Wakanda has received a tragic news.

T'Challa is dead.

It's bad enough that he was one of those who were erased from existence when Thanos snapped his fingers with his Infinity Gauntlet to erase fifty percent of the population in the universe. At least he was one of those who were revived, thanks to the Avengers' time travel adventure.

This time, he died from an unspecified illness that he kept secret from everyone except for Shuri, who tried to invent something that might have cured him but it is all in vain. He died with her as well as their mother and his subjects by his side. Unlike his first death, he is not coming back from his second death.

The next day, a funeral has been held in Wakanda for the people to say their goodbyes to their fallen king. Even familiar faces visited the kingdom when they heard the news such as Bucky, Clint, Sam, Wanda, Dr. Banner, and even the elderly Steve Rogers. The former war hero and Avenger may be an old man now from staying in the past to be with Peggy Carter, but he still chooses to attend the event. After all, he owed T'Challa much for removing the codes from Bucky's head. Even CIA agent Everett Ross made the visit.

It's time for those who knew him to give out their eulogies.

"He is not only a king, but he's also my son. He made himself a better ruler than his father was when he decided to reveal the world our technology. May he rest in peace," his mother, Ramonda spoke first.

"My brother... he was the best king. He fought for what's right. Even when he lost the throne at one point by our cousin, N'Jadaka also known as Killmonger he kept on living to fight him to restore his right to rule. I kept thinking about him when he was erased by Thanos from existence, and I hope that he could live on in memories for the second time he died," his younger sister, Shuri spoke next.

"I served the best king, and I hope to serve the next good king in my life," Okoye made her statement short.

"It is sad," Bucky said his meaningful eulogy. "When we first met, we were enemies because he believed I killed his father. When he learned the truth that I was framed by Zemo, he felt guilty of his own vengeance so he atoned for his mistake by putting me in cryogenic suspension to remove those codes in my head. I really owed him for fixing my head, and I can never thank him enough."

"How should I start?" Clint made his eulogy meaningful as well. "When I introduced myself to him back when we were adversaries, he said he didn't care. Seven years later when he was restored like all the people who were erased by Thanos, he called for my name when he told me to pass the gauntlet to him. This is the moment that he showed that he cared for my name. It was my best memory with him. I hope I continue to live up to his example."

"He was a good ruler," Steve spoke next. "He was only an adversary because of Zemo's manipulations. When he let go of his vengeance as soon as he learned the truth, he became a worthy ally. It's all because of him that my friend Bucky is now free from the trigger codes in his head. I can never thank him enough for this act. May his soul rest in peace."

It is a sad day for everyone to lose a king. May the king rest in peace.

Author's Note: Have you heard the news? Chadwick Boseman, who portrayed T'Challa also known as Black Panther, has died of colon cancer at the age of 43. I made the fanfic as tribute to him.