Heres the final chapter! I hope you enjoyed this story, I sure had a lot of fun writing it!

Birds singing, and the scent of humans, was the first thing he noticed. Light shown in from an open window onto his face, and slowly he opened his eyes. Sesshomaru took in his surroundings. He was in a rather large human hut, laying on a futon, covered up by a blanket he recognized as one he had given Rin. The roof of the hut was slightly burned and blackened. So he was in Inuyashas village then. His swords and dagger, and mokomoko, were propped up against the side of the wall, his kimono top folded neatly beside them. He was shirtless then...wonderful. He lay still for a while, debating whether or not he should attempt to move, as he was very pain free at the moment. Slowly, one by one, he tested out his body. He flexed his right arm, which appeared to be in a sling. He rolled his shoulder, took deep breathes to assess his ribcage. Everything seemed in order. His body still ached, but no pain. Carefully, he pushed himself up on his left elbow, the blanket falling off of him, reveling what could only be Rins doing. Bandages covered his chest, upper arms, wrists, and forehead. Sesshomaru let out a sigh, why did she insist on treating his wounds like he was a human. He surely didn't need all these bandages. His eyes darted to the doorway as the cloth curtain over the door shifted open, and Rin walked inside, holding more bandages. She gasped when she saw him and rushed to his side tossing the bandages aside.

"Lord Sesshomaru you're awake! How are you? Are you still in pain? Are you ok to be sitting up like that? Here, let me check your wounds."

Rins onslaught of questions stopped as she reached out to undo the bandages on his chest, she paused as Sesshomaru placed his right hand on hers. He saw her eye his arm worriedly.

"Rin, I am well. No, I am no longer in pain. Yes I have the strength to sit up."

His voice was rough and horse he noticed, he cleared his throat, and Rin furrowed her brows.

"You need water, I'll be right back."

Rin rushed out the door before he could say anything. He shook his head with a sigh, and sat up completely. He removed the sling from his arm and tossed it aside, doubting he ever needed it in the first place. He stretched it out and heard a loud pop, as the mended bones in his arm and shoulder readjusted themselves, that oddly felt good. The cloth flew open again as Rin rushed in with a canteen full of water. She knelt beside him and held out the canteen, and he took her up on her offer.

"Thank you."

He gently took it from her hands, and drank, clearing his throat again afterwards, that felt much better.

"You took the sling off..."

" arm is healed."

He stretched his arm out in front of him and bent it several times. Rin stared at him with a frown.

"Fine, but I still want to see your burns."

Sesshomaru sighed as Rin took his left arm into her hands and carefully unwrapped the bandage. The bandage fell, revealing a pink tent to his skin, which took Sesshomaru by surprise. Rin reached out and carefully placed her hand on the pink skin, and Sesshomaru flinched at her touch. His skin was still sore.

"They sure are taking an awful long time to heal..."

A long time?

"Rin, how long was I asleep?"

"...Three days. Everyone was really worried about you."

"Three days..."

He was more injured than he realized. It should be of no surprise to him the burns haven't healed yet, they were caused by Bakusaiga after all. She removed the rest of the bandages, the burns on his body and arms all looked the same light pink except for the burn on his chest, which was a deep red. The gash on his head had healed, and the burns from the beads had healed as well. Rin got up and walked to the other side of the room, where she dug through a large bag on the floor. Removing a jar from the bag, she scooped up the bandages that she dropped and sat down beside him again. She opened the jar, and Sesshomaru stopped her.

"Rin, I do not believe that is required anymore. My wounds have healed well enough."

"Yes but not completely."

"They will soon."

"But your chest is still..."

"And it will heal, Rin how many time must we have this conversation."

His voice was of pure amusement, rather than annoyance.

Rin pouted, and stared at his chest.

"...At least let me tend to this one, its worse than the others."

Rin was not going to give up was she? He sighed and shook his head.

"You will not let this go will you?"


Rin quipped in a cheery voice, a big grin on her face. He gave her a small smile.

"Very well Rin, do as you wish."

She smiled in victory. Dipping her hand into the jar, she gathered a handful of her salve, and began to spread it onto his chest. He winced as she did, it still hurt, bad. They sat in silence as Rin worked, as she started applying the bandages, he remembered something she said in the cave.

"Rin, what were you going to tell me."


"Back in the cave, you said you had something you've been wanting to tell me. What was it?"

He saw Rin freeze for a moment, before continuing to bandage him.

"Oh that...well..."


"When you left me in this village, you made me a promise. You said when I was older, I could make the choice, to stay here...or to return to my travels with you."

Sesshomaru knew where this was going.

"And...I'm older now...and I've made my choice."

