Gringotts hosts one such as you. My… advisors, felt the need to ensure my safety. I doubt they would grant me more than a second more time to escape if you were inclined to attack." the king says, shooting an irritated glare at the shuffling goblins. I have to say that he's right, if I was inclined to attack I wouldn't have entered the bank at all and simply destroyed the place from afar, I say as much eliciting many growls from the surrounding goblins.

"You would be correct, had I been… inclined, to attack I wouldn't have entered the bank at all and destroyed the place from afar." I say smugly, a tinge of Gilgamesh's arrogance entering my tone as I cross my arms. Of course this sets the goblins off, as the advisors try to tug the king away towards what I suspect is a back exit and the goblin warriors surge forward, all goblins pause as golden portals begin to appear, opening up across every wall in the room, even the ceiling. Slowly appearing from within the portals are magical weapons, off the top of my head I recognize Gae Bolg with its intense killing intent, Durandal and Durandana, its edge sharp and gleaming, Caladbolg and Caladbolg II their drills already spinning up and whipping up winds, needless to say the goblins stop in their tracks as their wards blare an audible alarm, as they begin to strain keeping the sheer amount of magic the weapons put off simply by activating inside. After a few seconds, and as the goblins simply stare in catatonic horror the weapons withdraw, dissolving into golden dust. Slowly the alarms stop blaring and the goblins calm down. Obviously they continue to stare at me in horror seeing that I am not even winded, which surprises me seeing as Gilgamesh had tried it at one point and was slightly winded. Must be the combination of my magical core and the ten years of growth alongside Shattered Limiter.

Motioning them to seat themselves I continue as though nothing happened. "As I was saying, had I been inclined to attack I would have done it from afar. As it is, I am more interested in seeing any accounts I may or may not have as well as my family tree."

"What are you?" one of the advisors ask, their voice hoarse from screaming. Cocking my head I debate telling them for a moment before shrugging.

"My name is Aries Black, I am a Living Incarnation of Gilgamesh of Uruk." I say, sweeping a grandiose bow Gilgamesh had used whenever he was being flamboyant. For a moment I think I can almost sense the spirit of Gilgamesh nodding in approval before I shake the thought away.

"Impossible! The line of Uruk died out hundreds of years ago!" one goblin yells, his body tense. I cock my head for a moment in thought, asking the vault for indisputable proof that I am who I say I am, unsurprisingly a golden portal appears in front of me. Stretching my hand out an elaborately engraved golden ring falls into the palm of my hand. Staring at it for a moment I shrug and toss it over to the objecting goblin for him to inspect. Seeing their looks I find myself forced to answer their unasked questions.

"I might have all of his powers and memories, but I don't recognize that ring in them. Admittedly I am a Gilgamesh, but I was not born as this worlds Gilgamesh. Still this is why I wanted a heritage test, to know what I have the rights to. I honestly didn't know you guys handled the line of Uruk's finances." I shrug, ignoring the looks of disbelief shot my way. The goblin advisor who objected to my claiming as being from the line of Uruk had been inspecting the ring. The goblin hesitated for a moment before tossing the ring back to me.

"I don't know how you obtained this, but it is the ring of the Lord of Uruk. It was lost after the last of the line was killed" the goblin explains to the rest of us before sitting back down with a huff. Briefly admiring the engravings I activate my circuits and use Structural Analysis on the ring, determining that it is actually a ring that marks the wearer as a member of the Royal Family of Uruk. If upon wearing the ring, a crimson gem appears, it marks the wearer as the reigning King or Queen of Uruk.

Pausing for a moment, I slide the ring on to my right index finger, feeling a small prick of pain as the ring heats up for a moment. A few seconds later the ring resizes to fit my finger perfectly and a crimson jewel that radiates magic appears in a setting. For a moment the chamber is filled only with the shuffling of feet before the king takes the lead by standing and bowing.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, your majesty. I am King Ragnok, I apologize for the previous unpleasantness." the king says, gesturing to a nearby goblin. As I am slightly stunned by the ring accepting me, though I really shouldn't be, the room's layout is changed, the table now sitting in the center. At either end is a throne, and the goblin guards are now arranged to only be on Ragnok's side of the room. Sitting in the throne I can only accept the apology.

