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Chapter 6

Jack heard Ianto approaching. He looked at the machine and Jack's expression before realising.

"You're stuck!" he gasped.

Jack nodded. "So it seems".

Ianto came and stood next to Jack, always looking at the machine.

"I'm so sorry. This is my fault" he whispered. "I shouldn't have let you come with me. I am so so sorry Jack". Jack heard his voice beginning to break.

"This is not your fault Ianto. I knew the risk. I wanted to come. And it's a good job I did! If I hadn't you would be dealing with all of this by yourself" he said gesturing around. "I'm glad I came here. So please don't blame yourself. And besides-" he turned to Ianto and grinned, "who says we can't fix it?".

A few hours later Jack and Ianto had cleared all the rubble around the computers so they could access them. Thankfully they were still logged in to Gwen's and Tosh's ID so Jack was able to get straight in. Jack used Tosh's computer and Ianto used Gwen's.

"First thing we need to do is take the hub out of lockdown. We will have an easier time with the proper lights on and give us more access into the system. We should look at the CCTV first to see what happened in the build up and after you disappeared" Jack said.

Ianto started typing quickly onto the computer and pushed in some codes. Suddenly the red lights switched off and the main lights came on. Jack whooped.

"Success!. First hurdle overcome!". Ianto gave a small smile and nodded.

"Now let's see if we can access the CCTV". He glanced at Ianto. "Ianto if you could get me into it I will do the rest. You don't need to see what happened after". He wouldn't let Ianto see it if he didn't want to. He still had nightmare's about his teams deaths. He didn't want Ianto to go through that.

Ianto came over to his computer and started typing and going through files until he came to the CCTV folder. The screen caps showed that it had still been recording after Ianto's disappearance. Jack gently pushed Ianto aside.

"Ianto you don't need to see this" he said. "Can you go to the other computer and see if you can find any schematics for the machine? Anything about the changes made".

Ianto shook his head. "I need to see it. Please Jack. I need to see what happened to them. To him". He took a deep breath. "I can take it Jack. I really need to see it. Plus I might spot something you don't. I am good at spotting things". He gave another small smile.

Jack eyed him warily. He was worried about Ianto watching this, especially since only a few hours ago the love of his life died in his arms. He didn't want to make his mental state worse. But he couldn't exactly force him away. And he did have a right to see it. Jack made a decision.

"Ok. But Ianto, promise me if it becomes too much you will walk away. We know it's not going to be pretty and it will be traumatic. Are you really sure?".

Ianto nodded. "Let's do this".

Jack glanced at him again then selected the first image and pressed Play.

Jack and Tosh were standing at the manipulator, obviously doing final checks. Ianto stood a little further away writing things down on a clipboard. Gwen was asking questions from off screen and Tosh called back. Jack and Tosh had one last look then did a high five.

"Are we all ready?" he called. Tosh nodded and ran off screen to her computer.

"Ready!" called Gwen.

"About bloody time!" Owen's voice came from somewhere off screen. "Thought we would never start! Been talking about it long enough!"

Jack approached Ianto and kissed him on the forehead. Jack whispered something in Ianto's ear before moving away smirking. Ianto was bright red as he took his place by the small screen on the manipulator.

The clip ended. Jack heard Ianto chuckle.

"Dare I ask what he said?" Jack asked, smirking as he could imagine exactly what he said. Ianto was thinking the same thing.

"I think it's safe to say you know exactly what he said". Ianto smiled.

Jack went to the next clip and looked at Ianto. "Ready?". Ianto nodded. Jack pressed Play.

The manipulator burst into life. Lights came on and the screen came to life, numbers almost immediately appearing on the screen. Ianto was writing furiously.

"Ianto what is the power output?" Tosh called from off screen. Ianto squinted as he looked at the screen.

"5%" he called back. "And looking stable. No fluctuations".

"Let's increase it a bit more" Jack called, standing just at the edge of the screen.

"Increasing" Tosh said.

The manipulator started humming as the power increased. Ianto started writing more notes.

"How's it looking Tosh?" Jack called.

"Guys!" Ianto called. "It's gone to 11% and rising!"

"I'm getting some weird readings here Jack" Gwen called from off screen. Jack disappeared, obviously going to Gwen's workstation.

