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As soon as I finish speaking Rias' eyes light up, a wide smile bursting over her face.

+10 AFF with Rias [10/100]

For agreeing to join her peerage

Ignoring the pop-up I nod. "With one condition, as soon as I am powerful enough, you do whatever it takes to get me classified as a High-Class devil, is that acceptable?"

She nods once more, reluctantly this time. "Of course, that's… that's perfectly fine."

Leaning back in the seat, I let out a silent sigh, I wasn't sure if she would agree to that, she must be desperate if she is willing to just agree like that.

She brings out an ornate wooden box, and opens it, pulling out the red chess pieces, a faint crimson glow coming from it.

"Bishop or Pawn?" She asks, looking over to me.

"Bishop, I'm a mage after all." I say, and I have no desire to be a pawn even if it does have versatility on its side. She makes her way over to me, gently pressing the chess piece against my chest, it sinking in.

Evil Piece (Bishop)

Accept Racial Transformation?

Accepting mentally, I suppress a smile as I see my stats skyrocket.

Race Changed:

Devil/Gūru Hybrid

Reo Taika

Level - 18

Class - Warlock - Lvl 18

Race - Devil/Gūru Hybrid

Rank - Mortal

HP - 3,000 [900/30s]

MP - 15,000 [12,200/30s]

SP - 3,000 [900/30s]

STR - 12

END - 12

DEX - 12

INT - 30

WIS - 61

CHA - 61

LCK - 12

Bishop Piece Effect: Doubles MP Regen, Doubles MP Total at time of transformation

15,000 Mana. That is insane, I can cast everything now. I begin to look through the new features I got.

New Traits:

[Damage Vulnerability: Radiant]

Take 10x damage from Radiant damage

[Dark Sight]

Allows you to see in the absence of light


You can read, write and speak any and all languages, providing you meet the INT requirements


You can fly.

[Magic Detection}

You can detect all forms of magic in a 120ft radius around you.

I lean back in my seat, content with the new power. The vulnerability to Radiant damage is annoying, but I'm also one of the few devils that can use it, which nullifies the annoyance over that.

I do some mental maths as Rias heads back over to her chair, with my basic light spell, I can do 5000 damage to a devil, which combined with my mana regen will be more than enough to simply overwhelm most devils.

That does however fall short on stronger devils such as the leaders of the Old Satan faction. I guess it is time to use one of those favours from Azazel for more powerful light spells or perhaps even holy damage spells.

"So how do you feel, the transformation can be slightly overwhelming for some at first," Rias asks, a soft smile on her face.

"Powerful," I utter softly, watching sparks of eldritch energy dance across my fingers, "Oh so very powerful."

She nods at my statement, "Compared to earlier you are, but you still have a long way to go. Now a devil's main source of power, and the easiest way to gain more, is by creating contracts with mortals. Typically humans but the occasional yokai or intelligent monster will form a contract as well." She pauses to take a sip of water, mulling over her next words. "It's not exactly known what happens, but upon the completion of the contract the devil receives an increase in power. Some say the devil siphons a portion of the contractor's soul, others say we absorb a portion of the beings faith and that makes us stronger."

She sighs, shrugging, "I guess it doesn't really matter in the long run, but it's still a key part of devil society." She slides over a piece of paper, a summoning circle on the front, the magic of it feeling chaotic and destructive, a mark made by her innate power perhaps.

"That is a summoning circle, we typically get our familiars to pass them out, and if the owner news us we can show up and make a deal."

My fingers trace the circle, memorizing it, "And is that the only way for someone to get out attention?"

She shakes her head, "Our more regular clients have ways to contact us, and we get the occasional person use occult books to summon us," she lets out a light laugh, "It's funny, the amount of regular humans that summon us without believing in magic is absurd."

I nod, "Is there anything else I desperately need to know?" I ask, pocketing the summoning page, curious to see if I could copy it into my grimoire.

"No, I think that's everything, I take it you want some alone time? That's perfectly normal, it's a big deal to throw away your humanity like this." I stand up and leave, before I end up laughing at her statement. What humanity?

I enter my home a soon after, checking on my Energon harvester. It had used up all the blood, creating a tiny amount of a glowing blue liquid, perhaps a tablespoons amount. I sigh, humans truly are going to be a pain to harvest from, that amounted to about 3% of the total amount of blood I put in. I need a better source but for now I shall have to make do.

