Throw back when Klaus first saw baby rebekah:

After 8 hours of pain Esther finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She held the new born in her arms and looked at her, rocking her slowly.

Suddenly a pair of blue eyes and blond hair entered the room, a little boy not older than 6 stand behind the door staring at his mother shyly.

"Niklaus, you can come in, my son" said Esther in a soft tone

The little boy cracked a smile and moved closer to his mom's bed.

"Look mom, it's a baby" he said as he sat beside her.

Esther chuckled and caressed his cheek affectionately.

"She's your little sister Niklaus" she said, smiling.

"My sister " Said niklaus amazed, as he looked at his baby sister.

"Do you wanna hold her ? You'll be the first of your brothers to do it"

He nodded positively feeling proud, he'll be the first one, then Esther placed carefully the new born in his arms.

Klaus looked at her for a while, just admiring her with stars in his eyes. He already loved her, so much.

Suddenly, the baby made a cute little sound that made Esther and Niklaus smile.

"Look, she recognised her big brother who used to talk to her in mommy's Belly" said Esther stroking her daughter's cheek.

Niklaus smiled slightly and kissed softly his sister's nose.

"She's so little mom, look at those hands ! So tiny ! " He said grabbing one of her hands and surprisingly, her tiny little fingers wrapped around his.

"She'll grow up niklaus, and be as big as you, but you have to protect her." She said looking him in the eyes.

"I will mother, no harm will come to her, I promise" he said hugging the baby softly.

"What's her name?" He asked after a moment.

"Rebekah, rebekah Mikaelson" answered Esther.

"Welcome to the world little rebekah, I will always love you, no matter what" he said as he kissed Rebekah's cheek, the baby made a sound again that Niklaus considered as a response she loves me too.

Esther watched her children quietly, nothing will ever separate these two.

she knew it, she felt it. after all this kind of love never dies

always and forever