Chapter 5

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Several Years Later

"You about killed that man in the bar, you want to talk about that, Cody?" Asked one Dexter Morgan to his step-son, Cody Morgan.

Both of whom were currently on the Slice of Life under the night sky since Dexter had thought it was a good idea for the time being where his step-son was concerned. Dexter himself wasn't as buff as he used to be and was greying at the sides as well. Cody, on the other hand, had a short head of hair and was rather in shape thanks to his time in the Military. At first, the younger of the two said nothing before letting out an irritated huff. "He… I've been havin' a real shit time getting used to being back in civilian life, dad. And when I heard him drunkenly bragging about how he had taken several girls to bed without getting their consent, I just… I just went off on him."

Dexter nodded at that, having actually wanted to do as much himself and said as much before focusing on the problem at hand. "Do, would you want to see a Therapist to deal with what you're feeling? You know we'll all be behind you every step of the way, Code." Promised the man.

"Y-Yeah, I know, dad, I know. But I dunno if one can actually help with me this problem. 'Cause its like ever since my time in the Military and being a Sniper there, I've had this, this thing clawing its way inside of me. Wanting me to, to kill and it scares the shit out of me." Cody told him with a sniffle.

Thanks to his time in the Military, Cody had discovered a talent for Sniper work and had been trained to nurture it to be one of the best around at the work. Astor, on the other hand, had taken to traveling the world after High School with Olivia along for the ride. Feeling a sense of wonderlust that neither could ignore and blogging about each place they went. Harrison was still in High School and was not only a star Basketball player, but also a drummer in a band that his Uncle Anton had put together. Anton and Debra are happily married at this point in time with two kids and she was also still the Lieutenant of Homicide. Feeling content there and not wanting to move elsewhere. Dexter himself no longer worked for Miami Metro as he had chosen to retire and had taken a teaching job as a Forensics/Blood Spatter Analyst teacher for three days a week sometime after. Lumen and Hannah were now his wives, making him a married man three times over and making many rather envious of the fact he had 3 beautiful women as his wives.

His daughter Laura through Hannah had been discovered to be a Slayer and that's how Astor, Cody, and Harrison had all ended up finding out about the Supernatural world. She wasn't allowed to go out in the field just yet as they wanted her to focus on school work and being a kid first and foremost and she was okay with that. But she did have some of the best teachers around when it came to learning how to kick ass and take names. Little Lily, his daughter through Lumen after she finally decided she wanted kids of her own, was a rambunctious little 10 year old who tended to make her father rather tired due to all the energy she has. Darla was still around within Rita but mostly stayed asleep as it wasn't often she was needed and despite the passing of time, it appeared Darla's presence within his wife was keeping her from aging like she should. Something she didn't mind but was worried if it meant she was just very slowly aging or actually something along the lines of having immortality.

Something the Scoobies were still looking into and had yet to find a definitive answer on. Angel, the Vampire with a Soul had finally become Human and Connor still ran his PI business to this day with his first kid on the way with his wife, Bethany. In addition to being retired as a Blood Spatter Analyst, Dexter was also effectively retired from killing the bad folks of Miami as he no longer wanted to do it thanks to his issues having been slowly worked on over the years. Damn…

Dexter momentarily closed his eyes before opening them and letting out a breath. "I had always wondered if this would be an issue with Harrison so I never thought it'd be an issue with you. And I'm sorry for that."

"What do you mean?" Wondered Cody curiously as he looked up at his dad with red eyes.

"The sensation, the feeling you have of something making its way inside of you and finding a home after your time in the Military? It's what I would call a Dark Passenger and something Hannah tended to roll her eyes over back when I used to believe I had it." Informed the older man.

"Its not some kind of Demon or Spell?"

"No, its just something I dealt with a lot thanks to how bad your grandfather Harry handled things with me. Well, him and Dr. Vogel."

"O-Oh." Replied Cody, feeling somewhat relieved he wasn't alone in this problem.

"How, how'd you deal with yours in order to get by? 'Cause I am having trouble getting by, dad. I really am and I don't know how much longer I can deal with it."

Dexter sighed heavily and placed a hand of comfort on his son's shoulder. "You remember the stuff about the Bay Harbor Butcher?" He asked and drawing a confused look from his son in the process.

"Yeah, I remember being scared he'd get me but you told me only got really bad people."

"And that's because I really and truly did get the trash of Miami, Code." Replied Dexter bluntly.

His son's eyes widened in shock and he put a little distance between himself and his dad. "Shit! Are you being serious!?"

"I am. Of course I've always hated that name but taking out Killers and various other pieces of trash was how I dealt with my Dark Passenger in addition to the Code I lived by to keep from getting caught. But over time I learned it never existed and that the urge to kill was really all me and I managed to work past that to the point I haven't killed anyone in years." Answered Dexter honestly.

Cody stared at his dad for a long minute and then angrily started to sob. "I, I don't want to do that, dad! God, I'd rather put myself in the nuthouse then actually kill some piece of shit and cut them up! Even if they did deserve it! Taking out some jackass as a Sniper was one thing but that!?"

He found himself being hugged tightly by his dad. "Then you won't, son. You won't. We'll get you into therapy to help you with what you're feeling, alright? We're gonna get you through this, I promise." Assured the older man and Cody felt comforted by that.

Even if part of him was actually bothered by his dad's old role as the Bay Harbor Butcher as he cried and continued to be held by his dad. And thankfully, the therapy would help Cody out a lot with his family behind him every step of the way as he also re-connected with Auri Batista for the first time since he joined the Military a few years before.

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