"Yo-ho, yo-ho, it's a pirate's life for me," Magnus sang tunelessly, swaying from side to side where he sat on the soft, warm sand. Every sway nudged his shoulder against Alec's and sent tiny bursts of electricity through his skin.

Alec hiccupped slightly and grabbed the bottle of rum from Magnus' hand where it threatened to slosh all over him from the precarious angle Magnus was waving it at. In his other hand, Magnus gripped the rusted sword they'd found with Raziel's belongings. With his beach shorts and open cotton shirt, Magnus should not have been able to look as attractive as he did. Admittedly, Alec was probably biased about that.

Ahead of them, the sun lowered on the horizon, casting a pinky-orange glow over the sea. The waves lapped at the shore, tickling at their bare toes. Alec leaned his head against Magnus' shoulder with a happy sigh.

Magnus smiled down at him and pressed a soft kiss to his forehead in response, before eyeing him up and down, a mischievous glint in his eye.

"You know, that thigh holster doesn't really go with the swim shorts. But you still pull it off. Like I will, later on. Using only my teeth."

Alec sputtered, feeling his cheeks heat.

"You're awful."

"But you love it, darling," Magnus grinned at him, pulling him in for another kiss.

Alec was relishing the fact that this was a thing he could do now. He didn't have to hold himself back, didn't have to avoid reaching out for Magnus. He didn't have to resist the magnetic pull of this beautiful, kind, intelligent man. Shifting in the sand until he was kneeling, he leaned over Magnus, pushing the other man back until he lay splayed in the sand and kissed him deeply.

A noise alerted him to movement behind them. He sat up quickly and pulled away from Magnus, turning to see Simon and Maia approaching them from the treeline.

"Where have you guys been?" Magnus called out, cheerfully. "You weren't back at camp for us to regale you with the tales of our adventure." Alec couldn't understand how he could flick from a kiss like that to friendly and nonchalant in 0.5 seconds. Meanwhile, Alec found himself glancing down to check his board shorts were loose enough to hide just how affected he was by kissing Magnus.

"We were out looking for you. You went to the lagoon hours ago, we were worried." Simon paused in his attempt at a stern telling off. "Wait, is that a sword? Why do you have a sword?"

"Well Seamus, that would be because this incredibly intelligent, handsome and... intelligent man next to me cracked the code. This, my friends, is Raziel's cutlass." He jumped to his feet, swaying slightly, and with an attempt at a dramatic flick of his wrist which almost made him lose his balance, pointed the tip of the sword in Simon's direction as if challenging him to a duel. Alec chuckled, too amused by Magnus' drunken rambling and hilarious attempts at being a pirate to be overly embarrassed by his words.

"Impressive." Maia drawled, ever sarcastic. "Was that all you found?"

Magnus' face fell slightly for a fraction of a second as he remembered the conflicting emotions surrounding their discovery before he swiftly recovered and with a grin declared, "Not at all! It turns out, dear Raziel left us a plentiful bounty of sex toys." He cracked up again as he tried to explain, the end of his sentence trailing off into unintelligible syllables interrupted by laughter. He tried again "They… were... Sex… toys" he huffed out, breathless with his mirth.

Below him, still collapsed on the sand, nursing the bottle of rum, Alec fondly rolled his eyes. Magnus flopped back down next to Alec and reached over him making grabby hands towards the rum. Passing the bottle, Alec took the opportunity to press a chaste kiss to Magnus' temple, causing him to preen at the attention.

"Wait. Forget the treasure for a minute!" Simon yelled out, excitement rolling off him in waves. "When did this development happen?" He gestured frantically between Magnus and Alec, causing Alec's eyes to practically roll into the back of his head at the dramatics.

"Finally," Maia added more sedately but with a warm smile. "The sexual tension around here was getting uncomfortable."

Alec just smiled and pulled Magnus closer, trying to ignore the blush he felt rising up his cheeks. 'The real treasure he'd found on this trip was the affection of the man tucked into his side'. If anyone questioned him later he would deny until his dying day any such sappy thoughts crossed his mind. But here, with the sun low on the horizon, safe in the knowledge that they'd found Raziel's gifts and succeeded in what they set out to do, he felt content. They still had a couple of days before they were due to leave to relax and enjoy the new step in their relationship in this paradise. Alec intended to take advantage of every minute of that time.