Its been a while since I've written a fanfic. And with the new sequel coming out in October, the spark came back! I might even finish my other story thats been on hiatus for...well...years. I put alot of time into this fanfic, so I hope you enjoy it!

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Birds could be heard singing throughout the forest as the sun rose over the horizon, morning dew dripped from leaves as soft light shone through the trees, it was indeed a beautiful morning. Soft footsteps, that barely made a sound, quickened their pace, as they traveled down the dirt path of the forest.

"Lord-Sesshomaru, please wait for meee!"

The small imp cried out, trying to keep pace with his master. Sesshomarus quiet footsteps slowed to a stop, as he glanced back at his retainer, who he wished wasn't so slow.

"Jaken, why must you insist on slowing me down?"

The small imp scrambled to Sesshomarus feet and bowed.

"Im s-so sorry milord! I will endeavor to keep up with you as best I can!"

Sesshomaru stifled a sigh and continued on his way.

"See that you do so, Jaken."

Jaken squawked and scrambled after his lord, who by no means slowed his pace for the poor imp. Sesshomaru wasn't in a hurry per say, he never needed to hurry anywhere, he was however, keen on arriving to his destination, sooner than later. With his gift for a special somebody tucked in his armor, hidden from view, he quickened his pace to a certain village, ignoring the protests from his retainer, desperately trying to keep up with him
It was mid morning by the time he had arrived, emerging from the clearing of the forest, he made his way into a small village. Passing by the human villagers who had started their morning routines, he was meet with their glances as he strode by. However it was not worried glances, or scared or confused, but friendly and happy eyes that met his.

"Good morning Lord Sesshomaru! How are you today?"

"Lord Sesshomaru! Good to see you!"

"Ah Lord Sesshomaru! Here to see Rin I assume?"

"How dare you speak so freely to Milord!? Know your place humans!"

Jaken continued to rant, and chastise any and everyone who greeted the Demon Lord, becoming increasingly flustered when they simply greeted him too and laughed. How this village, and these villagers had come to be so friendly to him, he could only assume to be the work of Rin. He barely spoke to anyone in the village, yet they all were familiar with him. Not that he cared, he would rather deal with friendly humans, than fearful ones anyhow. He continued down the village pathway, giving rare glances of acknowledgement to everyone who spoke to him. Finally he stopped in front of a small hut, the smell of the human village had muted his own senses, limiting his sense of smell, he did however sense life and movement inside of the hut.


The cloth over the doorway slowly shifted open, but who appeared was not Rin, but the Old Miko Rin had been living with.

"Ah, Lord Sesshomaru, ye have returned."

"Rin is not here I assume"

"Yes, Rin is actually with Kagome and Inuyasha, at Sango and Mirokus home."


"Ye have been to the village so often as of late, I trust ye know where they live? Or ye could always wait for Rin to return."

"I am aware of this villages layout"

With that, Sesshomaru turned on his heels and headed for the Demon slayers and Monks home. Jaken was right behind him, grumbling something about having to see that half demon. Even though the bad blood between him and his half brother was gone, and they "somewhat" got along now, he didn't care to see anyone but Rin today. But if Rin was with them, then it was them that he would see too today, whether Jaken liked it or not. He continued down the road, passing more villagers, acknowledging each one of them, until the happiest voice in the world reached his ears.

"Lord Sesshomaru!"

There in a small clearing by a large hut, sitting with Inuyasha and his pack, was the very person he had come to visit. Rin leaped to her feet and came running at the Demon Lord, promptly crashing into him, giving him the biggest of hugs. Once upon a time, Rin would have heeded Jakens scolding, and never done such a thing. But over the years she had learned that she, and only she, could take such liberties to touch him in such a familiar manor.

"RIN! Do not-"


"Yes Milord, sorry Milord."

He felt Rin giggle through the hug, and nearly let himself smile. She finally pulled away and beamed up at him with the biggest of smiles. Oh how shes grown, no longer the little girl he left at the village those years ago, what was she now...13? 14? years old. Older now, yet still the same, innocent, kind.

"How are you today Lord Sesshomaru? Where have you been? Oooooh did you kill anyone!? Was there a lot of Bloood!?"

