After a short photo session of the bride and groom and the immediate family, the two followed Emily to the dining hall.

As Rory walked into the dining room hand-in-hand with Logan she came to a halt at the entrance, looking over the beautifully decorated former lace factory machine room with large grid windows allowing the low evening sun shine in. The ceilings and the stage were decorated with hundreds of meters of delicate lace and white opened umbrellas. These were lit with string lights that sparkled off hanging crystal ornaments as if it was raining. In the corner there stood a coffee cart, all too similar to the one they'd first met at.

"Grandma, thank you!" she sighed, not even thinking about the symbolics at that point.

"I think you should be thanking your husband for the inspiration," Emily replied.

Rory looked amazedly at Logan, "Of course it was you, who else would know these things?" she said, finally realizing how much Logan's hand was at play here. He pulled her close, giving her a small sideways kiss.

The guests applauded and cheered as they entered, and the band began to play "Moon river". Rory instinctively knew what that meant. Logan pulled her close, and they danced their first dance.

"It's good you didn't go burrowing all the way to China, Ace," he whispered smugly into her ear.

"I am certainly living every minute now," she replied proudly.

As the song finished and the band continued with background music, the guests were served a glass of Bollinger.

"Champagne or non-alcoholic cider," the waiter presented a tray of seemingly identical drinks to the happy couple, pointing at the options on the tray.

"Thank you," Rory said, feeling a little relieved, taking the cider, not quite shaking her draw for apples.

Logan led her wife to their table, placed between Lorelai and Luke on one side and Honor and Josh on the other. Emily, clearly an expert of seating charts, had taken extra care at the last minute to surgically place everyone in the most neutral positions.

"And now it's time for toasts," one of Emily's assistants announced.

Lorelai rose, holding her glass, clearing her throat. "Thank you everyone for coming," she began. "I want to begin by thanking Christopher for creating this incredible human being Rory is, with me, all those years ago," she said looking at Christopher. "You all know how Rory grew up having read the Gilmore Girls, if you don't it's about time you read that amazing book of hers, you all ought to know by now how smart and driven she is, how brave, strong and adaptable. Rory, the fruit of my loins, I love the person you are today with all my heart," she said, her words cutting Rory deeper than most of the others realized. "Your path with Logan has been like a long winding road, taking a couple of detours and minor collisions in between, but it's all good as you finally found each other again," she continued discreetly. "Ever since Logan walked into Rory's life, I could see it in Rory's eyes, that he was different. And he has proved it time and time again. I am happy that you guys are happy, and wish you years and years of happiness and a happy ending just like at the end of Notting Hill," she added.

"I guess it is my turn," Honor said, Josh helping her up from her chair after Lorelai sat back down. "Congratulations to Rory and my baby brother," she began. "Rory was Logan's first girlfriend, not counting Alyssa Milano, and if two people can still find their way back together despite everything like these two, I believe it is just as simple as - faith has spoke, and there is little more for me to add," she finished briefly, sitting back down, beginning to feel a little hungry and tired already.

After dinner the dancing commenced.

"May I have this dance," Finn asked Paris gallantly.

"You may," she replied, following him to the dancefloor, as did Lorelai and Luke, Emily and Christopher, Sadie and Jess, Stephanie and Colin, Sookie and Jackson, Lane and Zach, Michel and Fredrik and even Mitchum and Shira. Logan and Rory enjoyed their moment, eating peacefully, watching their guests enjoy themselves. Soon Leah walked up to Finn, demanding his attention, beginning to get tired of her nanny.

"Hey princess, you want to dance with daddy?" he asked, picking her up on his hip and taking her for a spin around the dancefloor playfully, while Pairs went to check on her own kids.

"Mommy is a princess!" Leah pointed at Rory.

"She sure is," Finn replied, "Do you mind if I dance with Mommy next?" he asked, dancing with Leah up to Rory.

"Hey mate, do you mind if I steal your wife for a dance?" Finn asked Logan, "And hand you this beautiful princess for the time being," he suggested.

"Sure, just make sure you bring her back," he smirked, taking Leah from his arms and placing her on his knee.

"You look good with her," Mitchum noted, after a few minutes later when Honor and Josh had excused themselves to take a breath of fresh air outside.

"Thanks, it's easy to forget sometimes…," he replied uncomfortably, not quite being used to having such familiar conversations with his father.

"I just want you to know that I am serious when I say that I am proud of you, and I have no doubt you two will, one day, do great things together," he added. It didn't even matter whether he meant the HPG or not, it was still more than he'd ever heard from him.

"Thank you, dad," he replied.

In the meanwhile Finn danced with Rory.

"You look wonderful, Rory," he complimented.

"Thank you, Finn. Not so bad yourself. It's been quite a month of weddings," she sighed.

"I know. And for that I want to thank you. Thank you for giving me Leah and thank you for realizing that we weren't quite right for eachother. I wouldn't be the man I am today, if it wasn't for everything you taught me - the good and the bad," Finn said.

"You were my rock Finn, it was right at the time, but I get what you mean. And thank you for saying that," Rory replied giving him a hug.

"May I cut in?" Paris asked boldly.

"Absolutely," Rory offered, heading over to Logan and picking up Leah and kissing her.

"Did you guys have fun in the meanwhile?" she asked.

"Why yes, she likes the table decorations," Logan replied, while Leah played with a lace bow.

"You guys want to take a spin? I can take Leah," Lorelai offered.

They danced well into the evening, Lane's playlist covering anything and everything from the classics to contemporary.

"Why don't we go for some air outside," Logan offered after a few hours.

"Close your eyes," he asked, as they reached the door leading to the side of the house, overlooking the lake.

"What now?" Rory said confusedly.

"Open," he said.

"How did this get here?" she asked, looking at a magical vintage carousel, spinning slowly round and round beautifully lit in the dark night.

"Care to come on a wild ride with me, Ace?" Logan suggested, offering his hand.

"If you jump, I jump Jack," Rory replied.

AN: This is it guys. Sorry if you expected more. But I felt I had to draw the line somewhere. If anyone has a better reference for Lorelai's toast hinting at a romantic movie ending with a baby, suggestions are welcome - I am not too good with movie references.

I didn't want to go into too much more detail with Rory's career - to me it was clear that she recalled again the motivation to continue her work, despite the format, and I have no doubt she would go on to do great things with Logan. And babies will come when they come, there is always Paris to help if need be.