Sabrina and Jacob were given a tour of the ship .
The crew suggested that they should shower after all they were covered in sand and saltwater.
They lead them to the showers .

The shower room had a few stalls for Male and female but they decided to shower together which suprised the captain but shrugged it off.

He told them when they were finished he would lead them to a room.
They quickly shed their loincloths and jumped into the shower.

They both missed the feeling of hot water.
They stayed under the water for 20 minutes as they kissed and bathed each other.

When they got out they both grabbed a towel and wrapped it around themselves .
They walked over to the captain and he showed them to their room . He apologized that they would have to share a bed but they were fine with that.

He also said he didn't have any proper clothes for them. He handed them a button up shirt and sweat pants. It's all we have. He said.

It's okay Jacob said as he picked up the clothes. Before the captain left the room he said that they could come down to the bridge when they were down.

Jacob handed her the shirt and they dropped the towels. Sabrina pulled the shirt over her head and looked down . The pajama shirt went halfway down to her thighs cover everything that needed covering and she didn't have to about anyone seeing her when she bent over.

Wow she heard Jacob said as she turned to him .
You look good wearing only a shirt he said smiling. They started to kiss. As they kissed Jacob reached under her the shirt to feel her butt crack. Causing her to giggle through the kiss. They eventually broke appart.

It's good to be going home he said.
Yeah she said. You know it's going to be awkward walking around wearing only a shirt. With you it was different these are strangers.

Its okay Jacob said giving her a kiss. They then walked hand in hand towards the meeting room where they were welcomed.

That night they had a feast. It was delicious. They had been careful not to eat to much on the island to avoid running out but now 5hey could eat all they wanted . It was a buffet.

They had pasta garlic bread and for dessert icecream. That night they went to their room and watched a movie on a tv they got. They missed technology on the island.

When the movie was finished they were making out. Jacob felt Sabrina grabbing his member.
Your getting frisky he said. He reached into the bag of supplies from the island and pulled out a condom.

You kept them ? She said suprised. Yeah I thought we might want them he told her .
You thought right Sabrina said pulling his pants down to expose his member she slid condom on his dick and positioned herself on top of him.
She slid into him and started thrusting causing them to moan. Jacob quickly covered her mouth so no one could hear them and she did the same too him. Once they came they collapsed on the bed .

They removed the shirt and pants they were given because they were uncomfortable to sleep in and they curled next to each other fell asleep in each other's arms.

A few days later they arrived at Monterrey and were taken to a hospital to be checked out. They were lying in bed wearing hospital gowns when the door opened and Jacob's parents came in

Jacobs parents were happy to see their son alive and Jacob introduced them to Sabrina .

His parents instantly liked Sabrina . They all chatted for a while suddenly the door opened and 2 people came in.

Mom ! dad ! Sabrina shouted getting out of bed and running towards them.
She embraced them and looked at her dad.

I thought you were dead she said hugging him tight.
The explosion blew me into the water a ship found me in the water and brought me to shore.
then they sent out a search party to look for you.

Her mom turned to Jacob.
You must be the boy that helped My little girl on the island.

Yes I'm Jacob he said extending his hand.
Thank you for helping our little girl her dad said shaking his hand.

Its a shame we have to say goodbye Sabrina said You don't have to say goodbye Jacobs father told them. It turns out the house we are moving into is just across the street from Sabrina's.

Really ? Jacob and sabrina said together.
Yes but not for a few weeks. We can work with that Sabrina said kissing Jacob.

Once the doctors said that they were healthy they both went home with their families excited to be neighbors very soon.

The next chapter is the ending hope you enjoyed the story