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Kuoh Academy - Few days ago.

Inside a room dimly illuminated by the slow sunset, a young girl can be seen focusing her eyes on a file holding in her hand. The girl is none other than Sona sitri, youngest daughter of the Lord and Lady Sitri, a pure blooded high class devil, also younger sister to one, maou Serafall Leviathan. Or the alias she is using currently while living in the human world, Souna Shitori, a third year student at kuoh academy, and the President of the student Council body.

As the president of the student Council it becomes her job to know the ingoing and concerns regarding any of the students. So she was a surprised when the principal informed her about a student transferring from tokyo. At first she was a little bit skeptical when she heard the transfer student was a boy, considering that kuoh academy was an all-girls private school that recently became co-ed. Because of which most of the boys that enrolled came with the hope that they might have a higher chance to get a girlfriend then in any other school. Which made her very sick to her core. That's why she was a little skeptical when she heard of the new transfer student. She feared that this might be the same case. Honestly, she didn't need another pervert coming to her school. She already had enough with the perverts present in the school, mostly the two pervert, commonly known as the perverted duo.

For these reasons she currently held a file that contains the background informations of the new transfer student. As she went through the file and learned the history of the boy, she regreted thinking of him as a pervert. The boy name issei hyoudou shiba, have an average grade, nothing negative comments from his teachers. It showed his only living relative is his grandparents and a man name Ichigo kurosaki Shiba who have apparently adopted him as his brother, when his parents were killed in an accident some eight years ago. The only information about the man is that, he is a doctor and is supposedly transferring to kuoh general hospital in a few days, which is the reason why the boy is transferring as well.

Finding nothing suspicious she closed the file. Looking at the watch she figured it was time to head home.

Kuoh Academy - Present day

It is a semi-cloudy day, birds chirping and playing around the trees, the students of kuoh academy calmly chatting and entering the school gate, either in a group or alone, they all seem familiar with the school. Well all but one person that is the new transfer student.

Issei enters the school ground dress in his school uniform. His dress includes a black blazer over a buttoned white long-sleeved shirt with black highlights but with two of them unbuttoned and a matching black pants. He also wears a black T-shirt underneath his semi-open dress shirt and blue and white sneakers in place of the standard dress shoes. Honestly, he didn't like the uniform so much with so many designs in it. And a ribbon on top of that. He could understand a tie since he wore it in his previous school but no way in hell was he going to wear a ribbon around his neck not in a million years, it was too much embarrassing. Even thinking about it irritate him, what were the people thinking making this dress code.

That is why he decided to go with this looks. He wouldn't lie if he didn't feel a little bit of nervous, after all today was his first day in this school. It's was only a week ago that he came in kuoh, while waiting for his books and uniform to arrive he didn't do anything but help his brother around their new house. Looking around he realised he didn't know properly where to go, so he proceeds to ask the student nearest to him.

"excuse me" call out issei to the student.

"do you know where the staff room is, I'm kind of new here so I don't really know where to go." ask iseei.

"oh, it's that way, go straight from here and turn left, the first room in the right side is the staff room." replied the student slowly after realising what the question was.

Looking in the direction he pointed at, iseei said a quick 'thank you' and started to walk toward the staff room.

With his introduction to the homeroom teacher done and the necessary paperwork completed, he now waited patiently outside his classroom for his homeroom teacher to call him.

"Alright kids, settle down, we have a new student with us. Shiba san you can come in now." shouted the teacher.

Entering the class he proceeded to introduce himself. Deciding to keep it simple and do it fast he began with writing his name on the board.

"Hi, my name is shiba hyoudou issei, i transferred from tokyo because of my brother's work, please take care of me." Introduced issei with a short bow, with that done he waited for the teacher to show him his seat.

"ok, does anyone have any question for shiba san, no, good, now shiba san the seat next to nakamura is empty go sit there. Nakamura stand up and show shiba kun his seat." said the teacher hurriedly without giving anybody the chance to ask any question. Guess the teacher just wanted to get on with the day.

