So, I watched a few random episodes of The Vampire Diaries and thought it was okay. I still think Legacies is much better than TVD, but I figured I could try watching more episodes. I found I liked Damon Salvatore a lot- so why not make a story. AH/AU with some OOC. Won't follow a lot from the series since I didn't like it too much. Don't kill me if you don't like the new storyline.

Updated 7/2/2021 (Month/Day/Year)

The therapists didn't understand why she never interacted with anyone. She was a hard case of shyness, they would say, and it bothered the many therapists that they went to that couldn't help her. She was often found hiding from them behind her hair any time she could, and she never spoke to them. They had tried many techniques of comfort to open her up, but to no avail were they able to get her comfortable enough to open her up.

At least, she allowed them to think so. She knew she was wasting their time by not speaking, but she never asked her parents to place her in therapy. Nothing was wrong with her, she wasn't the one who told her classmates to not interact with her. She wasn't bullied; at least she doesn't think she is being bullied since most show bullies being forceful and in their victim's faces. Then there is that small fact that no matter what, she is just not wanting to speak because she doesn't need to say anything.

Then a bit over a year ago, back in May of 2009, her parents and sister got into an accident. Greyson and Miranda Gilbert had passed away when they drove off Wickery Bridge. Elena Gilbert had somehow managed to survive.

She had been even harder to work with after the accident, but it wasn't as though the therapist didn't understand. The blonde was stricken with grief and was now put in a new situation. Jenna Sommers, her mother's sister, had taken legal guardianship over her and her siblings; adjusting to being a parental figure.

A week before that new school year began, Jenna had to take her to her new therapist. The one she had for a year and a half. Sofia had never said a word to the therapist, but she did participate in the activities and assignments that were given. The assignment she had been given were often returned vague and had no real answer. Her therapist had had enough. At least the stress exercises worked.

Her aunt had been speaking with her therapist about having her switched to another therapist, but her aunt disagreed and said that Sofia wouldn't be seeing any more therapists. Jenna didn't believe that Sofia was in the right situation- after almost six years of therapy and there were no results. It was time to let her niece do what was good for her, and her alone. Jenna would be there if her niece ever needed her.

Sofia had heard it all when she was instructed to wait outside the door, not that she meant to overhear the conversation, but it wasn't her fault that the door was so thin or that the sound machine was off. The small blonde didn't much mind that she was being dropped again; it wasn't anything new.

"If you think this will help her open up," her therapist had said slowly, "then alright. Though, I ask that you email me if things get worse, that way I could set you up with Doctor Fish."

Sofia doesn't know why she was the way she is, she just doesn't want to be around anyone who wouldn't take the time to listen to her; except her parents and her aunt. Being the middle child, Sofia was glad that she wasn't constantly being in her parents' attention- not that she didn't love them, but she wasn't very close to them as she was with her brother. They would constantly ask Sofia if she was okay and that she could always talk to them. Sofia knew that, but to be constantly reminded made her not want to. She just wanted her space and left alone until she comes to them. Though, her parents also weren't always able to celebrate with her on her birthday since it was during the holidays. Grayson and Miranda often had to move arrangements around so they could

Elena was cold, but she had still given her space and allowed Sofia to come to her if there was ever a time she needed someone to just be there with her. Or, she did before the accident. Now Elena was always checking in on her; just as their parents had, and she often acted overbearing. Their relationship had become strained to the point Sofia avidly avoids being in the same room alone with her. She even began to do the events that her parents had once done.

As that year went by, Elena went back to her normal self. Jeremy had stopped doing drugs, all because he saw how it was making his girlfriend, Vicki Donavan. It was a slow and painful path, but they eventually grew apart- Jeremy had begun to work with the school's new football coach with something. Mister Saltzman is a cool man in Sofia's mind since he got Jeremy to look into his family history and got him to rely on a great male figure to look up to.

It was around the time summer came that Sofia decided to get her first job as a waitress at the Mystic Grill. Vicki was a great teacher when she wasn't higher than the clouds. Still not needing to speak since everyone knew she wasn't a speaker and just asked her yes or no questions- though she had been in the kitchen to learn to cook. Saving up as much money as she could so she could depend more on herself, and maybe someday become an author.

When school began in September, Sofia watched as her sister began to date the new guy at the school. He brought back the light to Elena's once dark world. The animal attacks that have occurred since late August were becoming more frequent. It had Sofia wondering if the police knew what they were trying to look for, but she kept her thoughts to herself. She never changed, not until now. This was where she knew she was needed most.

Now, during a Halloween party, hidden where the buses were parked, Sofia bit her lip as she watched her sister sit next to the bloodied body of Vicki. Sofia saw how her sister looked ready to cry, as she gazed at the lifeless body on the ground. Stepping out into the open, Sofia sat beside her sister- placing a gentle hand on her shoulder and being surprised when her hand wasn't slapped away.

