There once was a kingdom by the name of Hyrule. It was a large land, divided into three sections from the north, east, and south.

It was the strongest kingdom in the world, with the ruler of the land, a man by the name of Daphnes, ruling all nations with peace and justice. In his possession was the Triforce, an ancient gift from the gods with the power to do unimaginable things. Despite its name, only two were with the king; the Triforce of Power, said to give such strength that it will make a simple man a god, and the Triforce of Wisdom, the greatest of all magical charms for its endless supply of mana. For years, the king sought to complete the collection, searching for the lost Triforce of Courage, said to make a simple grunt a great warrior.

Though the king ruled peacefully, he grew complacent, and when there was an opening, a great evil struck the land.

Hyrule's greatest nemesis, Ganon, rose from the shadows with his armies and marched upon the castle in the northern land of Hyrule. Desiring the Triforce, he spared no mercy upon the inhabitants of the land. Hyrule's army fought back with bravery, but alas the Demon King swept through them. In a last-ditch effort, King Daphnes hatched a plan; he would take the Triforce of Power and confront Ganon. The king fought as he should, but he was easily cast aside, spared death by Ganon in exchange for submission and relinquishing of Power. To save his people, the king bowed, giving Ganon what he wanted.

With one Triforce in hand, Ganon marched to the sacred Temple of Time with one more mission to fulfill... He entered the Sacred Realm, but to his rage, the remaining two Triforces had not returned home.

The second part of the king's plan depended on his daughter, the young princess named Zelda. She took the Triforce of Wisdom with her to the southern lands of the country. Once Ganon caught wind of this, he pursued her. As the Demon King came close, the young princess created her own plan. To her nursemaid and protector named Impaz, Zelda charged her and the rest of the Sheikah Clan with finding the most courageous warrior in the land, to fight alongside her against Ganon. The second part of her plan was to break apart the Triforce of Wisdom into eight pieces, hidden across dangerous dungeons around South Hyrule.

Ganon captured Zelda and took her to his lair in the mountains. For weeks and months he endlessly tortured her for the location of the Triforce of Wisdom, but though she was just a kid, Zelda was not broken. She dedicated herself to endure Ganon for as long as she could, to buy Impaz and her people time to find someone to help. She didn't know how long it would take, how much longer she could resist, and if there was a person out there brave enough to challenge Ganon, but in her heart, Zelda knew the gods had not abandoned their people.

Her faith was paid.

One day, while overrun by monsters, a young Sheikah girl name Impa was saved by a young boy in a green tunic of the neighboring land of Calatia. Sensing his courage, Impa asked the boy, the same age as her and Princess Zelda, to take up the task of saving Hyrule. He accepted and fought tirelessly across South Hyrule to assemble the Triforce of Wisdom again. Once that task was over, Impa and the Sheikah Clan led him to the lair of the Demon King, and alone the boy went to confront Ganon and save Princess Zelda...

His name...was Link.

30 years ago, Death Mountain, "The Lair."

The dungeon was almost over for its weary intruder, for all that stood between him and his destiny is the door he just stands in front of. He couldn't just rush in, no. Even though his inner child wants to do just that, the last eight dungeons taught him many things, one being that rushing could lead to serious injury or worse. He didn't want to have any of that, but eventually, he'll have to go through the door. Checking on his reserves, he found one final red potion in his hold, and while he knew he wasn't at full health now, the power of the Magical Sword could be of use. He uncorked the bottle and took a swig of the potion, leaving the rest for later. He checked on his arrows of silver, blesses with the power of Wisdom to strike evil and vanquish it.

Once he opened this door, he knew it would be the Triforce of Power vs the boy who had a weird sense of courage. Maybe there's a Triforce of Courage somewhere, waiting to be found, hence the name Triforce.

Taking a final breath, the boy, only twelve years of age, opened the door and sealed his fate. He slowly surveyed the room, taking note of the skull-shaped floor, just like the dungeon was shaped as well. In each corner, a bust of a dragon watched the boy in a green and brown tunic, as he drew his blade and shield. He noticed that someone was not here at all. "Ganon! Come out!"