Sitting down in his seat, he started to look around the room and he noticed that the majority of the students were female. The ratio of the boys must be around one for every five girls. Remembering that the school recently turned co-ed he decided to focus on the class.

Later during lunch break

Taking out his lunch box issei decided to look around for a quiet place to eat his lunch, somewhere with less people. As he look around and away from the students he came across an area that seems to be with no people around other than some trees and an old building ahead. He wasn't sure if the building was abandon or still in use, but not seeing any one around, he sat down under a tree and decided to eat his lunch there.

Unknown to iseei he wasn't exactly alone as he thought he'd be. Because just above him two figures can be seen looking at him, through the window of the old building, eating his lunch. They are wearing the same female uniform of the kuoh academy.

"Buchou, do you feel that" ask one of the figure.

"Yes I do. There is an energy around that boy".

"Hmm, this is interesting"

"what is it buchou? "

"now that I have examine it more closely, there is an unfamiliar energy that is neither holy or dark in nature."

"Is he an enemy? "

"Not necessarily, find out everything you can about him" said the second figure to the first.

"Hai buchou" was the response of the first figure. With one last look at issei they disappeared inside the building.

Ichigo - Third Person POV

With the introduction at the hospital done and all the paperwork completed Ichigo decided to have a lunch since he was feeling a little bit hungry. Currently driving his car he started to wondered what would be a good meal that is light and can make the hunger go away. He turn to his companion sitting beside him.

"Hinoe, what do you think we should eat" ask Ichigo.

"Are you really that hungry? "

"A little bit, yeah"

"well then what about shushi"

"Shushi is fine but i was thinking something light, you know, something to make the hunger go away for a while." said Ichigo.

"okay, let me think. oh, I know, I actually stumbled upon this restaurant yesterday that makes really good noodles. I tried it once and it was so good." said hinoe remembering the tasty noodles.

Smiling at her, ichigo turn the car toward the restaurant to which hinoe gave the direction to. Wondering how issei was doing on his first day in school, he couldn't help but sigh knowing that the devils in the school have most likely sense some power inside him, they might not recognize it exactly as a sacred gear but the power alone will warrant enough attention to them.

Student Council Office

Sitting in the her office Sona is doing her daily paperwork, as necessary of the president of the student council. Some of the things she most hate is to laze around and not complete a work in time. That's why she does all the work and chore on time, in her life discipline is a must. And that is why she was currently focusing all her attention on the papers she had to fill, hoping that she might just complete it ahead of time. After all since the start of the new term she had been buried deep under the duties of the student council, which involves doing a lot of paper works and giving attention to the needs of the students.

Turning her head she saw her queen Tsubaki shinra, who is also the vice-president of the student council, busy in her own set of works. Looking at her a thought came in her mind.

'A warm bath and having one of my servant massage my body later sounds like a really good idea. Haaaa, I can already feel the tensions going away.'

And tomorrow just happen to be the weekend, she would enjoy her long earned holiday fully.

Just as she was about to set aside the finished page she heard the creaking sound of her door open. The first thought that came to her mind was that there was only one person in this entire school who would dare to come in her office without knocking the door, even the teachers knock the door. Just as she suspected, the person that walk in was a girl of around her own age, her hair an unnatural color of crimson red, the color she knew only few possessed and beside the girl stood another girl, a girl with Raven hair color, the ever shadow, follower, an ally or a friend of the crimson girl. Where ever the crimson girl went, the girl went with her, this is a girl who has undoubted loyalty towards the crimson girl.

This crimson girls is non other than the younger sister of Maou Lucifer (name Sir Zech Gremory before he became a Maou), Rias Gremory, Heir to the house Gremory, a high class devil and king to her peerage. And the girl standing beside the Maou sister is Rias's all time ally, a friend and the Queen of her Peerage, Akeno Himejima

She knew of course who Rias is, how could she not, she is her childhood friend after all. After all how many devil would dare to befriend the younger sister of a Maou, other than a fellow younger sister of a Maou. Rias Gremory and Akeno himejima or as the humans in this school has dubbed the two 'Onee Sama'. Both of them have amazing and well gifted body qualities. From their faces to breast size and their hips to thigh, something most people could only dream to have. Both standing a few inches taller than her in height.

