Leopard Village

Hey everyone this is an Oc based story. This story is called The Shadow Warrior. This story will have new faces, dark past revealed, epic battles, and romance. So I hope you all ready for a totally awesome adventure.

Also the picture of Shadow on the cover. I hope you like it I could really find a way to make him look human-like. Like all the other animals are. I used a app called Avatar cat maker to create him.

Anyway onto the chapter!

It was a peaceful night in Leopard village. Everyone was sleeping peacefully in their homes. Except one family was woken up when they heard someone outside of there house.

The home belongs to the leaders of the Leopard village. Who names our Eva Huanghun and Jun Huanghun.

Eva and Jun both left there bedroom to the check and see who was outside.

"It sounds like someone trying to break in through the window, " Jun a male black leopard wearing red shorts said looking at his wife.

"Let go check it, " Eva a female snow leopard who was wearing a green t-shirt and red pajama pants said.

Jun nodded and both him and Eva went downstairs and heard the sound of glass breaking.

"It sounds like they made it in, but are they here for?" Jun asked.

When Jun and Eva both made it downstairs there heard a voice someone talking quietly.

"Where is that demon crystal. I need that crystal for my plan to work, " A male voice said.

"So he here for the demon crystal. That crystal gives you the power of a demon. If they get that power they will b strong enough to destroy a village, " Eva said.

"We have to stop him. As the leader of the village, it is our job to protect it from danger, " Jun stated.

"Right let's go."

Jun and Eva both used their nose to smell for the intruder. They located him in the treasure room where they keep all of their valuable items.

When they walked into the room. They saw a tall male white loin wearing black leather pants and a black sweatshirt walking around the room searching for the demon crystal.

"Who are you?" Jun asked as he and Eva walked over to the white loin.

"Well if it isn't the leader Jun and Eva of Leopard village. My name is Loki Hong, " The white loin said.

"Get out! You won't be taking the demon crystal!" Eva shouted running on all fours towards Loki the white loin.

"She right Loki! You won't be getting it!" Jun said running to help his wife fight this guy.

"Oh yeah well then see if you can beat me that crystal will be mine!" Loki said charging towards the to Leopard leaders.

Meanwhile upstairs...

A young black leopard named Shadow who was about 9 years old was sleeping peacefully in his bed. Until he heard the sound of fighting downstairs. He then woke up and got out of bed.

'What with all of the noise?' Shadow thought.

"It sounds like a fight, " he said walking out of his room.

Shadow then slowly walked downstairs and use his smelling skills. That his parents taught me to locate whoever was causing the commotion. Ge then smelt his mom and father. But then picked out the scent of someone who he never smelled before.

"Mom! Dad!" Shadow shouted running towards the room he smelt him in.

"Son!" His mom and dad yelled when they when heard his voice.

He followed their voice and ran to the treasure room and saw his mother and father fighting a white loin.

"Mom! Dad!" He shouted seeing both with serious cuts over there body.

"Kid don't tell me you came to fight me, Loki Hong, " Loki said turning to face the kid.

"No, stay away from our son!" Eva and Jun said as he ran towards Loki ran to attack him again.

"Give me the demon crystal and I leave, " Loki said swiping his claws about both of them and causing them both to fall on the ground. "It over your too weak to keep fighting, " Loki said smiling down at there bloody boodies.

"Shadow grab that sliver box from inside that vault and run and don't look back. That crystal inside must stay out of his hand, " Jun said pointing at the vault.

Shadow looked at the vault and put in the combination and unlocked it then grabbed the sliver box. "Mom and dad! What about you?" He asked.

"Sorry, son we won't make it we don't have the strength to move. Hurry run for your life and don't turn back or stop. You m- must ke- keep t- that crystal safe, " Eva said barely able to talk.

"Mom! Dad! No don't die, " Shadow cried.

"Run!" Jun shouted.

"Oh no, you don't kid!" Loki shouted running towards the kid.

Shadow then quickly jumped back and then put the box in his mouth and ran at full speed out of the house on all fours.

"You are not getting away from me kid!" Loki shouted running after Shadow.

"I won't give you the crystal you killer!" Shadow yelled looking back before jumping into the trees and using them to escape from the loin.

'He shouldn't be able to find me at least for a while. The night sky and trees should hide my thanks to my black coat,' Shadow thought as he jumped through the trees.

'Mom and dad what do I do now,' Shadow thought looking up at the night sky.

Shadow then stopped and grab some leaves to make a pouch to put the box in. So he didn't have to keep carrying it in his mouth. So now he was carrying in a pouch around his neck and nade should his shirt was covering it so the loin wouldn't notice it.

'Now I need to keep going. Before the loin name, Loki finds me and tries to get his hands on this crystal. I can't run forward. I need to find someplace to rest but it must be hard for him to find. Are else he get this crystal maybe there a place in the woods I rest,' Shadow said finally reaching the exit of Leopard village and arriving in the woods.

He then made his journey through a place called Serenity woods and ended up finding a cave near a river.

"This place should be safe. It is pretty hidden I can stay here for a bit to rest. But then I must a safer place to take this crystal. I can't protect it forever unless I learn to properly fight, " Shadow whispered walking into the cave to rest.

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