"Heh, heh, heh, heh." The boy heard the deep, inside laughter all over the room. "You dare challenge me, boy? You're not from Hyrule, yet you seek to save it? Why? To win the Princess's heart? You're Calatian!"

"You'll come there next. Then Holodrum! Then Labrynna!"

"Maybe I will, but that doesn't matter. What does matter is that this time, I have won." Smoke billowed from the center of the room, but it didn't faze the green one as he kept his eyes on the entity rising from the smoke. The being was a giant, blue pig, with red clothing upon him. He carried a golden trident in his left hand and a golden light in his right. The boy always thought the man was a pig, but when Impa said that, he didn't realize that she meant it literally. Ganon is a pig. The evil one looked down at the boy and chuckled once again. "Many like you I have faced. You, the Hero Link… Princess Zelda… Why do you two always resist me?"

Link knew nothing about other resistances unless Ganon referred to the Hero and Princess of Hyrule that appeared after the Imprisoning War and the two that helped save Hyrule and another dimension. "Maybe because we don't like evil men…or pigs like you, Ganon. If you've been beaten before, why not give up?"

"The Princess said the same thing, right before I captured her. I simply want Hyrule under my feet. Is that too much to ask for?"

Link grunted in annoyance. "Yes. The country belongs to Princess Zelda!"

Ganon crackled. "Naive boy, whether it is today, or years from now, I have won. Maybe I should kill her, and end this goddess-forsaken curse on me. Maybe I'll kill you first… Yes… I will." Ganon disappeared, and Link held his sword and shield in front of him. He had to be ready.

A blue light flashed in the corner of Link's right eye, and he had a moment to glance at it before it came at him. Link blocked the magical orb and turned to see another coming from the left. Then one came from behind, then the right, then from the five o'clock, then from the front. The boy barely blocked or dodged any of the attacks, and he got hit by two of them.

Ganon's cowardice made Link furious. "Face me like the king you say you are!"

"And in what fun of seeing you struggle is that?" The barrage continued on, and Link even tried to counterattack by striking at the source of each ball. Whether it was succeeding or not, Link knew he couldn't win if he couldn't see Ganon. The Triforce of Wisdom wouldn't help either, for it belonged to Zelda… The Triforce of Wisdom belonged to Zelda. If he could get to the door, and get the Triforce to her… Impa said Zelda knew how to use it, and that could help. Leaving his position in the right center of the room, Link willed the relic on his left hand to become solid once and ran for the door. If Ganon noticed what he was doing, it didn't seem to make him appear. He slid to the front of the door and raised his somewhat large shield to protect him while the Triforce of Wisdom slowly became of solid matter. It would take another minute before it does so.

"Ganon, stop this trickery, and let's fight like you fought my predecessors!"

"Why would I make such a mistake? Yes, I killed the Hero of Time, but then the bitch of a Princess took upon his blade and bested me, along with her sages. I did take her with me, however. Then there's the Hero of Legend, and by all means, the boy cheated, having the Master Sword in which you now carry tempered beyond its natural power. Excuse me if I play dirty, for it was your fellow Heroes and Princesses that always played dirty!"

Link grunted as another ball battered against his shield. "I can see why!" He glanced at his left hand, seeing the Triforce of Wisdom mostly out of his hand. The stinging pain hurt a lot, but it was bearable. Good thing the hand was behind the shield, for Ganon could have seen the dim golden light and taken the final piece. He only had a few seconds to outlast Ganon's strikes before the relic would be free. Distractions would be nice right now. "So what if you win? If what you say is true, another Hero will appear."

"He will fail."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Ask the Hero of Time when you meet him in the Sacred Realm."

Looking at his glowing hand, Link had full possession of a solid Triforce. Smiling to himself, he quickly slid it under the door. Please get it, Princess. I'm counting on you, and you alone. Link blocked another ball and drank the last of his potion, then got back onto his feet. He began an unprecedented strategy of running around the circumference of the room, hoping for an opening of some sort.