Removing a new corpse I repeat the process, the machine whirring to life once more. I look down at the corpse, shrugging. Time to dine.

I carry it to the kitchen, hefting it onto the counter before casting [Butcher]. The body glows for a second before splitting into dozens of meat products, slices of bacon, mince, ribs, back strap and so much more. There was also a steaming pile of oozing goop, the inedible remnants of the body.

With a grimace I scoop it up, taking it to the extractor and pouring the goop in, might as well get all the use out of the body that I can. Heading back to my kitchen I put away the meat, leaving out some of the bacon and sausages to eat.

Soon the mouth watering smell of frying meat filled the room, as the meat began to take on the appearance of cooked pork. Taking a hesitant bite I suppress the moan as the flavour bursts out. It tasted like poultry and pork combined, utterly delicious. The food was eaten in minutes, my hunger satiated for now.

I gather my things and leave, heading back to the factory dungeon. I was looting that scrap yard for everything it was worth.

The dungeon was empty, the enemies no longer able to respawn now the final boss was slain it would seem. A shame, I was hoping to get a few more levels in. I walk out to the junk yard to falter, a new sight in the dungeons horizon, a gargantuan ship, several times the size of the city. Nemesis.

Judging by how powerful Skorpinok had been, and he was supposedly a weaker Transformer, I'm going to need to power up far more before I even begin to attempt to tackle it. Rolling up my sleeves I cast [Unseen Servant] and get to work, sorting out the various bits of junk that I can use.

It wasn't long before the first big find revealed itself. A large purple ship, distinct in its design, one of the Covenant's ships, a Banshee if I wasn't mistaken. Perfect for my first Transformer. It was extremely damaged, large gouges in its side, and an entire wing was missing but that's what [Mending] is for. As my servant continues to sort the scrap I start to repair the ship. It was exhausting, simply closing one of the large gashes in its side took my entire mana pool, leaving me breathless.

Looking over to the array of machines that the Servant set out for me, one catches my eye.


A machine designed to quickly remove large quantities of blood from the being it is connected to.

This could be useful, right now my biggest problem is the amount of time it takes to extract the Energon from blood, mainly because I have a limited supply, but if I use my own, well I can simply remove as much as I can without dying, regenerate it and repeat.

Turning to a different machine, one Cybertronian by its looks, I blanch as I realise what it was.

[Broken Cybertronian Liquidizer]

Used to liquidize organic beings to be used in the extraction of Energon.

It was essentially a giant blender, the size of a bus, the large blades still coated in a dull red. What a brutal machine as I have no doubt the Decepticons would have no hesitation in throwing things in while they are still alive. Oh well, not my problem I guess.

I quickly leave, heading home as my mana regenerates to collect the Energon I already have, leaving the Servant behind to continue working.

The machine had done its work with the blood I had provided, the small amount of the glowing liquid more than doubling. Perfect. I extract it carefully, putting it inside a small jar before rushing back to the dungeon.

Cracking my knuckles I get to work, slowly making progress repairing the Banshee. It took hours, and several million mana at least before it was finally complete, and it was glorious. These were terrifying enough when piloted by a mere mortal alien, but given sentience and the ability to turn into a humanoid robot, well they become a true threat.

I pull out the jar of Energon and slowly begin to pour it onto the ship, the liquid being absorbed into the metal. Just before I used up all the energon, there was a whirring sound, and the ship shudders, before slowly transforming. I take a step back as a rapturous smile burst over my face. Who could stop me with an army like this.

He stood tall, at least 15 or 16 feet, his face angular with what appeared to be horns on the side of his head. The banshees fuel rod cannon was on his back pointing straight up, but I would assume it could shift to be aimed over the shoulder. The bot shifts to look at me, before launching himself towards me.

His hand grabs my neck, and much of my chest as he slams me into the ground, the jar with the remaining Energon flying out of my grasp, the sound of glass shattering coming from somewhere behind me. His other hand shifting into one of the plasma cannons pointed straight at my head. He begins to speak in harsh guttural tongue, clearly not from earth. As I don't respond he tries again, the language sounds different but it made no difference as I still had no idea what he was saying. He repeats himself again, luckily in English this time, his voice had a strange mechanical reverberation to it.

"Who Are You," the plasma cannon prodding against my head.

Because I really don't want to deal with you dying here

Perk Added:

[Soul of the Machine]

Despite being of flesh and blood, you are kin to all machines.