"Gokigenyou Sona, Tsubaki " said Rias looking at sona, who now has stop working and giving her attention.

"Gokigenyou Rias, Akeno" said Sona as she look towards Rias. Akeno greets back with a silent bow.

(I'm not really sure what gokigenyou really means, i saw the subtitle translating it as 'good day' but when I googled it, it translates as 'hello' and 'bye'. So i guess if either of the one is correct, it won't matter much).

Motioning the two devils to sit in the sofa she ask why they were here without wasting too much time.

"So, Rias what do i owe this visit for? " ask sona looking directly over rias direction.

"Eeh, what do you mean sona, can't i visit my friend for no reason now" said rias with a smile on her face. "And still working late again I see".

"sigh, you don't normally visit me at this hour rias and you know how I am with work. So let's just get this over with" Sona said with a sigh going straight to the point. She already had a suspicion on why she was here but she didn't want to Overthink.

"Spoilsport" Rias said amused. "anyway you must have an idea already why I am here?".

" The strange energy that surrounds shiba issei". Sona replied with a straight face.

"so what do you know about him" ask rias.

"as of now nothing out of ordinary". Taking out his file from a drawer she read out. "According to his file, name issei hyoudou shiba, 16 years old, transfered from tokyo high school, average grade, no negative remarks from the teachers, known family relatives is his grandparents and an older brother who he is currently living with".

" and what about his parents" ask rias curious why it was not mentioned.

"died in some kind of accident 8 years ago, other than that there not much about them"

"oh". It was sad to think the loss of a parent let alone both of them. He must have been only eight years old, and to lose both parents at such an young age, she can't help but feel sad for the boy, the pain and sadness he must have gone through. At least he has his brother now. " His brother, what do you know about him".

"well, the file says he is a doctor, transferred here from tokyo, the reason for issei transfer, and he was the one who found him in the accident, later he adopted him with the permission from his grandparents". Sona answered.

"Hmm, during lunch time when i saw him and felt the strange energy it was neither dark nor light in nature like an angel and devil. So i guess we can rule them out. Say sona have you ever felt that kind of energy before". ask rias curious about the nature of the boy.

"no, nothing like that". Answered sona. " why are you so interested in the boy anyway. Don't tell me you are aiming to make him a part of your peerage".

"Well, the thought have crossed my mind but i still need to know more about his power or what he is and if he is a threat or not before i go any further".

"Or if he is of any use at all, it would be a lose If he turn out to be just an ordinary human with some simple supernatural power, but just imagine if he were to have a sacred gear in him or any kind of powerful artifact. And by the feel of the energy i felt, what ever power he posses, it has yet to be awaken". said sona amused at the prospect of the opportunity rias might have.

Rias didn't miss what sona meant in her words. If the boy did posses some kind of powerful abilities or powers and if he were to join her peerage, he could help with her arrange marriage situation later. A hope came to her but before it could fully rise, she realised it only depended on the boy potential and whether he would join her peerage or not.

"I guess it's no use dwelling on it now without any information. And i just have this feeling that we will come to know more about him soon. Anyway, i didn't come here just to ask you about the boy". rias said not wanting to waste too much time talking about something they didn't know much about.

"oh, what more is there" ask sona eyebrow raised

"We haven't have a dinner together in a while now, so i wanted to ask if you wanted to have one tonight". rias ask hoping to have one since it has really been a while.

" I don't see a problem with that. But i do have to finish my work here first. sona replied.

"That's fine. so, dinner at the usual place? " rias ask.

"Sure. how about at 6:30?". sona replied.

" 6:30 it is then".

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