The pleasure of having a vampire boyfriend {naruhina}

Chapter 1 the meet up

Hinata had been on her way to find Naruto

However, Naruto was very very horny in fact he couldn't stop thinking about having sex with his soon-to-be mate or partner he would change to be of his pureblood...

It made him so horny he started to growl her name u see his breath *low growl tone* "Hinata-Chan keep going keep riding me like a bull Don't stop baby girl don stop

-the alleyway-

Naruto was standing waiting for her for Hinata.

Naruto & Hinata would always meet, In this alleyway, today, however, was different for Naruto had just turned 17. He was feeling horny, as well as; a little sexually frustrated, this is because his soon to be mate, Hinata, still wasn't there.

Right now, he was about ready to punch the wall as soon as she got there she was late she wanted to just, thrust into her. He knew he couldn't bc he knew if he did it wouldn't be following his mating traditions.

Which, is to mate to them, now, Mating, in general, can mean to wait a week or so before the male would actually "mate" to the opposite gender that was either made a vampire or already was one.

They then would normally wait, a week or two into it but then again everyone is different nobody is gonna be the same

but for them specifically knew it probably would be day one knowing Hinata she really wanted him at the age of 15 when she was 15 and he turned 16 he knew she wanted him her eyes abnormally changed when she looked at him deep lavender eyes and her tongue licking her lips probably thinking of what was in his pants and wanting it inside her even if it went as far as being simply in her mouth or down her throat

He also knew this because every time he would go to her house and sleep with her he'd hear her moan his name in her sleep reverting back to it he realized he wanted her more in the past as well maybe he still could but he didn't know completely.

Now, whenever a young vampire, turns 17, they must find a mate, because their senses or sexual desires, will practically kill the vampire in question.

Well... maybe not kill them but close enough to it

Bc if their sexual desires aren't fulfilled, within at least 1-2 weeks then they will get horny and out of control.

(234 in his years but if I'm being honest it's a random number lol )

Because they are so aroused they may not be able to control themselves, around women in other words they will get very feisty if not handled correctly by the right mate.

Especially Naruto around Hinata he had to hold back so much thanks to the feeling he has of aroused, but around her. He absolutely loved it

Moreover, today started mating season Naruto was nervous, however since he and Hinata let Naruto bite her before. Because she knew he would want it.

Of course, he only vaguely knew what all of what would happen he only knew it would take days and he had secretly stored blood just for them. Now, he wouldn't say how or when he got it, however, he would say it took a while to get all of it saved up

-14 minutes later she arrives-

"What did u need me for naruto-kun?" She asked.

"Just come with me to my apartment and I'll explain everything there" he answered with a husky tone of voice

-30 minutes later-

~in Naruto's bedroom~

Naruto"s eyes had been changed the entire time his fangs just took a while to show he was horny because of the arousal he knew was coming from Hinata but him as well yes when vampires are young they tend to get fed up in lust over themselves making, themselves horny in the process.

Hinata then went to his bed and she had noticed he wasn't himself today.

Firstly, she saw his eyes staring at her she knew what was coming they had kissed normally before. Even when, Naruto had had her blood.

today would be different she knew it would she knew something different would happen his eyes told her she had a gift In store for her and it would be absolutely better than anything she could wish or dream for

Naruto: Hinata I- it's mating season for me right now and I- I -

Hinata: don't worry I already know and I'm somewhat ready for this but will the venom hurt?

Naruto: *shocked* only for a second *puts a hand on her cheek* I promise *kisses her*

Hinata: *kisses him back* ok then *pulls down her collar for him*

Naruto: *stares intently at the crock of her neck* Hinata forgive me for this~ *leans in and bites her injecting his venom into her system changing her completely in doing so*

"oh naruto-kun that feels good really good" she moaned (Hinata did)

Naruto: I know it does when it takes effect drink my blood I'll be ok in fact I wouldn't feel any better without that ~~~ I love you Hinata Chan

Naruto: Also that the mating will at least 10 days or longer, but I can promise u we can take breaks in between if u want like to drink blood from well pretty much anything but in my opinion, I would sniff out the good smells and trust me you'll find a smell that gets u hyped up for sure

Hinata: well I want you right now, but we can wait

Hinata was lying in bed and was still shaking from the effects of the venom "Ahh naruto~kun it hurts help me please"

Naruto: just bite me and it will all be ok I promise

"Alright I will"

Hinata bit down at the crock of his neck just like he did her except to take blood instead of eject venom to change a human.

