Author's Note - The moment of truth. I'd like to thank each and every one of you who have waited patiently for the roster reveal and have submitted to my story. It was almost impossible for me to choose this cast. Every submission, no joke, EVERY SINGLE ONE, was amazing. I don't know what y'all we're on, but each and every one of you put on their A game with characters. Each form I read made me rethink all of my previous choices, and I can definitely see this list coming out VERY different depending on what exactly I needed.

Despite this though, there's still the unfortunate truth that I can't extend the cast to 50 people (though I totally would if I felt I could pull it off). I did eventually have to settle on some characters. The ones chosen perfectly fit into future story beats and arcs I have planned, and I hope everyone accepted is happy knowing their character will be featured very soon. For those that didn't get in, I would like to apologies. All of your forms were amazing, and I can't understate that. I loved every single one and I have no doubt in my mind that your characters will eventually find themselves in future stories with more established authors than myself to take care of them.

With that being said, I'd like to announce the full and completed cast of Danganronpa Gold House!

{ Student Roster }


1. "Prince" - Grand ?

2. Fudo Tsukuyomi - Grand Magician (emperiumOxide)

3. Junichiro Ichida - Grand Escort (Ahn Jihlo)

4. Kamiya Uta - Grand Swordsman (oddlyillregular)

5. Albion Kanzaki - Grand Blacksmith (Sempi)

6. Tadatake Suza - Grand Hockey Player (Prince PokePersona)

7. Koji Yabusaki - Grand Mortician (Rayy12)

8. Fujisaki Kanna - Grand Assistant (Sweet Shi)

9. Lukas Griffion Powell - Grand Knight (Partyboy426) (FOREIGN)

10. Stefano 'Alex' Alexeev - Grand Exorcist (Epifanio Therion) (FOREIGN)


1. Anata Noshi - Grand Storyteller (LynnRowe)

2. Kanon Kanda - Grand Doctor (Yoonie-P)

3. Machi Amemori - Grand Mediator (Other Senpai)

4. Aimi Sakai - Grand Patissier (WolfieRed23)

5. Xiuying Akatsuki - Grand Fabric Pattern Maker (RioA)

6. Amaya 'Maya' Shirai - Grand Marionette Maker (Abitat Eco)

7. Hagoromo 'Momo' Mae - Grand Demonologist (Epifanio Therion)

8. Hania Shah - Grand Fantasy Video Game Developer (AstralKali)

9. Luna Phillips - Grand Cult Leader (Barbacar) (FORIEGN)

10. Amélie Alarie - Grand Perfumer (JustDrew) [FOREIGN]