Aff, Rep and Obe gains are doubled with machine type allies

All machine type allies gain +30 Rep/Aff with you upon first meeting them

+30 Rep with ?

"I created you, granted you life. I am not your enemy." I wheeze, struggling to breath with the robot pressing against me.

The Transformer lets out a hum. "I see," his hand reverting back to normal, and letting me up of the ground. "Apologies."

I stand, brushing myself off. "It's fine, so do you have a name, or do you need to take one?" His eyes close, clearly thinking.

"Enforcer, my name is Enforcer." His eyes open and he straightens up to his full height, scanning the area before his head snaps to a point nearby. I turn around, curious to see what I would find.

There was a strange being, clearly a robot of some kind pulling itself out of the pile of scrap my Servant made. I noticed the shattered jar and remnants of the Energon nearby, clearly where it had been thrown. So it doesn't even need to be a full machine for it to work.

Scrap Goblin

HP: 500

MP: 000

Thoughts About You: Curiosity

The goblin was small, perhaps three feet tall, and made of a hodge podge of the random mechanical parts in the pile of scrap. It was, oddly enough, slightly adorable in an ugly sort of way.

It waddles over to me and Enforcer, looking up at us making noises. "Can you understand him?" I ask, glancing at the bot.

"Not in the slightest." He kneels down in front of the scrap goblin, tapping him on the head. The goblin makes noises that sound annoyed. It raises a hand, and a small nozzle comes out its palm, spraying Enforcer with flames.

The larger robot gives a laugh. "I like him, I'm keeping him." He gently picks up the smaller being, bringing it to eye level. "Quinn. His name shall be Quinn." Setting the goblin back down, he looks at me.

"I detect more of us, yet they seem… different. Why?"

I grimace at his question, I had hoped to avoid it for a little while longer.

"The ones you detect are the Decepticons. They were born I suppose you could say, a faction of the original population of Transformers. And unfortunately they are likely to be our enemies." Enforcer was silent as I spoke, gazing off in the direction of the colossal dungeon.

"Why would they not be allied to us?" I let out a sigh, not even an hour and he's interrogating me, is this what its like to have a nosy child.

"A combination of a deep rooted belief in the superiority of their race and a deep hatred for all organic life. Plus a little world domination as well, and this world can't have two would-be conquerors."

He lets out a robotic hum, "I see, so when do we deal with them? If they are a threat then they should be eliminated at the earliest convenience." Okay, so a murderous child I can work with this.

"As soon as I am certain I can do it without dying, either by growing stronger or by creating more robots to help." The buzzing of my phone interrupts us, a message from Rias asking to meet her at the ORC building. I sigh, ignoring how she got my number for now.

"Can you stay here with Quinn and the Servant, focus on sorting out what's in the yard for me? have business to take care of." Enforcer nods, moving to help the shimmering outline of the Unseen Servant, Quinn waddling behind him.

I leave the dungeon, the sun having long since set as I head back to the ORC building, wondering why Rias wanted to see me. The only things that I could think of was something to do with Riser, which I hoped it wasn't or the Stray Devil from the start of the series. If it wasn't either of these then I would be going into this situation blind, which I very much did not want to deal with.

Heading into the room, I'm met with the sight of both devil heiresses with their full peerages inside, looking at a large screen on the wall. Rias turns as she hears the door opening, a look of relief on her face.

"Oh thank the Maou, when you didn't answer I thought something had happened," she exclaims, causing me to raise an eyebrow.

"I'm going to assume there is a large problem which is why we are all here then," I drawl, causing Sona to scowl.

"Yes, there was a stray devil in the area, reportedly not a large threat. We were planning on dealing with her soon anyway, however another two strays have joined her and are causing enough problems that humans are beginning to notice." Her voice was tight, clearly angry at the situation.

"Oh, that is a problem." I take a free seat, summoning my grimoire to see if any new spells have become available as the two Heiresses begin to explain their plan.

Flicking though I see six new spells, compared to my level that would infer I get a new one every three levels, or that's how I hoped it would work.

Spells Learned:

[Flaming Lance]

Costs 500MP

Deals 700 Fire/Piercing Damage

Launches a lance of fire at the spell target.

[Burning Hands]

Costs 250MP per second

Deals 700 Fire Damage per second

Creates a cone of fire from the casters palm

[Scorching Ray]

Costs 700MP

Deals 1000 Fire damage per ray

Creates three thin rays of fire, these can be targeted at a single point or separated to target multiple

[Flaming Sphere]

Costs 150MP per second

Deals 600 Fire Damage per second

Creates a sphere of fire with a 5ft radius, can be mentally controlled by the caster.