"She's dead," Elena mumbled to her. "And it's all his fault."

"Whose," Sofia asked lightly. Blue eyes pinned to the bite mark on Elena's shoulder- and the wound on her waist. Both of which were bleeding heavily. Then her gaze fell to the gaping hole in Vicki's chest, where a plank of wood had been shoved through her back and out to her chest. The sight was gory and sickening. Luckily, she fought off being sick as she focused on Elena, though that didn't stop her from becoming paler than a piece of paper.

Sofia ran her fingers through the dyed light purple part of her hair behind her ear as she waited for her sister to answer her question. Footsteps sounded behind her causing her to whip her head around to the sound of the quiet steps.

"That would be me," a man with ink-black hair said smugly. A smirk was pointed at them, but it didn't seem to reach his eyes. Those pale, but bright, blue eyes then glanced at Elena as he slowly stepped closer. "You should go. I got this."

With rage in Elena's brown eyes, she glared up at the man. "You did this," she spat. "This is your fault."

Sofia was confused, but she knew that this man was partially responsible for what happened to Vicki, she just didn't know how it was his fault. The man glanced slightly over Elena's head as he spoke. It would look as if he were still looking at Elena, but Sofia knew better.

"You confuse me with someone with remorse." Getting on her feet- though she was trembling- Elena attempts to slap the stranger, but it seemed the stranger had expected this and caught her wrist with a deep sneer on his face. "None of this matters to me. None. Of. It."

"You're lying," Sofia muttered to herself as she saw how his nostrils flared slightly as though he heard her quiet statement. His eyes met hers as she quickly glanced down, "sorry..."

She really wasn't sorry for saying something to this damaged man. It seems to Sofia that people should speak more openly towards him.

Having not heard what Sofia said, Elena spoke in a hiss. "People die around you. How could it not matter?"

Growing annoyed at Elena she huffed, Sofia wanted to leave, instead, she hid behind one of the buses. She couldn't hear them but she could see them. Elena spoke a few more words and slapped the guy. Surprised, Sofia covered her mouth with her hand. So she wasn't the only one Elena gets violent with then. The man she was blaming seemed bothered by what had happened and was lying about what he felt. She knew he was lonely and angry. A horrible combination to Sofia.

She didn't understand what was going on, but she wanted to help this man however she could. Her heart went out to him, feeling that he needed someone in his corner. Sofia knew that he never meant for this to have happened and people were willing to shove his mistakes back in his face. Forcing him to always see what others want to see of him.

The man said something to her sister and Elena looked both frightened and enraged before she stumbled away- tears forming in her brown eyes. Seeing that her sister was gone, Sofia came back and walked over to the man in the leather jacket. Her steps quiet as she stared at the back of his head.

Sofia glanced at the body for a moment before looking at him as he stared down at the grey body of Vicki, his face carefully blank. He didn't speak to her, just continued to stare at the dead body. With her gloved hands, Sofia walked forward and grabbed Vicki from under her arms.

Grunting at the weight, she felt a hand on her shoulder, "you should go home. Your sister and brother need you."

Shaking her head, Sofia gazed into his eyes with worry for him. Releasing a hand from Vicki her small hand raised to the cheek that Elena had slapped. "You're hurting," she said.

Amusement flooded those eyes as a smirk fell upon his lips, "you're delusional."

Removing her hand from his cheek, she placed it where his heart was- feeling that it wasn't beating. "Here."

Anger flooded his features. "You don't know any-"

Sofia ignored him and gave him a loose hug. As he stood there in stunned silence, Sofia noticed he had the scent of sandalwood and bourbon. Though, he soon had pushed her back and cleared his throat. "Grab her legs...less bloody there."

Nodding, Sofia did as instructed. "Sofia."

"Right," he said briskly, "I'm Damon Salvatore."

Smiling at Damon, Sofia followed him to his car behind the buses. Placing the body in the trunk- Sofia climbed into the passenger seat, ignoring the confused stare that Damon shot at her.

She didn't mind as anyone in his shoes would be acting quite similar. Letting her head fall to the window as it began to rain, Sofia listened to the hum of the car's engine. Her throat luckily didn't hurt because she would talk aloud when she went for walks in the woods or when she was in the attic.

The next thing she knew was waking up in her seat in the woods, Damon coming back to his car. Her neck throbbed in pain, so she assumed she must have cramped it as she had fallen asleep. Or it could be the new stress that was now placed in her life.

Damon climbed in as he drove his way to her home. It was tense for a beat, but he broke it by taking a deep breath. "Thank you," Damon said lightly and unsure, "for helping me."

Nodding softly, "it was the least I could do."

Glancing at her, Damon gave a forced smirk. "Just so you know, I'm not a good guy."

"I don't believe that," she shook her head as she let it rest against the window once more. The scenery flew past them as she allowed her mind to catch up with what had happened that night.