Yet, he knew she had to it otherwise she would be in a lot of pain during her transformation completion.

-about 20 minutes later when the effects have gone away and she's a vampire now-

Naruto: do u mind um ... *blushes and showed her his boner*

Hinata: *licks her lips and tries not to let her fangs come out in the process (meaning show)*

"hehe, so u like what u see do you?"

Hinata starts to violently suck on his cock "mmm" she moaned

"ahhh Hinata-Chan agggh y-your making me really horny~"

hinata*looks up at him and is wearing his jacket now on top of him* what's that dear~ *eyes completely darkened from the lust and change*

"oh I know my love I know I'm going to continue now if u don't mind I like that taste and I haven't tasted your blood yet either but I do want to taste your blood.

Even if I can't stop eying either ur neck or that huge meat stick of yours *licks her lips* I want your blood first though. She seductively whispered in his ear driving him insane

"Hinata I said u are making me really horny right now. I just want to pound you so hard my ferocious vampire vixen my love, baby girl my life my everything~ ."

Hinata: Well then I guess u won't mind if I decided to taste your blood for a moment my love~ leans over the crook of his neck, her teeth grow exponentially and as about to plunge into his skin are you ready my soulmate?

Naruto smelled the arousal on her and wanted to thrust into her and take it all away from her but he knew she would only allow that when she was ready for him.

Nevertheless, He nodded for his approval and she slowly dug her fangs into his skin, at the crook of his neck with great care. Still, in doing so she brought him pleasure, she liked it a lot.

He moaned out her name as she sucked on his neck.

However, because she had surprised him a little when he saw how much she changed in such little time in a transformation, although he had just remembered that he is basically of pure vampire blood.

Thus, thought that might have been, why she changed so quickly so he didn't let it bother him. Because tonight was the first day of mating season, for him well actually both of them since she's already a vampire as well.

And just watching her suck at his neck aroused him his cerulean blue eyes getting darker with each passing second or minute even with lust.

"Hinata-chan" he husked out. "Ahh that feels good y' know ?" He said in between moaning.

Hinata was still sucking and was just about satisfied she had already known naruto was ok to not have some blood and he had a lot of blood still pumping throughout his body so when she knew she had to stop she did and she licked the last drop that leaked from the wound her fangs made which was pretty deep well not to the bone-deep but deep enough to where a drop of blood would only come out if so much was lost beforehand (that's kinda this case here)

She sure was satisfied, naruto was happy, so was she. nothing could make him feel better than to please his mate the way she liked it.

After she finished drinking, she went to kiss him however, being that she still had the taste of his blood in her mouth when she went to kiss him, he had tasted his own blood and he loved the satisfying taste on his tongue it really satisfied him.

The kiss became slowly more and more passionate tongue exploring the inside of her mouth tasting more of his blood that coated the inside of her mouth with a thin layer of it.

I want more from him but he probably wants to save it for later but for now, I'll just please him a different way

"Hinata-chann I want more from you, darling, suck on me more not to bite, but give me pleasure, I would like u to tame the beast that's awake & ready for action that's just asking for attention Hinata, It's begging you to give it attention don't ya know it's so painful to feel this all day long?"

Hinata, knowing what he was talking about moving down to where she was still lying down, began to suck on his already hardened cock taking the entire thing in and beginning to suck rapidly on it making him groan in sheer ecstasy.

Because he wanted to deep throat her because his hips were itching to move and thrust into her mouth so so badly, he was holding himself back but he would eventually do it one day during their mating time or mating season.