"15% and still rising!" Ianto called.

The clip ended. Jack looked at Ianto, trying to read his expression.

"This is how it started" Ianto said. He looked at Jack and nodded. "Let's continue". Jack moved to the next clip and pressed play.

"25%!" Ianto yelled. "It's rising quicker!".

"Tosh start shutting it down!" Jack yelled. He suddenly reappeared on screen running over to the manipulator and pushed a couple of buttons on the opposite side to where Ianto was. He dashed back off screen.

"Where are we at now Ianto?" he called.

"32% and still rising!".

"Damnit!". Jack ran back on screen and pushed some more buttons then ran back off screen. "Now?".

"40%. Jack we need to pull the mains plug!" Ianto called.

Jack could be seen starting to run away towards the mains switches and stopped as the humming turned into a high pitched scream from the machine.

"What's happening?!" he yelled in Tosh's direction.

"The rift is forcing itself wider! There is a spike occurring here!".

The manipulator grew bright. Ianto took a big step back looking horrified. He looked in Jack's direction as Jack started running towards him.


There was a flash and Ianto was gone, clipboard clattering to the floor.

"IANTO!" Jack screamed.

The clip ended. Jack could feel himself shaking slightly. He could feel the fear coming from that Jack. He looked at Ianto and saw the same look of horror on his face. Ianto turned away from the screen and took some deep breaths. Jack put his hand on his shoulder.

"Are you ok?" he asked, then kicked himself mentally. What a stupid question to ask!.

Ianto turned to him and nodded. "Sorry. Brings back how scared I was. And seeing Jack looking so terrified". He turned and nodded at the screen. "Let's see the next clip".

Jack squeezed his shoulder. "You can walk away if you want Ianto".

"No I need to see what happened next".

They both turned back to the screen. Jack moved the cursor to the next clip and pressed Play.

"IANTO!" Jack looked around franticly. "IANTO WHERE ARE YOU? IANTO ANSWER ME!". Jack ran off screen.

"Jack I can't stop this spike!" Tosh yelled.

Jack reappeared running towards the machine and started pulling out wires. Sparks started flying from the machine as Jack backed away. He tried getting closer but the sparks became bigger. The camera started shaking. Jack looked around horrified. As he ran back off screen towards the computers there was another flash of light and a bang heard. The camera went black.

The clip ended.

Jack looked at Ianto and saw him fighting back tears.

"He was so scared for me" he whispered. "I've never seen him like that", He looked at Jack. "Is there any more?".

Jack flicked through. "There are more clips but it's sound only. Looks like the video feed got knocked out by the explosion". He looked at Ianto. "Ianto I really think you shouldn't hear these. You've seen here what happened. You don't need to hear it".

"Yes I do" Ianto said. "I owe it to them to".

Jacked pressed Play.

The screen is black but sirens can be heard. The lockdown sirens. The sound of electrics sparking everywhere could be heard.

"Gwen!" Jack's voice could be heard yelling. Clattering noises as someone was running. "Owen she's dead!"

"TOSH!". Owen could be heard screaming. More sounds of running.

"Owen!" Tosh's voice could be heard, followed by some coughing.

"Oh my god!" Jack and Owen said.

"Jack go get my med kit now!" Owen yelled. More running sounds could be heard. Owen's and Tosh's voices could be heard but couldn't be understood over the noise.

There was a sudden Crash and the sound of walkways and rubble falling down.

"OWEN!" Jack could be heard yelling and running. "OWEN! TOSH!". A thump noise, like the sound of someone falling to their knees.

"I'm so sorry. This is all my fault. And I've killed you all. Oh god Ianto!" he could be heard sobbing.

"Ianto! Please come back! Ianto where are you?!".

Jack could be heard getting up and running off.

"Ianto! Ianto! IANTO!" Please I can't lose you too. Ianto!".

Footsteps running back and forth. Creaking and groaning as walkways strained. Suddenly there was another crash and a yell as it all landed on Jack.

"Ianto. I love you!".

The clip ended. All the footage had now been watched. Ianto stood there with tears streaming down his face. He felt his knees give way and a pair of strong arms catch him and lower him slowly to the ground. He leaned into those arms and cried, as he felt tears dripping from the older man onto him.