First, she was forced to dress up to go to the Halloween party with Elena and Jeremy. Jeremy had been moping the entire time during the ride, but he would constantly check on his phone every half minute. When they got there, Sofia followed her brother inside the building for a while, before she decided to go to the bus area to watch the stars.

Then she heard a bunch of screaming and her sister calling her brother's name. By the time she had got to where she heard the screaming and shouting came from, Stefan had stabbed Vicki with wood and pulled it out. When Vicki slowly turned around, she had seen how her skin went gray and her veins could be seen popping from underneath. Stefan had grabbed a sobbing Jeremy and zoomed away with him as Elena had slowly placed herself down. If she had a best friend she would also be sobbing.

"What happened to Vicki," Sofia asked. She wasn't afraid, but very curious.

"I transformed her into a vampire."

Damon's answer was blunt and to the point. "Okay."

Silence. They were silent for a few moments before Damon couldn't hide his confusion any longer.

"That's all you have to say?"

"Well," Sofia was biting her lip as she turned to glance at Damon, "I want to know why, but I think you would lie about it. You seem like the one to have motives, and I find that they are personal. So, if I were to be asked why I did something like what you had, I would say something semi-true but not the real reason."

Once again smirking, Damon winked at the small blonde beside him, "I like you."

Blushing a bit, "you would be the first..."

With a side glance, Damon met her gaze as he pulled on the side of the road. He wanted to say something comforting, she noticed, but nothing came to mind. Pulling over halfway up the road to her house, Damon sped to her side of the car and opened her door. "Come on, I'll walk you the rest of the way."

Nodding her head, Sofia got out with her arms instantly wrapping around herself. She wasn't used to feeling so safe with someone who wasn't someone she knew for a long time and she had no idea how to feel about it. If Damon noticed her behavior he didn't comment on it as he walked beside her. His ears trained on something far ahead.

It only took a minute to reach her home, and when she did she hid behind Damon as Elena and Stefan were talking. Not wanting to be near Stefan, but still wanting to hear what was being said.

"Stefan, please. I don't know how he'll ever get past this. I just want him to forget everything that happened," Elena plead to the other Salvatore.

Stefan gave a pained look as he looked down on the porch floor. " If I did it," he paused for a second, "there's no guarantee that it would work...Because of who I am," he looked meaningfully at Elena. "Because of how I live. I don't have the ability to do it right."

Sensing eyes in their direction, Sofia hid more behind Damon's towering form, as he spoke up. His gaze trained on Elena, but his hand reached behind him to give Sofia's hand a small squeeze. "I can do it. If this is what you want... I'll do it."

Without hesitation, Elena looked at Damon then to Stefan, "this is what I want."

Sofia moved out from behind Damon a bit as she watched the interaction between the three. Elena went to tell Damon what she wanted him to tell Jeremy as tears welled in her eyes and tightening the blanket around herself tighter. It looked like Elena was trying to will herself to believe her own words. "And for Sofia?"

She didn't want to forget, nor did she want Jeremy to forget. Though, at the moment she had her mind wrapped around what had happened and decided she would fight to keep her memories.

"I don't care what you tell her," she said with a sneer in Sofia's direction. "For all I care, she could remember it and be forced into the psych ward, but that would bring danger to you two. Especially Stephan. So, do whatever you want, Damon."

When Elena's small speech was over, Sofia led Damon inside to her brother's room. Doing as Elena asked of him, he then turned around and gazed at her.

"Do you want to forget?"

"No," Sofia said with a gentle tone, "because I want to be there for you and remember why I want to. The real reason."

Rolling his eyes, Damon reached out and brushed her cheekbone with his thumb, "I wish you would let it go."

"I wish you wouldn't ask that of me."

Sighing, Damon went outside as she stood there in the hallway with misty eyes. Everything that had happened tonight was being threatened to be forgotten. Shuffling down the stairs, she saw Elena with Damon behind her. God, it sounded as though she were placed inside of a sappy romance movie.

"I refuse to forget tonight," Sofia said firmly to Elena.

"You don't know what you're talking about," Elena snapped. "You just went something very traumatic."

"I am fine, but I think I know what you mean." Now Sofia was angry at Elena, Sofia positioned her body to face Elena straight on. Showing just how serious she was. "You meant you want to star in your own Twilight life. You want to be special and have attention on you. I'm sorry, but I am not allowing you to mess with my mind. I'll be the Bella to your Edward."

"What the Hell is that supposed to mean," Elena growled.

"I'll be the one mind you can't enter."

Elena looked at her shocked as Damon snorted; his hand flying to his forehead as he tried not to laugh. "Now, I really like her."

Rolling her eyes, Sofia went to her room and began to get herself ready for bed. Only, she noticed that by her nightstand was a small slip of paper with a number on it.

Raising a brow, Sofia picked up the paper and read the small note underneath the number.

Text or call me.


With a small smile, Sofia put his number in her contacts and sent him a quick message telling him goodnight.