Like Ganon showing his big, pork steak face.

"Stop moving!"

"Then show yourself!"


Before Link could prepare himself for his wish, a ball struck his back. "AHHH!" Link collapsed and rolled on the ground, feeling his back burn. Settling his back onto the cold floor to somewhat relieve himself, Link's broken breath awaited the monster that approached him. If he got close enough, maybe a Silver Arrow could finish everything.

Ganon kicked off Link's hat, and grabbed him by his brown hair, lifting him off the ground. Using his other hand, the villain tossed away Link's magical pouch that contain all except his fallen sword and shield. "How should I kill you, child? You're not like the Hero of Time, or the Hero of Legend, who were men. But like a man, you defeated Aquamentus, King Dodongo, Manhandla, Gleeok, Digdogger, and Gohma. Maybe you shall die like the Hero of Hyrule you've become."

"I wouldn't be so sure, Ganon. How else would you gained the Triforce of Wisdom I took from your monsters?"

"Heh. You're right." Ganon began to groan, and tossed Link back to the floor, grabbing his left hand. Whatever Ganon was doing, it hurt like hell. Ganon began to frown, clearly not finding what he's looking for. "What? Where is it?"

Even in pain, Link had to be his cocky self. "Well, excuuuuuse me, Ganon, but I have no idea what you're talking about."


"Right here." Ganon and Link double checked to make sure Link's voice didn't become feminine before both males looked to the door formerly closed. Link could barely formulate a gasp, but Ganon did it for both of them.

"Princess Zelda? How?"

The Princess of Hyrule stood armed, holding a bow and arrow. Link could see the blond girl was still dressed in her pink dress with a white bow around the lower portion, and red necklace around the neck. She raised the bow, and loaded a Silver Arrow. "The Hero and Princess of Time didn't win because they were divided. Only Courage and Wisdom together, like you should well know after the Hero and Princess of Legend, can save Hyrule." Link looked away from Zelda, and to his left, where the Magical Sword rested within reach. Ganon was distracted enough, and didn't notice Link regain it.

"So where is the Triforce of Courage, Princess?"

Zelda smirked. "I was not referring to the goddesses' gift, Ganon. I was referring to the chosen two. Now!" Link quickly stabbed Ganon's knee, and the beast howled as he dropped to his uninjured knee, and Link was more than happy to bust it as well, along with the elbows of Ganon. All extremities injured, Link stood above Ganon, Zelda at his side.

Ganon looked into the Hero's' brown and the Princess's blue eyes, anger filling his pupil-less yellow eyes. "You may...have won.. but I will return, sooner than later."

Link snorted. "I doubt that."

Zelda brought the arrow back. "If you somehow do, I'm sure you'll be beaten again."

"...Maybe so... But have you both grown tired of this endless war? I have...and I wish for it to end. So however it must end, with the death of us three or the world, this war will end, and I'll be the one to do it!"

"Farewell, Ganon." Zelda fired the arrow into Ganon's chest, watching it begin to disseminate him.

"Heh heh heh heh… Ha ha ha ha… HA HA HA HA HAAAAA-" Ganon vanished, leaving behind the second Triforce piece, the Triforce of Power. It rose in the air above Link and Zelda, and no sooner later did Wisdom join her sister. Link turned to Zelda, and nodded to her approvingly.

"I'm Link. Impa tasked me to save you, Princess Zelda."

The young Princess smiled, and joined her hand with Link's as they looked up to the two pieces of the gods before them. "You are a true Hero of Hyrule, Link."

Six years after Ganon was destroyed, Link learned from Impa of a curse set upon Zelda, keeping her in eternal sleep. With Wisdom and Power powerless to awaken the sleeping Princess, Impa charges Link, now with the mark of the gods upon his hand, with finding the third part of the Triforce sealed within a palace in Hyrule. To break the seal, crystals must be placed in statues of 6 well guarded temples. Link set out on his most adventurous quest yet.

