Ganondorf looked up at the flying beast while the Resistance made way for the pass to his right. The robots fired energy blast after energy blast, expediting the Resistance's retreat from the mountain. He turned his head to Auru, who, despite his orders, hadn't moved from his spot. Midna was still in his hands, and that angered Ganondorf very much.

"What are you waiting for? GO!"

Auru turned to Ganondorf, realizing that he was standing still and that the boy was still here. "What about you?"

Ganondorf turned to the lizard beast and had an idea. "I'll hold them off. Fight fire with fire. You just get her out of here!" Auru opened his mouth to speak, closing it immediately and nodding. He ran off with his troops, Gan turning back to the beast in the sky.

He shouldn't have promised he'll hold the Imperials off, but it was for Midna's safety.

"If you plan on doing what I think you are, you'll need it. Make the Imperials fear your power, and only with it can it happen. Call for it."

Ganondorf smiled. "Now we're talking." he outstretched his hand and waited. The sounds of screams and colliding blasts echoed across the area, and while everyone else ran, Ganondorf stood in place, looking like a fool. He knew it but didn't care.

"What are you doing?" Ganondorf turned to see the boy Hero at his side, looking confused yet amused at Ganondorf's posture.

"Why are you here?"

"Same reason you are, plus I am the Hero of Legend." Link sighed as he took sword and shield in hand. "Duty calls."

Ganondorf scoffed. "You have a grand plan, or are you just going to wing it like your predecessors?"

"Ha, because yours are so good with plans." Ganondorf grunted, which earned a smirk from Link. "Anyway, I do have one, and it is called we take control of the lizard. If the Imperials can do it, so can we."

Ganondorf smiled. "I had the same idea.

"Then why are you still here in this stupid pose?"

"I'm waiting on something that I was distracted from getting earlier."

Link raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"This." Ganondorf heard it coming and closed his hand to grab the item he had waited for. Golden in color, and at least five feet long, Ganondorf twisted the weapon until he held its three-pointed tips skyward. He looked at Link, who seemed unimpressed.

"All that for a trident?"

"And you have that rinky dinky sword."

"I would say touche, but my sword is needed."

Ganondorf grunted. "So is mine." They both turned to the incoming robots, who had taken some notice of the pair not running for their lives. Turning to each other, both boys nodded before advancing towards the Imperial's mechanic army. Link made it to one first, his shield miraculously deflecting the blast, and allowing Link the chance to strike before the three-legged robot could try again. The Master Sword gleamed with power, cleanly cutting through the robot as if it was flesh. Link stood over it as the robot fell into two, lifting his head to she his partner leaped into the air and skewer a flying robot, throwing it to the ground. Hovering in the air, he summoned a huge orb and threw it, destroying many of the machines as it burst upon contact with the ground. Ganondorf dropped to the ground, heaving for air as he was still winded from his earlier battle with Midna. Feeling jealous that the other can do all that fancy stuff, Link drew back his blade, swinging it and creating an arc of energy. It flew forward, destroying a robot, and Link created more as he advanced up the mountain. He saw a blast come for him, and parried the shot, sending it back to the shooter, and watching it explode. Gan smirked as he came across a trio, and as they aimed at him, he jumped up, causing friendly fire for two of them and an unfortunate stabbing for the third.

All and all, they were enjoying the fight, despite the odds.

It was another few minutes, a few flights, and many cuts, bruises, and beatdowns before the duo made it close to the lizard beast, purring softly as it awaited new commands. Ganondorf had shielded both boys from the scorching heat, as the beast had not moved from the summit of Death Mountain. Link looked over the beast, searching for a way in. Ganondorf, however, compared the highlights of the lizard to the highlights on the bird. The bird had purple highlights, while the lizard was blue. He remembered earlier that the lizard had purple before. If the color meant anything…"The Imperials haven't recovered the beast yet. We might have a chance."

"Yeah, sure. How do we get on it, though?"

Ganondorf frowned. If anyone could possibly understand these machines… He stepped away from Link, speaking lowly, "Ganon, you know about these things? Now would be a good time to play nice."

"If only I did."

Ganondorf sighed and gazed at the beast. Link huffed, crossing his arms. "Out of all the times, now I leave my fairy with Zelda."

"Out of all the times, now you leave without Zelda."

"True that. How about we go on top of it? Maybe there's something up there?"