Yes it's true he wanted to absolutely ravish her so so badly but he knew he couldn't yet not when she was f*cking sucking on the one thing he can ravish her with - his cock which damn it was "hard"

She was doing it fast too he loved that she knew just how to pleasure him he absolutely adored it about her.

Hinata kept sucking till she felt his cock twitch and that's when she began to suck on it more rapidly than before, to make him climax faster.

"Ahh Hinata f*ck I'm gonna cum" he shouted which only exited Hinata more, her lower area now drenched, she wasn't gonna hide it for long.

She was almost ready for him she just had to be a little more drenched

A few minutes later naruto eventually did cum and Hinata still sucking on it licked, slurped, and swallowed every drop in the most seductive way possible, purposely making his member hard again which she loved about naruto; she was in control of the situation of the moment she liked being in control it made her at ease

Hinata was currently being pleasured, by Naruto's fingers, when he thought she was ready he decided. it was time to do it to actually, officially mate with/to her. He would make her his forever, tonight so nobody would ever, nobody at all. Would be able or even allowed to lay a finger on her bc if they did he would know and wouldn't be happy.

He would know because he would be purposely bound to her answering all of her pleas.

"Hinata your ready my love" he husked out his voice crispy and sexy "I can tell that you're ready for me, don't even deny it." He continued

Hinata moaned out in pleasure and questioned "then why don't u just give me it already? Because yes I want u so f*cking badly and my love, Only you can relieve that pain those damn side effects. " She growled the last part but he loved her more for that.

"well alright then," he says as he tries to stick it in.

"I really hope it will fit" Hianta moaned as he stuck his cock in her.

Naruto shoved it past her hymen and Hinata let out a semi-ear piercing scream, he shushed her by kissing her lip, while, he liked what he was doing it didn't make anyone hear her, although he wanted everyone even her dad to know she belonged to Naruto Uzumaki king of the vampires. (well demons too, but his current title is of vampires he has to wait a few more months till he can go into the demon realm with his wife Hinata Uzumaki soon to be a wife at least. )

He was happy because he would finally be with someone he loved and sakura always treated him like dirt when he liked her until he saw Hinata and it wasn't till he turned 16 that he began to smell the dents of others more clearly and vividly )

-Naruto's flashback to when he was 16-

Naruto sighed and went about his day and then came the smells he started smelling it all started when he was around Hinata one day, when he took in her sent, she smelt like lavender but Sakura smelled of garbage.

and decay which he didn't like at all he asked Hinata out that day too...

"H-Hinata? Can I ask u something" he asked rather shyly.

"H-huh" Hinata was startled by his sudden presence.

"I asked if I could ask u something Hinata-sama"

"S-sure" she answered

"Alright, are you ready then?" He asked.

Hianta nodded but was shocked at the next thing he did

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

Hinata was shocked unable to say a word.

"Then Hinata kiss me right now Hinata right now"

Hinata kisses him and yet, she didn't know what he wanted, he started French kissing her and it was amazing really amazing

"Mmm," Hinata moaned as she felt naruto's tongue on her neck.

"Wish I could taste ur blood, now but that, would mean that we would mate and we have to wait till I'm at least 17 for that bc I know I'll get u pregnant otherwise ... well maybe 17 is more likely but it's up to u tbh."

The next thing she

-end flashback-

Naruto licked her neck again, As he kept the pace up and kept pounding harder into her, her tight space was squeezing him dry, yet, he absolutely loved that feeling.

"Nghhhh~ Hinata hold on tight I'm gonna cum" Naruto grunted as

Hinata did so, in doing so she bit his shoulder a little moaned, extremely loud when she felt a warm liquid fill her womb that liquid was Naruto's sperm, in which she already tasted it before now she only wanted, more she wanted a child not just one but many children not only that but also, she wanted his sperm inside her at that moment

"N-naruto-Kun I want you so badly I want ur seed, Stamen (sperm) spawn I want u to cum inside me" she moaned out very very loud which pleased naruto very much.