"I came here for a heritage test, I only recently awoke. All I know is that I am the Incarnation of Gilgamesh and that my name is Aries Black. Before I can plan anything I need to know my assets." I say, causing the king to again motion to a guard. The guard briefly leaves the room, I assume to send a runner, then returns. A few minutes later, a goblin enters the room carrying a silver bowl and an athame.

"Your majesties," the new goblin bows first to Ragnok then to me before continuing, "I am Bloodknife, I am in charge of the heritage department. We track every known bloodline, current or extinct, and have for millennia. To reveal your heritage I just need seven drops of your blood." Bloodknife explains to me before offering me the Athame, a flash of Structural Analysis tells me that the knife is specifically enchanted to draw drops of blood from a wound and then to heal the wound. Briefly I recall a fanfic where, I think, a fem!Harry went around assassinating the purebloods with a knife enchanted to be extra sharp and heal the surface wounds inflicted while sterilizing and vanishing the blood. Because there wasnt any marks, the aurors couldn't determine the cause or the culprit. Not seeing any other enchantments I cut the tip of my finger and hold it out over the bowl. Slowly seven drops of blood are dripped into the bowl before Bloodknife takes it and pours a potion into it. He waits for a moment before retrieving a long piece of parchment and carefully dipping one end of the parchment into the potion. A few seconds later I can see black markings crawl their way up the parchment before turning into names. After a moment the potion is gone, having been absorbed into the parchment.

"Lets see… according to the heritage potion, your father is Sirius Black and your mother is Alicia Merryweather. According to our records Miss Merryweather is a muggleborn and is dead, while Sirius Black resides in Azkaban." Bloodknife says after a moment of reading the parchment. With that he retrieves another piece of parchment, this time roughly standard sized, and hands me the athame once more.

"Now to get a list of your assets, inheritances, and any bloodline gifts you have received. Three drops this time, your majesty." the goblin says, giving me an earnest look. Cutting the tip of my finger and holding it out, the goblin carefully squeezes three drops of blood onto the paper. Almost immediately the paper fills out with details.

"Hmm… Well according to our records you are Head and Lord of the now defunct Royal House of Uruk, and are next in line as the Heir of House Black. Accordingly you have access to the accounts of the Royal House of Uruk and the standard trust account set up for any child of the House of Black." the goblin explains before handing me the paper.

Name: Aries Arcus Black (Gilgamesh of Uruk)

Age: 10 (86)

Gender: Male

Merlin Scale: 863 (Hedge-Sorcerer) [1100+ Grand Sorcerer]

Bloodline Gifts:

Living Incarnation (Gilgamesh of Uruk)

Metamorphmagus (Minor) [Full]

Wandless Magic (Full) [Full]

Natural Legilimens

Natural Occlumens

Natural Telekinetic


Lord of the Royal House of Uruk

Assets: 0G 0S 0K

Black Trust Vault

10000G 5000S 2500K (Refilled every year from Main Vault)

Hogwarts Tuition Vault

5,000G 0S 0K

"What do all these things in parentheses and brackets mean? Also Merlin Scale?" I ask, pointing them out to Bloodknife. Looking over the additional details the goblin first gapes in awe before paling in terror, his head whipping to meet the gaze of Ragnok who nods in acceptance.

"The parentheses denote what level you have, the brackets denote your potential. The Merlin Scale is a generally accepted method of describing a magicals power levels that ranges from zero to eleven hundred. According to the scale a muggle would be a zero, having no innate usable magic and a squib would be anything from one to a ninety nine. Aside from muggles and squibs the scale is split into three tiers, wizard, mage, and sorcerer, each themselves split between hedge, normal, arch, and grand tiers. Each tier is roughly a hundred points on the scale, and the scale goes from wizard at the lowest, mage, then sorcerer at the highest.

