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Chapter 1

Jack walked through the cog wheel door and stopped to survey the Hub. It had been 5 years since it had blown up thanks to the bomb in his stomach. He shuddered at the memory. He looked and a small smile appeared on his face. The Hub looked just like it did then. He had insisted it was rebuilt exactly how it was (with some up to date tech). It had taken a lot of persuasion, a lot of hands and a lot of Retcon to the workers but it was finally complete.

He walked to the desks where the computers were and stroked the tops of the chairs. The screens were on, waiting to be used. He turned and saw the Torchwood sign with a battered sofa underneath. He hadn't wanted a brand new sofa so he went looking in charity shops until he found the perfect one. He wandered over to the autopsy bay and looked down into it. It was refreshing to see it so white and clean and organised. There were labels on the drawers so everyone knew what was where.

Jack turned and made his way up the stairs to his office. He paused at the door and turned around to look over the whole area. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, listening to the hum of machines and the water coming down the centre. All so familiar.

The familiar alarm sounded and he saw Gwen enter. She looked up at him and smiled. He smiled and turned to go into his office, leaving the door open for her as he heard her coming up the stairs. He looked round his office, he had designed it himself and had been here whilst it had been built and decorated, breathing down the workmen's necks until he was sure he would be punched. There were several book cases full of folders. A big oak desk in the centre with a large lamp on it, with a large leather chair pushed into it. But that wasn't the most important parts to him. He looked left to the wall. On that wall were 3 large photos blown up to A1 size. Tosh, Owen and Ianto in each frame, with their name and dates on the frames. He had left space to add more as he had others he wanted to put up there for his earlier days, but for now he had those three. He walked over to Ianto's picture and stroked its face. He looked so real, like he would just come alive and step out of the picture.

"5 years today isn't it".

He turned to Gwen and nodded.

"Still feels like yesterday though" he replied. Gwen walked over and put her hand on his shoulder, looking at the pictures.

"Still feels like they are here, watching over us" she said. He heard her swallow, trying to hold back the tears.

He turned away from the pictures and went over to his desk, picking up some papers that had been left there. Gwen joined him.

"Are those the potential new recruits?" she asked.

"Yes" he said, flipping through the papers. "I've spoken to Mickey and Martha to see whether they want to come on full time rather than as freelance. If they do that's our Medical Officer sorted and an experienced field agent. We would only need to look for a tech expert and potentially another field agent. They said they would let me know by the end of the week".

Gwen nodded. "How have the Weevil sightings been?"

"Not so bad. Getting about 1 every couple of weeks at the moment".

Gwen nodded and thought for a moment. "Jack. I've got to ask. Why have we rebuilt the Hub? Why are we here? I know we still have Weevils running around but like you said it is a small amount. The rift has been closed. Wasn't that the point of the Hub?".

Jack turned to look at her. "You're right the rift is closed. But it isn't just the Weevils. Aliens still come to our planet, some hostile. Torchwood is the best line of defence against them. The Doctor isn't here 24/7. We need to be able to defend ourselves and deal with alien threats as well as those who are lost and need help. There is also so much alien tech still floating around. Tech which fall into the wrong hands all the time and leave a mess that someone needs to sort. UNIT aren't exactly the most reliable".

Gwen nodded. Jack changed the subject.

"How is Anwen? Looking forward to starting school?". Gwen groaned.

"Looking forward to it. She hasn't stopped playing school for weeks. Of course she is always the teacher and Rhys and I are the students. She enjoys giving us gold stars though" she said. Jack burst out laughing.

"I can imagine. A little bossy boots like her mother! Rhys has got his hands full with you two!".

Gwen gave a mock glare and punched him in the arm."For that you can buy me lunch!".

Jack held out his arm. "As you wish madam. Lead the way!"

Gwen laughed as she walked out of the office. Jack turned to look back at the pictures before leaving.

They decided to take the invisible lift out of the hub. Jack had made this himself again. He didn't trust others to do it. Jack held out his arm and Gwen linked her arms through his. As they stepped off the platform, laughing at a rude joke from Jack there was a rumble beneath their feet. They looked at each other.

"Jack did you feel that?"

He nodded and looked at his wrist strap. "That didn't come from the hub".

They walked further into the Plas when there was another larger tremble. This one nearly knocked them off their feet.

"What's going on Jack? An earthquake?".

He looked at his strap again. "No. But there is a large amount of energy building. It's right here, where the rift used to be".

Gwen looked at him in alarm. "I thought it was closed!".

The tremors suddenly became more violent. They clung to each other to stop themselves falling over. "It was! I saw Ianto's spirit close it!".

The noise grew louder. People were screaming and running away from the Plas as cracks started to appear. Jack and Gwen ran to the centre by the water tower, hoping to find the source. Suddenly there was a loud bang and cracking sound, like lightening. They turned round and saw what seemed to be a large crack opening in thin air. Wind blew out from it and there was a blinding light. Jack and Gwen shielded their eyes. Suddenly there was a flash and something flew out from the crack. It soared past them and landed about 20 feet from them. The crack closed up and there was silence. The tremors stopped and the Plas was empty.

They looked over and saw a figure lying, facing away from them. The figure was tall and slim. They approached cautiously. Jack started to feel sick as he got closer. The figure was wearing a suit. The collar of a shirt could be seen poking out the back of its neck. It was a deep red. Jack and Gwen looked at each other. He could see she was feeling it to. Disbelief. They came closer and Jack could see the brown hair. The figure was unconscious but breathing from what they could see as they got close. Jack did and didn't want to turn the figure over. It couldn't be who he thought it was.

He and Gwen knelt down and rolled the figure over. Jack's heart stopped and Gwen gasped.

It was Ianto.

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