Sabrina washed up on a beach. She lied on the beach unconscious as the waves washed against her. After a few hours she opened her eyes .
When her vision focused she got up And looked around realizing that she was on a beach.

Dad she said quietly. He must be dead.
She ran down the beach realizing that she was on a island. It had large trees and it looked like a jungle. It appeared to be a deserted island and she was the only one on it. Her stomach growled and she realized she was hungry.

She walked around the island looking for something to eat. She was taught a few survival skills by her uncle who was a expert survivalist.

She looked around the jungle and found a coconut tree she grabbed a rock and threw it at the tree and a coconut fell down. She picked it up and cracked it open. She drank from the coconut and noticed a small cave. She walked towards it realizing she found a place to stay.

After cleaning it out she sat and finished her coconut milk. She shivered remembering that she was still in her wet clothes and it was cold that morning. She took of her shirt bra and panties and hung them outside to dry while she stayed inside the cave.

Ten minutes later she used some rocks to get a fire going and she sat by the fire nude while her clothes dried. Once they were dry she looked at her self realizing she needed to wash herself because she was covered in sand and saltwater.

She looked around and heard a stream and she followed it for 10 minutes and it lead to a large lagoon with a waterfall and vegetation. It was beautiful . She jumped in and swam around and washed herself. The water felt good she thought.
20 minutes later she got out and used some leaves to dry herself.

She walked back to the her cave and found her underwear dry. She put on her panties and hooked her bra. She felt jer shirt and it was still a bit wet so she decided to let it dry more and lounge around in her underwear

After cleaning out her cave she realized she needed more supplies and headed into the Jungle to get some more stuff. She walked around The jungle and she found a stick and sharpened it like a weapon.

It was starting to get hot and she was sweating.
She found berries and some Bananas so she made a backpack out of jungle leaves and put the supplies in there.

She got back to her cave and stored the fruit outside. Her shirt was finally dry so she put it on.
She make a tent out of leaves and sticks expanding her camp.

She somehow managed to catch a fish swimming in the river. She cooked it that night and ate it.
It was okay but it tasted horrible .A few hours later she felt her stomach gurgle and ran towards the bushes pulled her panties down and crapped in the bushes. She had major diarrhea from eating the poorly cooked fish.

Guess I will have to do better next time she thought as she got up and grabbed some leaves to wipe her butt and pulled her panties back up.

She sat in the cave with the fire.
She had diarrhea a few more times but then she was fine.

She put out her fire and lied down on her makeshift bed and put a leaf over her. She cried herself to sleep believing that her father was dead and she was all alone on the island. She missed her mom her uncle, and friends.

She began to wish that she never went on the cruise. She began to wish she was home. After crying for 30 minutes she finally fell asleep.