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(Time skip) 8 and a somewhat half years later.

Morning 06:00 a.m

The peacefull day starts with the rise of the bright Sun, birds chirping can be heard through the neighborhood. The morning breeze carrying fresh air.

The golden ray of sunlight passes through the window of a shadowed room basking the room in a golden light. The owner of the room can be seen sleeping and that also in a strange manner, the said owner is a teenage boy of around 16 years of age. The teenager looks to be in a deep sleep and seems to be drooling. The boy mumbles something, probably saying something in his dream but strangely it sounded like "oppai" and "harem", God knows what the boy must be dreaming.

But the dream is interrupted by the sudden buzz of an alarm clock waking the sleepy teenager up. He raise his hand lazily and stop the alarm. Standing up lazily he look at the time, 06:00 a.m.

'yawn' he looks at the clock and slowly wakes up and strecth his body.

"I should probably fresh up otherwise I will be late for school and niisan will be angry again. "Thought the teenager as he lazily walk to the bathroom to fresh up.

After a few minutes he came out and started to dress up in his school uniform. He look at the clock again, which is now 06 : 15 am.

"hmm, perfect timing, time to get dress." He says to himself. The boy is around 5ft 7inch tall, with brown hair and light brown eyes.

His uniform consist of a black blazer over a white, long-sleeved dress shirt tuck under a black pant. With the school emblem embroided on the front, left side of the blazer.

Walking down the stairs from his room he walks towards the kitchen where he is overwhelmed by the smell of delicious food preparing in the kitchen. He enters the kitchen and sees that there are two people in it. The first is a female making breakfast and the second is male, who is sitting in the dining table, holding a file and drinking what seems to be a cup of coffee.

"Ohayo nii-san, ohayo nee-san." Greeted the boy as he entered the kitchen.

"ohayo / ohayo issei kun." The man and the now named woman greeted back.

"good you woke up, I was just about to wake you up myself." The man stated in a neutral tone.

"hehehe" The boy chuckle quietly. "I know that's why I woke up early today". He mumbled inwardly, while going for a chair.

"you said something issei" The man ask suddenly.

"No, it's nothing just 'yawn'(fake yawn) yawning, I'm still a little bit sleepy" said issei with a nervous chuckle and lastly with a thought of 'saved'.

"oh stop pestering him ichigo, come issei eat your breakfast" Said hinoe with a smile.

Hinoe is a woman of about 5 ft 9 inch tall, and looks to be somewhere around mid 20s or late 20s. She has dark black hair, smooth creamy skin neither too dark nor too lite just neutral, with light brown eyes. She is wearing what seems to be a common dress often wore by a lady working in an office, all coloured in black. But with an apron on top of her dress. (And yes she also wears a glass).

"So, iseei about your school, are you sure you will be alright, transferring to a new school when your second year has just begun. You do know you don't necessarily have to come with us" The man now named Ichigo ask issei while looking at his file.

Ichigo is a man of about 6ft 2inch tall, who looks to be around the same age as hinoe. He has orange hair colour comb in a gentleman way, brown eye and neutral skin colour. He wears black suit, black tie and a black full-sleeved shirt tuck under a matching black pant(by the looks of it, the dress seems like it might be very expensive).

"yeah, I've been meaning to ask you about that as well, are you sure you're gonna be alright." also inquired curiously while serving issei his breakfast.

"ah, about that, I thought hard and I know that I am old enough to stay here alone but honestly I..dont really know how to cook and I'm lazy so.. I don't think it's a good idea for me to stay alone" Answered issei to both of them slowly. He really did think hard about this and he also answered honestly.

"I don't really think I might survive for even a week, hahaha" thought issei chuckling in his mind but there was also one reason why he really didn't wanted to stay alone. 'I don't wanna be alone'.

Looking away from his file, Ichigo looks at issei while he answered his question. Ichigo knew why issei really didn't want to stay alone. The death of his parents and witnessing it as a child still haunts issei in his timely nightmares till this day. He wasn't overwhelmed by the past too much as of now, he made sure of that, but it is still too early to forget it either. That darkness will always be a part of him, and considering that he has yet to learn the true reason behind their death as well.

Of course issei will have to face the truth someday just like he did with his mother's but he won't be alone, he will make sure of that. That is the reason why he is transferring so suddenly. He hoped that maybe, just maybe issei would have choosed to stay behind, so that he wouldn't have to face what he is about to in the future.

Oh, he knew what issei future is, what he is destine to do. That's why he wanted to change it but in the end he couldn't do that, not to issei of all people, he should have a say in what he wants to do. So he will wait, for the moment when he begins his adventure, and if issei decides to not go through it, he would support him and take on his responsibilities but if he does decides to do it, he would be there behind him, guiding and protecting him from the shadows. After all he is his only brother, his second chance in this wretched life.

"alright if that's what you want then. Go to your school and complete all the paperworks for your transfer. The transport truck should be here by noon, so be back by then." said Ichigo coming out of his thought.

"okay, but I think my homeroom teacher mentioned something about having my guardian meet the teachers to validate my transfer." replied issei thinking about yesterday when he talked with his teacher.

"Is that so, I'm pretty busy with my work already I'm not really sure if i can make it on time" said Ichigo.

"Don't worry about your work, did you forget I'm your assistant. Just leave the leftovers to me and go meet the teachers in time." said hinoe cheerfully.

"Fine" said Ichigo with a sigh.

Quickly finishing his food and a glass of juice,

"Alright I'm off nii-san, nee-san" issei said going for his shoe.

"Wait issei, eat some more" said hinoe hurriedly towards the teenager.

"I'm fine but thank you" said issei quickly wearing his school shoes and going for the door.

"Don't rush kid" said Ichigo to the teen.

"hai" issei voice can be heard from outside the door. And with a click the door closes itself.

Now with the two adult left alone, the room suddenly becomes quite. Hinoe quietly sits down a chair before placing two plates of food for her and Ichigo.

"Ichigo" she begins in a serious tone not spoken before.

"I know what you are going to ask" replies Ichigo.

"Going to kuoh means issei peaceful life will end and you know what his future is" hinoe states.

"I know" said Ichigo quietly.

"So, does this mean you have decided?" ask hinoe curiously.

"It's not up to me hinoe, issei decided that he would go to kuoh. And it will be up to him whether he will involve himeself or not once he learn the truth." said Ichigo in an impassive voice.

"But still... "

"Don't forget hinoe, issei is already bound to learn about the supernatural world. If he was in kuoh, like he was suppose to be originally, by now the fallen angels and the the devils would have already known about the sacred gear inside him. What's bound to happen will happen, there's nothing we can do about it." explain Ichigo in the same impassive voice.

"I know, but I hoped.. " said hinoe quietly.

"Me too hinoe, but there's nothing we can do now but wait." said Ichigo, sighing mentally in the end.

"only time will tell..huh" said hinoe as she pour herself a glass of juice.

king atks89 - So, Ichigo doesn't have the boosted gear, it will be with issei the same as in anime. Ichigo will have his old power Zangetsu and Old man but with some changes.

Now, how did Ichigo knew about issei future. Who told him. And who is this mysterious character hinoe. How does she came to know Ichigo. It will all be revealed in the chapters ahead.

Since this is my first fic. It's really hard for me, I'm like really don't know how to write a story. I would get these amazing idea but I would get stuck again somewhere in the middle. It's so frustrating. It also doesn't help that I watch high school dxd a long time ago and my memory is a little weak of certain events.

Anyway wish me luck.