She tied the bandage in place and sat back on her heels.

"I wish to travel with you again, Lord Sesshomaru."

Sesshomaru observed her for a moment before speaking.

"Rin, I respect your choice, but I believe you are still to young-"

"Still to young!? Lord Sesshomaru Im almost 14, how much older do I need to be?"

"It was my hope you would make your choice at 16 or so-"

"16!? Oh hell no thats like 2 years away!"

"Rin, such language is unbecoming-"

"I know, but im mad! I've been in this village for 6 years now. Lord Sesshomaru you promised..."

He hated the sadness in her voice, but she did not cry this time, she looked him directly in the eyes with determination. Determination he could understand. He pondered his choices for a moment before he spoke.

"...I did promise you."

Rin broke out into a smile, its was amusing how easy it was to make her happy.

"So we can travel together again?"

"Yes, Rin."

Rin threw her arms up in a loud cheer, and Sesshomaru raised a brow at her.

"...Under one condition."

Her cheering stopped immediately, she lowered her arms and frowned, turning her gaze to meet his.


"Inuyasha had mentioned that you wished to lean how to used a blade. If you are to travel with me again, it would put you in danger. It would be wise if you knew how to defend yourself. My condition, is you learn how to wield a weapon and to fight."
Rins frown turned into a broad smile, surprising Sesshomaru.

"Oh? Is that all? OK!"

Well, that was easy, then he noticed Rins smile creep into a grin.

"Buuut, I'll only do it, if you meet one of my conditions."

Sesshomaru raised a brow at her, what was she planning.

"Oh? And what might that be."

"I'll only learn to fight, if you!"

She poked his nose with her finger, the liberties this girl takes, it amused him.

"Are the one to teach me." thats her game. Very clever. Sesshomaru mused over this for a moment. This proposal was acceptable.

"...Very well Rin, I accept your condition."

Rin beamed up at him wrapped her arms around his neck in a huge hug.

"Yay! Then I accept yours as well!"

"Of course you understand, this will take you longer to learn, as I can only train you when I am here in the village."

Rin pulled away from him and stared in to his eyes. She averted her gaze for a moment before looking back up at him.

"Then...why don't you stay for a few days at a time then? This hut is vacant, you could stay here!"

"Hnn, I much prefer the forest, but your offer is kind. I will consider your request. Seeing as I am well, why don't we start now? Im sure your slayer friend has a few spare weapons she won't mind letting you test-"

"Like a spear!?"

He raised a brow.

"You wish to wield a spear?"


"Very well, I was trained with a spear when I was young, I can teach you this."

Another sequel of delight as Rin hopped up and down. Sesshomaru couldn't help but smile. He stood and make his way to his belongings, and Rin bounced up to follow him. He picked up his kimono top and inspected it, not a single tear nor snag, it was pristine. He loved demon silk. He put his kimono back on, and placed his swords in his sash. Remembering his armor had shattered from the bast he made a mental note to stop by his mothers castle to get another set, he felt naked without it. Picking up the dagger, he noticed the sheath was missing.

"Oh yeah, I couldn't find the daggers sheath when we left, im sorry."

"The sheath was made from obsidian, was it not?"

Rin nodded, and Sesshomaru frowned.

"Then I do not need it."

Rin giggled as he placed his Mokomoko back onto his shoulder, and turned to leave.

"Come Rin, lets find you a suitable spear."


Months passed by rather quickly, and Rin was absolutely delighted. Sesshomaru extended his visits by 2 days at first, then 3, then 4, and now his visits last a week or more. As a matter of fact, he was on an 11day streak on his stay in the village. Sometimes he used the hut, mostly when Rin invited him in, and fell asleep on his moko, but most of the time, he stayed in the forest by the river, to which, Rin sometimes followed him there apprehend his moko of course. The spear lessons are going very well. The slayer had been more than willing to lend Rin a training spear. The slayer had also taken to giving Rin demon slayer armor as well, which Rin wore almost all the time to training. It suited her well. He taught her the proper stances, proper posture, and how to strike with the weapon. Once he was sure she wouldn't hurt herself with the spear, he went to Totosai, and requested that he make a spear for her from one of his fangs. Totosai thought it funny to add some flair to it by adorning the spear with mokomoko like fluff around the blade. Sesshomaru did not find it as amusing as he did, Rin however, loved it, no surprise. Even after training all day, the two would still make time for walks along the forest, sitting by the river, all the things they loved to do together. Inuyasha and the Mikos child was also due soon, Rin was ecstatic for them. By the end of the year, Rin should be well equip to defend herself from any demon they may cross, and they would travel together again once more. The both of them couldn't be happier, Rin truly was a treasured gift.