24 years ago, Great Palace

The Great Palace was conquered... The Thunderbird was dead... The journey, deadlier than the fight against Ganon six years ago, was over. Link celebrated that realization as he crawled over to his sword, implanted in the ground where the head of the Thunderbird formerly lied. Gripping it with his singed right hand, the Hero of Hyrule used his left to find a fairy in his pouch, and quickly released it from its bottled cell, graciously accepting the healing powers of the little creature. Once it disappeared, Link stood up, strapped on his shield, sheathed his sword, and picked up a fallen key.

The key to his ultimate goal, the Triforce of Courage, the key to awakening his best friend, Princess Zelda. Link smiled, knowing that he'll be the first to see Her Highness when she awakens, and it'll be him who she sees first when he returns to North Castle victorious. With happy thoughts within him, Link proceeded onward, down a long, barely lit hallway. His mind set on reuniting with his best friend of the last six years in the most cliche way possible set butterflies down Link's stomach. A knight, walking up to his beautiful princess, but instead of awakening her with a kiss, it'll be with the power of the full Triforce. However, the Hero of Hyrule was dead set on getting Zelda to kiss him, just to complete this fairy tale. Then they'll live happily ever after, because Ganon and his minions will be long gone, Hyrule will be at peace, and Link...well, he could finally rest.

Maybe he should switch the curse on Zelda to him, for the boy hadn't slept well in a long while.

The sight of bright light at the end of the hallway, a light so familiar, ignited Link, and he ran all the way to the huge room before him. Stopping in the middle of the room, on a raised blue platform, the Hero looked around for the triangular relic. The holy light of the Triforce gleamed all over the walls, but he couldn't see it. "Triforce of Courage? Where are you? Have some courage, and come to Link."

"Heh heh heh, our poor Hero is now talking to inanimate objects as humans." Link looked up, and sighed as he saw the one constant in all of his journeys, even as a kid: the Old Man with the red robe. Beside him was the golden triangle, the Triforce of Courage.

"What are you doing here, Old Man?"

"As I have always done, Link. To test you."

"Test me? I have risked my life for Hyrule for the second time now, and I must be tested again? Come on..."

"Anger, arrogrance, cockiness, entitlement...traits a hero, a true hero, should never, ever bear in them. You have beaten Horsehead, Helmethead, Rebonack, Carock. Gooma, Barba, and Thunderbird, but you have not beaten your greatest adversary...yourself." As he said this, the Old Man flicked his staff, sending a dark beam through Link's heart. The boy gasped in expected pain, but felt nothing, and didn't even find a wound where there should be one. He looked up, finding the Old Man and the Triforce of Courage gone from the above platform.

"Really? What now?"


Link took out his sword, and searched for the owner of the new voice. "Who are you?"


"Come out of hidden!"


That triggered Link, for reasons unknown. Maybe the idea of Zelda dying was unbelievable to him. "Face me!"

"Hero...failed!" Link felt a foot impact his back, and he fell to the floor, rolling up to his knees to face his opponent. What he saw frightened the courage out of the Hero of Hyrule. The figure was all black, except for the blood red eyes that targeted Link. What frightened the Hero was that every detail on the shadow being, from head to toe, was an exact copy of Link. The boy mustered up any remaining courage, and stood on his feet, gripping the Magical Sword.

"What are you?"

"I'm everything in you that doesn't make you heroic. Anger, hatred, lust, arrogance, entitlement, I am it. I am your darkness. You are my light, and like a fire, you must be extinguished. I am...Dark Link."

Link scoffed, "Cringe-worthy name."

Dark Link flicked his hand, and a sword identical to Link's Magical Sword appeared. "Inside of your light-hearted soul, I have dreamed of this moment. Me, rising from your form, and to exact the revenge I so craved for centuries on you and the woman you call Zelda. I will extract her darkness, and I'll have my Dark Zelda, and we'll rule Hyrule for all time."