"I got no better ideas. Hang on!" Rising in the air once more, Ganondorf and Link soared over the mountain to the back of the mechanical being, landing safely on its back. Link jogged over to the edge, where he could see the remaining rebels either escaping or sacrificing their lives against the onslaught of the Imperial's new force. He looked up to the bird itself, seeing that it had descended on another part of the mountain nearby, perched in place and had its horned head facing the Imperial camp. Off the horned, a red light was emitted.

"Hey, what is it doing?"

Ganondorf looked over, gasping as he recalled what the red light meant. "It is aiming."

"More or less for your abysmal resistance." Link and Ganondorf turned, seeing a third person standing in the center of the beast's dorsal side. He leaned against an oddly shaped structure that glowed orange. Everything about the figure was purple. His cape, his tunic, his hair, and partially his skin, all purple. The crown on his head was mostly gold, with a large red ruby inserted in the front, and the softer parts were colored purple. Underneath his tunic, the man wore red shorts and gladiator sandals. Across the waist, a gold belt could be seen, and like the crown, a ruby was present in the middle. He looked at the pair with his left eye, the other covered by the length and direction of the hair, and underneath the blazing red pupil was a mark that outlines the lower eyelid and cheek. He smiled at the pair, then pushed himself off the structure and walked towards the heroes.

"Now this, this is unforeseen. The Hero Link and the Thief Ganondorf working together instead of fighting? This is one for the records."

Link unsheathed the Master Sword, much to the amusement of the newcomer. "You're the king."

"Right. Rightfully."

Link shook his head. "No, the rightful king and queen were Vatis and Zelda, but because of you, they're gone!"

The king shrugged. "If you say so. But why the animosity from you, Hero? I expected it to come from Her Missing-ness. I take it the Princess is alive but not well."

Link nodded. "She'll take back her throne. We'll see to it."

"Oh, is that so?" The king turned to Ganondorf, who looked away after Link's claim. "Is it true, Ganondorf? You fight for the Princess, to reclaim her throne that I kept warm for 18 years? Or do you fight for another reason? Do you want my throne? I say, you have the best chance of taking it. I can sense your power, and it can easily beat the Hero. You could do it now, finish him as your ancestor once did, and then kill the Princess. Then it is only me who stands in your way, and while I do doubt you'll win… It'll be fun." The king turned to the Hero, who looked at Ganondorf in confusion.

"Or maybe you should take the initiative, Hero. Within that body is a pure evil called Ganon. Isn't it your duty to Hyrule to stop him. He's the real threat to us all. I kept him in his prison, just as Her Majesty and the Hero for Hyrule did. But now, while I do admit that taking down Queen Zelda was unwise after learning about how the seal works, keeping the old Link alive is imperative, is it not? Now I don't promise my army won't kill him, but if Princess Zelda's father dies...we're doomed. Ganon will return, and not even I could stop him. So if you want my throne, you're more than welcome to try, but remember that I'm not the threat to you. It is each other."

Ganondorf and Link stared at each other, knowing that the king's words, distracting as they were, are true. However, both boys at the moment shared a common goal, and that was protecting the Resistance, and they knew, at this moment, they were not enemies. Ganondorf summoned the Trident of Power, pointing it towards the king. "You'll do better being quiet."

The king shrugged. "Wrong choice, youths chosen by the goddesses. Sadly, this is not your victory. You will die here, martyrs, but not for long. I will yank those pendants off your dead neck and claim the power of the gods. I am king. I am invincible. You will not win, for against, the Wind Mage, Vaati, you will die."

Link denied it. "No, we will win here, and it will be the rise of heroes." Link ran forward, yelling as he leaped into the air. The king growled, and telekinetically controlled Link's movements, throwing him into the weird structure behind him. Ganondorf came next, colliding his magic-filled hands with the king's in a contest of power. He silently willed Ganon to give him strength, but he couldn't tell if the demon king had granted him that or...the king was too strong.

Link pulled himself together, witnessing Ganondorf struggled to stand against the king, and looked at the structure he was thrown against. From what he could gather, it seemed to be a control unit, giving Link an idea. He just needed Ganondorf to hold off the king a while longer.

He saw a panel, the only one visible, and put a hand on it. He could hear some sounds but didn't if they were good or bad. He could only figure it out one way. "Take aim at the bird thingy over there." He pointed to it, and miraculously, it did so. A large red beam fired from the beast's mouth to the chest of the bird. Link smiled, then made his next command. "Aim again, this time down at the Imperial base camp, and fire when ready." The beast changed its aim, close to Spectacle Rock, and with slight rocking, fired a blue beam down on the base. It obliterated everything in the area, and while Link could only hope at the moment, there were no rebels caught in the blast.

