Royal Kung fu Academy

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Shadow's POV

It has been a few days since Tigeress got sick, but she was finally over her cold.

Today I was finally going to visit my uncle. I was in the middle of brushing my teeth after eating breakfast.

After getting ready to go I head outside of the house and waited for Tigeress to be ready to go. It was just me and Tigeress going. The others said they were going to do something else. They felt the two of us deserve some time alone after finally becoming a couple

After a few minutes waiting outside for Tigeress. She finally came outside.

"Alright ready to go?" I asked.

"Yeah, so you think your Uncle can help you with your freezing up?" She asked as we started walking away from my house.

"I believe so. I don't know why I freeze up it only when I look in his eyes. I know it can't be fear it may feel like fear yet it doesn't feel like fear. You understand what I mean?"

"Kind of you feel scared but at the same time you don't," Tigeress replied grabbing myhand as we walked through the town to head to the Royal king fu Academy.

"You do understand. Once we're done seeing my uncle. You and I can go have a nice date at a restaurant. My beautiful striped kitten, " I said smiling at Tigeress.

"Sound good to me."

After an hour of walking, we finally arrived at the Royal kung fu academy.

"I knock just to make sure someone is here, " I said about to knock on the door. Tigeress nodded.

A few minutes after knocking. The door opened. And I and Tigeress saw a female snow leopard with purple eyes and wearing a pink bow on her left ear. Standing in front of us.

'Lena my uncle's wife. Its been a while since I have seen her or my uncle. I wonder if they finally had any kids,' I thought.

"It has been a while since. I last have seen you, Lena," I said.

"Wait do I know you?" She asked. "You do look a little familiar, " she said squinting her eyes at me.

"I may be older but I don't think I look that different, but maybe this will help you remember me, " I said pulling out a picture of me and my parents and handing it to her.

She took it and her eyes widened when she saw the picture. Then looked back up at me with a smile on her face.

"Wow, Shadow it has been so long. Since I last have seen you. You grow so much your hair still short like your father I see. You also got your father muscles t so great to see you after so long, " she said hugging me.

"Yeah, it has Lena. your grip is as tight as my girlfriend here," I said trying to break free from her hold before she makes me lose all of the oxygen in my body.

"Hey, my grip is not that tight. Besides I don't even hug you that much," Tigeress said punching me in the shoulder once Lena let me go.

"Oh, that's a lie. You have been hugging me nonstop once You find out I had no feelings, Lin," I said kissing Tigress cheek making her blush.

"Shut up fine. So what if I hug you a lot it only because I love you," She said.

"You use to have feelings for Lin as a kid, but I see you fell in love with a tiger while you were gone for 11 years. If I'm correct she the Tiger from the famous Furious Five that is talk about nonstop in the new," Lena said.

"That was a long time ago. The only female I love is My beautiful striped kitten here who is from the Furious Five," I said looking back at Lena after kissing Tigeress cheek again. "Anyway, I came here to see my Uncle Melvin."

"I see come inside then I take you to him. He actually just finish today's training session with his students," Lena said letting me and Tigeress inside.

"Thanks by the way did the two of you finally have any kids?" I asked as we following Lena down the hall to where my Uncle was located.

"Well actually yes we have a daughter who is 5 years old," Lena said. "We hope to have another kid maybe in a few more years."

"Nice I definitely want to meet her sometime. I would love to meet her today but right now I have something important to talk about with uncle," I said.

"You will get to meet her next week at the royal festival that I and your uncle need to work on planing," Lena said.

'The Royal festival. I almost forgot that festival was even a thing,' I thoughttrying to remember what the festival was like years ago.

"Hey, Shadow if you don't mind me asking what is your uncle's name?" Tigeress asked. "Also what is the Royal festival?" she said looking at me.

"My uncle's name is Nightrider," I replied. "And the Royal festival is like a birthday party but for the royal family. My birthday next week so it the festival for me my parents normally plan it but here dead so my uncle and his wife or planing it."

"Nice what day is?" Tigeress asked.

"His birthday this year on a Thursday. I will mail a flyer to your house with the time the festival starts. Anyway were almost to the training hall where my husband is cleaning up after today's training session."

I and Tigeress both nodded.

Once we arrived at the training hall. I saw my uncle polishing the floor making it nice and shiny.

"Hey honey we got company," Lena said getting my uncle's attention.

"Really who is it, honey?" Uncle Nightrider asked.

"It's me, uncle Nightrider," I said. My uncle then gasped and slowly began to stand up to turn around and look at me with wide eyes.

"It has been a while uncle," I said.

"It sure has Shadow you grow a lot. I see you got my big brother muscles now my nephew has more muscles than me," He said laughing.

"Yep anyway I came here to talk with you about something important," I said.

"I see what is it Shadow?" he asked.

"Well I will go check on are daughter see you later," Lena said walking out of the training hall.

"Alright see you later dear, " he said waving bye.

He then focused his attention back at me. "Anyway what do you need to talk to me about, and who the female Tiger next to you?" He asked looking at Tigeress.

"I'm Tigeress and I'm his girlfriend, " she said leaning her head on my shoulder.

"My nephew is so grown and has a girlfriend now, " he said patting my other shoulder.

"Yeah anyway what I need to talk to you about is Loki, " I said.

"I see what about him?"

I decided to tell him the story from the beginning so he will be able to understand everything.

"So before mom and dad died. They told me to run and keep the demon orb away from Loki. So I ran and been traveling for years. Until I recently ended up in the Valley of Peace. Where I met the furious five and the Dragon and started training at the Jade Place. It is also where I met my girlfriend who is a member of the Furious five. I came here because Loki showed up for the orb and they all wanted to know what he was talking about. So I came here to tell them about my past and Loki. Then a few days ago as I was giving then a tour with Lin. When Loki showed up and fought us. He got away with the orb all because for some reason I can't fight him when I look in his eyes. I need your help figuring out why " I explained to my uncle.

"I see so he has the power of a demon now."

"Yea he does do you think you can help Shadow with his problem!" Tigeress asked.

"Yes, first we need to find what causes you to have trouble fighting him. Luckily we have some time he needs time to adjust. It unknown how long it takes for a person's body to adjust to the power, but most believe that it takes four months. Anyway tell me what do you feel when you look at his eyes, " he said pulling out a picture of Loki from his pocket.

I could feel my legs starting to shake just looking at the pictures. I then felt Tigeress touch my shoulder and started to relax a little.

"Shadow relax it just a picture. So do you know what is causing this?" Tigeress asked.

"I believe so your body says fear with the shaking, but your eyes say guilt. Looking in his eye make you scared but also makes you feel guilty of my older brother and his wife's death. Am I correct?" He said looking at me. I took a deep breath and calmed down.

"Yes, when I see his eyes it reminds me of my parent's death, that I started to wonder could I have saved them."

"I see there death was not your fault. You were way too young to do anything. Anyway, why do you come back tomorrow when the training hall is clean and we do some training. Also, I suggest you bring your friends here to train with you."

"Understand then see you later, uncle Nightrider, " I said waving bye before grabbing Tigeress hand and walking out of the training hall with her.

After leaving the Royal Kung fu Academy. I and Tigeress grabbed some rice and spring rolls from my second favorite restaurant. That is own by my friend Leo's mother.

Once we finished our lunch we took a nice stroll through the village before heading back home to see what the others have been up to. I and Tigeress both agreed that was a pretty good day.

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