[Hellish Rebuke]

Costs 200MP

Deals 500 Fire damage

Automatically targets the last being to physically harm you at the time of casting, burning them in retribution.

[Sacred Flame]

Costs 150MP

Deals 400 Radiant Damage

Flame-like radiance erupts at a target the caster can see, burning them with the light of its flame.

I smile as I look over my new spells, the last one in particular will be of great use to me in the upcoming fight. Feeling a tap on my shoulder I look up to see the smiling face of Kiba, holding out a small earpiece. I take it and put it in, hearing Sona's voice in my head.

"This will be our method of communication, hopefully it will provide a measure of safety for out less experienced members here," she looks over at me as she says that, and I bite down on a growl. I'll show her, how dare she look down on me.

"Is everyone ready?" Rias asks, getting a chorus of 'yes' from the room. A large red circle encompasses the floor, and in a flash of crimson light the room is swapped for the top of a highrise building at the edge of town.

The Strays were easy enough to spot, simply look for the destruction. I pity those that have to try and clean up this mess when we are done, cars were crushed, buildings were on fire and blood and shit could be smelt even from where we were.

The two peerages split up, bat wings erupting from the backs of everyone. I admit I was nervous at first, but it felt like a second nature to take to the sky hunting down the mongrels that dared to attack.

We encountered the first quickly, one of the new strays that had joined Viser. Her bottom half was like a giant wasp, a massive barbed sting at the end of her new body, her top half still looked somewhat human, save for the black chitinous claws at the end of her hands and the large mandibles growing from the side of her jaw.

She pounced on a fleeing man, ramming the stinger into his chest. The person began to convulse as red patches rapidly grew on his skin, before exploding sending a wave of blood and pus out, coating the Stray as she lets loose a demented cackle of glee.

I dive down, ignoring the shouts telling me to stop and snap my fingers, the golden flames of [Sacred Flame] sparking around her as she screams in pain. The flames fade showing the massive smoking burn along her back, the spelling having incinerated her wings. I land, stumbling slightly as I do so casting another [Sacred Flame].

"You pathetic worm, You dare!" she screeches, her claws clicking on the concrete as she rushes towards me. There was a white blur as Koneko jumps into the Stray's side, knocking it to the ground.

"Stupid," Koneko mutters at me, raising her fists as the disorientated Stray slowly climbs to its feet. Rolling my eyes I toss a final [Sacred Flame] at the Stray, the spell enveloping its head as it lets out an ear piercing scream, slumping down dead, her face a mess of melted flesh and burns. Walking over I tap the body, as it is absorbed into my inventory. Looking around I don't notice the rest of the peerage anywhere and raise a questioning eyebrow to Koneko.

"Sona had trouble," she says, before turning around and running to what I assume is the rest of the Strays. I sigh, running after her.

We get to the battle soon after, coordinated chaos as the two peerages work together to try and deal with Viser. She seems to be more powerful than in canon, as even the combined efforts of the peerages haven't done much to her yet.

Dodging a spray of breast acid, I throw a [Sacred Flame] at her to no avail, the golden flames barely singing her body. She turns and snarls, speaking in an otherworldly echoing tone, "So another morsel joins, perfect." In her distracted state more spells slam into her head, causing Viser to wince and swing one of her spears at the casters.

They manage to narrowly dodge, taking to the air as the Kiba and Koneko attack one of the back legs. Kiba leaves a long gouge in the leg, countless blades erupting from it as Viser lets put a hiss of fury, Koneko punches one of the sword blades, the metal shattering sending shards flying into the rest of the leg.

The cuts begin to slowly heal as the devils continue their assault, only the presence of the blades stopping them. So a high magic resistance, possible light resistance and regeneration, that doesn't seem normal. Focused as I was on trying to come up with a plan to beat Viser, I didn't notice the clawed hand coming to strike me until it was too late.

I was sent flying into the side of a nearby car, the metal crumpling around me as my HP dropped by about a quarter. The claws themselves haven't managed to pierce my skin luckily, else I would likely have been far more injured.


My attention was drawn to my arm, Boosted Gear having manifested as a result of the attack. Good, I would need this. The final stray walks towards me, a human looking being coated in plate armour made of bone, his hands clawed. "You killed Echidna," he rasps out, his voice sounding like stone being scraped together.