From there the scale describes a wizard as one hundred to one ninety nine, arch-wizard from two hundred to two ninety nine, and grand wizard from three hundred to three ninety nine.

A hedge-mage begins at four hundred to four ninety nine, mage from five hundred to five ninety nine, arch-mage from six hundred to six ninety nine, and grand mage from seven hundred to seven ninety nine.

The Sorcerer tier begins at hedge-sorcerer from eight hundred to eight hundred ninety nine, sorcerer from nine hundred to nine ninety nine, arch sorcerer one thousand to one thousand ninety nine, and a grand sorcerer as anything eleven hundred and above. Unfortunately we have yet to encounter enough Grand-Sorcerer class beings to have enough cause to extend the scale." at this point Bloodknife pauses to sip at a glass of water before continuing.

"As a point of reference Merlin is the only Grand Sorcerer on record, and you are one of only a handful in recorded history to have the potential to be able to match him. Of those handful, none have managed the feat, the closest making it to the upper end of Arch-Sorcerer. Today the strongest points of reference would be Albus Dumbledore, Gellert Grindlewald, and Voldemort.

Albus Dumbledore is recorded as having the potential to become an Arch-Mage and his potential is on the very edge of being a Grand Mage. Gellert Grindlewald is recorded as having the potential to be a Grand Mage but only just, while Voldemort's potential is firmly within the bounds of a Grand Mage. Unfortunately Gringotts can't disclose the current Merlin Scale rankings for any clients, as such I can tell you that as a convicted Dark Lord Gellert Grindelwald achieved a Merlin Scale of six hundred and ninety nine at his peak.

To have a MS ranking of eight hundred and sixty three at ten years of age is nearly impossible in this day and age. I suspect it is due to your nature as a Living Incarnation of a being from the peak of magical strength, when actual gods walked the planet." he explains excitedly, almost bouncing in his seat before a cough from Ragnok calms him. I hold in a chuckle at the goblins excitement, before turning to Ragnok.

"Well Ragnok, I apparently need to rebuild Uruk's vaults, I don't suppose you would have the costs for gems and metals handy would you?" I ask, surprised when Ragnok motions and a few minutes later a file is placed in his hands.

"What exactly do you have in mind, Lord Uruk?" Ragnok asks, a raised brow letting me know he will be unamused if I am wasting his time. In answer I stretch out my hand, and popping out of a portal is a crimson gem roughly the size of my fist that radiates magic.

Raising it and allowing Ragnok to get a good look at it I explain what I plan to do. "This is a Philosopher's Stone. A true one or as close as you can get without magic from the Age of the Gods. The Flamel of this world created a cheap knock off of an already high quality knock off. With this I can free transmute anything into anything, with few exceptions. My plan was to use the money in my Trust Vault to buy as much of the cheapest metal you could get me and turn it into a better one, rinse and repeat until I'm satisfied. I just thought of a better idea though." I deliberately pause, waiting for someone to ask. With a sigh Ragnok takes the bait.

"What is your plan, I can't see anything wrong with your original." Ragnok admits, even thinking that its a better use for a philosopher stone than creating gold.

"Did you know that my wisdom, or rather Gilgamesh's wisdom, allowed him to see into other worlds?" I ask, getting confused looks before I continue.

"When Gilgamesh looked upon a version of this world and saw that it was running out of mithril, he laughed, knowing he has as much mithril as he desires, for his mines are always abundant with ore. Because of this, within his treasury lies mithril ore, and using Structural Analysis I can learn its atomic composition. Then using a Philosopher's Stone…" I trail off, knowing that at least one of them will get the hint.

"You can make more mithril! Amazing!" a Goblin wearing a pair of goggles yells out. Even Ragnok seems surprised, the thought not occurring to him.

"Exactly. If this world is similar then I am willing to create a ton of mithril ore per twenty thousand galleons." I say, letting the offer hang for a moment before Ragnok gets a hold of himself.

"Five thousand galleons per ton." he answers, knowing I wont accept that.

"Seventeen thousand"

"Eight thousand."

