Rita's Dark Passenger

Disclaimer: This is an idea that was inspired by Spryte Magnus' Dexter/Angel crossover fic 'Second Chances'. Sadly, its a fic that's been left unfinished since 2011 but still good to read. This also ignores the clusterfuck of decisions that were done in the later seasons of Angel. Namely, the Cordy/Angel thing, her going to a 'higher' plane, getting possessed by Jasmine and sleeping with Connor, and the group taking over Wolfram Hart. Meaning that Fred is safe from becoming Illyria.

When Dexter made his way into the house that night after trying and failing to find Arthur 'Trinity' Mitchell so that he could finally kill the old bastard, the last thing he was expecting to find was the man in question in his living room. Tied to a chair and looking an absolute mess with Rita standing nearby with a dark look on her face that was very out of place where his wife was concerned. "About time you got here, lover." She told him and it made him pause.

As that term was not one she ever used and there was something else about her that was sending off warning signs in Dexter's mind. "This piece of garbage decided to try and attack me in our home when I showed up to grab my ID since I had forgotten it like a dope. He and I have been… Getting to know one another since then."

Arthur made muffled noises but was largely ignored by the two as Dexter's eyes widened even more than before. "Are you okay? Did he hurt you!?" He asked in alarmed worry as he came closer to inspect her.

"I'm fine, sweetheart. Its just I had this… Thing come alive inside of me when he tried to attack me. If, if it wasn't for that, I'm pretty sure I'd be… Dead right now."

Dexter almost fell to his knees at that mental image. "A Dark Passenger…" He breathed out.

Rita stared at him for a moment, as if processing his words before nodding. "Yeah, only I seem to want to call mine Darla."

And honestly, Darla terrified her a great deal but she was none the less grateful for her for showing up like she had. "Apparently she wasn't a very nice person when I was her in a previous life." Admitted Rita quietly as Arthur made noises.

That again were ignored as Dexter stared at her. "I… I don't have an actual name for my Dark Passenger. I just call it that." He told her.

Unsure of what else to say in that moment as his wife merely nodded in silence as a thought occurred to him. "Where's… Where's Harrison?"

"Asleep in our bed, and he's just fine, I promise. But what do we do about him? I know the Police is looking for him and he was clearly here to hurt you since he said as much." Wondered Rita as she shot the bound and gagged man a disgusted look as her husband gulped once she got done doing that and gave him a look that said he had A LOT of explaining to do.

"Considering he tried to hurt you to clearly get at me, I'm not too inclined to hand him over to the Police. Not after all the pain and suffering he's caused over the years. And ESPECIALLY after what he tried to pull with you."

"Well… Darla seems to have a few ideas… Ideas that would make him beg for death as a mercy." Rita told him with a shudder.

Dexter was quiet for a moment as he pulled his shaken wife close to him so he could have her in his arms. "Let me take care of him and then we can go on our honeymoon."

"Do I want to know what you're going to do, Dexter?"

Again, he was quiet for a moment before finally speaking. "Let's just say I don't think Darla would have a problem with it." He admitted and she studied him for a moment before nodding.

"She… She has this feeling you're something of an Artist when it comes to this kind of thing." And that scared Rita but this was her Husband and she would stand by him no matter what.

"I wouldn't necessarily think of myself as one but I am pretty good at what I do."

"You and I are gonna have a very long conversation after this, Dexter Morgan." Warned Rita sternly.

Part of her feeling a little bothered by the fact she felt turned on by the dark imagery she was getting of what Dexter might possibly do to this old man. Thinking it was likely something her… Dark Passenger was the cause of. He nodded and kissed her on the lips before quickly getting Arthur out of the house before anyone really spotted them. Dexter wouldn't even give the old bastard the pleasure of a final conversation once he got a kill room set up and stabbed him in the heart and quickly cut him to pieces and hauled him off into the Gulf Stream. And once he got back home, that long conversation would happen and while Rita was bothered by it all, she ultimately understood and accepted it thanks to Darla's influence. Influence she was grateful for since it meant she had managed to survive an attempt on her life.

Their Honeymoon was a wonderful occasion that was exactly what the two needed and Dexter would even admit he was relieved she finally knew of what he really and truly did when not at work or at home. Granted, Rita had no real desire to be part of what he did, which made Darla unhappy but she didn't necessarily care. But ultimately she did support him and even introduced him to what really and truly went bump in the night. Stunning the Hell out of him in the process as he got to learn of a whole new world and how it all worked. What he learned when it came to Darla bothered him but ultimately let it be since his wife's former past life had kept her alive much to his ever present relief. Their kids and those that knew them wouldn't have a clue of all this and that suited Dexter and Rita just fine.

And when Lumen came into their lives, let's just say things got a little interesting and the troubled girl who'd get her revenge would ultimately end up becoming part of their family. It was shortly after that that Connor would show up and both Rita and Darla would be pissed off. "I swear I'm going to kick Angelus' ass the next time I see him." Muttered the woman darkly after learning of her oldest child's story.

Connor couldn't help but chuckle at that and would be relieved to be welcomed into the family. Of course some creative backstory was applied by claiming she had given him up for adoption after her marriage had fallen through when she was a teenager. Rita had even socked her husband in the shoulder after he admitted he had looked into that and had known about that for the longest time thanks to that damned mother of her's! Now Astor of course hadn't been too enthused she was no longer the oldest but eventually warmed up to her older brother. Connor and Dexter would even have some quality bonding time together that included going after the worst of society and thanks to a vision of Cordy's, Connor would be the reason Brother Sam didn't end up being shot and killed. "Dexter behind you bein' here, son?"

"Nah, my mom actually. She had this bad feeling where you were concerned and asked me to watch over you, Uncle Sam."