As the second boost is announced I leap forward, [Eldritch Blast] shooting into the bone helmet. It fractures, large cracks shooting out from the spell's impact, only for the bone to ripple and flow, repairing all the damage it had taken. Noticing a couple of Sona's peerage hesitantly making their way over to me I shake my head.

"Deal with that one first, I've got him covered," I call over, they share a look before rushing back to dealing with Viser, clearly judging her to be the bigger threat.


Aiming for his legs, I send a barrage of spells, hoping to hamper his mobility to make him an easier target. He dodges several, the few that hit him not dealing anywhere near enough damage to disable him. Surging forwards he slams his claws into my chest.


His mistake was getting close, I empower an [Eldritch Blast] and grasp his face with the gauntleted hand, releasing the spell at point blank. The effect was immediate, the helmet, and most of the head, imploding from the force of the magic as the newly made corpse falls backwards.


Letting out a heaving breath, I force the corpse into my inventory, looking over at Viser. She was slowly being overwhelmed, dozens upon dozens of blades forcing themselves out of her body and the spells slowly overwhelming her magical resistance, it clearly being linked to her own magic.

I let the boosts charge up again, waiting only a minute before firing off another charged [Eldritch Blast] at her head, causing it to erupt like a watermelon on a hot day. The sacred gear fades from my arm as I walk towards the battered group of devils. Luckily the few injuries were superficial, only requiring some time to heal, the potential being far far worse.

Level up x2

+10 Aff with Sona's Peerage

+10 Aff/Rep with Rias' Peerage

For helping kill the Strays

I walk past the group, tapping my hand on Viser's corpse causing it to vanish into my inventory. In the viscera left behind I see the small wooden form of a Gatcha Token, which I snatch up before anyone notices it.

"That was fucking horrible, and I am going home for a shower and to sleep, good night." I call back, as my wings burst out and I fly in the general direction of my home.

I land in an alley nearby and walk the rest of the way, it wouldn't be wise to potentially reveal myself to my neighbours after all. I drop down onto my couch, exhausted from my short bout of combat and look at the new pop-up.

Please Select 2 Pact Boons

Oh, one of these. I begin to scroll through the list.

[Repelling Blast]

Every hit done from [Eldritch Blast] pushes the target back by 10ft


When you hit a being with a spell it Pact weapon, they take an addition [Lvl x CHA] Necrotic Damage

Perfect, keeping enemies away from me while dealing even more damage. I look at the token still in my hand before snapping it.

Companion Gem (Azula) Added

I contemplate summoning her, quickly devising against it. If I wait until I have Evil Pieces then I can reincarnate her immediately which is a smarter way to control her I think. She was a sociopath devoted to gaining power and world domination, and I could grant her both.

Letting out a massive yawn I decide it's time to go to bed, I end up falling asleep as soon as I hit the pillows.

I was woken at 3am by the sound of my phone ringing, opening my eyes just enough to peerage out, I snatch it up and press it against my face.

"Hello?" I mumble, still half asleep.

"Oh finally, this is like the seventh number I've tried. So how have you been kid?"

My tiredness evaporates as I recognise the voice. "Azazel? The fuck do you want? And why at 3am?"

He at least manages to sound contrite as he answers, "I got a bit excited and didn't check the time. But I heard someone got into a big fight earlier."

"And so did like another dozen devils, and it was only a trio of strays, what's the big deal?"

My phone phone buzzes twice more, and I check to see two high definition pictures of myself, both times as I landed the finishing blow on Viser and the armoured stray, my Sacred Gear on full display.

"So, get it now Sekiryuutei?" Azazel asks, smugness audible in his voice. "I'll talk to you later, after you're done at school. Ciao."

My phone beeps as he hangs up, causing me to growl. Fuck, I had hoped that in the chaos no one would notice me using Boosted Gear but I was clearly mistaken.

My phone begins to ring again and I answer, snarling down the line, "What the fuck do you want!"

The rumbling tone of Enforcer comes through as well as the sounds of firing weaponry and of metal hitting against metal, "Problem, those Decepticon's you told me about have send out scouts, need back up now."

The line dies as I let out a groan. Guess I'm not getting any sleep tonight. Equipping some clothes I run out, lounging myself into the air and flying to the Factory.

I get to the scrapyard to be met by Enforcer hiding behind a pile of scrap and the sounds of gunfire and bullets hitting the metal. I duck beside him, not wanting to be hit by a stray bullet.