"Fifteen thousand"

"Ten thousand"

"Thirteen thousand galleons and an alliance between the Goblin Nation and the Royal House of Uruk." I offer, I would have accepted ten thousand but am curious to see if Ragnok will accept. Ragnok seems to ponder it for a few minutes, his advisors had been watching the haggling like a tennis game, heads constantly bouncing between us. Now they are in a huddle debating the merits of accepting an alliance with me.

"Ten thousand galleons a ton, an alliance between the Goblin Nation and the Royal House of Uruk, and being made a Friend of the Nation." Ragnok counters, something I find myself surprised at, Gilgamesh is rarely out maneuvered after all.

"Deal, now I will happily order ten tons of the cheapest material you can get me."

"That will be iron scraps and will cost you a quarter of your Trust Vault." Ragnok says as his court scribe drafts a standard alliance agreement and hands it over. I look it over without touching it, ignoring the offended looks from some of the goblins. Immediately I refuse to sign as is as several clauses culminate in me basically being made a slave of the Nation. Quickly the changes are made and I look it over as the scraps slowly show up. Not finding anything immediately wrong I look it over again slowly before sending it to be rewritten because it forces me to hand over everything I own to the Nation after my death. Finally the scraps have all been carted in. I quickly retrieve a lump of mithril ore from my treasury and a flash of Structural Analysis gives me its atomic composition. Out of the corner of my eye I can see a few goblins wiping drool from their mouths at the sight of the lump of ore. Taking the Stone, I activate all of my circuits before waving it over half of the scraps. Slowly the iron scraps transmutes itself into five tons of mithril, much to my goblin audience's applause. I wave it over the rest of the scraps and they transmute themselves into various metals and jewels, gold, silver, platinum, ruby, sapphire, and emeralds, all either completely pure or high grade jewels.

Finally I look over the most recent iteration of the alliance contract, this time I find nothing wrong so I sign it. Basically I must provide the nation at least a thousand tons of mithril before my death, and in exchange they will pay twenty thousand galleons per ton of mithril delivered, and pay twenty percent more for any metals and jewels I sell them. We mutually agree to defend each other, agree not to betray one another, all the standard stuff. Immediately after signing I can feel the contract pressure me.

"Uh… I might have an idea why, but the contract is pressuring me to do something." I say, getting worried looks from the surrounding goblins. My transmuted materials have already been carted away and my assets have already been updated with a soft ding.

Lord of the Royal House of Uruk

Assets: 100,000G 0S 0K

Black Trust Vault

7500G 5000S 2500K (Refilled every year from Main Vault)

Hogwarts Tuition Vault

5000G 0S 0K

"Why do you think the contract is pressuring you?" Ragnok asks, he and his advisors sending me suspicious looks.

"Just out of curiosity, does Gringotts have a policy regarding soul jars and horcruxes?" I ask, fully expecting the harsh guttural cursing and hissing that explodes out of every goblins mouths.

"What do you know about them?" Ragnok demands, one of his hands just shy of his belt.

"In many of the worlds Gilgamesh looked in on, there is a horcrux in the Lestrange Vaults, Bellatrix's to be exact." I say, when I explain a number of guards rush out of the room and the contract stops pressuring me while Ragnok again lets loose with more guttural curses. As the doors open I can hear a number of alarms set off and blaring loudly through the hallways.

"Thank you for alerting us to this breach in Gringotts policy. Do you have any other business" Ragnok says, his teeth grinding as he seems to fight the urge to head out and find the thing himself.

After glancing at my assets I order more scrap. "Ragnok, get me as many tons of your scrap metal as possible, starting with more iron scrap. I may as well get as much of the thousand tons of mithril out of the way as possible." I order absently, getting a decisive nod from Ragnok who waves at a guard. A minute later, the room we are in is busy like a kicked over ant nest. It is quickly filling with scrap metal, I stifle a chuckle when a goblin stubs his toe on one of the carts and holds in a curse. After the activity slows down I ask how many tons of metal is piled in the room and am told that it is nearly a hundred tons. Thinking briefly for a moment, I nod before moving about the room rapidly transmuting all of the metal into mithril. Once more my assets update with a soft ding that goes missed in the activity starting up again, this time carting the mithril out.