Matter of fact, he pretty much saved them and allowed them to retreat from the mountain in peace.

Back on the beast, Link, Ganondorf, and the king had lost their footing, with the king rising to his feet first. He shook off the pain, then turned to Link, who was coming to. "You…"

Link looked up, smirking. "Me." He stood up, picking up the Master Sword and holding it as if he wanted to do battle. This paused the king's advance.

"You cannot beat me."

"Who said I was going to fight you?" Link twisted the sword and impaled the control unit. For added measure, he fired a beam from where the sword was to add more damage. The king, surprised that Link made such a move, seethed in anger.

"Why you little… HAAAAA!" An orb flew towards Link, causing an explosion when it made contact. It fully destroyed the control unit as well, and the king could feel his creation powering down and losing its grip on the mountain. He took some satisfaction that he took out the Hero, and moved to take the pendants.

It wasn't until he was close to where Link was that he noticed the hero was gone. Nothing remained of him, not even that stupid hat. He was saved, but by what?

"Looking for something?" The king whirled to see Ganondorf standing, a wild smile on his face. The king, enraged, fired a similar orb at Ganondorf, who knocked it aside with his hands. It made an impact on the bird beast, though it was minute damage. Ganondorf rushed the king, dodging his orbs and sending a powerful punch on his opponent's face. It wasn't as strong as he wanted, given he hadn't had time to recover since he began battling Midna, but it was enough to stagger the king for a moment. He was going in for another attack, but this time, the king was prepared, thrusting out his hand. Orb after orb flew Ganondorf's way, but the Gerudo knocked them aside until one struck him in the leg. The king advanced, drawing a sword, and ferociously battering Ganondorf's trident until he knocked it aside and slashed the boy's back. He fell with a cry but was instantly raised into the air. Immobilized, the king banged the boy countlessly against the depowering Divine Beast. Finally, the king pitted Ganondorf close to the burning control unit and holding him there. "North Hyrule is just over the mountain. If you so wish to return there, I'll make it your last wish."

Ganondorf, bleeding, bruised, and battered, grinned, challenging the king. "Do it, but know that I will not die here. No, I'm coming for you. I will kill you. Do it." He closed his eyes and against his sanity, chuckled. Laughed. Crackled. Howled. Roared. It confused the king immensely that the boy found amusement in his situation. Then it vanished in a snap, the boy looking at the king seriously, his eyes challenging him. "Do it!"

Ganondorf thought he saw a spark of fear on the king's face, but it quickly disappeared. No... It was there... It was there. "Whatever." The king flicked his finger, and Ganondorf flew through the control unit and over the summit, down the mountain and crossing over to North Hyrule. The king didn't care where the boy landed, only hovering as the lizard beast finally lost all power and fell into the lava pit below.

Vah Rudania was down, but he swore the others will finish what their brother started. He will claim the power of the gods, and make the world his.

And if Vaati had to kill the youths chosen by the goddesses, he would.

Link landed somewhere that is not Death Mountain, but based on the cheering rebels around him, he'll say that it was the rebels' base They knew he had saved them from death, but he had other things on his mind as he pushed himself through the crowd.

He wanted to check on Zelda.

Before joining up with Ganondorf, Link made sure that Zelda was safe and through the portal that leads to the base of the Resistance. However, even then, he hadn't seen her go through, but Shade's word that he will see to it that his daughter would make it was enough for Link.

Finally warding off the crowd and getting to the medical wing of the base, it was an easy find to locate Shade, the three generals, the three non-Hylian royals, and Ravio with each other. They were gathered by two beds, one for Zelda, who was finally conscious, and the other was for the transformed Midna, still unconscious. They all noticed Link enter, but he greeted none of them as he gazed at Zelda. He forgot himself as he threw his being onto her, wrapping her up in his arms.

Zelda gasped for a moment, still in pain and surprised by Link. "Hey now."

Link pulled away, holding Zelda by her arms. "You're okay. I was worried."

"Oh, so the one time a boss pummels me, you're worried about me being hurt. I should be worried that you suck at the one thing you're supposed to be good at. Well, the second thing."

"She's right." Auru rose up, turning to all of the younger rebels in the room. "All of you play significant parts in today's battle. Maybe all of you guys are important, not just the chosen two. Yesterday, you were people who join a rebellion to fight a menace, but today, you rise as heroes of the Resistance." He turned to Midna, taking one of her little hands. "Even you would be proud of him, Midna."

Shade looked to Link, eyeing the pendants. "So what's next?"