"Describe them quickly." I demand, as the large robot leans out to fire a few plasma blasts at the Decepticons.

"Three enemies, one was a tank and is covered in weaponry, don't recognise the seconds vehicle but it had a large clawed arm on the truck side and the last was a vending machine."


The gear makes itself known, yet again without my input as the first boost is applied. At least here I can't be spotted with it and the power bonus is certainly going to be needed here.

Peering through a small gap, I see the vending machine Decepticon, much smaller in size to the other two attackers. I take careful aim, casting [Scorching Ray] making sure to have all three rays target him.


The spell partially melts through his torso as the effect of my new Pact Boon makes itself known, the metal of his body corroding rapidly around the spells impact.

He lets out a shriek of pain and fury, aiming the blaster in the direction of the hole and rapidly firing at it.


Ducking to avoid the shrapnel from the shredded metal, I hear an anguished cry from beside me. Turning round I see Quinn rushing the tank Decepticon, Brawl, his little flamethrower ready as Enforcer runs after him.

As Brawl aims a large shotgun at the scrap goblin Enforcer rushes past it, tackling the Decepticon.


Taking advantage of the distraction I jump out, firing off a trio of [Eldritch Blast] at the small Decepticon, his body getting torn apart from the combination of corrosion and force of the spells.

The hairs on the back of my neck raise, and I duck, narrowly avoiding a large clawed arm decapitating me.


The towering hunchbacked Decepticon looks at me and spits out an oily gunk that I have to roll to avoid. "I HATE you, I'm going to enjoy this little maggot," it spits out, as the claw raises for another slash.

My arm shoots up and I apply the boosts to [Scorching Ray], all of the beams aimed for the robots head. The effect was instant as he launches himself backwards screaming in agony, his face slowly melting and rusting, the effects eventually killing him.


I look over to the two battling Transformer's in time to see Brawl toss off Enforcer, the purple skinned robot crashing into a pile of metal. Brawl turns to me, a cocky smirk on his face as he raises a shotgun to shoot me.

There was a faint whistle, then Brawls side exploded with green light sending the Transformer flying. Enforcer sprinted from the direction the blast originated from, reaching the downed robot in seconds as he viciously stomped on Brawls head, crushing it underfoot.

Level up x5

Enforcer lets out a triumphant yell as he scoops up Quinn, cradling the scrap goblin to his damaged chest. "Your servant died, took a shot that was meant for me." The Transformer lets out a grunt, his hand shooting to a large gash across his side.

I examine it, wincing at its severity. "I may be able to fix this, but I'm not sure if it will work, can I try?" He lets out a grunt of agreement and I place my hand at the edge of the ragged wound, casting [Mending]. I can sense the magic as it seeps into the robots metallic skin, searching out damage and fixing it. A sigh of relief escapes my lips, it did work thankfully.

"We can't stay here, when they realise those Decepticons didn't return, more are going to come looking for them, and if we aren't ready we will die." I say, looking towards the Factory. "If we go there and fortify it, as well as trying to get more Transformers then we might stand a chance."

He says nothing, simply walking to the Factory as I follow. Upon entering I get a new pop-up.

You have slain the boss of this dungeon and allies have held it for 24 hours

Claim this Dungeon as your Lair


I immediately accept, getting a new skill in the process.

Skill Added:

[Edit Lair]

Mp cost varies

Edit your lair to better suit your wants and needs using your magical power.

I focus on the skill and get to work, concentrating on reinforcing the walls, creating a large shutter to get large vehicles and machines inside as well as clearing out the unnecessary junk inside.

He lets out an animalistic scream of rage and throws his phone across the lavish room, shattering it in the process. Those pathetic Strays, they were given one task, one simple task of destroying enough of Kuoh that the Gremory whore would be discredited as a ruler and would be forced back to the Underworld to marry him, The Great Riser! He even gifted one of the Strays a vial of liquid magic, draining most of his savings to do so. The measly amount he had given the bitch should have been more than enough to beat the pathetic peerages of the two Heiresses.

His eyes focus on the vial on his shelf, still a quarter filled with the glowing blue liquid as a smirk grows on his face. Well, he would just have to do it himself. He grabs the vial and drinks the rest, dropping to his knees as he screams in agony, fire burning his insides.

He clenches his teeth, he was the Greatest Phenex, HE WOULD NOT DIE.

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