"Oh. I'm gonna have to thank her."

Now, while Brother Sam was grateful to be alive, he was none the less heartbroken that Nick had gone the path he did. A path that saw him in prison for attempted murder and thanks to certain connections the family now had, they were able to have the Scoobies get involved and keep Travis Marshall from actually ending the world. Which would see Drusilla show up a little while later and make Dexter fairly uncomfortable with her presence. "Dru, behave." Warned Rita sternly after seeing the insane Seer frighten the Hell out of Elliot. Again.

"But he would make a lovely snack! And is quite naughty in his thoughts of you, Mummy!" Pouted the insane woman.

Bad enough her wee siblings didn't want to play with her! "Dru, you will behave or else! I'll put you on my knee and it won't be in the fun way either. Do you understand me? And further more, he can have all the naughty thoughts he wants but he's never ever going to get to act on them where I'm concerned."

The pout became more pronounced but Rita didn't relent. "Fine. I'll behave." Grumbled Drusilla unhappily.

"Good girl. And if you stay a good girl who listens, maybe Dexter will let you go with him on his next hunting trip."

Granted, she had her doubts that husband of her's would actually agree to that! Dru's eyes lit up at that and swore she would be a most good girl indeed as Rita sighed and shook her head and wondered when she would have to run Dru off or finally stake her so she could finally be at peace. Interestingly enough, it'd be both Dru and Cordy who would prevent one particular issue from happening where Viktor Baskov was concerned. Leading to Dexter to form a deep friendship with both him and Isaak in the process and for George Navikov to have an unpleasant death. Around this time Dexter would also meet Hannah and she, like Lumen would join their family. Something Debra was none too happy about given Hannah's past. Debra at some point before that had even learned of Dexter's late night activities when she walked in on him just as he plunged a knife into a Pedophile's heart.

But given how bad she was handling it and the threat that had made to the family, certain methods had been used to make her forget it. Something Dexter was torn between hating and being accepting of as it had basically violated her while also ensuring Harry's request of her never finding out remained intact. "I, I can't believe you're just letting that murdering bitch be around the kids, Lumen, and even Dexter! She wants to fuck him! I can tell!" Exclaimed the dark haired woman to Rita.

"Debra, do you think I'm blind to the desire I see those two have for one another?" Asked Rita with the patience of a Saint.

Causing the dark haired Detective to stare at her in shock before speaking. "If you know, how come you aren't doing anything about it!? My brother needs his ass kicked, damnit!"

"For the same reason Lumen shares Dexter and I's bed, Hannah is ours as we are her's."

Debra could only stare in shock as Rita briefly thought again about the fact they needed a bigger home. Or at least, a bigger bed. "Please tell me I'm drugged or that I hit my fucking head and I just don't remember it. 'Cause I know I did not hear that shit right."

A shrug was Rita's initial response. "You heard me right. Dexter, myself, Lumen, and Hannah, despite some hesitance on her part given her past, are all happily involved with one another." Drusilla was a bit put out by the fact she wasn't allowed to be involved but none of them wanted to risk her getting TOO excited about things.

That, and if Rita was honest with herself, Dru reminded her of Lila's homicidal ass. Her sister in law gaped in shock at her. "Are… Are you all high or something!?"

"Of course not. We've all just found something in one another that honestly can't be found elsewhere."

Lumen for example, didn't want any children of her own at this point in time and was quite content to be the kids' aunt. Though she never protested Harrison calling her momma and Rita certainly never had an issue with it. With Hannah, it was practically a no brainer that she fell so hard for the family given her own desire for one that had been denied to her for so long. It actually been Dru who managed to cut through any bullshit that saw the Alabama Blonde quickly become part of the family. Leading to Hannah and Dexter to have some very enthusiastic sex that saw her successfully get pregnant and Rita couldn't wait for the day that little child was born! Jealousy and anger swept through Debra as she felt this was bullshit. Jealousy because of her own feelings for Dexter and anger because she felt like Hannah was pulling the wool over Rita's eyes and that it would ultimately get her and possibly everyone else killed.

"You're all making a very fucking huge ass mistake where that bitch is concerned. That, and I can't believe that you of all people are so okay with Dexter putting his dick in other women in your bed!"

"I don't think there's any mistakes being made, Debra. And when it comes to love, love that the four of us share, how can I not be okay with it?" Asked the Blonde.

As honestly, the four of them were 4 parts that made a whole complete thing and Hannah had been that fourth missing piece the three of them hadn't been realizing was missing until she came into their lives thanks in part to Wayne Randall. Plus, the Darla in her loved all the extra sex. Debra just shook her head and walked out of the Morgan household, firmly believing this was all a huge mistake. "Do you think it'd help if we invited her to our bed?" Wondered Lumen quietly as she came into the living room.

"No, I don't think it would. She would either want Dexter all for herself or try and force Hannah out of our home."

Oh, they were all well aware of the fact Debra had more than sisterly feelings for Dexter thanks to him talking to them about it. As he'd been having a hard time dealing with that particular revelation and they were helping him as best they could in dealing with it. But so far none of them had let Debra in on the fact they were aware and Rita had been strongly thinking of having a word with her sister in law's therapist since basically it was all her fault this was an issue to begin with. Rita had even laid her foot down with Hannah about keeping quiet on the situation and Hannah had no intention of going against that as Rita's the Head of the House and it was just a dumb idea to even try. Potentially sleeping on the couch or losing what she had gained had no appeal to her whatsoever. "What do you think we should do?"

"I'm not sure, yet."

But they would have to come up with something soon before something happened to destroy the happiness they have.

Author's Notes: Hadn't intended to leave things like that but oh well! So I'll possibly do more with the idea at some point but we'll see.