It was a cold and gloomy February day.

Esther and mikeal left early in the morning to attend a wedding, taking 15yo Finn with them leaving the rest of their children at home.

Elijah was rocking little sick Kol who couldn't sleep, singing a slow lullaby while keeping an eye on Niklaus, playing with baby Rebekah

the blonde little baby was giggling as her older brother tickled her.

"Quiet Niklaus, you're going to wake Kol" said elijah with a soft smile.

" Sorry 'lijah" apologized Niklaus.

"here, take Kol to our room and go eat something, I'll watch Rebekah" said the eldest brother, handing a sleeping Kol to Niklaus.

As soon as Niklaus left the room, Rebekah started crying loudly, rasing both her little fists at Elijah.

"there there sweet girl, stop crying everything's fine" said elijah holding her in his arms and tapping her back, trying to calm her.

but the little girl continued to scream and cry pointing her tiny hand at the door that Niklaus just walked out. But Elijah didn't seem to understand and continued to rock her.

a few minutes later, the 6 yo blond walked in the room again and elijah turned to look at him

"Elijah, Kol is asle...""Nik !"the two boys were shocked, they both looked at the littlest blond sobbing, as she reached out her arms, claiming her brother's attention.

"Nik!" she said again desperately, little tears falling from her eyes.

Niklaus hurried to his baby sister taking her from elijah's hold, he wrapped his arms around her as she put her head on his chest, still sobbing.

"did she just...?" said Niklaus still shocked , rocking Rebekah back and forth.

"yeah, she just created a nickname for you, she called you Nik, two times" chuckled elijah.

"my name is her first word, I can't believe it" said Niklaus as he looked proudly at his now sleeping sister in his arms.

"she was crying the whole time you went to the other room I actually thought she's sick, but I guess she just can't be without you" said elijah impressed.

"I guess she already picked her favourite" he added playfully.

well, I love her the most he wanted to say, but instead he looked up at his older brother and smiled.

Nik, that was first time he loved hearing his name from someone else's mouth, it sounded like music to his ears.

he kissed Rebekah's cheek as he put her in her bed, he stroked her hair affectionately.

you'll never be without me Bekah, I promise. You'll always have your Nik.