Sabrina and Jacob called each other on their cell phones for the next few weeks. They couldn't wait to be together again.
Meanwhile Sabrina reunited with her friends. She told them about her time on the island and Jacob.

Did you guys do it on the island ? Maya asked causing Sabrina to blush giving Maya the answer.
Your lucky ! she said jumping up in joy.

Sabrina shook her head and continued to talk to her friends.

When Jacob was finally arrived she ran over to him and they kissed.
She helped him put move his stuff into the new house and she later introduced him to her friends.

They all got along good.
They went to the pizza parlor and had lunch.
They later went swimming.
Jacob couldn't stop looking at Sabrina in her one piece bathing suit.

They all swam in the water but Jacob and Sabrina started to make out in the water . Maya splashed her friend telling them that they could bang later.
Both of them blushed.

They later to Sabrina's house and went upstairs to her room. Her parents were at Jacob's chatting for a few hours giving them some alone time.

Once they got into Sabrina's room they started to kiss each other. Jacob dropped his swim trunks to the ground. Sabrina took his hands and put them on her bathing suit. Jacob grabbed the fabric and pulled the bathing suit off her body.

They fell onto her bed and Sabrina reached into her drawer next to her bed and pulled out a condom.
You bought some? Jacob said suprised.
Yes but I am also on the pull.
Good enough Jacob said removing the wrappe and putting it on his dick.

He then slid into her and started thrusting.
They then collapsed on the bed all sweaty.

It's good to be home and together he told Sabrina. Yeah she replied kissing him . They lied together the rest of the afternoon cuddling and kissing glad that they found each other.

The End

Hope you like my story.

I might do some one shots later on.
I also have plans to do a fly away home fanfiction along with a thundermans fanfic story.

I might even do my first crossover between andi mack and inhumans. Hope you enjoy