Ok, maybe not the same, too much time with his half brother, thats for sure, but still innocent and kind none the less.

"I am well Rin, my travels have brought me far to the northern and eastern lands. No... I have not killed anyone as of late."

Her face fell for the briefest of moments before she began beaming again, almost as if she "wanted" to hear a goreish tale, yes to much time with Inuyasha indeed.

"Big brother!"

Sesshomaru raised to attention, as Inuyasha pack approached him, the Miko waving and smiling at him. He wished she wouldn't call him that.

"Oh, your making a face again."

Yes and he would continue to do so.

"Hey Sesshomaru, you been good?"


He nodded at his brother, something he would never have done long ago. The Slayer and Monk greeted him, and he nodded to them as well. But he wasn't here for anyone but Rin, he wanted time alone with her as he always did when he visited. He turned around and began walking to the forest.

"Rin, come. Jaken, stay."

"Ok! I'll be back later everyone!"

Rin waved to everyone and she ran to follow after Sesshomaru, who most definitely slowed his pace so she could walk beside him.
They made their way through the forest, light peeking in through the tree tops. Rin walked beside him, idly chatting away about her life in the village, her daily routines, her new friends, cute boys in the village...much to his dismay on the latter, if anyone wanted to court his little Rin he would have to approve of them first, and that was VERY unlikely. They finally stopped under a large tree, the Tree of ages he recalled it being called, yes this is as good a place as any. He turned to face Rin, who was still chatting a storm up, and pulled his gift for her out from his armor, her chatted hushed into a small gasp. Held held it out for her to inspect, a beautiful light pink kimono, with white blossoms dotting the sleeves.

"It is made from demon silk, it will mend itself, it will grown with you, it will never age."

Rin carefully took the kimono into her hands, completely in awe.

"Lord Sesshomaru, its so beautiful!"

"You approve?"

"Yes! Of course I do, its beautiful!"

Rin leaped forward and gave Sesshomaru another hug, and Sesshomaru hid a small smile. She always loved the gifts he brought her, but this one she seems to love more than the others. It had taken him a while to find the finest demon silk he possibly could, so it pleases him she approves. Rin pulled away from the hug and sheepishly looked up at him.

"Actually, my Lord, I have a gift for you as well."

He raised an eyebrow at her as she dug into the pocket of her kimono. She always gave him gifts, of flowers, to flower crowns, flower bracelets, why was she acting sheepish about this gift? Perhaps its from a rare flower she found? No matter, he would accept any gift she gave him, and wear it as always...only in her presents though, no one else will ever know.

"Here you are my Lord!"

His eyes fell to her gift, and his eyebrows raised in surprise. For her gift was not of flowers, but a small dagger. The hilt was of pure steel, curving upwards into the face of a dog demon, matching likeness of his true form. The sheath of the dagger was made from obsidian, with crescent moon designs dotting the rim, and flower designs that match those on his kimono down the side.

"Do you like it? Lady Sango helped me make it! Oh the blade is made from demon bones too!"

Rin Unsheathed the blade, revealing a curved, toothed dagger, that could do some serious damage, to even a demon.

"I helped her shape and sharpen the blade! I know you have really power swords Milord, but Lady Sango once told me a story about how she was disarmed during a fight, but see, she had a dagger hidden in her armor, and thats what saved her! So I case you were ever without your swords..."

Rin became sheepish again and began to shrink as she spoke, like coming to realization of the unlikelihood that her lord would ever be without his blades, or would he ever need a dagger. She snapped out of it however, when Sesshomaru plucked the dagger from her hands.

"This is a well crafted dagger you've made, Rin. Very unique."

Rins sheepishness frown, turned into a beaming smile upon hearing his complement. Like nothing in the world could bring her down at this moment.

"Thank you Lord Sesshomaru! I did my best on it!"

"I can tell, thank you, Rin."

If at all possible, her smile got bigger as Sesshomaru sheathed the dagger and placed it in his armor. What use he would have for a dagger, he didn't know, but because of who gave it to him, it was now one of his most treasured possessions, and he would keep it on him at all times.