"If I may," Zelda positioned herself so that she could sit up. "My mother must have seen this coming, for I, and I'm sure Link and Ganondorf have as well, been visited by the goddesses themselves. We should have heard a similar song too. Our next step is to take the pendants, and find a 'timeless temple.'"

Link nodded. "Yeah, heard the same thing from Farore. But what will we find there? Something to defeat the king?"

"Even better." Shade looked to Zelda, then down to her right hand. "You'll find your birthright, as Princess of Hyrule, the power of the gods, the golden power… The Triforce..."

"Once you claim it, Hyrule will have no choice but to fight for you. Already, our victories would have spread, and when the moment is right, they will follow you, under your command. For as long as there is a hero, and there is a princess, Hyrule will never give into darkness..."

"The chosen two I see now are different from the ones back then, it's true, but ultimately I believe that is a good thing. You won't necessarily make the same mistakes we did, but if you guide them, Zelda, if you give them hope, they will come to you."

Zelda stood beside Link, standing on a raised platform above the rest of the crown. They watched as General Auru walked over to a stand, taking the small item that was placed there into his hands. He handed it to Shade, who took it with a nod to the general and turned to his two proteges. He walked over in front of Zelda, smiling as his daughter smiled back.

"Your mother would have loved to do this. I wish she could."

"At least my father can, in her place." Shade nodded and gestured for his daughter to bow.

"By the power of Din, the knowledge of Nayru, and the grace of Farore, I now deem thee, the eighth Zelda Harkinian Hyrule, Princess of Hyrule. May thee lead Hyrule with courage, wisdom, and power." He placed the small crown upon her head, blinking as the blue sapphire encrusted flashed in the light. The crowd cheered as the crown landed on Zelda's head, and she rose back to full height. "Long live the Princess, and long prosper Hyrule!"

"LONG LIVE THE PRINCESS! LONG LIVE THE PRINCESS!" Zelda smiled, holding back tears as she looked to Link, who held his hands out with a purple rolled banner in them. She took it, unrolling it to reveal a golden symbol of a bird with its wings spread apart, the Triforce serving as its head.

"That's what this symbol means. The symbol of the House of Hyrule means hope. Embodied within that hope is the fundamental belief the potential of every person to be a force for good and that the forces of evil will fall. That's what you can bring them."

"Link." The Hero turned to his predecessor, who had walked behind him to a hanging cloth. The older hero removed it, revealing the Master Sword embedded in a pedestal. Link was confused as to why it was there, which Shade began to explain. "For countless generations, we Heroes have done a passage of rites, so to speak. I gave you the Master Sword, but not in the way you should have gotten it. You'll have to prove your worth to the sword, but it seems it has already accepted you as its master. However... I don't want you to miss out on all the fun perks of being a legend. Now come pay your dues." Link nodded and began stepping towards the sword.

"You will give the people of Hyrule an ideal to strive towards. They will ask of you, they will need of you, they will fall to you. But in time, they will join you in the fight, Link. In time, you will help them take back their land."

Link placed his hands on the sword, feeling its weight give in to him. It felt like a missing part of him was restored, like an old friend lost was now found. He turned to Zelda, who smiled and nodded to him. With that, he began to pull.

"Link . . . you may not yet be at a point where you have fully accepted that you are the chosen one, but that is fine. I was there at one point in my trials as well. You may feel like you don't deserve it, or earned this title, but don't think that way. Courage need not be deserved or earned . . . for it is always with you."

Link gave the sword a final tug, released it from its prison, and raised it high in the sky. Everyone cheered and clapped, while Shade looked to the sky, a hopeful smile on his face.

"They're ready, Your Majesty. They are ready."

"Hey, look." A pair of women traveled along the banks of the Southern Twin River, near the town of Saria. They had just come from a business transaction in the tow and were returning to the northern town of Mido. However, one of them had spotted something of interest along the river. They rushed to it, the second woman noticing what is was from the distance.

"It is a voe. Telma, we cannot-" The one called Telma ignored her companion, rushing down to the voe's aid. She checked the vitals while her companion came over. "Telma, we cannot help him. We got to head back."

Telma flipped him over onto his back, gasping as she looked upon his features. "Ro, he's male. He's a Gerudo male." Her yellow eyes gleamed as she looked up to her green-eyed friend. "It is him! I knew I recognized him!"

Ro sighed. "Who?"

"It is Prince Ganondorf. He survived!" Telma carefully picked the boy up and began walking once more. Rova, grunting to herself, tugged on the reins of the mule they brought along and followed behind.

"If that is so, the Chief will like this."

The tale continues in Part 2: The Golden Power...