Link smiled, and strapped on his shield. "That's nice. But let me tell you this, Dark Link: When we are done today, I will be in this plane of existence, making my way to awaken my friend. You will wander the Evil Realm, just a shade of me, and all will know that 'This is Dark Link. The Being Who Couldn't Beat His Heroic Doppelganger.'" Link ran forward, thrusting his sword for Dark's chest, but the shadow being leaned back, and brought up his shield against Link's own. Link jumped back, and both men began to circle each other before Link advanced again, leaping into the air for a skyward strike, but his sword collided with Dark's shield. The impact pushed the being back, and as he stumbled for footing, Link made his charge, furiously attacking his doppelganger.

Dark used the onslaught to his advantage, ducking under Link's sword, and thrusting his upward, but the Hero fell back in the nick of time. Dark brought his shield up, squarely hitting Link in the stomach, and kicked the Hero back. Both men swiped for each other's head, and after Link pushed aside Dark's blade away from his head, Dark got behind his shield, settling his sword above it, and pressed forward on the retreating Link, jabbing and swinging the foul weapon at the Hero unsuccessfully. He went for the lower torso, missing by a few inches, and Link trapped the blade between himself and his arm. Dark swung his free arm, using the force of the shield to knock the Magical Sword out of Link's hands. The hero grunted as he was punished by the shield in his back again, and growled angrily as he outstretched his sword hand as he blocked his doppelganger's attacks. He was able to get the sword to the ground, and kicked it out of Dark's hands just as he felt the Magical Sword return to him. He attacked again, hitting first Dark's shield, and then the shadow being created a new blade. They traded blows aiming for head and leg until Dark used his unnatural strength to thrust his sword on Link's shield, making him fall back.

Link's rage began to fuel him, a counter to Dark's calmness, and it began to show as Link sloppily fought his doppelganger, who only pivoted on his feet as the Hero swung on and on. After one attack, Link was elbowed in his chin, and as Dark came up to him, missed his attacks, only to be pushed back once again by blocking the clone's sword. Link pressed back on, fighting more offensively than he has ever done in his entire life. Dark did his best at defending against Link, but allowed himself to be open as he moved back from Link's fury swipes, getting a thin cut along his torso in the process. Seeing green blood glimmer in the wound spurred Link on, and he cried forward, thrusting his blade into Dark Link...or so he thought. He got his sword caught between Dark's body and shield, and had his arm painfully twisted up. Dark aimed for Link's exposed chest, but the hero blocked it, only for Dark to kick him away. Link fell to the ground, dropping his shield and barely hanging on to his sword. Dark paced back around him. "Get up, Hero of Hyrule. Get up, Zelda awaits." Link scrambled to his feet as Dark approached, and swung mindlessly, getting a wound to his leg in the process. Link pushed the wound and his exhaustion away from his thoughts, and charged forward, colliding blow after blow with Dark, until he was forcibly pushed back again. Link ran forward again, missing Dark as the shadow made a full circle turn, and sharply impaled Link in his left shoulder.

"AAAAHHHH!" Link cried in pain, and fell to his knees. Dark stood over him, and drew his new blade back, ready for the kill. Link slowly looked up to Dark's soulless eyes, and in them, he saw only one thing, despite the sudden doom, and that was his Zelda, still sleeping in the North Castle, waiting for him. Without a word, Dark thrusted his blade towards Link, surprisingly having it pushed aside by the downed Link. The Hero of Hyrule summoned his sword once more as he spun into the air, and before Dark knew what happened, Link impaled his doppelganger in his black heart. The shadow being and the hero fell to the ground, one exhausted from battle, the other exhausted from life. Link turned to the fading form of Dark, and exclaimed, "I have conquered myself..." The shadow disappeared, and Link stood up, slowly healing the shoulder wound with his healing spell.

"You have done exceptionally well, Link. A little worse than I expected, but you won." The Old Man reappeared, smiling up to Link. "I believe you are now worthy of the third gift the gods have given us." The Old Man flicked his hands, and the small golden relic, the Triforce of Courage, appeared. It floated over to Link, and he raised it in the air victoriously.

"I did it."