Lord of the Royal House of Uruk

Assets: 2,000,000G 0S 0K

Black Trust Vault

7500G 5000S 2500K (Refilled every year from Main Vault)

Hogwarts Tuition Vault

5000G 0S 0K

"Congratulations your majesty. You are now among the top ten richest clients of Gringotts." Ragnok says, apparently completely unaffected by the massive amount of mithril I just sold off to Gringotts for a mint.

"Out of curiosity, where do i stand on that list? I cant imagine being very high." I ask, my head cocked to the side. Ragnok seems to think for a moment before responding.

"You currently rank as Gringotts eighth richest client." He says, not giving any other information. I figure the Flamels are on that list, alongside the Von Hohenheim family in Germany. there is probably one or two Chinese immortals on the list as well as someone from South America. Still I have enough to work with so I should start planning.

"Excellent. First can I exchange ten thousand galleons for five thousand sickles and knuts?" I ask, and after a nod from Ragnok my assets update again.

Lord of the Royal House of Uruk

Assets: 1,990,000G 5000S 5000K

Black Trust Vault

7500G 5000S 2500K (Refilled every year from Main Vault)

Hogwarts Tuition Vault

5000G 0S 0K

"Now I hate to sound like a muggleborn, but do you have anything that lets me not carry around a sack of gold? Hopefully something that will also work in the muggle world?" I ask, not really expecting anything. I probably shouldn't be surprised, but within ten minutes I have a shiny new debit card connected to my Gringotts account that works in the muggle world, and a set of checks that work in both worlds and am promptly shoved out into the lobby and told to not come back for a month.

I am aware that Nicolas Flamel is a fanmade heroic spirit, but he is a historical figure and is definitely worthy of being one. I wont allow him to be picked, Gilgamesh is already overpowered enough, adding in Flamel would only break things in two that much more. I am also unaware of if the lack of mithril is an actual problem in the Potterverse, I'm pretty sure its a fanon thing though.

I plan to have my character in the Potterverse until fifth year where he will randomly jump worlds into the body of an original character in Worm. From there I have probably a dozen or so ideas on where to go.

The fanfic referenced with the Fem!Harry is Sorcellerie Miraculeuse by Sakurademonalchemist here on the site. I also took the idea of Brute Elixir from fg7dragon's The Otsutsuki Transmigrant.

In general, wealth tiers on average go from squib with barely anything, muggleborns have enough to live, Purebloods range from poor but more than muggleborns (Carrows, Weasleys) to filthy rich (Blacks, Longbottoms, Malfoys, etc), and at the top are the financial geniuses and immortals (My SI, the Flamels, Von Hohenheims, Chinese Immortals, South American Fountain of Youth, etc). Keep in mind that when Ragnok says my SI is eighth richest, its eighth richest globally. He is probably the richest in England. In this fic the Flamels are based in France, the Von Hohenheim in Germany, and so on. That said between Heirs and Lords fucking up financially or the family being wiped out most rarely last longer than a millennia or so. Keep in mind the Flamels are only 700 years old or so.

In comparison the Weasleys have somewhere between ten and twenty thousand galleons at any given time, while a family like the Malfoys being one of the richest families in Britain have somewhere around 300,000 to 400,000 galleons in their accounts, generally on the lower end of that scale. the average pure blood household has somewhere around 80,000 to 120,000 galleons.

Also keep in mind that enough to live isn't that much. It means they have enough money to get three meals a day, and somewhere to sleep, and decent clothing, that's it.

I am torn on having a Fem!Harry instead of canon harry potter. regardless my character will be close to the Potter Heir but using a Fem!Harry opens up dating which can open up drama when he is suddenly torn from the potterverse. both for my SI and for Fem!Harry, regardless romance wont really be a thing until third year or so though there might be some fluff.