Made some grammar improvements I noticed because someone was good enough to tell me about a few grammar issues I had made in a PM.

Since he actually had the balls to approach me unlike my weeping vagina haters who are too terrified of me to actually confront me to my face and just make hilarious circle jerk forums crying to each other about me.

The new chapter will be up by the end of the week by the way.

Expect lots of explosions, deconstruction of the Lucy fandumbs idiot premise and Natsu being a badass in general.

Also accepting offers for beta readers, I mean my work is basically perfection so I you won't be doing much work but hey it's a good chance to learn from a compotent writer on this site. A rarer thing now that Fairy Tail has gone through it's hayday and the only ones around are the toxic fans who are just as bad as the Naruto section's is.

So yeah once again, read and review, or don't. It doesn't mean anything in the end.

And thank god for me.