"Heh ha, yes you did. But you still have one thing to do, lad. I can send you over quickly to North Castle, if you would like." Link nodded, and clutched the Triforce. The Old Man tapped his staff against the ground, and the Hero felt a calm breeze circled around him. "Farewell, Link, for this will be the last we meet."

"Farewell, Old Man. And thank you." Link waved goodbye to the elder before he was beamed away from sight. The next thing Link knew, he was back at the North Castle, within Zelda's bedroom. An young woman in a large brown robe and with short white hair, Impa, sat nearby, overlooking the princess until she heard Link's footsteps. Seeing the item in his hands produced a smile upon her weathered face.

"You have returned. Successful and alive, I see."

Link shrugged, and mindlessly rubbed the shoulder wound. "Part of the job, Impa." He knelt beside Zelda's bedside, and produced the Triforce of Courage. Impa, behind him, summoned the other two pieces, and both watched as the three became one, and hovered above the sleeping girl. The guardian of Zelda patted her hero on his shoulder, and proceeded to leave the room. Link looked up to the Triforce, and cautiously put his palm on it, as per the words of the legends, and made his silent wish. The Triforce responded by shining brightly golden, blinding Link. When he was able to see again, the Triforce was gone, housed within the Princess of Hyrule's right hand. Link moved his eyes up from Zelda's hand to her face, and gave her shoulder a slight nudge. "Zelda... Wake up, sleepyhead."

The face of the Princess crunched up and relaxed, and then her eyes slowly opened, revealing her sea blue eyes. She slowly rose up, and stretched her arms, yawning. After that, she looked to her sides, seeing her smiling friend on her left. Unaware of why he was happy, she raised her eyebrow in confusion. "What?"

"Good morning, Zelda. How was your 5 month nap?"

"What do you mean... Oh... That explains a lot." She tried to stand up, instead falling into Link's grasp due to her misuse of her legs.

"Easy now, Zelda."

Zelda found her footing, and stood straight up, still holding on to Link. He found himself entranced by her beauty as she looked up to him, smiling. "You saved Hyrule, again, and you are a real hero!"

"I know, now I think I deserve, for the hell I went through to awaken you, a kiss. Please?" Zelda giggled and raised herself up to Link.

"I think so too." Their faces came closer, and Link was ready for his greatest victory ever. Getting a kiss from Princess-

"ZELDA! Thank Nayru you're awake!" Link and Zelda pushed apart as Impa reentered the room, overjoyed to see her charge all right. Link groaned to himself as he stepped aside, having a bad feeling that this would just be the beginning of his bad luck with the Princess.

Link, Zelda, and the Kingdom of Hyrule tried to thrived in peace, but the monsters still remained in the country. For a year, Link, and on occasion, Zelda, would fight any and all threats produced by the beings, while searching for the source of their presence. That source revealed itself to be a sorcerer called Agahnim, a loyal servant of Ganon. Originally, Agahnim wanted Link's death during his journey to the palaces so he could used Link's blood to resurrect his master, but after learning he only needed the Triforces, he set his goal on them. Multiple attempts would be made, causing either Link or Zelda to be kidnapped, and for the other to rescue his or her friend.

They eventually succeeded in defeating Agahnim, but the repercussions would be great. Four years later, without warning, darkness soon returned to Hyrule, and the kingdom was attack by a monster force. The kingdom held the attack back, but with severe losses. The young Queen Zelda died, leaving the kingdom solely to her husband, King Vatis and the Hero Link, who left North Castle days prior, had disappeared. For the next five years, peace resumed, unaware of the evil lurking and waiting for its next chance to strike

But in a small village in South Hyrule, the location where Link had his first acts of heroism, in a town young in size and years, a young boy sleeps in,while a young girl gasp at the new sights around her as her caretaker directs a carriage through the Eastern Woods. Their destiny, and the destiny of those linked to them by fate, are unknown to them and others around them, yet is already foretold. Whatever destiny does to lead them to their fates, it is a secret to everyone. But once it begins, it will be the rise.

The Youths Chosen By the Goddesses.