"Well I can't yet dear, I must wait I know u want me I know u do but if I do then we won't have this kind of fun later unless u let me ... " he said the last part shyly.

"I- you mean-? Sex while I'm pregnant? Of course dear whatever makes u happy

"R-really?" He asked

"Y-yea even if I have to somehow take a pregnancy test beforehand I will I promise I know you'll want to do yes why not I love you so much I would absolutely love that "

Naruto couldn't contain himself anymore he was in heaven with how she answered him, that he kissed her very passionately, while he continually thrust, as he went faster and deeper every time. making her moan louder.

"Gosh Hinata I love you so much also, you'll know if ur pregnant trust me my dad told me before that angry mob killed both my parents that my mom knew by instinct when she was pregnant with me so trust me you'll know

Kurama: kid it was bc of me but I can just let u know if she is or not I can sense it even if I'm not inside her (as a tailed beast lol )

"Hinata I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me what u want to tell me what you desire" naruto commanded Hinata

"I want you to f*ck me as my past self I want the 15-year-old me to feel just as damn good as I do with you inside of me, inside my burning "

Naruto blushes at her answer but quietly reminded her she can go into the past or transform into the past self of her choice of age unlimited times.

"Remember you can do that if you really wanna but also I want to confirm something he pulled out so he could put his pants back on and Hinata's cloths also "we're going back in time"

"What for," Hinata asked confused

"Well, Hinata Sasuke was eying you I want to deal with that no good girl snatcher before he does it now unless u don't want him dead..." he answered sternly

"F*ck Sasuke for eying me when I already was taken ye I don't care to take his and Sakura's for all I care." She replied

"I see" naruto simply said. I'll be right back then

-an hour later naruto comes back with a carton of blood (an ice chest in other words it was Sakura and Sasuke as soon as he set it down Hinata well pounced on naruto shwcsusnr want to just pause and be done but she knew she at some point she had to drink something for food so she wouldn't last long bc she was gonna get a child even if it killed her no it was her top desire she would "milk" him dry and at the very entrance to her womb as well she wanted the sperm in her womb then her stomach bc she loved the feeling of it inside her she probably would love it's a taste as well. )

"Woah I see my devilish yet so cute and feisty soulmate wants more well then let's have a little of this blood first don't worry if u don't like if u don't have to have it but they were on the high stamina blood list if ppl are doing this ... I wonder how or why welp anyway " yes we can continue my love

"R-really senpai?

"Yes baby girl" he cooed back to her

"There were Gonna work on getting some kids soon Hehe" he teased her

"N-naruto!" She said

Naru: Starting now your always mine I plan on marrying you as soon as I possibly can so that werewolf freak Kiba can't even touch you I mean he can't even if he wanted to you have my mate mark and mine alone not his, not Sasuke or Sasuke anyway lol ) Kiba is a bitch tho he loves you weakly

Hinata: m-marry?!

Naruto: Oh baby girl it's only really a pet ant mark in a particular place on our necks we bite each other marking us together for eternity~

Hinata: I see ok I wish we could do it now...

Naruto: well we can it's just that ... that would mean I can well... ya see I have been holding back bc of this restraint so I think u can wait trust me it'll be better if we wait bc I will be absolutely relentless if I do ... so yea oof

Hinata: did I flinch? I want you all the way all of you I want you all of you even if you'll be relentless I don't care

Naruto: well then I guess we'll have sex when ur pregnant sooner then ... but alright then anything for you.

He pulled out then stood up and whispered now we have to do it in the same spot at the same time also

(A/N: naruto never killed sasuke and sakura he actually killed a real bad guy imposters of them and the other two already have their marks )

Naruto: so I'll let u know where to do it I'll touch the spot on your neck and I want you to touch the same spot but on my neck and then in a minute we'll bite each other and be together forever also it'll make my release stronger that's what I meant and that just means more chances of u carrying my children and I say children bc ur only gonna make me horny if u have your breasts grow from pregnancy which will be damn sexy and I'll love you so much more than ever

Hinata: *blushes* o-okay

Naruto: oh yea I almost forgot u haven't met Toby yet

Hinata: t-Toby?! who's that

Naruto : my simi identical twin brother ... don't worry he cares for u just as much as I do but since we kinda share the same blood only one of us can bite u on that spot but u can bite both of us and it'll work the same lol

Naruto: even thought toby said he wanted sakura he really doesn't but he will, end anyone who lays a finger on you Hinata including Sasuke he won't hesitate to do so done you dare let me EVER EVER SEE OR HEAR YOU MOANING "s-Sasuke-kun" I would hate HATE TO HEAR THOSE STUPID WORDS I HATE THEM besides I won't let u cheat on me u cannot ever cheat on me got it?! Ok good

"I would never ride that D*ckheads cock ever he's such a a" she growled while still moaning at how rough he was going.

The pleasure of having a vampire boyfriend {naruhina} part 3 Naruto Hinata's road to babies pt 2 )

Hinata was still leaning over, while naruto pounded, her hard and her area was squeezing, his cock dry as if it was being milked into her womb even when he intentionally was cumming inside. her not only because it was intentional but bc she wanted it he wanted her happy so he gladly came inside her and damm was it a large load.

for her for Hinata for his soulmate.

And damn was she tight yes very tignt. Naruto: even thought toby said he wanted sakura he really doesn't but he will, end anyone who lays a finger on you Hinata including Sasuke he won't hesitate to do so done you dare let me EVER EVER SEE OR HEAR YOU MOANING "s-Sasuke-kun" I would hate HATE TO HEAR THOSE STUPID WORDS I HATE THEM besides I won't let u cheat on me u cannot ever cheat on me got it?! Ok good

"I would never ride that D*ckheads cock ever he's such a a" she growled while still moaning at how rough he was going.

"Where is Toby right now?"

"I'm right here hinata do u want to see my it's ahem "hard")

B-but I'm in the middle of having sex with naruto but I mean i- I guess it won't be horrible if you do...

"Shut it Toby just watch as Hinata rides me into next week which I'll let her do on her own I know she can I love when she does a Fck I love it " Naruto hissed/moaned out as Hinata continued to ride him where it hit her womb every time she had it go in and out of her hinata started to make out with naruto which drove Tobi insane

Your making me horny! Guys stop doing it in front of me please naruto u know how I am when I can't control myself ... I mean I know it's mating season but come o. Guys pleased let me fck her too even if it's her throat I'll do it I promise I won't let her go unsatisfied I promise oh gosh IM so hard it hurts please hinata please help me *holding his pants it hurts so much lol)

"N-naruto. Can I help him out?" She purred in his ear

Naruto nodded and his brother mouthed "I'll get my payback on this believe it! And you will feel my pain i dont care if it's the day after ur birthday our birthday I have mating too ya know and I want her to have my kids too so pleaseeeee please please please let me fck her right now "

So with that naruto pulled out and hinata moaned in a little bit of annoyance of the pleasure going away so fast "w-where did it go" naruto was in front of her bending over doggy style for Toby and hinata was in the perfect position to deep through naruto"s 16 in cock which she hardly resisted at all from it not exactly Chooking her but definitely getting her to shut the hell up "good hinata just corporative with Toby ok and u can just nod if u agree or understand .

She nodded and was surprised with how big Toby was he was only 2 inches bigger than naruto probably could of the pain I gave him sorry toby-Kun

(A/N: actually naruto was 14 in and rn Toby is 16 so swap that rq )

"It's nothing hianta-Chan" I'll be fine" Toby groaned as hinata slowly sat on his cock waiting for almost all of it to be inside her it definitely was stretching her out to fit every inch of it (meaning filing her up (solidly ) with his cock to the brim ~

Hinata moaned very loudly as he began to fuck her pussy hard but slow at first, and she loved it a lot.

T-Toby-KUN ahh y-your going so rough harder fuck my HARDER she broke and her lust had taken over her

so i will leave you all with this as my true on hold statement thank you